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Locke's Reasonableness of Chris-

Newcombe's Life of Christ;
Newton's Works;
Newton on Ecclesiastical History
Notes on the Parables;
Orton s Exercises;

Paley's Sermons;
Porteus's Evidences;
Saurin's Sermons;

Stackhouse's History of the Bible;

Children's Books of all kinds, moral, entertaining and religious; Hymns for Children; Watts' Psalms and Hymns; Methodists' Psalms and Hymns: also, an extensive assortment of Books in Law, Medicine, History, and Miscellanies. They also propose soon to publish the Life and Works of Miss Catharine Talbot

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Songs of Solomon;
True Christianity;

Twin Sisters, or Advantage of
early Religion.
Token for Children;

View of the principal Doctrines
of Christianity;

Watson's Tracts;

Wilson's Sermons ;
Unitarian Tracks:

Young Minister's Companion;

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The Editor of this volume owes it to himself, as well as to his friends and the public, to observe, by way of apology both for the delay of its publication, and the numerous mistakes and imperfections which may be discovered, that, for six months past, he has been in a very feeble state of health, and unable to bestow the attention, he had proposed, and which a work of this sort demands. The notes had been made in an interleaved Testament; and in many instances, the words were abbreviated, so that they were not intelligible to the printers. This is the cause both of mistakes and omissions And if health had permitted, the Editor would have added more remarks, by way of explanation to the unlearned reader. The following mistakes have been observed, (others probably exist,) and the reader is requested to correct the passages accordingly.

Page 13 of the Gen. Introduction, six lines from bottom, for shose, read those.

15 do. ten lines from bottom, for theory, read theology.

17 do. eight lines from bottom, for any, read every.

26 of do. five lines from top, for truths, read truth.

34 Matt. i. chap. 17, "Christ" should not be italicised.

36 Note † for Bramimes, read Brumins.

87 five lines from top, for mind, read wind.

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132 last line, for a, read the.

134 six lines from top, "moreover" should not be italicised.
135 Note, for and is the conviction, read his conviction.
143 Preface to Mark, sixteen lines from top, for after, read


152 Mark iii. 1 verse, it should read, and there was a man, &c. 161 Note, for Does it, read It does.

180 Note should be placed at the end of 18th verse.
201 Note, read, They could allege nothing, &c.

223 eight lines from top, "as was supposed" should not be in




287 third line from top, read, for of such, &c.


296 Note, for Acts xi. read ii.


362 John x. 23, read in the temple.


410 twenty-three lines from top, for returning, read retiring. 418 Note, five lines from bottom, for singular, read similar.


<< 419 twelve lines from top, for frely, read freely.


443 Note, for Isaiah chap lviii. read liii.


468 Note, for apostle, read apostles, and for doctrines, read doctrine.

248 five lines from bottom, for bewaled, read bewailed.

286 four lines from bottom, he that, is repeated.

469 top, read discussion.

471 Note, for viii. chapter, read xiii.

514 ten lines from top, for expect, read except.

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