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the King : and Araunah said unto the King, The LORD thy God accept thee.

24 And the King said unto Araunah, Nay; but I will surely buy it of thee at a Price: neither will I offer Burntofferings unto the Lord my God, of that which doth cost me nothing. So David bought the Threshing-floor, and the Oxen, for fifty Shekels of Silver.

25 And David built there an ALTAR unto the LORD, and offered Burnt-offerings and Peace-offerings : so the LORD was INTREATED for the Land, and the PLAGUE was STAYED from Israel,

CHRON. XXI. 28 At that Time, when David saw that the LORD had ANSWERED him in the Threshing-floor of Ornan the JebuSite, then he sacrificed there.

29 For the TABERNACLE of the LORD which Moses MADE in the Wilderness, and the Altar of the Burnt-offering, were at that Season in the high Place at Gibeon.

30 But DAVID could not go before it to enquire of God; for he was AFRAID, because of the SWORD of the ANGEL of the LORD.


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Kings of ISRAEL and JUDAH,

Abstracted from the Books of KINGS and CHRONICLES.

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I. CHRON. CHA P. XXII. David prepareth for the building of the Temple : 6 He in

stručteth Solomon in God's Promises and his Duty. Ver. 1 F O HEN David said, This is the House

of the LORD God, and this is the Altar of the Burnt-offering for Israel.

2 And David commanded to gather together the Strangers that were in the

Land of Israel, and he set Masons to hew wrought Stone to build the House of God.

3 And David prepared Iron in abundance for the Nails for the Doors of the Gates, and for the Joinings; and Brass in abundance without weight;

4 Also

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4 Also Cedar-trees in abundance : for the Zidonians, and they of Tyre, brought much Cedar-wood to David.

5 And David said, Solomon my Son is young and tender, and the House that is to be builded for the LORD, must be EXCEEDING MAGNIFICAL, of FAME, and of GLORY throughout all Countries : I will therefore now make Preparation for it. So David prepared abundantly before his Death.

6 Then he called for Solomon his Son, and charged him to build an House for the Lord God of Israel.

7 And David said to Solomon, My Son, as for me, it was in my MIND to build an House unto the Name of the LORD my God.

8 But the WORD of the Lord came unto me, saying, Thou hast shed Blood abundantly, and hast made great Wars : thou shalt not build an House unto my Name, because thou hast shed much Blood upon the Earth in my fight.

Behold, a Son shall be born to thee, who shall be a Man of Rest, and I will give him Rest from all his Enemies round about: for his Name shall be Solomon, and I will give Peace and QUIETNESS unto Ifrael in his Days.

10 He Mall build an House for my Name, and he shall be my Son, and I will be his Father, and I will establish the THRONE of his KINGDOM over Israel for Ever.

01 Now, my Son, the LORD be with thee, and prosper thou, and build the House of the LORD thy God, as he hath said of thee.

12 Only the Lord give thee WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING, and give thee Charge concerning Ifracl, that thou mayit KEEP the Law of the Lord thy God.

13 Then shalt thou FROSPER, if thou takeit heed to fulfil the Statutes and Judgments which the LORD charged Moses with concerning Israel : be strong and of good Courage, DREAD not, nor be DISMAYED.

14 Now behold, in my Trouble I have prepared for the House of the Lord an * HUNDRED THOUSAND Talents of GOLD, and a THOUSAND THOUSAND Talents of SILVER; and of Brass, and Iron, without weight (for it is in abundance:) Timber also and Stone have I prepared, and thou mayest add thereto.

* Dr. Pri leaux computes an Hebrew Talent of Silver at 4501. Sterling; and a Talent of Gold at 72001. Sterling : By this Computation 1000000 Talents of Silver will amount to 450 Millions of Pounds Sterling, and 100000 Talents of Gold will amount in Pounds Sterling 10 7200 Millions, in both, 7650 Millions.

15 Moreover,

15 Moreover, there are Workmen with thee in abundance, Hewers, and Workers of Stone and Timber, and all manner of cunning Men for every manner of Work.

16 Of the Gold, the SILVER, and the Brass, and the Iron, there is no NUMBER. Arise therefore, and be doing, and the Lord be with thee.

17 David also commanded all the Princes of Israel to help Solomon his Son, saying,

i8 * Is not the LORD your God with you? and hath he not given you Rest on every side? for he hath given the Inhabitants of the Land into mine Hand, and the Land is SUBDUED before the LORD, and before his People.

19 Now set your HEART and your Soul to seek the LORD your God; arise therefore, and build ye the Sanctuary of the LORD God, to bring the Ark of the COVENANT of the LORD, and the holy Vessels of God, into the House that is to be built in the Name of the LORD.


i David in his old Age maketh Solomon King. 2 The Number

and Distribution of the Levites. 7 The Families of the Gerjhonites. 12 The Sons of Kohath. 21 The Sons of Merari. 24 The Office of the Levites.

by Mani which, WORK of

Ver. 1 CO when David was old and full of Days, he made

J Solomon his Son King over Ifrael. 2 And he gathered together all the Princes of Israel, with the Priests and the Levites.

3 Now thie Levites were numbred from the Age of thirty Years, and upward : and their Number by their Polls, Man by Man, was THIRTY and EIGHT THOUSAND.

4. Of which, TWENTY and FOUR THOUSAND were to fet forward the WORK of the House of the LORD ; and SIX THOUSAND were OFFICERS and JUDGES.

5 Moreover, FOUR THOUSAND were PORTERS, and FOUR THOUSAND PRAISED the Lord with the Instruments which I made (faid David) to PRAISE therewith.

6 And DAVID DIVIDED them into COURSES among the Sons of Levi, namely, Gershon, Kohath, and Merari.

13 The Sons of Amram; Aaron and Moses: and Aaron

* David here acknowledges, that all the Promises made to the Patriarchs, concerz-* ing the Land of Canaan, were exactly accomplished.


was separated, that he should sanctify the most holy Things, he and his Sons for ever, to burn Incense before the LORD, to minister unto him, and to bless in his Name for ever.

14 Now concerning Moses the Man of God, his Sons were named of the Tribe of Levi.

15 The Sons of Moses were Gershom and Eliezer.

25 David said, The LORD God of Israel hath given Rest unto his People, that they may dwell in Jerusalem for ever;

26 And also unto the Levites : they shall no more carry the Tabernacle, nor any Veffels of it for the Service there


to wait on the

28 Because their Office was to wait on the Sons of Aaron, for the Service of the House of the LORD, in the Courts, and in the Chambers, and in the purifying of all holy Things, and the Work of the Service of the House of

holy is, and in thece of the


30 And to stand every MORNING TO THANK and PRAISE the LORD, and likewise at Even:

31 And to offer all Burnt-facrifices unto the Lord in the Sabbaths, in the New-moons, and on the set Feasts, by Number, according to the Order commanded unto them continually before the LORD:

32 And that they should keep the charge of the Tabernacle of the Congregation, and the Charge of the HOLY Place, and the Charge of the Sons of Aaron their Brethren, in the Service of the House of the LORD.


i The Divisions of the Sons of Aaron by Lot into four and twenty

Orders. 20 The Kohathites, 27 and the Merarites divided by Lot.

CH A P. XXV. i The Number and Offices of the Singers. 8 Their Division

by Lot into four and twenty Orders. Ver. I M OREOVER, David and the Captains of the

1 Hoft separated to the Service of the Sons of ASAPH, and of HEMAN, and of JEDUTHUN, who should PROPHESY with HARPS, with PSALTERIES, and with


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