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dition to intereft them in hiin W, promifeth and givethbis holy Spirit x to all his elect, to work in them that faich y, with all other saving graces z; and to enable them unto all holy obedience a, as the evidence of the truth of their faith b, and thankfulness to God C, and as the way which he hath appointy ed them to salvation d.

Q. 33. Was the covenant of grace always administred after one and the fame manner?

A. The covenant of grace was not always administred after the same manner, but the administrations of it under the Old Testament were different from those under the New e.

Q. 34. How was the covenant of grace administred under the Old Testament? A. The covenant of grace was administred under the Old Te


w Luke iii. 16. For God so loved faith by my works. 0.22. Seest thou . the world, that he gave his only bow faith wrought with his works, begotten Son, that whosoever be andi by works was faith made per: Jieveth in him, should not perish, feet?. but have everlasting life, John.i.

c 2 Cor. V. 14. For the love of 12. But as many as received him, Christ constraineth us, because we to them gave he power to become thug judge, that if one died for all, the sons of God, even to them that then were all dead: v. 15. And believe on his name.

that he died for all, that they who * Prov: i. 23.. Behold, I will pour live, should not enceforth live unout my spirit unto you, I will make to themselves, but unto him who known my words unto you.

died for them, and rose again. y 2 Cor. iv. 13. We having the d Eph. ii. 10. For we are his same spirit of faith, according as it workmanship, created in Christ Jeis written, I believed, and therefore fus unto good works, which God have I spoken : We also believe, and bath before ordained that we should therefore speak

walk in them, z Gal. v. 22. But the fruit of the

33. e 2 Cor. iii. 6. Who also Spirit, is love, joy, peace, long. hath made us able ministers of the fuffering, gentlenels, goodness, faith, New Testament, not of the letter, V. 23. Meekness, temperance : a. but of the spirit : for the letter kil. gaialt such there is no law.

leth, but the Spirit giveth life. v. a Ezek. xxxvi. 37. And I will put 7. But if the ministration of death my Spirit within you, and cause you written and engraved in tones, was to walk in my statutes, and ye shall glorious, so that the children of is. keep my judginents and do them, rael could not stedfastly behold the

b James ii. 18. Yea, a.nan may face of Moses, for the glory of his fay, Thou hast faith, and I have countenance, which glory was to be works : New me thy faith without done away. V. 8. How shall not the thy works, and I will laew thee my miniftration of the Spirit be rather


rament; by promises f. prophecies g, facrifices b, circumcision i, the passover k, and other types and ordinances; which did all forėsignify Christ then to come, and were for that time suffici- ent to build up the eleet in faith in the promised Messiah l, by whom they then had full remission of fin and eternal falvation n.

Q. 35. How is the covenant of grace administred under the New Testament.

A. Under the New Testament, when Christ the substance was exhibited, the same covenant of grace was and still is to be administred in the preaching of the word n, and the administration of the facraments of baptism o, and the Lord's fup

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glorious ? v. 9. For if the ministra- For even Christ our pastover is fa

tion of condemnation be glory, crisiced for us. nuch more doth the ministration of | (Heb. and x. chapters.) sighteousness exceed in glory. Heb, xi. 13. These all died in faith,

34. fRom. xv. 8. Now I fay, not having received the promises, that Jesus Chrilt was a minister of but having seen them afar off, and the circumcision for the truth of were persuaded of them, and em. "God, to confirm the promises made braced them, and confeffed that unto the fathers.

they were strangers and pilgrims on s Ads iii. 20. And he shall send the earth. Jesus Christ, who before was preach mn Gal. ii. 7. Know yé therefore ed unto you. v. 24. Yea, and all that they who are of faith, the same the prophets, from Samuel and those are the children of Abraham. v. 8. that follow after, as many as have And the scripture foreseeing that spoken, have likewife fortold of God would justify the heathen these days.

through faith, preached before the . b Heb. x, 1. For the law having gospel unto Abraham, saying, In a Madow of good things to come, thee fall all nations be blessed. v.9. and not the very image of the So then they who be of faith, are 'tlrings, can never with those facri- blessed with faithful Abraham. v. 'fices which they offer year by year 14. That the blelling of Abraham 'fontinually, make the comers there might come on the Gentiles througla unto perfect.

Jefus Christ, that we might receive i Rom. iv. Ir. And he received the promise of the Spirit througa the figo of circumcifion, a seal of faith. the righteoufnefs of the faith which

35. n Mark xvi. 15. And he said he had yet being uneircumcised, unto them, Gu ye unto all the world, that he might be the father of all and preach the gospel to every crea"them that believe, though they be not circumcised; that righteousness o Ma:. xxviii. 19. Go ye therefore "might be impated unto them also. and teach all nations, baptising them

& 1-Cor. v. 7. Purge out therefore in the name of the Father, and of the old leaven, 'thát ye may be a the Son, and of the holy Ghof: v. new lump, as ye are unlearened, *20. Traching them to observe all

thin 33


per p; in which grace and salvation are held forth in more fulness, evidence and efficacy to all nations q.

Q. 36. Who is the Mediator of the covenant of grace?

A. The only Mediator of the covenant of grace is the Lord Jesus Christ r, who being the eternal Son of God, of one subKance and equal with the Fathers, in the fulness of time became man t, and so was and continues to be God and man ia two entire distinct natures, and one person for ever y.

Q. 37.

things whatsoever I have commanded days, faith the Lord; I will put you : and lo, lam with you alway, my laws into their mind, and write even unto the end of the world, them in their hearts : and I will be

p 1 Cor. xi. 23. For I have receive to them a God, and they fhall be to ed of the Lord, that which also I do me a people. v. 11. And they all livered unto you, that the Lord Je. not teach every man his neighbour, fus, the same night in which he was and every man his brother, laying, betrayed, took bread: v. 24. And Know the Lord, for all shall know when he had given thanks, he brake me, from the least to the greatest. is, and said, Take, eat; this is my Mat. xxviii. 19. Go ye therefore and body which was broken for you: teach all nations, baptizing them in this do ia remembrance of me. the name of, &c. 25. After the same manner also he 36, si Tim. ii, 5. For there is took the cup, when he had fupped, one God, and one Mediator between saying, This cup is the new telta. God and men, the man Christ Jesus. meat in my blood : this do ye, as oft John i. 1. Io the beginning was as ye drink it in remembrance of me. the Word, and the Word was with

q 2 Cor. iii, 6. to the end, Who God, and the word was God, v, 14. hath also made us able ministers of And the Word was made flesh, and the new testament, not of the letter, dweh among us and we beheld his but of the spirit : for the letter kil glory, the glory as of the only be. leth, but the Spirit giveth life. v. 9. gotten of the Father) full of grace But if the administration of death and truth. John X. 30. I and my written and engraven in stones, was Father are one. Phil. ii. 6. Who gloriods, v. 8. How thall not the being in the form of God, thought ministration of the Spirit be rather it not robbery to be equal with God. glorious ? v. 9. If the miniftration of 1 Gal. iv. But when the fulness condemnation be glory, much more of the time was come, God sent doth the ministration of righreous- forth his Son made of a woman, dels exceed in glory.&c. * Heb. viii. made under the law. 6. But now bab he obtained a more v Luke i. 35. And the angel anexcellent ministry, by how much fwered and said unto her, The Ho. also he is the mediator of a better ly Ghost shall come upon thee, and covenant, which was established upon the power of the highelt thall overbertet promises. v. 10. For this shadow thee: therefore alfo that ho. is the covenant that I will make ly thing which shall be born of thee with the house of Brael aft,f those thall be called the Son of God. Rom.

37. How did Cnrift, being the Son of God, become man? *** Christ the Son of God became man, by taking to himself a true body, and a reasonable soul w, being conceived by the power of the Holy Ghost

, in the womb of the virgin Maту,

of her fubstance, and born of her x, yet without siny. Q. 38. Why was it requisite that the Mediator should be God?

A. It was requifite that the Mediator should be God, that he might sustain and keep the human nature from sinking under the infinite wrath of God, and the power of death z: give worth


ix. 5. Whose are the fathers, and fabeth) spake out with a loud voice, of whom as concerning the flesh and said, Blelled art thou among Christ came, who is over all, God women, and blessed is the fruit of blessed for ever, Amen. Col. ii. 2. thy womb. Gal. iv. 4. But when For in him dwelleth all the fulness the fulaess of the time was come, of the Godhead bodily. Heb, vii. God sent forth his son made of a 24. But this man, because he con woman, made under the law. tinueth ever, hath an unchangeable y Heb. iv, 15. For we have not priesthood. v. 25. Wherefore he an high priest who cannot be touch. is able also to save them to the utter. ed with the feeling of our infirmi. molt, that come unto God by him, ties; but was in all points tempted feeing he ever liveth to make inter like as we are, yet without fin. Heb. cellion for them.

vii, 26. For fuch an high priest be 37. w John i. 14. And the Word came us, who is holy, harmless, unwas made flesh, and dwelt among defiled, separate from finners, and us and we beheld his glory, the made higher than the heavens. glory as of the only begotten of the 38. z Acts ïi. 24. Whom God Father) full of grace and truth. hath raised up, having loosed the Mat. xxvi. 38. Then faith he unto pains of death ; because it was not them, My soul is exceeding forrow- pohble that he should be holden of ful, even unto death : tarry ye here it. v. 25. For David fpeaketb conaod wateh with me,

cerning him. I foresaw the Lord * Lukę i. 27. To a virgio espous. always before my face, for he is on ed to a man whose name was Josepbi, my right hand that I should not be of the house of David; and the vir. moved. Rom, i. 4. and declared gin's name was Mary. V. 31. and to be the Son of God with power, behold thou shalt conceive in thy according to the Spirit of holiness, womb, and bring forth a Son, and by the refurrection from the dead. shalt call his name Jesus. v. 35. Compared with Rom. ir. 25. Who And the angel answered and said was delivered for our offeoces, and unto her, The Holy Ghost shall was raised again for our justification. come upon thee, and the power of Heb. ix, 14. How much more shall the Highest hall overlhadow thee: the blood of Christ, who through therefore allo that holy thing which the eternal Spirit offered himself Thall be born of thee, fhall be called without spot to god, purge your the Son of God. 4. 42. And (eli conscieące from dead works to lerve


and efficacy to his fufferings, obedience and intercessinn a; and to satisfy God's justice be procure his favour c, purchase a peculiar people d, give his Spirit to them e, conquer all their eac mies f, and bring them to everlasting falvation g.

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the living God?

of him who believeth in Jesus. a Acts xx. 28. Take heed there.

c Eph. i. 6. To the praise of the fore unto yourselves, and to all the glory of his grace, wherein he hath Aock, over the which the Holy Ghost made us accepted in the beloved! hath made you overseers, to feed Mat. iii. 17. And lo, a voice from the church of God, which he hath heaven, saying, This is my beloved purchased with his own blood. Heb. Son, in whom I am well pleased, ix. 14. How much more shall the d Tit. ii. 13. Looking for that bloud of Chrift, who through the blessed hope, and the glorious ap. eternal Spirit offered himfelf with pearing of the great God, and our out spot to God, purge your con Saviour Jesus Chrift: v. 14. Who science from dead works, to serve gave himself for us, that he might the living God? Heb. vii. 25. redeem us from all iniquity, and Wherefore he is able also to save purify unto himself a peculiar peo. them to the uttermolt, that come ple, zealous of good works. unto God by him, seeing he ever e Gal. iv, 6. And becao fe ye are liveth to make intercession for them. fons, God hath sent forth the Spiriç v. 26. For such an high prielt be- of his Son into your hearts, crying, came us, who is holy, harmless, un Abha, Father. defiled, separate from fingers, and f Luke i. 68. Blessed be the Lord made higher than the heavens : v. God of Israel, for he hath visited 27. Who needeth por daily, as those and redeemed his people. v. 69. Aud high priests, to offer np sacrifices, hath raised up an horn of salvation first for his own lins, and then for for us, in the house of his servant the people : for this he did once, David. v. 71. That we should be when he offered up bimself. v. 23. saved from our enemies, and from For the law maketh men high priests the band of all that hate us. 5. 74, who have infirmity; but the word That he would grant unto us, that of the oath which was face the law, we being delivered out of the hands maketh the Son, who is confecrated of our enemies, might serve him for evermore.

without fear. b Rom. ii. 24. Being justified 8 Heb. v. 8. Though he were a freely by his grace, through the re Son, yet learned he obedience by the demption that is in Jesus Christ. v. things which he suffered. 25. Whom God hach set forth to And being made perfect, he became be a propitiation through faith in the author of eternal falvation ento his blood, to declare his righteous, all them that obey him. Heb, ix11. ness, for the remission of lins that But Christ being come an high prielt are past, through the forbearance of good things to come, by a grenof God; v. 26. To declare, I say, er and more perfect tabernacle, not at this time his righteousness : that made with hands, that is to say, not ke might be jul, and the juftifier of this building; v, 12. Neither by


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