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that this holy Communion may not prove to the Judgment and Condemnation of any of us, but that it may be to the quickening and Itrengthening of our Faith, Hope, and Charity, and all divine Graces in our Souls, filling us with all Joy and Peace in believing hb; and engaging us to walk worthy of the Vocation with which we are called, in all Newness and Holiness of Life ii ; that it may guard us against all Temptations, support and comfort us under all AMictions, and prepare us for Death and Judgment, for Jesus Christ his Sake. Amen.

Now unto him that is able to keep us from falling, and to present us faultless before the Presence of his Glory with exceeding Foy; To the only wise God our Saviour, be Glory and Majesty, Dominion and Power, now and ever, Amenk.

Lord, my

A Prayer after we are returned home, and

which may be used immediately after, or

any Time of the Day. O

God and my Father, I come to offer thee the just Tribute of my Praise and Thanksgiving, for the Mercy and loving Kindness thou hast Thewed to me this Day, in permitting me to taste of thy Supper ?, and disposing me both to call to Mind the Greatness of my Saviour's Love, and to thew forth my fincere Gratitude for the Benefits purchased for us by the Effusion of his

(h) i Cor: xiii, 13. (hh) Rom. xv, 13. (i) Eph. iv.' I. (ii) Rom. vi, 4. (k) Jude 24, 256 (2) Luke xiv, 24.


PRAYERS, &c. most precious Blood: A Subject so full of Comfort, and so fruitful in Motives to advance in Holiness.

How many, Lord, who being influenc'd by the Pleasures or Riches of this World, when they are invited to eat of this Bread of Life, and to drink of this Wine of Gladness, obstinately refuse to come? How many pious and devout Souls are deprived of this highest and most folemn Act of Religion, either for Want of Opportunity to perform it, or thro' Doubts and Scruples and uneasy Fears? and how many are suffering for the Sake of a good Conscience under the raging Violence of Persecution? How happy do I think myself that my Circumstances are so advantageously different from theirs; that I have both the Will and the Opportunity to approach fafely this holy. Table. I desire to ascribe all the Glory unto thee, knowing that every good and perfeet Gift cometh from thee, the Father of Lights, and I bless thee for the same from the inmoft Receffes of my Heart: 'Yea, Oh Lord, while I live will I praise thee; I will fing Praises unto my God while I have my Being '; for thou art good, and thy Mercy endureth for ever m.

O thou who haft been graciously pleased to admit me to this holy Communion, do thou accompany it with thy Favour and Blessing: May it make me a real Partaker of thofe Advantages which result from the Redemption that is in Christ Jesus"; more especially the

(k) Jam. i, 17. [!] Pl. cxlvi, 2. [m] Ib. cxviii, 29. (n) Rom. iii, 24.


Graces of thy holy Spirit; that in the Strength of that holy Meat o I may walk couragiously and continually in the Way of thy Commandments, notwithstanding all Difficulties and Discouragements from the World to the contrary.

Hold thou my Goings in thy Paths, that my Footsteps nip not oo. ---O let it never be said, that after having been treated as a familiar Friend, and having eaten of the Bread, I have lifted up my Heel against thee P: But give me Grace, I beseech thee, to make a right Improvement of the repeated Opportunities vouchsafed me of renewing the League of Amity contracted with thee at my Baptism, and make me mindful always of that Covenant , living no longer unto myself, but unto him who was delivered for our Offences, and is risen again for our Juftification, Jesus Christ the Righteous, in whose moft blessed Name and Words I beg to be heard, * Our Father, &c.

Now the God of Peace, that brought again from the Dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the Sheep, thro' the Blood of the everlafting Covenant, make us perfeet in every good Work, to do his Will, working in us that which is well-pleasing in his Sight, thro' Jesus Chrift, to whom be Glory for ever and



(0) 1 Kings xix, s. (00) Psal. xvii, 5. (p) Psal. xli, 9. (9) 1 Chron. xvi, 5.

(r) Rom. iv, 25., * If the Family has communicated, the Master may add the foregoing Prayer to their Evening Devotions, only changing we for I, us for me, our for my or mine, as often as these Words occur therein.

[1] Heb. xiii, 20, 21.


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“ As it is possible this little Book may fall « into the Hands of those that may be deftitute " of Helps for Family Devotion, I have added

a Morning and Evening Prayer for such an 6 Occasion.

A Morning Prayer. O

Almighty God, the great Creator and

Sovereign Lord of Heaven and Earth, of Angels and of Men! Father of Lights", who dwelleft in the Light which no Man can approach unto", accept this our Tribute of Praise for all thy Mercies; for giving us Life and Breath, and all Things that pertain unto Life and Godliness cc;, for preserving us from Accidents this Night paft; for giving us refreshing Sleep, and for lightening our Eyes that we have not sept in Deatba. But above all, we desire, O Lord, from the inmost Recesses of our Souls, to praise and adore thy amazing Goodness, that thou hast begotten us again unto a lively Hope, by the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Chrifto ; that instead of leaving us in Darkness and the Shadow of Death, thou hast given us good Tidings of great Joys, and haft translated us into the Kingdom of thy dear Son . We thank thee for the frequent Opportunities thou dost afford us to think upon our Duty, and to fit our Souls for eternal

* These Prayers (partly taken from Dr Howard's newest Manual of Devotions, p. 116, 124) may, with very little Alteration, be as proper for single Persons to make Use of, as for Families.

[a] James i, 17. [b] 1 Tim. vi, 16. [c] A&s xvii, 25. [cc] 2 Pet. i, 3. [d] Psal. xiii, 3. [e] 1 Pet. i, 3. [f] Pfal. cvii, so. [ě] Luke ii, 10. [h] Col. i, 13.

Glory; Glory; and that notwithstanding our Abuse of thy Patience, thou hast still given us this Day to work out our Salvation with Fear and trembling ..---For these fignal Favours, for thy exceeding great and precious Promises", will we give thanks unto thee, thy Praise hall ever be in our Mouths': We will be glad and rejoice in thee; yea, our Songs will we make of the Name, O thou most Highest ".

We acknowledge, O Lord, that we have rendered ourselves unworthy of thy Favour, by the ungrateful Returns we have made for thy Mercies; but filled with the Sense of thy Goodness, and Forbearance, and LongSuffering “, we are resolved to live no longer to ourselves, but to him who redeemed us to God by his own Bloodo: We will lay aside every Weight, and the Sin which doth fo easily befet us, and run with Patience the Race that is set before us P.-----But who is sufficient for these Things 9? We of ourselves are not suficient to think any Thing good as of ourselves : Without thee we can do nothing: Our Sufficiency is of thee': Our Help ftandeth in the Name of the Lord, who has made Heaven and Earth ---O strengthen us with Might by thy holy Spirit in the inner Mant to subdue our evil and corrupt

Inclinations, and, denying ourselves", to go on E chearfully and without Interruption in the narrow Paths of Virtue and Religion. We know,

[i] Phil, ii, 12. [k] 2 Pet. i, 4. [1] Psal. xxxiv, 1. [m] Ibid. ix, 2. [n] Rom. ii, 4. [o] Rev. v.9. [p] Heb. xii, 1. [9] 2 Cor. ii, 16. [r] John xv, 5. [C] 1 Cor. iii, 5. [+] Pfal. cxxiv, 8. [t] Eph. iii, 16. [u] Matth. xvi, 24.

O Lord,

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