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jog. Again the third, cat. 131. tions and devices of men, con, 21. Against the fourth, cat. 119. Sins 1. Religious worship not institutes of inferiors, cat. 128. Sins of fu- by Gud himself is not to be used periors, cat 130. Sins of equals,

or approved, cat. 109. All supercat. 132. Sins against the fixth com. stitious devices, &c. finful, cai. mandment, cat. 136. Against the

109, 111. leventh, 139. Agaiost the eighth, Supper, See Lord's fapper. cat, 142. Again't the ninth, cat. Surety, Christ the furety for believ: 145. Again the tenth, cat. 148. ers, cat. 71. He was througbly Sincerity. Believers loveChrift infin- furnished to execute that office, cerity, con. 18. 1. They are never con. 8. 3. Aad God acceptech sautterly destitute of fincerity of tisfaction from him as their surety, heart, cop. 18. 4. Ministers ought cat. 71. to preach fiocerely, cat. 159. We Suretyihip, that is not accessary, is to are to pray with sincerity, cat, be avoided, cat. 141. Suspension 185. God is pleased to accept and

from the Lord's table, con. 30.4. reward the good works of believ. Swearing, See oaths. Vain or rash ers, which are fincere, com. 16.6. swearing, by the name of God, or Singing of psalms, a part of religi- to swear at all by any other thing, ous worship, con. 21. 5.

is to be abhorred, con, 32. 2. Siandering, finful, cat. 145.

Synods, See counsels. Songs that are lascivious, forbid.

T den, cat, 139

ALE-BEARING, cat. 145. The Soul of man is immortal, con, Temptation. Why God leaves 4. 2. cat. 17. The state of souls, his children to manifold temptatiwhen separate from their bodies, ons, con. 5.5. The wicked given con. 22. 1. cat 86.

up to the temptations of the world, Sovereignty. God hath most fove- con. 5. 6. Temptations to fin are reign dominion over his creatures,

to be avoided and resisted, cat 99. to do by them, for them, or upon 66. 135. 138. How temptation is them, whatsoever he pleafeth, to be prayed against, cat. 195. con. 2. 2. The light of Aature Testament, The books of the old Theweth that God hath lordship and and new testament are the word of Lovereignty over all, coo. 21, 1. God, con. 1. 2. cat. 3. And the Eternal sovereignty to be ascribed only rule of faith and obedience, to God alone, cat. 196. We are to ibid. See feriptures. pray with due apprehensions of his Testament, why the covenant of sovereign power, cat, 175: 189. grace is called a teftament. con. 7. Spirit, See Holy Ghost.

4. As it was admioitred under the Stage plays, forbidden, cat, 139. law, it is called the old teftament, Stews, not to be tolerated, cat, 139.

con. 7. 5. And as adminiftred unSupererogation, impoffible, con. der the gospel, it is called the new


testament, con, 7. 6. Superiors, Why filed fathers and Thanksgiving, to be joined with mothers, cat. 125. How to be ho

prayer, con. 21. 3. cat, 108. 178.. noured, con. 23.4, cat. 127. Their It is to be made in the nane of duty, con. 23. 1, 2, 3; cat. 129.

Chrift, con. 25. 3. Solemn thanks
Their sins, cat. 130. See magi/tracy. giving, a part of religious worship,
S: perstition. God may not be wor- con. 21. $
"Ered according to the imagina-



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16. 4


Toleration. A false religion got to after judgment, con. 33. 2 cat. 89, be tolerated, cat 109

Will the councils of God's will; Tradition, no pretence for ufing fu- most wife and holy, con. 3. 1. cat. perstitious devices in the worship 12. It is unfearchable, con. 3. 7. of God, cat. 109. No traditions of cat, 13. It is free and immutable, men to be added to the scripture, con.'5. 1. cat 14. And most righcon. 1.6.

teous, con. 2. 1. How the will of Trapsubstantiation is repugnant not

God is to be done and submitted only to fcripture, but to common to, cat 192. The will of God, refenfe aod reason, con 29. 6. And vealed in the scriptures is the only is the cause of manifold fuperftiti- rule of faith, worship and practice, ons, yea of gross idolatries, ibid. See fcripture.' Chrift revealeth to The iree of life was a pledge of the his church by his Spirit, and word covenant of works, cat. 30

th: whole will of God, in all things The Trinity, fee Gód, persons. cocerning their 'edification and Truth between man and man, bow Alvation, cat 48. preserved and promoted, car. 144. Fee-will. The will of man is neiWhat things are contrary to it,

her forced, nor by any abfolute cat. 145

necessity of nature determined to U

do good or evil, con. 3. 1. 9. 1. TNION of the elect with Christ, Man in his state of innocency had

con. 25: 1. 26. 1, cat 68: It freedom and power to will and do is inseparable, cat. 79. Believers good, con. 4. 3.9. 2. cat. 17. Ry are united to one another in love his fall he lost all ability of will to con. 26. 1.

any fpiritual good accompanying Union of the two natures in Chrit, falvation, con, 6

2.4 9. 3. cat. See personal union.

25. 192. The will is renewed in Unregenerate, the use of the moral conversion, con. 4. 4. 1Q 1. cat. law to them, cat. 96. Theirelt 67. It is made perfealy and imworks cannot pleafé God, andvhy, murably free to do good alone in con. 16. 7. But their neglecto do the date of glory only, con. 9: 5. what God commands, is mxe lin- Word. See {cripture, reading, ful, ibid.

preaching, hearing. Vocation, See calling,

Worldly-mindedness, finful, cat. Vow, a part of religious worship, 105. 142. con. 21. 5. What it is, id how to Works. What are good works and be made, con. 22. 5.d. To be what not, con. 16. 1. Good works made to God alone, on 25. 6. are the fruits and evidences of a cat. 108. What pows:e unlawful, true and lively faith, con, 16 2. con. 22. 7. Violatig of lawful

The uses and ends of good works, vows, and fulfilling of unlawful, ibid. Ability to do good works is is sinful, cat. 113.

wholly from the Spirit of Christ, Ufury, unlawful, cat:142.

con. 16. 3. The actual influence W

of the Spirit is required for the AR may be aged by christi- performance of themi, ibid. This

ans under the new teftament, is no plea for negligence, ibid. con. 23. 2.

Supererogation, imposible, con. The Wicked. Teir eondition in

We cannot by our best this life, cat. 83 Immediately af: works merit pardon of lin or eterter death, con. -1. cat. 86. hand




10. 4.


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nal life at the hand of God, and God himself, cat. 109. But there why con. 16 5. Yet the good are fome circumstances concerning works of believers are accepted by the worship of God which are to God in Christ, and rewarded, con. be ordered by the light of nature 10, 6. The works of unregenerate

and Christian prudence, according meo cannot please God, and why, to the general rules of the word, con, 16 7 But to neglect to do con. 1. 6. Religious worship is to what God commands, is more fin- be given to God the Father, Son, ful, ibid. All persons shall in the and Holy Ghost, and to him alone; day of judgment, receive a cord- and that only in the mediation of ing to what they have done in the

Christ, con, 21. 2. cat. 179. 181. body, whether good or evil, con. The parts of religious worship, 33. T.

con. 21. 3. 5. Religious worship Worship. To God is due from his not tied to any place, but God is creatures, whatever workip h is to be worshipped every where is pleafed to require, con. 2. 2. The {pirit and truth, as in private falight of nature Theweth that Gld milies daily, and in secret, each is to be worshipped, con. 21. one by himself; fo more folemnly But the acceptable way of worship in the public assemblies, which are ping God, is in dituted by himseli

not to be neglected, con. 21.9. in the scriptures, ibid He niay not Wrath, see curse, be worshipped according to the in maginations and devices of men,

Z con 21 1. cat. 109. False wor.

EAL for God, a duty, cat. 104. Ship is to be opposed, cat. 108. As

corrupt blind and indiscreet also any worship not instituted by

eal, sinful, cat, 103.

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