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12 Greet one another 12 Ασπασασθε αλληλες with an holy kiss.

εν αγιω φιληματι. 13 All the saints falute

13 Ασπαζονται υμας οι you.

αγιοι παντες. . 14 The grace of the


'H Lord Jesus Chrift, and the

χαρις τε Κυρια love of God, and the com

Ιησε Χριςο, και η αγαπη τα munion of the Holy Ghott, Θεα, και η κοινωνια τα αγια be with you all. Amen. πνευματG. μετα παντων

μων. Αμην.

Ver. 9. Even your restoration. The word xatapTicEw, properly sig nifies to reduce a dislocated member to its right place in the body: also to reslore and make things whole which have been broken, Matth. iv. 21. Gal. vi. 1. Ezr. iv. 12, 13. LXX. The word therefore, is applied with great propriety to a church, in which many of its members had misbehaved and put themfelves out of their places.

Ver. II.-I. Be reflored. The original word rataguseo de, may be translated Be ge fulig restored ; namely, by repentance and refor. mation.

2. Mind the same thing. Wall is of opinion, that to auto zovett, should be translated, Be unanimous, namely, in your deliberations on all matters relating to your union as a church. But I rather think the apostle's meaning is, that they should set their affections on the same great obje&ts, namely, the glory of God, and the interests of the gospel. Sce i Cor. i. 10. where the fame exhortation is given.

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Ver. 14

12 Salute one another 12 When ye meet, or part, Sa(Ev) with an holy kiss. lute one another with an holy kiss, in (See Rom. xvi. 16. note token of that pure love which ye 1.)

bear to one another, as the disciples

of Christ. 13 All the saints falute 13 All the disciples of Christ who you.

are with me, send their good wishes to

you. 14 The grace of the 14 Receive ye my apoftolical beLord Jesus Christ, and the nedi&tion: The' favour of the Lord love of God, and the Jesus Christ, and the love of God, communion of the Holy and the common fru tion of the gifts Ghost,' be with you all. and aids of the Holy Ghost, be ever Amen. (See Eph. vi. 24. with you all who love the Lord Jesus note 2.)

Chrift. Amen.

Ver. 14. The communion of the Holy Ghost. Konversa te dyt8 THUPOT. For the different senses of the word xowbae, fee 1 John i. 3. note 3Here it signifies, as in the commentary, the joint fruition or the

para ticipation of the gifts and graces of the Holy Spirit. This the apostle wished to the Corinthians, that in all their public transactions they might be animated by one fpirit.

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