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Betwixt an

English Roman Catholick Nobleman,



His FRIEND of the
Church of ENGLAND.

Lord. T is hard that by your late Alt of

Parliament I must either lose my

Estate or change my Religion. Gentleman. I think your Lordship ought not lose your Estate, till

you have first confi. dered how far your Conscience will allow you to Conform to what is required of you.

[blocks in formation]

L. If I thought I could save my Soul in the Church of England, I would think my self obliged to preserve my. Right and Pofterity:

7. Pray, My Lord, what is there in the Communion of the Church of England should make you think your

Soul in any Danger? Would there be any Hazard of your Soul if there were no Invocation of Saints that are Dend in the

Publick Offices of the Church; No Pi&ures or Images of God to be feen there : No Elevation of the Hof, which was but of late Years brought into the Church : No Prayers for Souls out of Purgatory : If the Publick Prayers were in the urilgar Tongue: And if the Sacrament were given in both Kinds? For these are all the differences you will find betwixt your Publick Offices and ours.

L. But I must keep in the Communion of the Church, else I think I cannot fave mý Soul.

G. Your Lord'hip means in the Communion of the Church of Rome.

(1) L. Yes, for she is the Mother Church, and Center of Unity to all other Churches, infomuch thät who are not of her Communion, arç out of the Pale of the Catholick Church.

G. My Lord, it is certain that Ferusalem was the Mother Church, where com planted the Gospel, and Commanded that it fhould be thence propagated to all other Nations, as he himselffaid, beginning at Jerufalem,


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