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O Lord, that it is good for us to hold ourselves fast by God, and to put cur Trust in the Lord God?; nay, that it is our only Happiness. ---This we believe, O help thou our Unbelief"!

Preserve, O Lord, our going out and our coming in", and let thy Blesling accompany us in whatever we take in Hand. Give us Grace to keep our Tongues from Evil, and our Lips tbat they speak no Guile; and to put on, as the Eleft of God, Bowels of Mercy, Kindness, Humbleness of Mind, Meekness, Long-suffering, forbearing and forgiving one another b. And may the awful Consideration of the great and terrible Day of the Lord', when God sball judge the Secrets of all Men by Jesus Chris', so influence our Thoughts, Words, and Actions; fo continually make us take Heed to our Ways, that we may be accounted worthy to

before the Son of Man, and receive that great Reward which he shall bestow on them that diligently seek bim. And may, O Lord, the ravishing Thoughts of that immense Happiness reserved in Heaven for usb induce us to set our Affections on Things above, and not on Things on the Earth', and may we be thereby encouraged to bear with Patience and Resignation, all those Crosses, Disappointments, and Misfortunes, which are more or less the inseparable Companions of this present miserable Life: Remembering always that we are in thy Hand, nay, rejoicing above all Things that we are fo;

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knowing that our light Afli&tion, which is but for a Moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal Weight of Glory k; and that after patient Continuance in well doing', we shall receive Glory and Honour and Immortality, and drink of thy Pleasures as out of the River m.--Thou knowelt best our Condition, our Desires, and our real Wants : Thine infinite Wisdom knows whether it be best for us to abound, or to suffer Need": 0 do thou, inexhaustible Fountain of Mercy, suit thy Bleslings to our several Neceflities, leading us with thy Council, in order afterward to receive us to Glory, thro' Jesus Christ our Lord, who in Compassion to our Infirmities has taught and commanded us when we pray to say, Our Father, &c. [Then read the Collect for the Day out of the

Common Prayer; and the two laft Prayers in the Morning or Evening Service, Almighty God who haft given us Grace, &c. The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, & c..

An Evening Prayer.


habitest Eternity, whose Name is Holy on, who art of purer Eyes than to behold Evil, and canst not look on Iniquity P, how shall we lift up our Eyes to thee, we who are encompassed about with Guilt and Misery, and covered with Shame and Confusion ?----O Lord, we have finned and have committed Iniquity, and done wickedly”, against the Light of our own Minds, and the

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plain Precepts of thy holy Gospel : Who can stand before thine Indignation, and who can abide the Fierceness of thine Anger'? What Mall we say unto thee, O thou Preserver of Men'? Shouldit thou deal with us after our Sins, and reward us after our Iniquities, we must be lost and undone for ever : But enter not into Judgment with thy Servants, for in thy Sight shall no Man living be justified".

Thou art a God ready to pardon, gracious and merciful, flow to Anger, and of great Kindness*, thy Mercy endureth for every, and thy Compalfións fail not? ; thou knowest whereof we are made, and remembereft that we are but Duft*, ---Othou Father of Mercies", O Lord, thou Lover of Souls, bide not thy Face from us, nor cast thy Servants away in Displeasured. Let the Intercession of thy beloved Son, in whom thou art well pleasede, prevail on our behalf, and for the Sake of what he has done and suffered for us forgive our past Sins and Follies, which are more than we can number, and the Punishment due to them greater than we can bearf. Give us, we beseech thee, a deep Contrition for having offended thee our great Benefactor, in whom we live, move, and have our Being ? here, and upon whose Mercy alone we depend for consummate Happiness in that Eternity to which we are hastening.

O gracious God, who haft promised to give thy holy Spirit to them that ask it", we humbly

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and from the very Bottom of our Souls, befeech thee to give us his gracious Influence, to purify our corrupt Natures, to strengthen our Weakness, to comfort us in Troubles, to support us in Discouragements, to fuccour us in Temptations, and to affist us in all the Parts of our Duty. Give us, O Lord, tbat victorious Faith whereby we may overcome the World, that we may ever hereafter live in thy Fear, and in a sincere and universal Obedience to all thy righteous Laws.

Let us never fall into a careless and unconcerned State of Mind, into Coldness and Indifference towards the Duties of Religion ; but grant, O Lord, that we may continually bear in our Hearts the Value of the Prize that is set before us, and that all our Pains, all our Industry, and all our Might, are absolutely necessary, by thy Grace, to make us Partakers of that inconceivable and eternal Blefling.

O God whose Providence watches thy People for Good: 0 thou Shepherd of Isracl*, who neither slumberest nor seepest!, defend us under thy Wings, and let us be safe under thy Feathers m; keep us from all Evil and Mischief, and from the Dread and Fear of any; refresh us with comfortable Reft and Slcep, which may the better fit us for the Duties of the Day following. And, O Lord, make us ever mindful of that Time when we shall lie down in the Dust, that that Day may never come upon us unawares", but that we may be always ready, like unto Men waiting for their Lordo. (i) 1 John v, 5. (k) Psal. Ixxx, 1.

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[Here, if Time permits, is to come in the ge

neral Interceflion at Page 56.] Accept, O Father of Mercies, and God of all Comforts P, our unfeigned Thanks for the Mercies of this Day. Every Day, nay every Moment of our Life, afford us new Instances of thy boundless Mercy. We thank thee for preserving us from those Calamities to which these poor frail mortal Bodies of ours are continually liable to, and from those Punishments which are the too juft Rewards for our Sins. If we have escaped any Sin, it was the Effect of thy reftraining Grace: If we have avoided any Danger, it was thy Hand directed us : What shall we render unto the Lord for all his Benefits 9? --- grant that the Sense of thy Goodness may have such an Influence upon us, that we may shew forth thy Praise, not only with our Lips, but in our Lives, by giving up ourselves to thy Service, and by walking in Holiness and Righteousness before thee all the Days of our Life", thro Jefus Christ our Lord, in whose most blessed Name and Words we farther call upon thee, saying:

Our Father, &c.

Unto God's gracious Mercy and Protection we most humbly commit ourselves: The Lord bless us and keep us; The Lord make his Face jhine upon us, and be gracious unto us; The Lord lift up his Countenance upon us, and give us Peace", both now and evermore. Amen.

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