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A LETTER from Mr. B dated Belize, September 21, lately been received. He had seriously unwell, but was ther ter. A young man from En, who resided in his house, had

Contributions received by the Tr

October 20, to November 20,


upon Him, who careth for us, and loadeth painful necessity of returning with her to
us daily with his benefits. May he incline England.-Mr. Burchell is greatly en.
our hearts to stay his pleasure, to go at couraged by the interest that has been
his bidding, and wherever we are, to live awakened at Montego Bay by his lahours,
devoted to his glory! Unbelief is ready and the still increasing number of his
to exclaim, “ all these things are against congregation. So large a concourse as.
us;” but “ shall pot the Judge of all the sembled on the Sabbath previous to the
earth do right?" We hoped that the happy date of his letter (August 28,) that the
period bad at length arrived, when the premises were seriously endangered by
is fountain of life" should be opened to the pressure, and the people were obliged
the poor Bataks, and that many would to consult their safely by a precipitate
soon experience its renovating influence. flight. After mentioning this circun.
But his thoughts are not as our thoughts. stance, Mr. B. subjoins: “ I do most
Our confidence in the final accomplish- sincerely wish our Christian friends is
ment of the word of his promise, however, England could but witness our interest.
remains unshaken. Though his ways are ing and crowded meetings; it would
mysterious, bis intentions are merciful; produce much greater effect than any
and in his owo good way and time, he thing I can say, and I feel confident of
will gather from among the Bataks, too, three things. 1. They would be go re.
a people to be formed for lis praise. joiced, that they would call upon their

souls, and all around them, to bless God
for the success with which he has crowned
their efforts; and would resolve to devote

themselves with renewed zeal to the great

cause. 2. They would be immediately
convinced, from the appearance of the

people, of their absolute inability to proThe last mail from this island worship ; and, 3. They would instantly

vide themselves with a suitable house for brought letters from our Missionary resolve a house should be provided

, sufibrethren, Coultart, Burchell, and ciently large to acconmodate the anxious Phillips ; containing, as usual, intel. crowd-would contribute their utmost ligence of a mingled description, among their friends to raise the requisite

themselves, and exert their influence awakening, alternately, the emotions sum. » Anxious to encourage the Mis. of congratulation and sympathy. sion here to the utmost of their power,

the Committee have apprized Mr. B. of In reference to the church under his their willingness to deviate from their or. care at Kingston, Mr. Coultart remarks, dinary course, by appropriating a consi

. a great work appears to be going derable sum, the amount of which bas ou still." He anticipates another addi. been specified, to the purpose he so tion of members shortly, and states his powerfully urges ; but, as that sum falls conviction, that “the knowledge of God's far short of what will be necessary, it is word is increasing, and (what is still more feared the object cannot be attained, uzi. pleasing) the genuine use of that know. less some generous individuals shall be ledge, and its best influences, are he. disposed to add to their customary bene. coming obvious." But while, in this im. factions to the Society, a specific donation portant colony, the fields are evidently towards it. Communications on this subit white unto the harvest,". it pleases ject will be thankfully received at the God, in his mysterious and holy provi. Mission House, No. c, Fen-court, Fendence, to lessen the number of those church-street. *s few labourers who had entered upon At Anotta Bay, Mr. Phillips has been it. Mr. Coultart informs us of the death restored to such a degree of health, as to of no less than four of our Moravian be enabled to resume his labours, though friends on one estate on the southern side all the symptoms attending his illness of the island; two of whom, Mr. and have not yet been removed. He notices, Mrs. Hague, had landed at Kingston only with gratitude, that the church had been about a fortnight before ! Mr. Hague had mercifully kept together during the sus, preached for Mr. Coultart, and appeared, pension of his labours among them; aud by his piety and zeal, to be admirably ihat, amidst all the disadvantages of his adapted for the work assigned him. We affliction, its members, during the past are sorry to add, that the health of Mrs. year of its existence, had risen from forty Coultare has again sensibly declined, and to one hundred, and that he expected that Mr. C. fears he shall be under the shortly to baptize fifty more.

Legacy of Mr. Nicholas Poole, la
Southampton, Collection and Sub

Berwick and Tweedmouth, Asso
Berwick Juvenile Society,
Chalford, Collection and Donatic
Monmouthshire, Auxiliary Socie-
Tewkesbury, Auxiliary, by Rev.

Olney, Subscriptions, by Mr. W
S. Wales, Western Association,
Beech Hill and Sherfield Green
Keppel-street, Auxiliary Society
Southwell, Penny Subscription &
Road, Weekly Contribations, by
Loughton, Missionary Associatio
Mitcham, Subscriptions, by Mrs
Coventry, Baptist Church, by NC
Kettering, Collections, by Rev.

Independent Church,

that «

Market Harborough, Ditto,
Maze Pond, Auxiliary Society,
Rotmoor, near Hemel Hempstec
Sway, (Hants) Collection and Su
Yarmouth, Collection, by Rev.
Hull and East Riding, by John

Bishop B
Hull .

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fallen a victim to the prevailing fe

ver of the country; but Mr. Bourn A LETTER from Mr. Bouro, hopes that he was a subject of Di. dated Belize, September 21, bas vide grace. Several persons were lately been received. He had been expected soon to join the church, seriously unwell, but was then' bel. and “on the whole," remarks Mr. ter. A young man from England, B.“ things are going on as well as who resided in his house, had lately when I wrote last.”

Contributions received by the Treasurer of the Baptist Missionary Society, from

October 20, to November 20, 1825, not including Individual Subscriptions.

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Legacy of Mr. Nicholas Poole, late of Bristol, by John Hart, Esq. . 50
Southampton, Collection and Subscriptions, by Rev. B. H. Draper 14

by Rey, J. Coles

12 Berwick and Tweedmouth, Association, by Rev. R. Pengelly 12 Berwick Juvenile Society,

by Ditto Chalford, Collection and Donations, by Rev. James Deane. 4 13 Monmouthshire, Auxiliary Society, by Rev. Micah Tbomas

60 Tewkesbury, Auxiliary, by Rev. D. Trotman..

64 (including £4 14s. 10d. for Translations) Olney, Subscriptions, by Mr. w. Wilson

S. Wales, Western Association, by Rev. David D. Evans, Carmarthen 100
Beech Hill and Sherfield Green, Collection, by Rev. James Rodway 2 16
Keppel-street, Auxiliary Society, by Mr. Marshall, Treasurer
Southwell, Penny Subscription and Collection, by Rev. J. Jarman..

Road, Weekly Contributions, by Rev. W. Gray.....
Loughton, Missionary Association, by Rev. Samuel Brawn

1 Mitcham, Subscriptions, by Mrs. Pratt

2 Coventry, Baptist Church, by Mr. T. Oswin

20 Kettering, Collections, by Rev. Robert Hall

44 Independent Church, by Rev. T. Toller

10 Market Harborough, Ditto, by Rev. W. Gear

10 Maze Pond, Auxiliary Society, by Mr. W. Beddome

27 Boxmoor, near Hemel Hempsted, by Mrs. Mary Carey

8 Sway, (Hants) Collection and Subscription, by Rev. W. Mursell

2 Yarmouth, Collection, by Rev. E. Goymer...

0 Hull and East Riding, by John Thornton, Esq. TreasurerBeverley......

17 13 Bishop Burton


0 Cottingham

6 1 3 Driffield

0 Huil


118 5 6 N.B. Contributions from Bridlington and Scarborough have already

been acknowledged. A. B. L. by the Secretary

Donation 40 Mr. F. Duerden, Bermuda

...Ditto. 2 0

0 2 3 0 3


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3 84

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Western District of Fife (N. B.) Bible Society, by Lieut. A. Killer, of s. d.
R. N.....


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Southern ......

The thanks of the Committee are returned to Mr. Martin, of Hackney, for a parcel of Magazines by Mr. Blight; and to the Rev. Dr. Chapin, of Woodstock, Vermont, U, S. for a Copy of bis Missionary Gazetteer.

South Devon and C
Western District...

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.. 163

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.... 520

.. 443


Page Abergavenny Academy

82 Columbian College......... 82, 178, 440 Admission of Members 105, 246, 467, 515 Columbian Bible Society,

441 Address on the Moral State of London 157 Distribution of Profits....

32, 400
American Intelligence.. 81, 176, 440, 441 Death of a great and good Man, lament-
Anti-Slavery Society

306 ed and in proved
11%, 475 Epitaph on Lord O'Brien

19 Apparent Contradictions reconciled.... 429 Eli and Eloi..

Extraordinary Munificence

.......... 474 ASSOCIATIONS.

Edinburgh Review, Extract from....

Anglesey ....

443 SacheD WRITINGS, 71, 112, 165, 202, Buckinghamshire

249, 295, 337, 384, 428 Cornwall. 216 Fading Leaf

513 Isle of Ely..

83, 350 Funeral Sermon for the Rev. J. Saffery 189 Ként and Sussex. 443 Gossner, Rev. Mr..

187 Northern..

349 Hartnall's (Rev. J.) Orphans. 443, 531 Southern 217, 531 Hissing Audience reproved

432 South Devon and Cornwall

487 Western District, .


IRISII Canonic(E.
Baptists in France

Blasphemy not cognizable by the Civil Annual Meeting

311, 353 Magistrate

4 Contributions 36, 88, 180, 268, 448, 536 Reply to Ditto.... 7 Discussions in Ireland.

85 Baptist BUILDING FUND 31, 8+, 130, Irish Education Inquiry.

309 178, 217, 261, 395, 531 Letter to the Editor of the Irish ObBaptism of Honseholds, Remarks on... 71

server ..

265 Baptist Free School..

349 Letters from Baptists' Registers of Births 335, 382, Anonymous S5, 136, 310, 491, 534, 427, 473

535 Baptist Evangelical Society for Scotland 216 P. Brennan.

134 Baptist Home Missionary Society..... 45 Mr. Briscoe

534 Berks and West London Home Mission

M. Connor ary Association.....

S. Davis.... 33, 267, 401, 533
British and Foreign Bible Society..

W. M'Carthy.

401 British and Foreign Schoul Society.. 262 W. Moore

445 Bristol Academy

J. M.Kaag

36 Buenos Ayres, Religious Liberty in... 485 R. Mullarky...

134 CALENDAR 32, 84, 132, 180, 219, 264,

J. O'Brien ....

34, 135, 310, 447, 492 308, 352, 400, 444, 488, 532 W. O'Neill

534 Calvin and Eckius 20 M, Rutledge.

22 Circumcision... 165 S. Ryan.

133 Civil and Religious Liberty.

81 W. Thomas 135, 221, 446, 489 Christian Fortitude..

J. West

267 Case of Distress


J. Wilson 33, 221, 490, 491, 533
Cottage Piety.
Corpuration and Test Acts

31 Inpiety of Calvinism....
Conversion of a Female Savage

72 Importance of the Example of Parents 109 Christian Experience....

416 LITERARY INTELLIGENCE 29, 81, 125, Cottage of Bethany

241 175, 215, 257, 304, 349, 394, 439, Cor, Mr. his Reply to the Congrega 484, 530 cional Magazine... 12, 63 Language Institution

S96, 412

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.... 179



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London Female Penitentiary.

Orphan Asylum.

Love, Exercise of .
Loyalty of Protestant Dissenters.
Leiters on the Evidences of Christianity 191,

290, 421


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......... 532

........... 487

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