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you a dejected idea of your merits as a Poet, which I assure you without compliment I bave heard much ap. plauded by better judges than myself. I am Sr. your much obliged and obed. bumble 'servant Catharina Macaulay."

From 1778, almost to the present year, the MS. is continued, in a series of observations on passing transactions, interspersed with letters from many celebrated sharacters,



Printed for J. Nichols and Son, 25, Parliament-Street, London.

POETRY. 1. Poems in five vols. Svo. including the Influence of Local

Attachment; The Old English Gentleman; The Unsex'd

Females; The Family-Picture &c. &c. Fourth Edition. %. Poems, in three pocket-volumes; including the English

Orator; The Spirit of Freshness, an Ode; Ossian departing to his Fathers, &c. &c. 3. The Fair Isabel, a poem. 4. Theocritus, Bion, Moschus, and Tyrtæus, translated into

English verse. A now Edition, $. An Ode to Faithful Cornwall.

HISTORY. 1. The History of Devonshire, in three vols, fol. with plates, 2. The History of Cornwall, in seven vols. 4to. with plates. 3. Historical Views of Devon, 8vo.

DIVINITY. 1. Sermons, in two vols. 8vo. Third Edition. 2. Bishop Lavington's Enthusiasm of Methodists &c. &c.

with Notes, Introduction, and Appendix.

Intended for Publication.

POETRI. 1. The Pleasures of Taste, a Poem, in three parts. %. The Nesting-Season, or the Adventures of an Ornitholo.

gist, in seven books. 3. The Merchant of Smyrna; a Dramatic piece in three Acts.

To which are added Sonnets to eminent Living Characters. 4. The Fall of Constantinople, a Poem, in six Cantos : illus.

trated by curious extracts from the Byzantine historians.

Sermons, in two pocket volumes ; the first, entitled “the

Happy Family on Earth,” the second, “ the Happy Family in Heaven.” In the first volume, Husband and Wife, Pa. rents and Children, are introduced as exemplifying the domestic virties. In the second, the same characters are represented as recognizing each other and as re-united in a future state.

Sold by G. and W. B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria-Lane, London, and by W. Polybiank, High Cross, Truro.

The Commercial Tourist, or Gentleman Traveller, a Satirical

Poem, with Colored Engravings by Cruikshank, 8vo. Second Edition. edemption, a Poem, in twenty Books, 8vo. two Volumes ia

one. Cornubia, a Poem, in five Cantos, 8vo. Fryden's Tables for Calculating the Price of Copper Ore,

Post 8vo.

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