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thing due to him, required in this commandment q; igno rance r, forgetfulness /, misapprehenfions t, false opinions un unworthy and wicked thoughts of him w; bold and curious searching into his secrets x; all profanness , hatred of God z; self-love a, felf-seeking b, and all other inordinate and immo


Ifrael would nope of me.

THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom 9 Isa. xliii. 22. But thou hast not therefore ye ignorantly worship, called upon me, () Jaçab, but thou bim declare I unto you. v. 29. Far halt beeu weary of me, O Israel. as much then as we are the offspring v. 23. Thou hast not brought me of God, we ought not to think that the small cattle of thy burnt offer. the Godhead is like upto gold, or ings, neither halt thou honoured me silver, or stone graven by art and with thy facrifice. I have not man's device. caused them to serve with an offering, u Ifa, xl. 18. To whom then will. nor wearied thee with incense: V.


liken god ? or whar likencís will 24. Thou hast bought me no sweat ye compare unto him? cane with money, neither halt thou w Pfal. I. 21. These things haft filled me with the fat of thy facri- thou done, and I kept silence; thou fices : but thou hast made me to thoughtest that I was altogether serve with thy sins, thou hast weari. such an one as thyet; but I wiltre. ed me with thine iniquities.

prove thee, and set them in order ✓ Jer. iv, 22. For my people is before tlrine eyes. foolish, they have not known me, * Deut. xxix. 29. The secret are fottish children, and they things belong upto the Lord oor lave no understanding; they are God: but those things which are wile to do evil, but to do good they revealed belong unto us, and to have no knowledge. Hosea iv, 1. our children for ever, that we may Hear the word of the Lord, ye chilo do all the words of this law. dren of Israel; for the Lord hath a y Tic. i, 16. They profess that controversy with the inhabitants of they know God; but in works they the land, because there is no truth, deny him, being abominable, and for mercy, por knowledge of god disobedient, and unto every good in't

the land. v. 6. My people are work reprobate, Heb, xü, 16. Lelt destroyed for lack of knowledge: there be any fornicator, or profane because thou hast rejected know- perfon, as Esau, who for one mor'ledge, 1 a fo will reject thee, that fel of meat fold his birth-right. thou shalt be no prieit ta me: sce- * Rom. i. 30. Backbitere, haters ing thou hast forgotten the law of thy of God, despiteful,proud, boasters, God, I will also forget thy children. a 2 Tim, ji. 2. For men shall be

| Jer, ii. 32. Can a maid forget lovers of their own selves, covetous, her ornaments, or a bride her at. boasters, proud, - blasphemers, distire? yet iny people have forgotten obedient to parents, anthankful, unme days without number,

TA&s xvii. 23. For as 1 paired by b Phil, ii, 21. For all feek their and beheld your devotions, I found own, not the things which are Jesus an altar with this inscription, TO Christ's,


ç i John

derate fetting of our mind, will or affections upon other things, and taking them off from him in whole or in part c; vain credulity d, unbelief e, herefy f, misbelief g, distrust h, despair i; jácorrigibleness k, and insensibleness under judgments 1, hård. ness of heart m, pride n, presumption o, carnal security P,


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1.C John ii, 15. Love not the b Pfal. vä. 7. Because they be. world, neither the things that are lieved not in God, and trusted not in in the world, if any man love the his salvation. world, the love of the Father is not i Geni ir. 13. And Cain faida in him, v, 16. For all that is in unto the Lord, My punishment is the world, the lust of the fielh, and greater than I can bear. the luft of the eyes, and the pride of k Jer. y. 3. O Lord, are not life, is oot of the Father, but is of thine eyes upon the truth? Thou the world. Sam. ii. 29. Where• hast stricken them but they have not fore kick ye at my facrifice, and at griered; thou hast consumed them, mine offering which I have cont bat they have refused to receive cormanded in my habitation, and ho- rection; they have made their faces nourest thy fons above me, to make harder than a rock, they have refufyourselves fat with the chiefest of all ed to return. the offerings of Israel my people ? lisa, xlii. 25. Therefore he bath Col. iii. 2. Set your affection on poured upon him the fury of his things above, not on thiugs on the anger, and the strength of battle ; earth. v. 5. Mortify therefore your and it hath set him on fire round members which are upon the earth, about, yet he knew not; and it fornication, uncleanness, inordinate burned him, yet he laid it not to affection, evil concupiscence, and heart, covetousness, which is idolatry. m Rom. ii. 5. But after thy hard

di john iv. 1. Beloved, belicve ness and impenitent heart, treasurest not ever spirit, but try the fpirits up unto thyself wrath against the whether they are of God: because day of wrath, and revelation of the many false prophets are gone out righteous judgment of cod. into the world.

n Jer. xii. 15. Hear ye, and give e Heb, iii. 12. Take heed bre. ear, be not proud; for the Lord thren, left there be in any of you an

hath spoken. evil heart of unbelief, in departing o Psal. xixi 13. Keep back thy serfrom the living God.

vant also from presumptuous fios, F Gal. v, 20. Idolatry, witch- let them not have dominion over craft, hatred, variance, emulations, me : then shall I be upright, and wrath, ftrife, feditions, herelies. Ahall be innocent from the great Tit. iii. 10. A man that is an bere. transgression, tic, after the first and second ada p Zeph. i. 12. And shall come to monition, rejeet.

pass at tbat time, that I will search A&s xxvi. 9. I verily thought Jerusalem with candles, and punish with' myself, that I ought to do the meo that are settled on their many things contrary to the name · lees, that lay in their heart, The of jesus of Nazareth,

Lord will not do good, neither will

tempting of Godq; using unlawful means r, and trusting in laten ful means si carnal delights and joys t, corrupt, blind, and in-, discreet zeal v; lukewarmness w, and deadness in the things of God x; eitranging ourselves, and apoftacizing from God y; praying, or giving any religious worship, to saints, angels, or any other creatures z; all compacts and consulting with the



he do evil.

x Rev. iji, j. And unto the angel Mat.iv. 7. Jesus faith unto him, of the church in Sardis, write, These It is written again, Thou ihalt not things faith he that hath the seven tempt the Lord thy God.

fpirits of God, and the seven stars; I go Rom. ii. 8. Aud not rather, as know thy works, that thou hast a we be Nanderoudly reported, and as name that thou livelt, and are dead. Some affirm that we may say, Let us y Ezek, xiv. §. That I may cake do evil, that good may come? whose the house of Israel in their own damnation is ju?

heart, because they are all estrange SJer, xü.s. Thus faith the Lord, ed from me through their idols, Ifa. Cursed be the man that trusteth in i. 4. Ah finful nation, a people la.. man, and maketh felh bis arm, and den with iniquity, a serd of evil dowhose heart departeth from the ers, children that are corrupters, Lord.

they have forsaken the Lord, they + 2 Tim. įži. 4. Traitors, heady, have provoked the holy One of 11. high minded, lovers of pleasure rael uoto anger, they are gone away more than lovers of God.

backward. v. 5. Why should ye be v Gal. iv, 17, They zealously af. Atricken any more! ye will revolç fect you, but nos well; yea, they more and more: the whole bead is would exclude you, that ye might fick, and the whole heart faint. affect them. john xvi. 2. They shall z Rom, 8.13. For whosoever shall put you out of the synagogues; yea, call upon the name of the Lord, shall the time cometh, that whosoever be saved. v. 14. How then shall they killeth you, will think that he doth call on him in whom they have not God service. Rom. x, 2. For I bear believed ? aod how shall they believe them record, that they have a zeal in him of whom they have çot heard? of God, but not according to know. and how shall they bear without a ledge, Lukę ix. 54. And when his preacher ? Hofea iv. 12. My people disciples James and John saw this, ak counsel at their stocks, and their they said, Lord, wilt thou that we Staff declareth' unto then : for the command fire to come down from spirit of whoredomshathcaused them heaven, and consume them, even as to err, and they have gone a whorElias did ? v. 55. Eut he turned, ing from under their God. and rebuked them, and said, Ye 25. And as Peter was coming in, know not' what manner of spirit ye Corpelius met him, and fell down

at his feet, and worshipped hima. V., w. Rev. ii. 16. So then, because 26. But P'eter took him up, faying, thou art lukewarm, and neither cold Stand up; I myself also am a man. por hot, I will spue thee out of my Rev. xix. 1o. And I fell at his feet mouth.

to worship him; and he said unto,

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devil á, and hearkening to his suggestions b; making men the - Jords of our faith and conscience c; slighting and despising God, and his commands d; resisting and grieving of his Spirit e, discontent and impatience at his dispensations, charging him foolishly for the evils he inflicts on us f; and afcribing the praise of



me, See thou do it rot: I am thy rit, to engaire of it : V. 14. And fellow servant, and of thy brethren enquired not of the Lord : therefore that have the testimony of jesus; be flew him, and turned the kingworship God : for the testimony of dom unto David the son of jeffe. Jesus is the spirit of prophecy, Mat. b Acts v. 3. But Peter said, Ana-, 10.10. Then said Jesus unto him, nias, why bath Satan filled thing Get thee hence, Sarani for it is heart, to lie to the Holy Ghost, and written, Thou fhale worship the to keep back part of the price of the Lord thy God, and him only shalt land? thou serve. Col. ii, 18. Ler no man 62 Cor. i. 24. Not for that we. beguile you of your reward, in a vo- have dominion over your faith, but luntary hamility, and worshipping are helpers of your joy: for by faith of angels, intruding into those things ye stand. Mat. xxiii. 9. And call oo which he hath not seen, vainly puft man your father upon earth; for up by his ficlhly mind. Rom. i. 25c one is your father who is in beaWho changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the d Deut. xxxii. 15. But Jefhurun creature more than the Creator, who waxed fat, and kicked : thou art is blessed for ever. Amen,

waxen fat, thou art growo thick: a Lev. xx. 5. And the soul that thou art covered with fatness; then turpeth after fuch as have familiar he forsook God who made him, and fpirits, and after wizards, to go a, lighty esteemed the rock of his falwhoring after them, I will even set vation. 2 Sam. xii' 9. Wherefore my face against that soul, and will bast thou despised the commandcut him off from among his people.. ment of the Lord, to do evil in his I Sam xxvii, 7. Then said Saul un- fight? thou hart killed Uriab the to his servants, Seek me a woman Hittite with the sword, and last tathat hab a familiar (pirit, that I ken lis wife to be thy wife, and hast may go to her, and enquire of her. fiain them with the sword of the And his servants said to him, Be. children of Ammon. Prov. xiii. '13. hold, there is a woman, that hath Whoso despiseth the word, shall be a familiar spirit at En dor, v 16. destroyed : but he that feareth the Theo said the woman, whom shall commandment, shall be rewarded. " I bring up unto thee? and he said, « Acts vii. 51. Ye stiff-necked and

Bring me up Samuel. Compared uncircumcised in heart and ears, ye with 1 Chroo, X. 1ġ. So Saul died do always refit the Holy Ghoft: as for his tranfgrellion which he com your fathers did, so do ye. Epk, mitted agaiolt the Lord, even against iv. 30. And grieve not the holy Spithe word of the Lord which he kept rit of God, whereby ye are fealed pot, and also for askis.g coun. unto the day of redemption. fel of one that had a familias fpi: f Psal. Ixxiii, 2. But as for me, my


any god we either are, have, or can do, to fortune g, idols bu ourselves i, or any other creature k.

. Q. 106. What are we especially taught by these words (Before Me) in the first commandment?

4. Those words ( Before Me) or before my face, in the first commandment, teach us, that God, who seeth all things, taketh special notice of, and is much displeased with the fin of having any other god: that so it may be an argument to dissuade from it, and to aggravate it as a most impudent provocation 1: as allo


feet were almost gone : my steps had thy lords, thy wives and thy concu. well nigh sipt. v. 3. For i was envi- bites have drunk wine in them, and Qus at the foolish; when I saw the thou hast praised the gods of silver prosperity of the wicked. 5.13. Ve- and gold, of brass, iron, wood, and rily I have cleansed my heart in stone, which see not, nor hear, nor vain, and washed my hands in: in- know: and the God, in whose band nocency. V 14. For all the day long thy breath is and whose are all thy have I been plagued, and chastened ways, halt thou not glorified. every morning. v.15. If I say I will i Deut, vür. 17. And thou fåg in speak thus: behold, I should offend thine heart, my power and the against the generation of thy chile might of my hand have gotten me dren. V. 22. So foolih was I, and this wealth. Dan. iv. 30. The ķing ignorant: I was as a bcatt before spake, and said, is not this great Bathee. Job i. 22. In all this Job fin- bylon that I have built for the house ned not, nor charged God foolishly. of the kingdom, by thie might of my

g 2Sam. vi. 7. Now therefore make power, and for the hopour of my a new cart, and take two milch-kine majelty? on which there hath come no yoke, Hab. i. 16. Therefore they faand tie the kine to the cart, and crifice unto their net, and burn in. bring their calves home from them: cense unto their drag; because by va 8. And take the ark of the Lord, them their portion is fat, and their and lay it upon the cart, and puc meat plenteous. the jewels of gold which ye return 106. / Ezck. viii. 5, Then said he him for a trespass offering, in a cof- unto me, Son of man, lift up thine fer by the side thereof, and send it eyes now. the way towards the away, that it may go. v. 9. And fee north : so i lift up mine eyes the if it goeth up by the way of his own way towards the north, and behold coalt to Bethshemesh, then he hath northward at the gate of the altar, done us this great evil: bat if not, this image of jealousy in the entry. then we shall know that it is not his v. 6. He said furthermore unto me, hand that Imate us; it was a chance Son of man, feeft thou what they that happened to us.

do? even the great abominations Dao. v. 23. But hast lifted op that the house of Israel commitreth thyself against the Lord of heaven, here, that I should go far off from and they have brought the vessels of my faouary ? but rum thee yet his house before thee, and thou and again, and thou shalt see- greater


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