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Shepherd and Bishop of our Souls", let thy Priests be cloathed with Righteousness, and let thy Saints fing with Joyfulness i: Do thou incline and enable those who minister in thy Church to attend upon their Ministry, and to tako heed that they fulfil it*; to take heed to themselves, and to their Doctrines, and to the Flock over which thou hast made them Overseers.'

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[Shower down, O Lord, the Blessings of thy Grace upon us here before thee, and all

thy faithful People wherever This Paragraph is elle assembled to celebrate this orly to be used when

sacred Ordinance. Give us at W2 communicati.

all Times due Preparation of Soul sor a worthy Approach to thy holy Table: And do thou pardon every one that prepareth his Heart to seek the Lord, the Lord God of his Fathers, tho' he be not cleansed according to the Purification of the Sanktuaryn. May thy Love be shed abroad " on those whose Hearts are inclined unto the Lord God of Ifraelnn; who long after thee, and the Pleasures of thine Houfe, even of thy holy Templeo; who thro' Infirmity or Sickness, or any unavoidable Occasions, are prevented from exalting thee in the Congregation of thy People P: Accept, O merciful God, their joining spiritually with us; and do thou, by thy Grace, supply their Lack of the outward Means, and convince all that name the Name of Christ of the great Advantage of this

(h) 1 Pet. ii, 25. (i) Psal. cxxxii, 9. (k) Col. iv, 17. (1) Aas xx, 28. (m) 2 Chron. xxx, 19. [n] Rom. v, g. Inn] Joth. xxiv, 23. [9] Pfal. Ixv, 4. [P] ibid. cvii, 32.


blessed Ordinance, and of the great Necessity which lies upon them to remember their Saviour in the Way which he has appointed.]

Put an End, O Lord, to all the Prophaneness and Impiety, which like mighty Waters have overflowed our Land. How long shall the Lives of Christians be a Bye-word among the Heathens m, and a Contradiction to our holy Profeflion? O give us Grace to remember from whence we are fallen, that we may repent, left thou shouldst remove our Candlefick out of his Place", and thy blessed Gospel be carried away from us to a Nation bringing forth the Fruits thereof. Be merciful to all my Relations, Friends, and Acquaintance ; particularly, found any Advantage

* If the Reader has [Here name Particulars.}--- by this Book, be is Grant * that the Spirit of the earnefly desired to exLord may reft upon them, the tend these Petitions in

Favour of the unwor.Spirit of Wisdom and Under- by Author. standing, the Spirit of Counsel and Might, the Spirit of Knowledge, and of the Fear of the Lord P, and that the Course of this World may be so ordered to them by thy good Providence, that whilft they are engaged in

their necessary Business, and unavoidably careį ful about many Things, they may not forget the one Thing needful.

Have Mercy upon all those who are under the Pressures of thy mighty Hand"; let them

(m) Pfal. xliv, 14. (n) Rev. ii, 5. (o) Matth. xxi, 436 (P) Maiah xi, 2 (1) Luke X, 41, 421 (r) i Pego 1, 6.

bring forth Fruit with Patience', and in thy due Time deliver them out of all their Troubles! Strengthen those that are on the Bed of Languishing ; make thou all their Bed in their Sickrefs": Let them not faint, but tho' the outward Man decayeth, let the inward Man be renewed Day by Day, looking not at the Things which are seen, but at the Things which are not seen*. Look with Pity and Compassion on those that are in Bonds, that are perfecuted for Righteousness Saker: Deliver the Outcast and Poor; save them from the Hand of the Ungodly? ; be thou their Refuge and Strength, a very present Help in Troublea. Abundantly bless our Provision, and satisfy our Poor with Bread; be a Father of the Fatherless, and defend the Cause of the Widow 6.

O thou God of Love and Peace", make Wars to cease unto the End's of the Earth: Break the Bow, and cut the Spear in fundere; let the Wickedness of the Wicked come to an End, but establish thou the Juftf. Othat Mercy and Truih may meet together, that Righteousness and Peace may kiss each other 8 ; that our God may look down upon us, and our Land may yield her Increase. "

O Lord hear us and help us, and do for us more than we can ask or thinki, Hear and anfwer our Supplications for all, and give us a Portion in all the good Prayers that are made

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in Heaven and Earth, the Interceflion of thy Son, and the Supplications of all his Servants for the Sake of the same Jesus Christ thy Sor our Lord, to whom with the Father and the Holy Ghost be ascribed, as is most due, al Honour, Praise, and Dominion, for ever ano ever. Amena.


DIRECTIONS, "HERE are some happy Minutes in our Lives, el..

pecially in attending at this Eucharistical Service, when the Mind, deeply affeated with the Love of God, or the Sufferings of Christ, or its own Unworthiness, is as it were carried beyond itself in devout Raptures. In this Cafe, it is perhaps best for us to lay aside all the Forms above provided, and to pour out our Hearts before God as Occasion may require.

As the Sacrament is a Subject abounding with a great, Variety of fruitful Considerations, I would advise the devout Christian, who has frequent Opportunities to partake of it, to vary bis Meditations from Time to Time, so that he may go throthe several Confiderations which may be deducible from it. Thus, for

Example, in remembering our Saviour, be may one Time think of him as a Prophet, another Time as a

Priest, another Time as a King. Sometimes he may consider the Death of Christ as a Sacrifice for Sins, and consequently how odiqus all Sin is in the sight of God; and he may take Occasion from thence to humble himself for some particular Sin, confefing and bewailing, and earnestly praying for Strength

to conquer fome particular Infirmity, labouring to acquire peculiar Graces. He may consider the miserable Life our Saviour led on Earth, as, a Motive to Patience and Resignation to the Will of God under afflicting Difpensations, since to divine a Perfon, the beloved of God, who had done no Sin, and omitted no Opportunity of doing Good, was fo grievously Itricken of God, [a] 1 Pet. iv, 11.


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and amicted; whereas we suffer indeed juftly, and far short of what our Iniquities have deserved ; and it is of the Lord's Mercies only that we are not utterly consumed, because his Compassions fail not. We may fartber apply ourselves to our Saviour, who himSelf was tempted, to enable us to bear our Amictions, or remove the Burthen from us, as in his unerring Wisdom he fall think most expedient for us. We may also consider this Sacrament as a Feast of Love whereby Christians are intimately united into one Body, of which Christ is the Head; and therefore requiring from us the most fincere and fervent Charity towards all Men, for whom, as well as for us, our blessed Lord was contented to dye. From this Confideration we may beartily intercede for all the World, and especially for our Friends and Relations, &c. The Reader may find Hints for most of these kinds in the foregoing Devotions, which he may enlarge upon as he shall find Occasion.

A concluding Prayer when the whole Service

is ended. O

Most gracious and merciful Lord God,

look down with tender Pity and Compaffion upon us thy poor unworthy Servants : Accept our weak Endeavours, forgive the Deadness and Dulness of our Affections, the Wanderings of our Thoughts, and the Distractions of our Minds. Let the Merits of our dear Redeemer plead our Pardon, and supply our Defects; and grant that the Remembrance of what he has suffered for us, may so influence all our Thoughts, Words, and Actions, that we may ever live as become those who have been redeemed to God by his Blood S. Grant

that (g) Rev, V, gi

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