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Section II. On the Book of Psalms.

I. General Title of this book. --II. Structure of the Psalms.-III. Their Canoni.

cal Authority.-IV. Authors to whom they are ascribed :-1. Moses.-2. David.

-3. Asaph.-4. The Sons of Korah.-5. Heman and Ethan.-6. Solomon.-

7, Anonymous Psalms.-Chronological Arrangement of the Psalms by Calmet.

V. Collection of the Psalnis into a Volume.-VI. The Inscriptions or Titles

prefixed to the different Psalms.-VII. Probable Meaning of the Word Selah.

-VIII. Scope of the Book of Psalms.-IX. Rules for better understanding

them.-A Table of the Psalms, classed according to their several Subiects. 93


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