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tión m; not only afsenteth to the truth of the promise of the gof pel n, but receiveth and resteth upon Christ and his righteouf ness therein held forth, for pardon of fin o, and for the accep i ting and accounting of his perfon righteous in the light of God for salvation p.

0.73. How doth faith jufify a finner in the hight of God?

A. Faith justifies a sinner in the light of God, not because of those other graces which do always accompany it, or of good: works that are the fruits of it q; nor as if the grace of faith or any act thereof, were imputed to him for his justification r; but only as it is an instrument, by which he receivech and applieth Christ and his righteousness


m Ads ii. 37. Now when they xvi. 31. And they said, believe on heard this, they were pricked in the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou their hearts, and said unto Peter, shalt be saved, and thy house. A&s and to the rest of the apoftles, Men X. 43, Tu kim gave all the prophets and brethren, what shall we do? witness, That through his name Acts xvi. 30. And brought them whosoever believeth in him, thali out, and said, Sirs, what must I do receive remission of fins. to-be saved ? Joho' xvi. 2. And when p Phil. iii. 9. And be found in him, he is . come, he will reprove the not baving mine own righteousness, world of fin, and of righteousness, which is of the law, but that which and of judgment : v. 9. of fin, be- is through the faith of Chrilt, the cause they believe not in me. Rom. righteousoess which is of God by v. 6. For when we were yet with faith. Acts xv. 11. But we believe out strength, in due time Christ that through the grace of our Lord died for the ungodly. Eph. ii, 1. Jesus Christ we shall be laved even And you hath he quickened, who as they. were dead in trespaffes and fins. 73.9 Gal. iii. 11. But that no A&ts iv. 12. Neither is there falva. man is justified by the law in the rion in any other ; for there is none light of God, it is evident : for, other dame under heaven given a The just shall live by faith. Rom. mong mea whereby me must be iii. 28. Therefore we conclude, that saved.

a man is justified by faith without 1 Heb. i. 13. In whom ye also the deeds of the law. trusted after that ye heard the word g. Rom. iv. s. But to him that of truth, the gospel of your falva. workerh not, but believeth on him tion, in whom also after that ye that justifieth the urgedly, his faith believed, ye were sealed with that is counted for righteousnels. Com. holy Spirit of promise.

pared with Rom. x. 10. For with é John i. 12. But as many as re ihe heart man believeth unto righ: ceived him, to them gave he power teousness, and with the mouth cone to become the funs of God, even to feffion is made unto salvation. them that believe on his name. Acts s John i. 12. But as many as 1e.

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Q. 74. What is adoption?

A. Adoption is an act of the free grace of God t, in and for his only Son Jesus Christ v, whereby all those that are justified are received into the pumber of his children w, have his name put upon them x, the Spirit of his Son given to them y, are under his fatherly care and dispensations z, admitted to all the liberties and privileges of the sons of God,, made heirs of all the promises, and fellow.heirs with Christ in glory a.

Q. 75.

ceived him, to them gave he power ** 2 Cor. vi. 18. And will be a to become the fons of God, even to Father unto you, and ye shall be my them that believe on his name. sons and daughters, faith the Lord Phil. üi. 9. And be found in him, almighty, Rev. iii. 12. Him that Dot basing mine own righteousness, overcometh, will I make a pillar ia which is of the law, but that which the temple of my God, and he shall is through the faith of Christ, the go no more out : and I will write righteousness which is of God by upon him the name of my God, faith. Gal. ii. 16. Knowing that a and the name of the city of my God, man is not justified by the works of which is new Jerusalem, which the law, but by the faith of Jesus cometh down out of heaven from my Christ, even we have believed in Je. God : and I will write upon him my fus Chrift, that we might be justi. new name. fied by the faith of Christ, and not jy Gal. iv. 6. And because ye are by the works of the law: for ty the fons, God hath sent forth the Spirit works of the law fhall no Aleih be of his Son into your hearts, crying, justified.

Abba, Father, 74. * 1 John ïïi. r. Behold, what z Psal. ciii. 13. Like as a father manner of love the Father hath be. pitieth his children : so the Lord fowed apon us, that we thould be pitieth them that fear him. Prov. called the sons of God.

xiv, 26. lo the fear of the Lord is u Eph. i. 5. Having predestinated strong confidence : and his children us to the adoption of children, by fall have a place of refuge. Mac, Jesus Christ to himself, according vi. 32-For your heavenly Father to the good pleasure of his will. Gal. knoweth that ye have need of all iv. 4. But when the fulness of the these things. time was come, God sent forth his a Heb. vi. 12. That ye be not Son made of a woman, made under flothsul, but followers of them, the law, v. 5. To redeem them that who through faith and patience inwere under the law, that we might herit the promises. Rom. viii. 17. receive the adoprion of fops. And if children, then heirs; heirs

w John i. 12. But as many as re of God, and joint heirs wit | Chrift: ceived him, to them

power if so be that we suffer with bim, to become the fons of God, even 19 that we may be also glorified togethem that believe on his name. thar.

750 b Eph.

gave he

Q. 75. What is fanctification?

A. San&tification is a work of God's grace, whereby they whom God hath before the foundation of the world chofen to be holy, are in time, through the powerful operation of his Spirit b, applying the death and resurrection of Christ unto them c, renewed in their whole man after the image of God d; having the seeds of repentance unto life, and all other faving graces put into their hearts e, and those graces so stirred up, increased and strengthened f, as that they more and more die


75.6 Eph. i. 4. According as he these things, they held their peace, hath chofen us in him, before the and glorified cod, saying, Then foundation of the world, that we hath God also to the Gentiles grant should be holy, and without blame ed repentance anto life. John iii. before him in love. 1 Cor. v. 11. 9. Whosoever is born of God doth And such were some of you : but ye not commit fid; for his seed remain are walhed, but ye are fan&ified, eth in him; and he cannot fio, be: but ye are justified in the came of cause he is born of God. the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit s Jude 20. But ye beloved, buildi of our God. 2 Thesl, "ii. 13. Buting up yourselves on your most holy we are bound to give thanks to God faith, praying in the Holy Ghost. alway for you, brethren, beloved Heb. vi. 11. And we desire that eof the Lord, because God hath from very one of you do thew the same the beginning chosen you to salvati- diligence, to the full affurance of on, through, fanctification of the Spi- hope unto the end : v. 12. That ye rit, and belief of the truth.

be not nothful, but followers of c Rom. vi. 4. Therefore we are them, who through faith and patience buried with him by baptism into inherit the promises. Eph. iii. 16. death : that like as Christ was raised that he would grant you, accordup from the dead by the glory of ing to the riches of his glory, to be the Father, eren so we also should strengthened with might, by his walk in newness of life. v. 5. For Spirit in the inner-man; v. 17. if we have been planted together in That Christ may dwell in your the likeness of his death : we fall hearts by faith; that ye being rootbe also in the likeness of his resur- ed and grounded in love, v. 18. rection : 5. 6. Knowing this, that May be able to comprehend with our old man is crucified with him, all saints, what is the breadth and that the body of sin might be de- length, and depth, and height, v. stroyed, that henceforth we should 19. And to know the love of Christ, not serve fin.

which passeth knowledge, that ye d Eph. iv, 23. And be renewed might be filled with all the fulness in the spirit of your mind; v. 24. of God. Col. i. 10. That ye might And that ye put on the new man, walk worthy of the Lord, unto all which after God is created in righ- pleasing, being fruitful in every teousness, and true holiness. good work, and increasing in the Aces xi. 18. When they heard knowledge of God; Y. 11. Strength


unto {m, and rise unto newness of life g.

Q. 76. What is repentance unto life?

A, Repentance unto life is a faving grace h, wrought in the heart of a sinner by the Spirit i and word of God k, whereby out of the fight and sense, not only of the danger I, but also of the filthiness and odiousness of his sins m, and upon the appre


ened with all might according to his and Cyrene, who when they were glorious power, upto all patience' come to Antioch, spake unto the and long-suffering with joyfulness. Grecians, preaching the Lord Jesus,

& Rom. vi. 4. Therefore we are v. 21. And the hand of the Lord buried with him by baptism into was with them : and a great numdeath; that like as Christ was raised ber believed, and turned unto the up from the dead by the glory of Lord. the Father, even so we also should | Ezek. xviii. 23. Because he con: walk in newness of life. V. 6. fidereth and turneth away from all Knowing this, that our old man is his transgreshons that he hath comcrucified with him, that the body of mitted, he shall surely live, he shall So might be destroyed, that hence not die. v. 30. Therefore I will forth we should not serve lin. v. 14. judge you, O house of Israel, every For lin shall not have dominion o one according to his ways, faith the ver you: for ye are not under the Lord Gud: repent, and turn yourJaw, but under grace. Gal. v. 24. felves from all your transgressions ; And they that are Christ's have cru. To iniquity Mall not be your ruin. cified the flesh, with the affections ». 33. For I have no pleasure in the and lufts.

death of him that dieth, Iaith the 79. h 2 Tim. ii. 25. In meekness Lord God, wherefore turn yourinstructing those that oppose them- felves, and live ye. Luke xv. 17. felves; if God peradventure will And when he came to himself, he give them repentance to the acknow- faid, How many hired fervants of ledging of the truth.

my father's have bread enough, and i Zech, xii. 1o. And I will pour to spare, and I perisa with hunger! upon the horse of David, and upon v. 18. I will arise, and go to my the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the father, and will say unto him, Fafpirit of grace and of fupplications; ther, I have fioned against heaven, and they shall look upon me whom and before thee. Hof. ii. 6. Therethey have pierced, and they shall fore behold, I will hedge up thy mourn for him as one mourneth for way with thorns, and make a wall, his only fon; and shall be in bitter that she shall not find her paths. v. ness for him, as one that is in bitter. . And the shall follow after her ness for his first born.

lorers, but the fall not overtake k. A&ts xi. 18. When they heard them; and she shall seek them, but these things, they held their peace, shall not find them then fall the and glorified God, saying, Then say, I will


and return to my first hath God also to the Gentiles grant husband, for then was it better with ed repentance unto life. v. 20. And me then now, fuye of thema were men of Cyprus

m Ezek. xxxvi. 21. Then shall ye


hension of God's mercy in Christ, to such as are penitent n, he fo grieves for 0, and hates his fins, as that he turns from them all to God q, purposing and endeavouring constantly to walk with him in all the ways of new obedience r.

2. 77.


remember your own evil ways, and approved yourselves to be clear in your doings that were not good, and this matter. shall lotbe yourselves in your own q Acts xxvi. 18. To open their light, for your iniquities, and for eyes, and to turn them from darkyour abominations, 112. xxx. 22.Ye ness to light, and from the power of shall defile all the covering of thy Satan unto God, that they may regraven images of silver, and the or ceive forgiveness of sins, and inheo , oament of thy molten images of ritance among them who are Tanc.. gold : thou shalt cast thenr away as tified by faith that is in me. Ezek. a menstruous cloth; thou shalt" say xiv. 6. Therefore say unto the house unto it, Get thee hence.

of Israel, thus faith the Lord God, 12 Joel ii

. 12. Therefore also now, Repent and turn yourselves from faith the Lord, Turn ye even to me your idols, and turn away your fawith all your heart, and with fast ces from all your 'abominations. ing, and with weeping, and with Kings viii. 47. Yet if they shall mourning. V. 13. And rent your bethink themselves in the land whi.' heart and not your garments, and ther they were carried captives, and turn unto the Lord your God: for repent, and make supplication to he is gracious and merciful, low to thec in the land of them that carri. anger, and of great kindness, and ¢d them captives, saying, We have repenteth him of the evil.

finned, and have done perversely, Jer. xxxi, 18. I have surely we have comniitted wickedness; v. heard Ephraim bemoaning himself 48. And so return unto thee with thus, Thou haft chastised me, and all their heart and with all their I was chastised, as a bullock unac- soul. customed to the yoke: Turn thou

r Pfal. cxix. 6. Then shall not I me, and I shall be turned; for thou be afhamed, when I have respect un. art the Lord my god, v..19. Sure to all my commandments. v. 39. I ly after that I was turned, I repent- thought on my ways, and turned ed; and after that I was instructed, my feet unto lay testimonies. v. 1 28. I smute upon my thigh: I was a. Therefore I elteem all thy precepts framed, yea, even confounded, be concerning all things to be right, cause I did bear the reproach of my and I hate every


Luke youth.

i, 6. And they were both righteous p 2 Cor. vii. 11. For behold this before God, walking in all the com. felf-fame thing that ye sorrowed af- mandments and ordinances of the ter a godly fort, what carefulness it Lord, blameless. 2 Kings xxjö. 25. wrought in you, yea, what clearing and like unto him was there na of yourselves, yea, what indignati. king before him, that turned to the on, yea, what fear, yea, what ve. Lord with all his heart, and with hement desire, yea, what zeal, yea, all his soul, and with all his might, what revenge : in all things ye have according to all the law of Moles;


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