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3. It is but lost labour that ye haste to rise up early, and so late take rest, and eat the bread of carefulness : for so he giveth his beloved sleep.

4. Lo, children and the fruit of the womb : are an heritage and gift that cometh of the LORD.

5. Like as the arrows in the hand of the giant : even so are the young children.

6. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them : they shall not be ashamed, when they speak with their enemies in the gate. Amen. [ARNOLD.


PSALM Xxxvii. 1. FrEt not thyself because of the ungodly, neither be thou envious against the evil doers.

2. For they shall soon be cut down as the grass, and be withered even as the green

herb. 3. Put thou thy trust in the LORD, and be doing good.

4. Delight thou in the Lord, and he shall give thee thy heart's desire.

5. Commit thy way unto the LORD, and put thy trust in him, and he shall bring it to pass.

6. He shall make thy righteousness as clear as the light, and thy just dealing as the noonday.

8. Leave off from wrath, and let go displeasure; fret not thyself, else shalt thou be moved to do evil.

Rom. xii. 19. Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the LORD.

Ps. xxxvii. 40. But the salvation of the righteous cometh of the LORD, who is also their strength in time of trouble.

41. And the LORD shall stand by them, and save them : he shall deliver them from the ungodly, and shall save them, because they put their trust in him.



ISAIAH Ix. 2. For behold! darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.

3. And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising.

xi. 2. The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light, and they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon them hath the light shined.

6. For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called, Wonderful, Counsellor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.



PSALM xxxviii. . 21, 15. FORSAKE me not, O LORD my God, in thee I put my trust.

1xxxvi. 4. Comfort the soul of thy servant, for unto thee I lift up my soul. [Bond, from HANDEL.


GENESIS xlix. 2. GATHER yourselves together, and hear, ye sons of Jacob,

1. That which shall befall you in the last days.

8. Judah, thou art he whom thy brethren shall praise : thy father's children shall bow down before thee.

10. The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, till Shiloh come.

Numb. xxiv. 17. I shall see him, but not now: I shall behold him, but not nigh. A star shall arise out of Jacob, and a sceptre shall come out of Israel.

Gen. xlix. 26. The blessings of thy father have prevailed unto the utmost bound of the everlasting hills. Amen.



PSALM xvii. 1. Give ear unto me, LORD, I beseech thee, for I have walked in thy commandments : let me be judged with righteous judgment.

2. O let my sentence come forth from thy presence.

5. O hold thou me up; guide me in the path of thy commandments : I am thy servant, teach me thy statutes : hold up my goings in all thy paths, so that my steps may not be moved.



PSALM lxxii. 1. Give the king thy judgments, O God : and thy righteousness unto the king's son.

2. Then shall he judge thy people according unto right : and defend the poor.

3. The mountains also shall bring peace : and the little hills righteousness unto the people.

5. They shall fear thee as long as the sun and moon endureth: from one generation to another.

7. In his time shall the righteous flourish : yea, and abundance of peace, so long as the moon endureth.

8. His dominion shall be also from the one sea to the other : and from the flood unto the world's end.

11. All kings shall fall down before him : all nations shall do him service.

18. Blessed be the LORD God, even the God of Israel : which only doeth wondrous things;

19. And blessed be the name of his Majesty for ever : and all the earth shall be filled with his Majesty. Amen, Amen.

[Croft, Boyce.


Psalm lxxii. 1. Give the king thy judgments, O God : and thy righteousness unto the king's son.

xxi. 3. For thou shalt prevent him with the blessings of goodness : and shalt set a crown of pure gold upon his head.

xviii. 51. Great prosperity giveth he unto his king: and sheweth loving-kindness unto David his anointed, and to his seed for evermore,

50. For this cause will I give thanks unto thee, O Lory, and sing praises unto thy Name. Hallelujah. Amen.



Psalm xxix. 2. Give the LORD the honour due unto his Name worship the LORD with holy worship.

3. It is the LORD that commandeth the waters : it is the glorious God that maketh the thunder.

4. It is the LORD that ruleth the sea; the voice of the LORD is mighty in operation : the voice of the LORD is a glorious voice.

9. The Lord sitteth above the water-flood : and the LORD remaineth a king for ever.

10. The LORD shall give strength unto his people : the LORD shall give his people the blessing of peace. Hallelujah. Amen.



PSALM lxxx. 1. Give ear, thou shepherd of Israel, thou that leadest Joseph like a flock : thou that dwellest between the cherubims, shine forth. 2. Stir up thy strength, and come and save us.



PSALM cxviii. 1. Give thanks unto the LORD; for he is gracious : because his mercy endureth for ever.

2. Let Israel now confess that he is gracious : and that his mercy endureth for ever.

3. Let the house of Aaron now confess that his mercy

endureth for ever. 14. The Lord is my strength and my song : and is become my salvation.

21, I will thank thee, for thou hast heard me : and art become my salvation.

29. Give thanks to the LORD : his mercy endureth for ever and ever.

[CROFT, NALson from Fiocco, sen.


ISAIAH xxiv. 15. Glory to God in the highest, exalt him, and glorify his Name; glorify the Name of the LORD GOD of Israel in the isles of the sea.

JER. ix. 1. Oh that mine head were waters, and mine eyes a fountain of tears, that I might weep day and night for the slain.

It is the LORD that boweth the spirit with anguish, and maketh the eye dim with tears. Again the LORD turneth our mourning into gladness, and in the light of his countenance we shall rejoice exceedingly.

Great and glorious, great and invincible art thou, O GOD.

Ps. xcvi. 9. Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. Hallelujah. Amen.



Glory be to God on high, and on earth peace, goodwill towards men. We praise thee, we bless thee, we worship thee, we glorify thee, we give thanks to thee for thy great glory; O LORD God, heavenly King, God the Father Almighty. O LORD, the onlybegotten Son Jesu Christ: 0 LORD GOD, Lamb of GOD, Son of the Father, that takest away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us. Thou that takest away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us. Thou that takest away the sins of the world, receive our prayer. Thou that sittest at the right hand of God the Father, have mercy upon us.

For thou only art holy; thou only art the LORD; thou only, O Christ, with the Holy Ghost, art most high in the glory of God the Father.

[Bird, LOOSEMORE, Avison, Pratt from HAYDN.


LUKE ii. 14. GLORY to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good-will towards men.

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