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both discourses clearly evinced the deep ing the feet, as practised in one of the interest which the auditors took in the principal Parisian churches during the subjects, which were treated with re- Passion week, and concluding with a markable closeness and consecutiveness beautiful exposition of the spiritual sense of argumentation and felicity of illustra- of our Lord's washing His disciples' feet, tion, as well as with deep fervour and which, he showed, represented the puriearnestness. On Tuesday evening the fication of the external man by the truths public assembled in increased numbers of the Word, received in the understandto listen to the talented lecturer, while ing and wrought out in the life. At he discoursed on a theme which has this meeting the report of the retiring occupied the best attention of Christian committee was presented, from which divines in all ages, namely, 'The Origin we learn that the small means at of Evil,' in which the lecturer endeavour their disposal has prevented their undered to show-and, to our mind, success- taking any public missionary services fully—that we need not travel from home during the year except this visit by Mr. to solve this apparently intricate problem, Gunton. They had failed to obtain a that we, too, have within ourselves the public room at St. Aubins ; but were Garden of Eden, the Tree of Life, the hopeful of obtaining Mr.Gunton's services Tree of the Knowledge of Good and again for a more extended service at St. Evil, and the Serpent, which tempts each Heliers. On the following evening a of us as he tempted our first parents. meeting was held in the Temple, to devise Here again the subject was elucidated means for removing the debt of £300. still by illustrations which brought it home remaining on the building. Mr. Gunton to the humblest intelligence. It is not was present and rendered them good for us to pronounce on the correctness service, and there seemed reason to hope of the views of which Mr. Gunton is so that this object might be accomplished talented an exponent; but his advocacy during the present year. of them clearly shows that they have a SUNDAY SCHOOL ANNIVERSARIES.—One foundation in reason to stand upon. We of the pleasant and interesting services should, however, be committing an un- connected with the several societies of pardonable omission did we not add that, the church in Lancashire is their Sunday while the rational faculty is constantly school anniversary. The societies usually appealed to, and its vigorous exercise sustain one another on these occasions, enforced in the investigation of religious the attendance is large, and the services truth, the Holy Scriptures are as con- excite considerable interest. In no stantly referred to as the ultimate and part of the kingdom is the interest in supreme arbiter, and are brought to bear Sunday schools more marked than in the with telling force upon the subject in manufacturing parts of Lancashire and hand.” The subjects which followed Yorkshire. This is seen in the large were—“The Second Coming,” “ The numbers attending the schools, the Widow's Pot of Oil," " The Creation of amount of money contributed for their Man in the Image of God,” “Geology support, and the number of persons who and Genesis," " The Resurrection,” take part in their teaching and superin" The House built upon a Rock,” “Re- tendence. We have received accounts of pentance,” and “ The New Jerusalem.” several of the school anniversaries, but

On Tuesday, the 9th of June, the have not space for extended reports. At friends of the Jersey New Church Mis- Radcliffe and Bolton the churches were sionary Association held their annual completely filled, every seat being occumeeting in the Prince of Wales Assembly pied, and sittings placed in the aisles to Rooms. Seventy sat down to tea, their accommodate the overflowing congreganumber being afterwards increased to tions. At Ramsbottom the friends obone hundred and fifty. The chair was tained the use of a large public hall, occupied by A. J. Le Cras, Esq., who feeling assured that their small chapel delivered an interesting address, intended would not hold the congregations that to show the folly of adhering to the mere would assemble. The sermons at the letter of the Divine Word to the exclusion two former places were by the Rev. R. of its spiritual sense, reading, by way of Storry; and the collections, at Radcliffe illustration, an extract from a London £81., at Bolton £34. At Ramsbottom paper describing the ceremony of wash. the sermons were by the Rev. J. Hyde, who addressed the large audiences as- circumstances in which the movement sembled with his accustomed eloquence. had originated, and the uses to which The collections amounted to £34., a the room would be devoted, he proceeded sum which exceeds that of any previous to remark on the general doctrines of occasion.

the New Church, and on the relation of CLAYTON - LE-MOORS.— On Saturday this church to other Christian commuafternoon, June 6th, the foundation-stone nities. This was followed by the preof the New Jerusalem School at Clayton- sentation of a silver trowel and mallet le-Moors was laid in Arthur-street. Up to Mrs. Pilkington, of Clayton House, to last October the children of New by the teachers and friends of the Church parents attended school at Ac- school, as a token of the inestimable crington, but the distance being two value they placed upon her services, miles, great inconvenience was experi- and of the high appreciation they had of enced by both parents and children, and the interest she had taken in the school. consequently an effort was made to The stone having been duly laid, W. H. establish a school in their own locality. Pilkington, Esq., responded on behalf Accordingly, in October last, a school of his wife for the presents she had was opened, and has so far been success- received. He said it had been his good ful. There are at present seventy-eight pleasure for more than twenty years, in scholars and twelve teachers, and these Clayton-le-Moors, to speak to public have met hitherto in the Mechanics' audiences on various occasions, and reInstitute, but the room having become lative to various matters; but he knew too small, the friends have been compelled not a time when he stood up in their to provide increased accommodation. township to address an audience which After mature consideration, they decided gave him so much pleasure. He was to build a school-chapel. James Lomax, delighted to see so many people gathered Esq. very kindly allowed them their on Whit-Monday, when they had their choice of a site, and the present one in annual festival. Nothing pleased him Arthur-street was fixed upon. The in- more than to see nearly 2,000 people terior of the building will be 72ft. by parading the streets, all neat and clean, 27ft., and 23ft. to the middle of the and now the members of the New Church ceiling. The length will be divided into were going to increase the number. six bays, and will have an open timber They could not all think alike, neither roof, the principals springing from stone had they all faces alike, but let them all corbels built into the side walls. Each try to love alike. A religious man, not bay will be lighted by two windows on a trying to do good, was not carrying out stone mullion, in keeping with the what he believed ; for a man really begeneral design. The building is in the lieved nothing but what he did. The early Gothic style, and will be erected speaker went on to describe some of the under the superintendence of Mr. Thos. prominent doctrines of the true Christian Hacking, the architect. The total cost religion; and was followed by the Rev. is estimated at £600., towards which sum Mr. Hyde, who dwelt on the universality £300. has been already promised and of the Divine Mercy and the unsectarian received. The building is designed to character of true religion. It always hold six hundred people. Prior to the seemed to him that they were like so ceremony a procession was formed at the many persons in a great field, where Mechanics’ Institute, where the school were a large number of weeds; and the is at present taught. On arriving at the Church of England, the Roman Catholic, site, where a goodly number of spectators the Methodist, and the other denominawere gathered, the proceedings were tions, were all endeavouring to pluck up opened by the Rev. John Hyde, of Man- those weeds, and to lead men to a purer, chester, giving out the 23rd hymn, holier, and nobler life ; and to all who which was sung by a choir, the assembly were doing that work he could stretch joining with them. Mr. Hyde then out the hand of fellowship and bid them offered up a suitable prayer, after which God-speed. And it was only to the Mr. E. J. Broadfield, B.A., of Accring- extent they did that work, that they ton, was called upon to give a statement could realise the blessing of the Lord as to the uses to which the building “ There is one Master even Christ, and would be devoted. After stating the all ye are brethren.”

ISLINGTON.—The annual meeting of the New Christian Church, foretold by this society was held on the 19th May, the Lord in Daniel, vii. 13, 14, and in and was followed by a tea meeting on the the Apocalypse, xxi. 1, 2. The world at 26th. From the secretary's report it large thinks that of all expositions of appears nine members have been added these visions and prophecies ours are the during the year, and the average attend- most mistaken, and we have to support ances have increased some thirty per the claim against such an amount of cent. At the Holy Communion also, the disbelief and pre-conceived aversion, that numbers have increased considerably. success would be impossible if our posiThe society's position is, therefore, one tion were not in some form true. We of increased strength and increased means believe that those prophecies refer not for usefulness. The meeting was ad- so much to any material or physical dressed by Dr. Bayley, Rev.W.C. Barlow, events and changes as to spiritual. We Mr. G. Pulsford, Mr. Kimen, Mr. Bate- may sum up their fulfilment by saying it man, who was in the chair, and the realises the heavenly upon earth ; it is a Secretary.

bringing down of the higher glories of LIVERPOOL.-On the evening of May spiritual existence to bless and adorn the 18th, a public meeting was held for the world. This, then, is our position. The recognition of Mr. Goldsack as minister Word of God is the source of all true of this society. The appointment, at doctrine, and in the doctrines we have first temporary, has recently been ren- derived from it are the basis and foundadered permanent, and it was resolved to tion of a new and everlasting church, celebrate the event by a social meeting even the grand and holy state pictured to which the congregation and several of by the New Jerusalem in Revelation. the neighbouring ministers were invited. The New Church, then, is no sect; its A pleasant and numerous party assembled principles are derived solely from Holy to tea, and during the evening the large Scripture ; its aim is from those prinSchool-room was nearly filled. The ciples to build up a heavenly state upon chair was occupied by George Pixton, earth. If you ask who compose it, I Esq., who regarded it as a piece of good answer the good of every denomination, fortune to occupy so prominent a place wherever there are faith and life according in the meeting. The society, he said, to Scripture; there, in one form or other, had increased in numbers, and he hoped is part of that Church which is to stand would steadily improve in quality. They for ever. If you reply, why then set up had been fortunate in obtaining the ser a new ecclesiasticism, a New Church ? I vices of Mr. Goldsack, whose connection answer, it is the best means to the end with the society he hoped would be long universal. Thus it can grow and expand, continued. He should himself regard shedding its light and spreading its love its severance as a calamity, to prevent in a form that can be seen and recogwhich he strongly urged on all, mutual nised ; the more distinct its position, the affection, forbearance in judgment, and greater its power. If men can see that to keep the conscience void of offence. it really is something greatly differing It was their duty to their minister to from other churches, it stands forth either sympathise with him in his labours, and acknowledged or condemned. Take for to render him a cordial assistance in the instance the doctrine of the Trinity. works of usefulness which he suggested, There is no common ground between our and in which he was engaged for the views of the sole and supreme Divinity building up of the Church.—Mr. Skeaf of Christ Jesus, in whom dwells all the introduced Mr. Goldsack with the assu- fulness of the Godhead bodily, and those rance that he would uprightly discharge which have been taught for centuries of the duties of a minister ; and Mr. the “ three persons, each by himself God Francis, in recognising his appointment, and Lord.” We acknowledge no contrusted that the society would give him nection whatever with such a theory of every encouragement and assistance. the Divine Being, and we wish such to

Mr. Goldsack, in a very able speech, be plainly understood. So with the of which we can only give a brief abstract, doctrines of redemption, the future life, dwelt on the position we claim for the and others. There is a radical distincNew Church, and on the ministry as a tion, and the truest course is to say so means of its establishment. We call it plainly. Our doctrines have little or no

resemblance to the mass of religious The address of Mr. Goldsack was teaching, and we come forward as a New followed by appropriate addresses from Church in the Lord's name, to stand or Revs. E. D. Rendell, W. Woodman, and fall, as our doctrines are from Him or R. Storry. Mr. Rendell urged on the not. In the one case public opinion will society the duty of cordially and warmly no more affect the truth and success of supporting their minister. “Give him," our views, than it has done the many he said, “the love and the coöperation he verities it has at various times ridiculed deserves. Let him feel that you are his and despised; in the other we deserve to friends. Sustained by your sympathy fall. The New Church, then, is a neces- he will work on cheerfully and usefully. sity for the times,—necessary as the But if you become cold, he will be cold. spiritual home of advancing minds,-of And remember that an iceberg not only minds which the prevalent doctrines of cools, it crushes. The angels strive to Christendom are failing to lead to a find the good. When we strive to find clearer knowledge and a purer love. out spots we are not angels. It is by reReferring to his connection with the generation that we approach the angelic society, Mr. Goldsack, after warmly state. Let each endeavour, therefore, to expressing his thankfulness and gratitude become an angel.” Mr. Woodman dwelt for the uniform kindness shown to him on the importance of the ministerial self and his dear wife, remarked—I have office, offered reasons for the setting to teach and to preach according to the apart proper persons to perform its funcdoctrines of our Church. To do, as best tions, dwelt upon the value of continuous I can, the greatest good for the greatest service, and cautioned against the senumber, is no small task. Few things, ductiveness of popularity, as liable to indeed, are more difficult than completely foster pride and to sacrifice more solid satisfying a variety of tastes. You come advantages, and concluded by offering ento church each Sabbath with various couragements to the minister in the diffifeelings and affections, each having had culties of his office, pointing to the Lord a week's work differing in nature and as the only source of aid and his everdiffering in effect, producing wishes and present helper. Mr. Storry after briefly feelings of unlike kind; and though the tracing the preparation providentially service, that most important part of our made for the public teaching of truth, Sabbath work, does much, very much, to dwelt upon the need of the ministry of bring the hearts and minds of the con- the New Church for the exposition of the gregation into unity and harmony, yet Word, and the guidance of mankind to will there be great variety of receptivity, the attainment of the spiritual life. The each listener taking the preacher's words end of preaching is a regenerated huaccording to his or her state; on them as manity, and this regeneration is only much as on him depends the success of his possible by the Word born into the hearts teaching. The worship of the Lord in sin- and minds of the people, and brought cere contrition before Him for sin, humi- forth into their life and conduct. The liation that the heart may receive His evening was enlivened by some very nature, thanksgiving and praise for His choice music, and afforded eminent many mercies, are among the most impor- pleasure to the friends assembled. The tant uses of public worship; and on the congregations on the Sabbath are large ground thus prepared the preacher must and encouraging, and we hope that the scatter the seed of truth, to be nurtured appointment will be the commencement and produce good fruits; and just as the of a long course of happy and useful husbandman watches the field he has labour. sown, is anxious that it should grow and SOUTHPORT.—The desire long felt by be productive, is hopeful that no weeds a few earnest New Church friends here shall come, no blight destroy the fruit of to open a meeting room in which to his labours, so is the spiritual husband worship the Lord Jesus Christ as the man equally careful and anxious that only true God of heaven and earth, has the seed he sows be not lost, but bring recently been accomplished. A room in forth abundantly. Let us each, therefore, Chapel-street, a central part of the town, search out and endeavour to fulfil our has been rented, in which to hold services individual duties, and then I am sure every Sabbath. The opening took place the Lord will bless and crown our efforts on Sunday, the 17th of May, on which with success.

occasion the Rev. E. D. Rendell, of Preston, delivered two able and eloquent faith. The work in which we were endiscourses; that in the morning on gaged was in harmony with the new era “ Public Worship," and that in the even- on which the world had entered. It ing on “ The Dispensations of the Ancient was an age of education, of moral trainand Modern Churches." The attendance ing, of the mental and physical improvewas good, though not numerous. The ment of the human family; and the number of receivers of the heavenly members of the New Church would doctrines in Southport is not large, cheerfully and earnestly work with others though sufficient to sustain a useful and in promoting its advancement. The edifying religious service. The opening harvest was great, but the labourers were of the room affords also an opportunity few; and the wants of society furnished to New Church friends visiting this in- abundant room for the most earnest and teresting and pleasant watering-place, united labours of all christian communito attend a New Church service, and the ties. This address was followed by friends naturally hope they will avail prayer by the Rev. R. Storry, a short themselves of the opportunity thus address by the Rev. J. Hyde, and the afforded.

meeting closed by a second hymn and the WIGAN.—The effort making by the benediction. After this service a nusociety at this place to possess itself of merous party assembled in the schoola suitable room for a day and Sunday- room of the Wesleyan Free Church, most school and a place of religious worship, kindly lent for the occasion, where & had an encouraging commencement on sumptuous tea was provided. After tea the 27th of May. It was arranged that addresses were delivered by the ministers a procession of the members and friends, who had taken part in the proceedings, and the teachers and children of the by Mr. Deans of Bolton, Mr. Kenyon of Sunday-school, should proceed from the Wigan, Mr. Bucknall, and other friends. room at present occupied by the society, The proceedings throughout seemed to in Rodney-street, to the ground on which yield the greatest satisfaction to the the new room is being built, and here a friends present, and may be regarded, stone was laid with appropriate cere- we hope, as an earnest of the success of monies by the Rev. W. Woodman, who their labours. has manifested a deep interest in the “CONFERENCE FUND.”—The following progress of the society. At the time was Minute 85, of the last General Conappointed a considerable congregation, ference:—“It appearing that the present including a few friends from distant contributions to the Conference Fund' societies, and a number of strangers are inadequate to meet the expenses, attracted by the service, assembled on resolved,—That in the opinion of this the ground. The day was beautifully Conference it is the duty of every society fine, and the proceeedings throughout to contribute annually to the Conference animated and interesting. The service Fund' a sum at the rate of not less than was commenced by a hymn, followed by sixpence for each adult registered mema short introductory address by the Rev. ber; and the Conference directs that E. D. Rendell, who presided. The stone copies of this resolution be printed, and was next laid in due form, after which sent by the Treasurer, in May next, to Mr. Woodman delivered an earnest and every society of the church.” animated address. He remarked parti

R. GUNTON, Treasurer, cularly on the points of doctrine which 8 3A, Guilford-st., Russell-square, W.C. the members of the New Church held in “ MAIDEN, PREPARE TO BECOME A common with other Christian communi- HAPPY WIFE AND MOTHER.”—Under this ties, noticing in this connection the title, as briefly noticed elsewhere, Mr. Divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ, Butter has published an instructive and around which, as a central truth, all interesting address to young women Christian truths group themselves; the on the subject of marriage. We have written Word, which it was impossible received a letter from a correspondent, to venerate more highly than wus done for which we have not room, strongly by the members of the New Church; recommending this little work as “cala faith, not indeed separate from love, but culated to produce much happiness and faith united with love, true faith being prevent much misery." the eye of love, and love the soul of

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