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tive, and occasion less expense : white, steady adherence to the plan above deas one-fourth of its members are to retire scribed, will lead us forward under the annually, an opportunity is afforded for Divine blessing, to cultivate in some deall the Pastors and other friends to the gree, that part of the country where ProHome Missionary cause being engaged in vidence has cast our lot, and render some regular succession upon it.

little aid to the pecuniary interests of the In order to aid the funds of your Socie- Home and the Foreign Missions; while ty, we collect such Annual, Quarterly, it is with no small pleasure I remark, Monthly, or Weekly Subscriptions or that the establishment of these AssociaDonations as the friends of the cause in tions is likely to be productive of the the district can contribute; and to do this greatest advantage to the churches where in the most regular, extensive, and effec- they are formed, by indacing a more getive manner, we have endeavoured to neral concern for the welfare of the te. promote the formation and support of Con- deemer's church; engaging in the best of gregational Associations in connexion causes the young people, those on whom with the different churches throughout the hopes of the church are now fixed; the district. These Associations include and promoting a more deep and lively Subscribers of oue penny per week and spirit of genuine piety and love. I may upwards, and are conducted by a Presi. add, that the plan we adopt of sending dent, usually the Pastor, a Treasurer, up the whole of what we receive into two Secretaries, a Gentleman and a Lady, your treasury, after the deduction of our with a Committee composed of such male incidental expenses, and looking again to and female friends who are willing to en- you for the payment of the charges of the. gage as Collectors. These Committees whole of our Missionary operations, has are furnished with missionary intelligence, afforded much satisfaction to onr friends, and assemble once a month, to pay the while the employment of Ministers solely amount of their collections into the hands in the capacity of Missionaries, appears of the Treasurer. In each of these As- to us to be an arrangement fraught with sociations there is to be an Annual Ge- many and great advantages, both as it neral Meeting, which will be attended regards the usefuluess of the Missionary, hy the neighbouring Ministers, together and the pecuniary aid to be derived from with a deputation from the Auxiliary; the scene of his labours. when a Report of its progress will be laid With respect to the latter very imporbefore its friends, and the Officers elect- tant object, which we propose to oured for the ensuing year. And as there selves, we have at present nothing fully will be an Annual General Meeting of the arranged, but there is an anxious desire Auxiliary, it is proposed that the sab- to engage our dear brethren in the mi stance of the different Reports of the As- nistry, with their several churches, to sociations shall be printed with its Re- unite in the establishment of monthly port, together with a list of their Officers meetings for prayer. We conceive that and Subscribers, especially the names of it may be possible for three or four zeighthe different Collectors, with the amount bouring Ministers and Churches to form which each has collected through the a circulating prayer meeting among themyear. In consequence of the low situa- selves; and such, we hope, may be es. tion of most of our churches, not allowing tended over the different parts of the them to have two Associations in opera- district: but of this part of our plan I tion at one time, the funds of these As.. can say at present but little, our atsociations, are, in general, divided be. tention having been so much engaged tween the Baptist Home and Foreign in the detail of our other operations; but Missions, in such proportions as the con- I trust this will not be with us an inferior tributors may direct: as, while we are object. I hope we shall more deeply devoted to the interests of the Home feel that all our efforts will be in vain; Mission, we cannot allow ourselves for unless we enjoy the blessing from above. one moment to forget the claims of the It would afford me much pleasure to Foreign.

present you with a detail of facts and It affords me much pleasure to state, reasons, illustrative of the plan we are that this work has been so kindly taken now pursuing, but I trust sufficient has up by our friends in different parts, that been "stated to draw the attention of our although the Auxiliary has only been respected brethren in other districts, to established since last November, that this simple and effective method of proAssociations have been formed in several moting the interests of the cause of God. churches already.' This is only the be- We are only at present feeling our way, ginning of our way, and at present it is and it would afford us much satisfacbut a day of small things we cannot, tion to be favoured with any suggestion however, but indulge the hope, that a that might be deemed an improvement

OR OUr coarse; while, on the other hand, him not long ago, I found him upon his it would afford us much pleasure to knees, earnestly imploring mercy. As give any information, or to render any. I enquired what led him to think about assistance in our power to those who his poor soul (to use his own words), may be desirous of promoting the cause he said, 'Your preaching; I never heard in their neigbbogrhood. I may suggest, any thing like it before ;' and mentioned that were effective Auxiliary Societies the text which most impressed his mind; organized throughout Britain, and a spi- and although a cripple, he always at rit of humble and persevering prayer tends my preaching at Hallerford. I enjoyed by our Ministers and Churches, visited a poor afflicted woman, and cona it would be impossible to estimate the versed with her respecting her state ; benefits we might justly anticipate. I she told me she hoped to go to heaven, can only say in conclusion, that in any for she was to give her own expression), way in which I can further this great in charity with every body,' &c. After object, by correspondence or otherwise, I bad faithfully pointed out to her the I shall be truly happy to devote my insufficiency of an her doings as a ground feeble efforts.

for justification before a holy God, and I am, with Christian affection, prayed for her, she appeared much con. very sincerely yours, cerned, and began earnestly to pray ber

0. CLARKE. self; and is anxious to see me again. I Taunton, July 12, 1924.

shall gladly do what I can to direct her. to the Saviour; and who can tell but

heaven will show her mercy. The following Letters are a Specimen af

To inform you, in these monthly com. the Correspondence of our Agents in this munications, of all the good that is proCounty, selected from many others which duced by missionary efforts, is not to be would be equally interesting,

expected, because the good seed somes

times lies buried long in dust, and may. From the Station at Perriton, your Miss not for many, months be perceivable by sionary writes as follows.

us, if it is at all in the present world;

but the day will declare it, and how un. The more I am conversant with the speakably gratifying would it be to us in moral condition of the people in this that day, to hear some of the redeemed county, the more I am convinced of the tell us that they were brought to the necessity and utility of Home Mission- knowledge of Jesus through our instru. ary exertions, I fear this, in times past, mentality, as ministers or missionaries. has not been sufficiently, seen; for while Since my last, I have preached at Tim. the religious public have sent the gospel berscomb and Sucksborough, and intend to the heathen abroad, they seemed to adding those villages to my former numforget the wants and the claims of some ber. My prospects at both are pleasing ; of the heathen at home. . But I have, but as our prospects in villages so frebeen highly delighted in reading the quently vary, according to the influence account of the Annual Meeting of the of circumstances, my expectations must Baptist Home Missionary Society, held not be too sanguine. I have now ten vil. in London lately, to see the universal lages under my care, and with regard to interest it now excites, and the concern all, things are much the same as when I which is felt for its prosperity.

last wrote, except at Porlock the atIn the station which I occupy, the, tendance is not so good as it was at first, gospel was much wanted, for in some Before I close, allow, me to express my, places where I have been, the light of gratitude to the Gentlemen of the Com. truth had scarcely ever shone; or if it mittee for their past kiødness, and to our had, its beams were so transient and very worthy Secretaries for theirs, and slight, as to leave no salutary influence for their unremitted exertions in the nobehind. My soul has been often grieved ble cause; and they may rest assured to bebold the wickedness of men around that nothing shall be wanting which is in me.“ They have not the fear of God my power, to do (which is indeed little) before their eyes.". But blessed be God, to promote the objects of this Society. yoq have sent them the bread of eternal

That the blessing, of God may be with life, and I rejoice to distribute it to all, us all, and that his kingdom may come all without exception, who are willing to over the world, is the fervent prayer of, receive it. Some, alas! despise it, al.

Dear Sir, though they are perishing with hunger, but others gladly eat and live. One

Your obedient servant, who had been a wicked old man, is be

W. ELLIOTT. come a hopeful character. Calling upon Sept. 1, 1824.

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From Mr. Gill to Mr. Clarke, the Secre- built for the purposes of a school-room tary of the District.

and chapel, which will contain about

300 people. The rent is about £5 per Dear Sir,

annum, half of which the friends of In compliance with a resolution re- Christ and his gospel in that place have bem! cently passed, that each minister receiving agreed to raise, and the remaining half dose aid from the Home Missionary Society, will be paid by the managers of the : utshould send the Auxiliary Society a day School, At Combwitch I have estamonthly report of his labours, I shall at blished a Sunday-morning meeting at tempt to lay before you a brief account of seven o'clock, for the purpose of commuthe principal occurrences which have nicating divine instruction to children taken place in the situation where Provi: and young people; the attendance is dence has called me to labour, since I last better than I expected. I have endeawrote to you. I believe I then informed voured, as well as I am able, with many you that I regularly preached at Chilton, other important things, to impress the best la Štoford, Combwitch, and Spaxton, which youthful mind with the importance and places I continue still to supply.

utility of missionary exertions; and many di At CHILTON the prospects are rather of the dear little children have come fordiscouraging, so few attend the preaching ward with their little contributions to the of the word ; the attendance has increased help of the Lord against the mighty. A but very little since we commenced little boy, about eight years of age, went preaching there; we have not more than

one morning to the person chosen to refrom fifteen to twenty attend at most. At StoFord, the prospects are truly Here, Ma'm, is a penny for the Mission

ceive these little contributions, and said, auspicious ; the house in which I preach ary Society, and i'll never more throw is crowded with very attentive hearers, away my money at fairs and clubs, &c. who seem to receive the word with glad, but I'll give it all to that good Instiness, and many of those who first opposed tution which Mr. G. told us about yes. preaching there, are now regular attendants. One woman, who was invited at terday; and I believe he has stood arm the commencement to attend, vowed, 0 that those who possess ability to give

to his word, amidst many temptations. with an horrid imprecation, that she however, been induced to alter her de. I would adà, that two persons from would never enter the door; she has, pounds instead of pence, would cultivate

a similar disposition to this little boy ! termination, and now regularly attends, Combwitch, a few Sabbaths ago, joined I'sincerely hope and pray that she may the church' at Bridgewater, an be truly converted to God, through the

many preaching of the gospel in this place. I bered amongst the children of God. May

more appear to have a desire to be numpreach here and at Chilton alternately the Lord prosper bis work here abundant

U every Sabbath morning, but as the pros. ly. I have established a Tract Loan Sopects in this place so far exceed those at Chilton, most of the friends thinkit would ciety here also. be advisable to give up Chilton, and preach here every Sabbath. Please, sir, to give your advice when you write again. Extract from the Sixth Report of the The inhabitants of Stoford are anxious

Herefordshire Auxiliary Baptist Home to have a Sunday-school formed there;

Missionary Society. and I doubt not but I should get a good The Committee of this Society in precongregation, were I to preach there on'a senting their Sixth Report to its friends week evening; but under present circum., and supporters, feel peculiar pleasure in stances, I am unable to attend to either, assuring them, that the cause of the ReStoford, and its immediate neighbour.' deemer, through his blessing on its agen. hood, contains about tive hundred inla- cy, is advancing; though not with such bitants

successful rapidity as its managers deAt COMBWITCH also the prospects are sire, yet with a steady and certain protruly animating. The attendance has gress, suflicient to afford eucouragement gradually increased from the in the review of past labours, and, at the mencement; insomuch that a larger same time, to stimulate every friend of house than that in which we used to the Institution to continued and inpreach, was necessary for the accom- creased efforts, for its more abundant modation of those who were anxious to prosperity. hear the blissful sound of the gospel; Your Committee in confirmation of the we have, therefore, in union with our above statement, solicit your attention to Independent friends, who have a large the following list of the several stations Supday School there, obtained a place now occupied by your Itinerants-their


operations therein - what they have, What seems most eligible is, that young through the divine blessing already ac men possessing the requisite qualifications complished and the prospects of further for the Christian ministry, in connection usefulness that open to their view. with the knowledge of village society,

The stations of your senior Itinerant and the disposition to labour, should be Mr. Rees Davies, and his assistant Mr. placed with stated ministers, qualified to Francis, are the following:

give instruction in the elementary princiWithington, The Old-way, Broadmore ples of Grammar, Composition, and geneCenimon, Lugwardine, Scutmill Lane, New. ral knowledge, together with those tern, and Westhide,

sources of information usually employed The stations of your junior Itinerant in the elucidation of the sacred volume, Mr. Joseph Davies, are the following: ministers whose hearts are deeply inters Irington, Kingsland, and Eardisland. ested in village labour, and whose neigh

The second Itinerant wag engaged for bourhoods contain stations which would two years, at the request of a generous afford such employment for the student individual and his friends, who sub- while uoder bis care. A young man thus' scribed £30 per apdum, towards his sup- sitnated would be able, while he pursued port. The two years having expired, it his studies, to be actively engaged in the seemed necessary to dismiss him. This great cause, while the minister with is to be regretted, as two of the villages whom he is placed could superintend contain a great number of inhabitants, those, labours, and afford to him that and the least promising of the three, has counsel and advice, as to the conduct of furnished one soul, turned from darkness bis exertions in the villages, in visiting to light. The people expecting the gos- their inhabitants in the seasons of sick pel to be taken from them, have come for- ness, or otherwise, which would not only ward, and entered into a plan to assist be eminently useful at the moment, but in its support.

would form the student to habits of af. fectionate atiention, and prudent care in the exercise of his future ministry,-qua.

lities especially requisite in the Home PROPOSED INSTITUTION

Missionary. Such an arrangement would

not only be the means of educating suitaEducation of Home Missionaries.

ble persons appropriately for their work,

but of assisting the exertions of many To the Secretaries of the Baptist Home pastors; who would hereby be enabled to

extend their valuable labours to'places Missionary Society.

which at present they can only contemDEAR BRETHREY,

plate with pain and grief, and thus of The establishment of a fund for the forwarding in a material degree the obo, support of Home Missionary Students, is jects of our Home Missionary Society. an object wbich bas long engaged my at The adoption of such a plan would re. tention, the necessity and importance of quire considerable funds; and although which becomes daily more evident. That the great cause of Home Missions would the agents of the Society ought to be men be most essentially benefitted by its being of some cultivation, none, I think, can dis- carried into effect, yet the contributions pute; and Home Missionaries ought to for the general purposes of the Society be persons of no ordinary stamp,-men could not be consistently directed into of ardent piety, of laborious habits, of this channel without the special appoint. general information, and able, in the com ment of the donors. A distinct fund munication of divine knowledge, to meet would be necessary, to be designated the capacities and circumstances of a vil. “ The Home Missionary Education Fund." lage audience. This latter qualification And as many wealthy friends of the Reis of indispensible importance, as, with- deemer might be disposed to give a perout it, the preaching of the Missionary manent existence to its operations, will often be nothing more than “ beating Trustees might be appointed by the sothe air;" and generally speaking, it can ciety, in whose nanes property might be only be attained by close and intimate ac- vested, to be solely appropriated to this quaintance with the habits and modes of object, while the business of the said thinking adopted by persons resident in fund might be managed by a Sub-Committhe country, or possessed by persons who tee, annually appointed at the General bave passed their early. lives in such lo. Meetings of the Society, which might be calities. The system of education in our called “The Education Committee ;” an Academies is adapted to a specific object, account of whose proceedings could be but does not appear to be that which is embodied in the Annual Reports of the most necessary for a village preacher. Society. It may further be added, that


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50 BAPTIST HOME MISSIONARY. SOCIETY. this important object has engaged the ato

....Sub. 0 10 0 tention of several esteemed friends, who Collier, Mr. ..

1 0 0 would cordially unite with others in the Coltman, Mt. ........Sub.

2 0 0 adoption of measures caleulated to carry Friend, by Mr. Tibbutt io.....

0 10 0 the design into effect. Should you deem Harris, Mr....

.Sub. 0 10 6 this communication adapted to your Hainės, Mr. George

0 10 0 Quarterly Register, it is quite at the ser. Kirby, Mr. ...

Sab. 1 0 0 vice of the Society; and probably there Mitchell, Mr. are many others who, by communicating Philips, James, 1 0 0

0 10 0 their sentiments through the same chan- Warner, Mr... nel might contribute to the furtherance Donations in small Sums is.... 3 50 of this design. With fervent prayer for

KÉTTERING, the prosperity of the Society, and for the Collection at Rev. J. Hall's.... i0 117 out-pouring of the Holy Spirit to be eti

joyed by all its agents, lani,
Dear Brethren,

Collected at the Rev. J. P. Por
Affectionately yours,

ter's Meeting-house.
0. C.

Donations at ditto.....cinski 1 2.6
Phillips, Edward, Esq. ....Snb. 1 1 0
Slater, Mr.

.Don. 1

0 0

Smith, Mrs. Roadstoke
Monies réceived since July last.

.ii.Sub. 1 1 0

Smilli, Mrs. C. Mitford....Sub. 1 1 0 Collected in a Journey by the Rev. Messrs. Stacy, Mr. Pill

..Sub. 1 1 0 SMITU, of Iford, and PAYNE, of Ipswich. Stacy, Miss, do...

Sub. 0 10 0 £ d. Stacy, Miss M.

.......... Sub. (10 0 Aldringham. Collection ...... 1 13 0

Auxiliary Society at Clapham .. 35 5 % Bury St. Edmunds. Do.. 6 0 0

Do. South London Female, for Colchester. Old Baptist Mett

one Quarter, per Mrs. Clough § 16 0 ing, Ditto

4 12 6

Donations, per Rev. Joseph Be). W. W. Francis, Esq. .Sub. 1 1

cher, Folkestone 0

0 15 3 B. Nice, Esq.

.Sub. 21 Kimbolton, Rev. R. Hogg.Don. 1 i o Diss. Collection

2 96 Rev. Wm. Simpsou ......Don. 10

Collected in the County of Kent, by Rev.

0 Grundesburgh. Collection

Messrs. CHIN of Walworth, and SHIR

3 14 7 Ipswich. Stoke Meeting. Dò. 79

LEY, Sevenoaks, in October last.

Do. Contributions by Friends . 6 18 ASHPORD, Parnell, Art. W...., 1 0 0
Langham. Collection.

5 5 0
Jackson, Rev. Mr.:

0 10
Needham. Mr: Pratt
....Don. 0 10
Jackson, Mrs.

Ó 10 0 Otley. Collection 3 9 41 Banks, Mr.

0 10 Ratilesden. Do...... 3 5 6 Scott, Mr. (Grocer)..

0 10 Stow Market. Do.....

6 0

0 10 0 Shelphunger. Donations

1 14 0
Small Sums.....

30 Sulton, Collection

1 12
Battle, Mr. Sargent.

010 Tunstall. Do......

1 92
Sinnock, Mr.

0 10 0 Woodbridge. A few Friends... 0 10 0

Tobet, Mr......

1 0 0 Small Sums

1 0 6 Collected by the Rev. J. EDWARDS. BETIERSDEN, Two Friends....


BROADSTAIRS, A Friend.. 1 ó 0

Small Sums... Collection at College-lane Meet

0 18 0

CRANBROOK, Becman, Rev, Nr. 1 0 ing, (exclusive of £5 which

King, Mr.....

1 1 were deducted for the Baptist

Marchant, Mr. J......

( 10 Irish Society)

12 4 0

Wilmshurst, Mr..
.Sub. O 10

1 0 0 Bumpas, Mr..

Sinall Sums. Harris, Mr. 2 years.. ...Sub. 1 0

1 14 0

CHATUAM, Collected at Zion
Lampson, Mr.

.Sub. O 10 0

2 14 5 Marshall, Mr.... ....Sut. O 10

Collected at Rev. Mr. Giles's..
Richards, Mr. 2 years

1 0
Edmunds, Mr.

0 Smith, Mr.

...Don. 1

1 0
Ladywig, Mr.

0 10 0 A Friend to the Cause ....Don. 1 1 0


1 0 At South Moulton, Donations... 017 0

Small Sums..

0 10 0
Baldock, Mr.

() 10 0 Bamford, Mr. ....Sub. 0 10 O Brinley, T. Esq.

0 Bailey, Mr.

( 10 0
DEAL, Collected at Baptist

o Berkley, Mr.

..Sub. 1 0 0 Meeting

...Sub. O 10 Carryer, Mr.


1 Sniall Sunis

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