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who do not maintain them, than to the path laid before liim. The particular inconviction of those who do. It is an stances of our Lord's baptism, and his appeal to the feelings, rather than the session at the right hand of God, would understanding : of admiralle practi- have given the same direction to his views. cal use, as a safeguard against the And if, after all, he had hesitated, an inadoption of error; but not so well spired apostle would have informed him,

most expressly, that “God anointed adapted to induce the renunciation of à tenet which is held to be true, and Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost.”

pp. 90, 91. with which the feelings, therefore, most Be supposed to accord. A man, in this It would not, perbaps, be difficult to casc, may be accessible to arguments assign the reasons why the opponents drawn from the acknowledgod autho- of Dr. Hawker have dwelt chiefly on rity of holy writ, but assuredly to no- the evil consequenoes of his system, thing else. You tell him the sentiments There is a moral taste by which the he holds are pernicious. The remark influence of opinions is perceived, prior savours of accusation and censure, and to any scrutinizing effort of the underis tlierefore, more adapted to irritate standing. “The ear trieth words," and than to enlighten. He calls it abuso, we may add, the heart trieth docaud with somewhat of the spirit of a trines, as the mouth tasteih meat," martyr, he replies in the triumpbant To search into their truth, requires challenge, Are they not true? Nor further and more vigorons effort; and can this challenge be refused or cvaded, one which, in the case before us, bas without giving a great advantage to his been rendered more difficult by the pecause. It is, therefore, matter of regret, culiar natnre and imposing aspect of that the aspect of this controversy bas the error. It is the boast of Dr. Hawker, been of the kind stated; and to this that he cannot be in error, because all circumstance it may, probably, be ibat he aflirms is true, and“ in perfect ascribed that, amidst so much strife, harmony with Christ and his apostles." there has been so little victory., Mr. Our readers have just seen, in one inBirt bas chosen a different mode of stance, and others may easily be found, attack. He enters exclusively on the ibat this is not altogether correct : but, question, Is this system true? That to whaterer extent it might be so, we our readers may see with how much should roply, there are many things effect lie appeals to the onerring word, contained in the scriptures which the and exposes the fallacy of Dr. Haw- Doctor never brings forward. Truth ker's boasted superiority in scriplural and error are relative terms; and when accuracy, we quote the following pas- we apply them to religious opinion, we soge.

consider them in relation, not so much “ That which I particularly notice in to the whole system of divine instruc

to one or more particular doctrines, as the above extracts is, the Doctor's repeat- tion. Certain thcological views may be ed assertion, thatļthe Holy Ghost anoint- true, and yet not the truth : a general ed Christ and his members. In this assertion I cannot but consider Dr. Hawker term, comprehending all that God bas as exceedingly incorrect and unscriptural. revealed. A system of religious senti

The anointing of prophets, priests, ments may be erroneous by contradicand kings, when appointed or inducted tion, by excess, or by defect: and all to their respective offices, is often adverted are equally fatal to its rectitude. In to in the economy of divine grace. In the two former cases, there would be these allusions, Christ and his members something either positively false, or are the anointed ones; the Holy Spirit, in unauthorized; but the last bas this pchis influences and graces, is the unction culiarity, that it may contain nothing with which they are anointed by the di- but what is true, and yet not be the vine Father. In the literal transaction, truth. Nor can it be necessary to say Dr. Hawker might, with as much propriety, assert, that the oil itself anointed any thing to prove, that a system, thus the kings of Israel, as he could represent erroneous, while less appalling, may be the figurative allusion to denote the Holy as essentially wrong, and as fatally Spirit anointing Christ and his members. ruinous, as any other. The system or

Had the Doctor followed the gene. Dr. Hawker is a striking illustration of ral tenor of scripture, rather than his own these remarks; and Mr. Birt has oxersystem, he would have had a very plain cised a sound judgment in sclecting

for his specific objeet the demonstra other. It is in the gospel only we betion of its defects. How open ihc Doc, hold a just Gud and a Saviour, It is tor has laid bimself to this mode of here, in this revelation of mercy exclu. atlack, will appear from his own words, sively, that righteousness goes before the

Divine Majesty, and sets us in the way of as quoted by his opponent,

his steps. Here it is, indeed, that grace “ He says, ' The following may be con. in full sovereignty reigns; but it is sidered as a specimen of all I preach or through righteousness, unto eternal life, write. The sovereignty of Jehovah, in by Jesus Christ our Lord. Now it is lahis trinity of persons, manifesting his mentable that such a man as Dr. Hawker grace to his church in Christ, before all should give the greatest, if pot the only worlds; and conducting her through the prominency in his ministry, to that which whole of this time state to glory, to be is, in some degree, common to all reliboly and without blame before him, in gions, to the great neglect of that which love for ever; this is the one grand bott is the most distinguishing peculiarity of tom on which I build all my discourses, the glorious gospel of the blessed God, whether from the pulpit, or the press and gives it its brightest lysțre.” pp. 19, The everlasting, electing, unchanging

21. Jose of God the Father; the person, Combined with a general conviction glory, grace, blood-shedding, righteous; that Dr. Hawker's preaching cannot ness, and finished salvation of our Lord bc right, there has been felt, probably Jesus Christ: and the equal love, grace; to a great extent, a difficulty in saying and favour of God the Holy Ghost, mani; where it is wrong. To the multitudes fested to the church before all time, and in his quickening operations on every in who have asked, either themselves or dividual member of Christ's mystical bo. others, wberein its peculiarity lies, no dy here below, leading them from grace reply has more frequently suggested to glory ;-these are the glorious doctrines itself than this; Ile seems to preach, I preach. ... Neither should I consider not Christ, but the Holy Spirit. And that sermon, or that writing, on divine such is the fact. This is the most obthings, finished, but miserably incon: rious seature of liis system, though the plete and undeserving attention, where purpose it is designed to serve, lics these grand truths of God were not considerably dcoper. To what a surbrought forward, as the first and last of prising extent the Doctor carries his all points to be insisted on.' pp. 11, 12. views on this point, our readers will be From the pointed and effective ex

enabled to judge, by a quotation made posure of this " specimen" by Mr. by Mr. Birt; and we are sure we need Birt, we make one extract.

make no apology for iuserting some of

the judicious and decisive obserya. “ The only attributes with which he lions wbich follow it. (Dr. Hawker) has clothed the Divine dlajesty, are sovereignty and gracc. ««No sooner had Jesus,' says the DocThese undoubtedly belong to him in their tor, ? ascended, than the Holy Ghost highest degree: but he is also infinitely descended, and, in an open display of boly, righteous, and just. : : :. We re- himself, took upon him the more immejoice that he is the King of kings and diate government of the church, in his Lord of lords; that he doeth whatsoever

wn personal ministry.' [These pleaseth him, in heaven above, and in views] I have not the least hesitation in the earth beneath; that, in all parts of his rejecting as incorrect, unscriptural, and dominjon, his counsel shall stand, and he incompatible with thé filial rights, the will do all his pleasure. But we rejoice mediatorial rewards, and the all-pervain hiş sovereignty, because righteousness ding and perfect government of him, who and judgment are the habitation of his must reign till he bath put all cnemies throne. . . . All his sovereign purposes under his feet. Whilst the entire conare invariably carried into execution in currence of the Holy Spirit with the Faperfect righteousness, in the government ther and Son, in the scheme of salvation, both of the world and of the church. is, by me, most devoutly received, and One can scarcely conceive of any system his agency readily and gratefully acof religion that will not recognize both knowledged to be most gracious, efficient, sovereignty and placability in the deity and divine; with the greatest earnestthat is to be worshipped. . . But it is in ness I contend, that the office of the the gospel of Jesus Christ alone that Holy Spirit, in the economy of divine inercy and truth meet together, that grace, is so purely ministerial, that his righteousness and peace embrace each agency, in all respects, redounds to the

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honour and glory of our Lord Jesus experiinental picts, Wc may thus, Christ, who is the only and all-sufficient perhaps, account for the unhappy prohead and governor of bis church. ..

gress in error which, in the course of Hence the Holy Spirit has graciously be bis life and ministry, the Doctor appears come the minister of Christ, and is spoken to have made, for it is a fact, attested by of as the Spirit of Christ; as sent by him; &c.- From the above statement of many who were delighted and edited Dr. Hawker, one might be led to suppose, much of the tone of sentiment in which

by his early discourses, that ho has lost that, 'when our Lord ascended to heaven, he retired from the superintendence of the he then spoke. Then, indeed,--and church, and that the Holy Spirit occupies wbat Christian is not?--warm in the the vacated throne. But, in reality, bo exaltation of sovereign grace, and of far was tbe time of our Lord's ascension the Spirit's agency, but now, with into heaven from being the period of his ruthless hand, aiming at the demolition terminating his government of the oburch, of all other parts of the sacred temple, that it was eminontly the day of his coro- to establish this in solitary grandeurnation, and of his installation into his the desolate and melancholy grandeur kingly office. It was then he took his of a fragment and a ruin. But sach is seat at the right hand of God, and was the natyral operation of partiality to apointed with the oil of gladness above his fellows. The government is still upon

ope section of the truth, it blinds the his shoulders, and, to conduct it prosper. eye, and renders the heart callous 10 ously, he has all power in heaven and on every other: and, growing with his earth.The pouring out of the Spirit on growth, it has led Dr. Hawker farther the day of Pentecost, was so far from be, aud farther astray from words of sound ing an instance of the Holy Ghost taking doctrine. on himself the government of the church, A system so defective, should it conthat it was the direct and full evidence tain no falsehoods, cannot be the that our Lord had taken possession of his truth, the whole connsel of God. With throne in heaven. ... The gift of the ont inqairing particularly, therefore, Spirit itself was an act of his royal prero- into its tendencies, we may pronounce, gative and munificence. Therefore, be. ing by the right hand of God exalted;" with certainty, that they cannot be bea says the apostle Peter,' and having re

neficial; and we fear, that an inquiry ceived of the Father the promise of the into facts, upon the spot, would paiuHoly Ghost, he hath shed forth this which fully confirm this conviction. There ye see and hear,' pp. 75, 80.

is, indeed, one indication of its unhap

py influence npon the Doctor himself, Entirely neglecting, as he does, the wbich gives us the deepest concern: fundamental truth of God's moral go. we refer to his adoption of the epithet vernment, which one would suppose Antinomian. He says, must enter into all systems pretending to be scriptural, it is not surprising

“ The word antinomian is well known that Dr. Hawker should have been sup. to be formed from a Greek compound, posed by many to have no system; but antinomos; the nearest literal translation to be wandering in endless mazes, ing, when applied to any person, in rela.

of which is, against law. And the meanwithont any ascertainable track. The tion to religion, is, that be who is an antiextracts we have made, will satisfy our nomian, is looking for justification before readers of the incorrectness of this God, solely on the footing of Christ's per. opinion. The Doctor avows his adop- son, blood, and righteousness, without an lion of the principle, that there is no- eye to the deeds of the law; yea, even thing in the lispensation of the gos. against them." Quoted by Mr.' Birt, pel, or in personal religion, hut sove. p. 23. reign acts of grace; and all liis other views are modified by the necessity of We are willing to exercise the otbeing consistent with this. He hesi. most candour in judging of this lantates, indeed, at nothing; but sacrifices guage: but we really cannot believe without scruple, as Mr. Birt has clearly Dr. Hawker to be ignorant of the shewn, the anquestionable fact of God's meaning in which the word Antinomian moral goveroment; the excellence of bas been generally, (with the single his law; the prerogative of the divine exception of himself, we may say oulFather; the Kingly oflice of the Son; Versally, employed. "If he bc so, be is, and the scriptural representation of at least, utterly incompetent to deside

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theological terms: but, if he knew that would, doubtless, be very considerable. no man has ever been called an Antiuo. But, even if the result should not be mian, but in consequence of bis deny- the entire abolition of the slavery of the law of God to be binding as a rule 800,000 human beings, ought not esery of life, can be be accounted guilty of Christian to be able to stand op and less than a conscious and wulful on- say,

“ I hare ni hod whaterer in pertrath, intended for the most mischievo petnating the monstrous and cruel nius of purposes? We are sorry to use traffic in the blood and bones of my severe expressions, but their justice fellow-creatures."-Surely, no Chris. and necessity most be our apology. The tian ought to give his eyes to sleep, or obvious tendency of this flagrant mis- his eye-lids to slumber, unless ho can representation, is to banish the general uiter this language ! dread of antinomianism, and of all that The writer feels glad, that a society has efer been called by tbat name; as is formed in Leicester for the abolition well as to suggest and confirm tlıc idea, of this horrible injustice. Surels tbis that we have nothing wbatever to do is an example worthy of general imilawith the moral law, but in the matter tion. The Christian world are, doubt of our justification, and in this, ouly to less, not sufliciently awake to the enorliate and despise it

. And, if it was not mitics of the dreadfulsystem of slavery: the Doctor's design to promote such if they were so, surely not a single results, nothing was more easy thay tô nomber of any religious publication avoid the appearance of it. Had it, would in future issue from the press, in trath, been his wish to guard bis without some striking article on this followers against an unboly life—we momentous subject ! had almost said, had his own heart shrunk from it with becoming detesta. tion—it is, to is, utterly inexplicable, LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. that he should not have indignantly fenomuced a principle, which his readers could not fail, unless pointedly

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An Essay on the Obligation of Chris

tians to observe the Lord's Supper every Immediate, not gradual Abolitim, or an Lord's Day. By J. M. Cramp: Inquiry into the shortest, safrst, and

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12mo. Price 4s. tive, cheap pamphlet. It deserves to be generally read. The writer of tbis tures Asserted; the Principles of their

The Plenary Inspiration of the Scripread it 10 bis congregation a few even- Composition investigated ; and Objec. ings since, and is happy to say, that the tions to their Divinity proved to be ungood effect it produced was very gene- founded ; in Six Lectures (very greatly ral. On the plan proposed, the non- enlarged) delivered at Albion Hall, Lona usage of West India produce, till the doo Walí, by Samuel Noble, condition of the slave population is ameliorated, every minister of God's word, and even every child in our con

Preparing for the Press: A Manual for gregations, may help in the abolition

Church-Members, drawn from the New of this accursed traffic.

Testament, by Dr. Newman, of Stepney. II, among serious people, those arti

The Rev. s. Saunders, of Frome, in the cles should be contemned, which are Course of the ensuing Spring, intends to emphatically the fruit of the inost hor. Publish, by Subscription, a series of Disrible slavery and bondage that over courses on the Lord's Prayer, in one Voaflicted the creation of God, the elect lume, 8vo.

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Jntelligence, &c.

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“ We ordain and publish the unirersal

and most solemn jubilee, to commence in A Roman Catholic periodical, entitled this Holy City from the first vespers of the “The Laity's Directory for 1825," gives Nativity of our most holy Saviour Jesus what it calls, “ The INDICTION for the Christ, next ensuing, and to continue UNIVERSAL. JUBILEE in the holy Year 1825. during the whole year 1825, during which -- Translated from the Latin Original, year of the Jubilee, we mercifully give printed at Rome, in the Printing-oslice of and grant in the Lord a plenary indulhis Holiness, Leo XII."

gence, remişsion, and pardon of all their The following are extracts from this sins, to all the faithful of Christ of both mass of error, arrogance, and blasphemy! sexes, truly penitent, and confessing “ Leo Bishop,

their sios, and receiving the Holy Com. Servant of the Servants of God,

munion, who shall- devoutly visit the To all the faithful of Christ, who shall Churches of blessed Peter and Paul, as

see these presents, Health and Apos. also of Saint Johu Lateran and Saint tolical Benediction.

Mary Major, of this city, for thirty suc: 1“ In the mercisul dispensations of the cessive or uninterrupted (whether natural Lord, it is at length granted to our humi.

or ecclesiastical) days, to be counted to lity to announce to you with joy, that the wit, from the first vespers of one day, yn til period is at hand when what we'regretted the evening twilight of the day following, was omitted at the commencement of the provided they be Romans or inhabitants present century, in consequence of the of this city; but if they be pilgrims or direful calamities of the times," is to be otherwise strangers, if they shali do the happily observed, according to the estab. same for ffteen days, and shall pour lished custom of our forefathers; for that forth their pious prayers to God for the most propitious year, entitled to the ut- exaltation of the Holy Church, the extirmost religious veneration, is approaching, pation of keresies, concord of Catholic when Christians from every region of the princes, and the safety and tranquillity carth will resort to this our holy city and of Christian people." the chair of blessed Peter, and when the the writer of this infamous proclamation,

Who can, for a moment, doubt but that most abundant treasure of reconciliation and grace will be offered, as means of is “ that man of sin;" and " the son of salvation to all the faithful, disposed to perdition," described by Paul in the Episperform the exercises of piety which are and exalteth himself abore all that is called

tle to the Thessalonians? “ Who opposeth prescribed, During this year, which we truly call the aeceptable time, and the God, or that is worshipped; so that he, us time of salvation, we congratulate you God, sitteth in the tomple of God, sheving that a favourable occasion is presented, himself that he is God? when, after the miserable accumulation

It may be amusing to the reader to of disasters under which we have groan.

know how this infallible sinner addresses ed, we may strive to renew all things in us?rotestants=" with all deceivableness Christ, by the salutary atonement of all of unrighteousness ;"—“To you, to you, Christian people. We have, therefore,

we address ourselves with the entire af. resolved, in virtue of the authority given bewail as separated from the true church

fections of our apostolic heart, whom we to us by heaven, fully to unlock that sa. cred treasure, composed of the merits, of Christ, and the road of salvation, In sufferings, and virtues of Christ our

this common exultation, this alone is Lord, and of his Virgin Mother, and of all wanted ; grant it to your most loviug pathe saints, which the Author of human rent, that at length called by the inspirasalvation has intrusted to our dispensa- tion of the Spirit from above into his adtion."

mirable light, and bursting asunder every The “ Indiction" of “our humility," snare of division, you may have one conthen states the conditions on which the sentient mind with this church, the mother “ sacred treasure of merit," is to be and mistress of all others, OUT OF WHICH, “ unlocked;" for the purpose of granting THERE IS NO SALVATION !-- Enlarging our to the blind, led by the blind, full in heart, we will joyfully receive you into dulgences, and abundant pardons ! our fatherly bosom, and will bless the

God of all consolation, who in this greatWhen the Pope was prisoner to est triumph of catholic faith, shall enrich Bonaparte.

us with these riches of his mercy !"

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