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Heart ; thy Commandment is pure, enlightening the Eyes; thy Fear is clean, enduring for ever; thy Judgments are true and righteous altogether! More to be desired are they than Gold, yea than much fine Gold; sweeter also than Honey, and the Honey-comb. Moreover by them is thy Servant taught, and in keeping of them there is great Reward". How incomparably preferable is thy. Doctrine to all that. ever went before; purged from the Idolatry and Superstition of the Gentile World, who had changed the Glory of the incorruptible God into an Image made like to corruptible Man, and to Birds, and four-footed Beasts, and creeping Things -.---Thou hast freed us from the Yoke of Ceremonies and outward Observances, which the Jews of cld were not able to beart. Blefied Jesu! thy Yoke is easy, and thy Burthen is lightu: The Law. was given by Moses, but Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ*: Life and Immortality were brought to Light by the Gospely : Here we are taught the Way of God most perfectly ... We are best inítructed in the Nature of God and his Attributes, and the Worship to be paid unto him; in the Original and Malignity, the great Danger and Demerit of Sin ; the only Method of Atonement and Reconciliation; of our being fanctified here, in order to our being justified and glorified hereafter.---Here we are best instructed in all moral and social Virtues; the most exact Justice and Equity ; the most exalted and extensive Benevolence and Charity; and in all Duties relating (r) Pf. 19, 8, & c.

(1) Rom. i, 23. (t) Acts 15, 10. (u) Matth. xi, 30. (x) Johin i, '17 (y) 2 Tim, i, 10. (2). Acts xviii, 26.


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to ourselves: Humility and Soberness of Mind; Temperance and Chastity; the right Government of all our Appetites, Passions, and Affections. We are taught to lead quiet and peaceable Lives in all Godlinefs and Honefty", to pursue after the highest Happiness in this Life, to qualify us for the most perfect Happiness in that which is to come !---O divine Teacher, thou heavenly Prophet! thy Doctrine plainly shews itself to come from God: And yet thou hast been pleased to confirm it by those unexceptionable Attestations, MIRACLES and PROPHECIES. Thou didst fupply natural Defects, didst repair accidental Infirmities, didst cure the most malignant and inveterate Diseafes, didit fubdue the Rage of Devils, didst give Speech to the Dumb, Hearing to the Deaf, Sight to the Blind, Strength to the Impotent, Limbs to the Maimed, nay, Life to the Dead: Surely none could do such Miracles, except God were with him."--- The Accomplishment of the Prophecies is also an undeniable Proof of thy Mission and Authority; those that had been delivered aforetine, and also diverse others utter'd with thine own divine

Mouth : As, thou didst foretell the Treachery i of Judas, and the Cowardice of Peter; thine

own Crucifixion and Resurrection ; thy Ascenfion, and the Mission of the Holy Ghoft; the Destruction of Jerusalem, and of those who were once thy cholen People; the Success of thy Gofpel, and the wonderful Increase of the Profeffors of thy Name, not only against Flesh and Blood, but against Principalities, against Powers, (a) 1 Tim. ii, 2. (b) John iii, 2.


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against the Rulers of the Darkness of this World, against spiritual Wickedness in high Places So mightily grew the Word of God, and prevailed cs !

And to all this, by thy gracious Condescenfion in afluming our Nature to instruct us, there is further added to illustrate and exemplify and confirm thy holy Doctrine, a perfect unerring Pattern of a Life without Blemish and without Spot", full of Love and full of Truth dd. Our divine Teacher did not like the Pharisees of old, bind heavy Burthens, and grievous to be born, and lay them on Mens Shoulders, whilst they themselves would not touch them with one of their Fingers; but he was himself a Pattern of the most sublime Virtues, of the most rare and unusual, of the most hard and difficult, of such Virtues as are of the most common and ordinary, as well as of the most necessary Use throughout the whole Course of our Lives. ---Resolve then with thyself, O my Soul, (but refolve in an humble Dependance upon God, and upon the Help and Succour of his Grace) that thou wilt constantly follow the Doctrine and Example of thy dear Redeemer ; and being light in the Lord, thou wilt walk as a Child of Light®, knowing that it had been better for thee not to have known the Way of Righteousness, than after thou haft known it, to turn aside from the holy Commandment delivered unto thees. Embrace and receive, honour and obey him, as the anointed Prophet of the Lord to teach and

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guide thee: Follow him in what he requires and commands thee; follow him in the Example he has left us, and constantly endeavour to do as he has done :--- Follow his Holiness in what he did ; follow his Patience in what he suffered : Follow him to his Table, there to contemplate his Life and Sufferings, and to thank him (among other Instances of his Goodness) for giving us the Knowledge of Salvation, whereby the Day Spring from on high hath visited us, and given Light to us that fat in Darkness and in the Shadow of Death, to guide our Feet into the Way of Peace : Follow him in Life, and follow him in Death; and follow him thro' the Gates of Death, till thou meet with him in the Life everlasting, when thou shalt ever be with the Lord', and reign with him for evermore, Amen.

A Meditation on our Saviour's Priestly


terrible the Effects of Sin! What a Transformation does it make in Creatures formed after thine own Image and Likeness k? What a dismal and doleful Separation between thee and them? How miserable was the Case of fallen Man? Tho' made holy and upright! by his Creator, he, by his voluntary Transgression, funk into a corrupt, degenerate, and cursed Condition; not only deprived of the Image of God, in which he was created, but liable to the Punishment of his incensed, almighty, vin

(h) Luke i, 77. (i) i Ther. iv, 17. (k) Gen. i, 266 (1) Eccles. vii, 29.


dictive Justice; and in that miserable forlorn, Condition, how could he recover himself from that Abyss of Misery in which he was plunged ? Did not Justice, and Truth, and Holiness, require that the Soul that sinneth, it shall diem? Was it agreeable to the divine Attributes to remit the Punishment without some suitable Satisfaction ?---But who could make such Satisfaction ? No One of the human Race; since all Flesh has corrupted its Way on the Earth, fince all have finned and fallen hort of the Glory of God, and therefore were involved in the fame Condemnation?. No Man could redeem his Brother, or give bis Life a Ransom for him, for it cost more to redeem their Souls, so that he must let that alone for ever! But Oh! the unfathomable Depth of almighty and redeeming Love, that could entertain any Thoughts of Salvation for rebellious finful, wretched Creatures! O the Depth of the Riches both of the Wisdom and Goodness of God! how unsearchable are his Judgments, and his Ways past finding out !".--Nothing less than infinite Love could suggest the Thought ; nothing but infinite Wisdom, which is wonderful in Counsel, and excellent in working, could contrive the Way;-nothing but infinite Power could put it in Execution.

Behoid, the Son of God ' passes by us, and sees us polluted in our own Blood : He says unto us when we were in our Blood, live ;, yea he

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[r] Rom. xi, 33. [1] Ifa. xxviii, 29. [t] Eze. xvi, 6.

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