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Many have, on a dying bed, repented of their negli gence,-none of their diligence. Now is the time fo activity ; there will be rest enough in the grave. O, daily guard against every obstruction to actual rea diness. . Conform not to the world in its levities and vanities. Be much alone-be much with God. Make conscience of redeeming precious time, and employing all your talents for the glory of God, the welfare of your family, the church, and the world. In a word, die daily.

When God removes any one that is dear to us, what cordial consolation does it afford, if we have reason to believe he was ready for death! We must not sorrow as men without hope. The change is his great advantage. It would be selfish to wish him out of Heaven, to reside again in this vale of tears. « We should scarcely dare to weep,” said one, “ if Christ had evidently taken away the body along with the soul of our friend to Heaven;" and why weep now ? Absent from the body, he is present with the Lord; and though the body must see corruption, it shall not always be the prisoner of the grave. Jesus has engaged to raise it up at the last day, and to fashion it like his own glorious

1 body. O let us prepare to follow our pious friends, favoured with an earlier call to glory; while we remain below, let us be active for God; and soon shall we join our kindred spirits before the throne, unite in the

song of the redeemed, and “ so be for ever with the Lord.”



Printed by John Haddon and Co. Ivy Lane.

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