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5 The time of his life and death
fixed by other events fore-
told in prophecy. Page 113
6 The country and town where
Christ should be born.
7 Prophecies concerning his 36
forerunner John Baptist.



8 His purging the temple.

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5 Omnipotence.

6 Goodness.

7 Works of God-


8 Sending teachers.

Page 174

9 Teachers receive their know-

ledge from Father, Son and

Holy Ghost.

Father, Son and Spirit spake
by those that were sent.
Father Son and Holy Ghost are
in Christians as in a temple.
12 Sanctification by Father, Son
and Spirit.

13 God's people are led by Father,
Son and Holy Spirit.



32 Sanctification by faith.

33 Salvation by faith in God.
34 Salvation by faith in Christ.
Page 188 63
35 Things extraordinary promis-
ed to the faith of some primi-
tive Christians. Page 189
36 These promises were fulfilled. 64
37 Miracles wrought for persons
of eminent faith.


38 Instances of approved faith.

39 Want of faith reproved P.190 66 Love to God commanded.

40 Exhortations against unbelief. 67 Promises to them that loveGod

41 Threatenings against unbelief 68 Prayers for them that love God

69 Exhortations to love God.

Instances of persons loving


Page 201

How love to God is produced


toward God.

42 Threatenings against unbelief 70
toward Christ. Page 191

43 Causes of unbelief assigned in 71

in scripture. Page 1924

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