Contributions to Education, Issue 56

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Page 63 - Women especially ; Singing Quakers, Ranting Quakers, Sabbatarians ; Antisabbatarians ; Some Anabaptists some Independents ; some Jews ; in short of all sorts of opinions there are some, and the most part of none at all...
Page 8 - A Corporation for the Promoting and Propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in New England...
Page 65 - Times as they could be better provided, that they should every Sunday call their Companies under arms, and spend the Day in Exercise; whereupon it was unanimously agreed on thro' the county, to make Choice of Readers; which they accordingly did, and continued in those Methods for some Time
Page 29 - And we do, for us, our heirs and successors, grant unto the said corporation and their successors, that they and their successors, or the major part of such of them as shall be present at any meeting of the said...
Page 31 - That the design of propagating the gospel in foreign parts does chiefly and principally relate to the conversion of heathens and infidels, and therefore that branch of it ought to be prosecuted preferably to all others.
Page 28 - God; and for lack of support and maintenance for such, many of our loving subjects do want the administration of God's word and sacraments, and seem to be abandoned to atheism and infidelity...
Page 68 - Peace shall happen to dwell within ten miles of the said Town or Parish) have power upon the Complaint of their Parents or Masters to call before them Such an Offender, and to Inflict such Corporall punishment as the merrit of their fact in their Judgment shall deserve, not exceeding ten Stripes, provided that such Children and Servants be of Sixteen years of age.
Page 267 - They were to exhort the people to teach their children the Lord's Prayer, the Creed, and the Ten Commandments, in English : and every incumbent was to explain these, one article a day, till the people were instructed in them.
Page 63 - New York has first a Chaplain belonging to the Fort of the Church of England ; secondly, a Dutch Calvinist ; thirdly a French Calvinist ; fourthly a Dutch Lutheran.
Page 109 - Kept by Mr. Joseph Hildreth, Clerk of Trinity Church in this City ; which got to such a Height before it was discovered, as to render it impossible to save it from being entirely destroyed ; — and tho' it stood at a considerable Distance from the Church, yet the Flames ascended so high, and carried with them such Abundance of live Coals, as to put the Church in imminent Danger, particularly the Steeple ; which was set on Fire...

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