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De of the holy p. 295.

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that wbich relates to the moral cha- monument. And we may confidently racter of the Hindoos, he says, “ As a add, it is a monument on which his

Christian minister, the author hopes, name will appear with honour, not only 6. Te to that the view, given in these volumes, in the sight of the present, but of all

of the moral and religious state of the future generations, through all the
Hindoos, will enhance the value of Cbristian world.
Divine Revelation in the estimation of The “Farewell Letters" are already
every sincere Christian. Respecting too well known to need any recom-
the correctness of his statements, he mendation from us. Here Mr. Ward,
fears no bunest and thorough investi- writing to some particular friends, has
gation, if made on the spot.” Vol. I. communicated all his sentimenta, apd

poured out all his heart. If any of our It is proper to inform our readers, readers have not yet seen them, they 201 beris: that this new edition was prepared by have not yet seen one of the most

the author himself. The Dedication is, pungent books in our language. We iércir "To the endeared memory of the Rev. cannot help earnestly wishing that

Samuel Pearce of Birmingham; the future editions may be printed in a
Rev. John Sutcliff of Olney; the Rev. cheaper form.
Andrew Fuller of Kettering; and the Dr. Marshman's funeral sermon is
Rev. John Fawcett of Hebden-bridge highly creditable to him in every

-and to the Rev. Jolin Ryland of respect. It is an able and evangelical Literate

Bristol; the Rev. Robert Hall of discourse, founded on 1 Cor. xv. 10: Leicester; the Rev. John Foster of “ "By the grace of God, I am what I Downend; the Rev. William Carey of am"--and clearly and forcibly mainSerampore; the Rev. Joshua Marsı- tains this position, “ that all the true man of Ditto, and to all his Colleagues religion possessed by the holiest man in India, (European and Asiatic,) this on earth, together with overy advanWork is very affectionately inscribed tage which forms the man to usefulby

ness, flows from the unmerited good“The AUTHOR."

ness and grace of God." The Aberton, at Sca, June 1, 1821." The Memoir is full of affectionate There is also a long and most inte respect for his excellent Colleague. resting preface-ayd we must make The substance of this Memoir we room for one short extract.

bave in the Appendix to Mr. Ivimey's “ And when we consider that so many brief notice of which our readers may

l'uneral Sermon for Mr. Ward--for a
millions of the population of India are our
fellow-subjects, what a stimulus to seek consult our Number for October, 1823.
their good! What an imperative, what
a paramount duty! Is it not manifest, LITERARY INTELLIGENCE.
that in the mental and moral improve.
ment of this vast empire, Great Britain

Just Published.
has a work of benevolence before her,
which, in national glory, will eclipse all

Calendarium Palestinæ: comprising her other achievements, as much as the the Outlines of the Natural History of meridian sun exceeds in splendour the Palestine; an Account of the Jewish morning star. Know, then, the country Fasts and Festivals, with the Service of of the Howards, and the Wilberforces, the Synagogue ; and an Attempt to reconthy high destiny! Never were such micile the Jewish with the Julian Calendar. series to be removed-never was such a

Beautifully printed on a large Sheet, mighty good put within the power of one adapted for the Study. By William pation--the raising a population of one

Carpenter. hundred millions to a rational and happy

Also an Edition in 12mo. with a Dis. existence, and through them, the illumi. sertation on the Hebrew Months, frona a pation and civilization of all Asia !

scarce Tract originally written in Latin by Madeira, June, 1821."

J. D. Michaëlis.
Pages 53, 54.

Dr. Joba Owen's Chamber of Imagery

in the Church of Rome laid open, &c. a By a long course of patient indastry new Edition. in his extensive, curious, and minute Saving Grace sovereign Grace: two researches, under the influence of pious Sermons by the late Rev. S. Pike, Author: and patriotic sentiments, bc has, in of Cases of Conscience, &c.'a this great work, raised for bimself a Edition.

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Anniversary Meetings of the Baptist influence of their ardent and persevering Denomination.

labours in these works of love. Let us emulate each other to more energetic at

temps, in carrying into effect the objects Mournful Recollections improved. of their living desires and dying prayers.

The prospect of these Meetings led “Other men have laboured, and we have me to reflect on those ministers who, entered into their labours.” in the year 1812, attended the first Mis It will be a disgrace of the worst desionary Meetings, held that year, in scription, and infamy of the basest kind, London. I read over the list of pastors, if Baptists, and Baptist ministers, should whose names were published in the Ma ever suffer these objects to fail for want gazine for August, 1812, who, it is said, of ardour and co-operation at the Annual “cordially nnited in the measure pro: Meetings of the Denomination. There is posed for a general Association of our still another consideration to stir up the Churches." These were in number members of the Denomination to fresh sixty; and out of them fourteen have since exertions. Several of our most eminent finished their labours." They were not brethren are wearing out, and will soon, suffered to continue by reason of death!" I fear, be taken away from us. I mention

The enumeration of only some of their one only, the venerable Dr. Ryland, one names will produce, in many bosoms, the of the founders of the India Missionary involuntary exclamation of Elisha :- Society, the tutor of one of our academies, “My father, my father, the chariots of and the father of the Denomination! For Israel, and the horsemen thereof!"- many weeks he has been laid aside from “ 'The fathers, where are they?" Sutcliff, his beloved work, and there is reason to Foller, Wilks, Palmer, Hinton, and Saf- fear he will soon cease from his labours ! fery, were eminently zealous for Mission. It is not to be expected he will ever more ary labours. Austin, Evans, Thomas, attend an Annual Festival, My fathers, Button, and Stanger, were ever anxious and my brethren, in the Lord's harvest, to promote the interests of our Societies permit me to exhort you, to beseech, and in the various situations which they occu. intreat you, not to suffer our Annual pied :-we shall see their faces and hear Meetings to decline for want of your pretheir voices no more. They rest from sence, if it be possible for you to attend their labours, and their works follow them. Your example will excite many them. Let us who survive them, “Re- others, to be present, and if there should member them, and imitate their faith: be a numerous assembly of one heart considering the end of their conversation, and one soul,” we may certainly expect

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to His presence, who hath said, “ Lo, i am day, and for ever.'

with you always, even to the end of the But my reason for reverting to the world.”

BAPTISTES. deaths of those, who were lately our Con panions in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of our Lord Jesus

London Female Penitentiary. Christ, is for the purpose of urging upon The Eighteenth Annual Meeting of the inyself, and all my surviving brethren in subscribers and friends of this charity was the ministry, to "work while it is called held on the 5th of May, at the Crown and to-day, the night cometh when no man Anchor, in the Strand. The chair was can work.” The support of these So. taken by the Right Hon. Sir G. H. Rose, cieties is, in a great measure, now con- M.P.; the illness of the President, w. fided to us. It is for us, in our respective Wilberforce, Esq. preventing his attend. pulpits, to exhort our congregations not to ance. The motions were made and se. let the work of God, as regards spreading conded by the Rev. Messrs. Ruell, Garthe gospel in India, and Ireland, and at rard, Bolland, Davis, Hargreaves, Ben. Home, to fail for want of their affection- nett, Thomas, and Úrwick. The Hon. ate co-operation, in fervent prayer for the Thomas Windsor, General Neville, Henry influences of the Holy Spirit, nor of pe- Walker, Esq. and Thomas Wilson, Esq. cuniary contributions in its support. We The Report was read by the Secretary. have had exemplary examples in those It adverted first to the chief cause which who have now been recalled from the si. rendered such an Institution necessary, lence of the tomb, and who, if they were viz. the corruption of the human beart, permitted to speak once more from hea. from whence proceed evil thoughts, mur, ven, would say, “ Brethren, be ye fol. ders, adulteries, fornications, &c.; se. lowers of us, even as we followed Christ.” condly, to the only adequate remedy for Let us be animated by the soul-stirring this evil-- the atoning sacrifice of the Lord

Jesus, and the application of this to the Owing to the unfavourable state of the conscience, by the power of the Holy weather, and the occurrence of other Spirit; and then detailed the transactions meetings, at or near the same time, the of the past year; during which one hun. audience was not large, but the Report of dred and forty-one applications were

the charity, and the appeals of the speak. made for admission;

seventy-six ofers, produced a strong interest in the welwhich cases were received. During the fare of the Institution; and although the same period, thirty-one were put out to subject cannot be divested of painful service; twenty-one reconciled aud re sensations, yet to the benevolent and stored to their friends; seven left the Christian mind it affords a bigh and poble house at their own request; ten were dis- satisfaction, that the prey is rescued from missed for improper behaviour; and one, the destroyer, the broken-heart is bound in ill health, had been sent to her parish. up, and that trophies are borne away from There were remaining in the Asylum one the most secure, because the most subtle hundred and thirteen females, being a entrenchments of the Prince of Darkness, larger number than at any preceding by Him who is stronger than the strong time: yet such is the order and superin. man armed. tendence maintained in a household so large, and so various in its character, that a more peaceful and successful year has Meeting of Protestant Dissenting not occurred since the foundation of the

Ministers, charity; fifty-two of the inmates having At a Meeting of the General Body of the completed their two years' residence, with credit to themselves, and satisfac

Protestant Dissenting Ministers of the tion to the Committee, and been provided

Three Denominations, resident in and with suitable means of obtaining a re

about London and Westminster, holden putable maintenance, and only ten been

at the Library in Red-cross-street, on dismissed for improper behaviour, most of

the 3rd Day of May, 1825, wbom had not remained in the Institution The Rev. J. P. Smith, D.D. in the Chair, above a month.

It was resolved unanimously, Several letters are appended to the

1. That the members of this Body, Report, and are of the most satisfactory though differing widely in their modes of nature. Those from females who were interpreting scripture, and in the doc. recently in the house, and are now placed trines which they conceive to be deduci. out respectably, breathe the language of ble from that sacred fountain, are unani. sincere gratitude, and those written by mous in the persuasion that the forming persons who have received them into their of religious sentiments by free inquiry, service, bear testimony to their industri. the making an open profession of them, ous and trust-worthy conduct. With and the teaching and disseminating of respect to several, there is proof not only them by argument and exbortation, by of amended conduct, but of a change of speaking, writing, and the observances of heart; of being turned from darkness to religious worship, or by any other peace. light, and from the power of Satan to God, able and rational methods, is a right of The Report and the Appendix each detail mankind, inherent and imprescriptible, a case where the individuals had lived in conferred by the Creator, essential to the almost total ignorance of religion, moral accountableness, and which can and neglect of public worship; but have never be infringed without injury and been brought to know the value of gospel insult to the sufferers, and deep criminalprivileges, and to prize them as their chief ity on the part of those who are guilty of joy. The average of the ages of those re

the infraction. ceived is eighteen; and three-fourths

2. That it is proved, by the evident were under twenty-one years. Several

reason of the case, and the universal of them had shewn the strongest desire experience of mankind, that there is no to escape from the snares into which they greater obstacle to the improvement of had fallen; and, in three instances, suicide the human race in knowledge and happi. had been attempted, as a deliverance ness, to the solid interests of national from their woe. The finances have suffer- economy, to the elucidation of religious ed from the deaths of many who bad long truth, to the satisfactory termination of subscribed ; while the increased number religious controversies, and to the evenof inmates, and the advance in the prices tual and universal triumph of the genuine of provisions, cause an enlarged expendi- Gospel of Christ, than persecution for the ture. The Committee solicit the aid of a sake of conscience and religious pro. benevolent public, without which they session. must necessarily contract the limits of 3. That, whether such persecution wear the charity; but which they are anxious its most bárbarous form of direct punish. to avoid.

ment for religious opinions, or whether it fairs of foreign nations, it acknowledges be exercised in the way of refusing pro. itself bound by the obligations of kutection, denying justice, or any deprival manity, to testify its sympathy with the whatsoever of civil rights, it is in princi- oppressed and persecuted; and by the ple the same; a high crime against God, principles of our common religion, to use and deserving the reprobation of all good every lawful and practicable effort for the men: according to the memorable decla. relief of innocent sufferers, and to contriration of the Emperor Maximilian II., bute towards removing the foul reproach that “ he would never arrogate dominion of persecution from fellow.christians and over men's consciences, which is the pre. fellow-protestants in any part of the rogative of the Deity alone; that no sin world. was, in his judgment, more heinous, than 6. "That this Body indulges the hope, tonelado for any man to wish to exercise such do- that calm reflection, and an experience of minion : and that those potentates who the mischiefs produced by intolerance,

ere Pria have attempted it, as they invade the so- will speedily lead the Government of the vereignty of Heaven, so they not unfre. Canton of Vaud, to repeal the unjust and W. The quently lose their own power on earth, cruel edicts which it has issued against and their names go down to posterity Dissenters, and to give effect to those with infamy and reproach."

principles of religious freedom which are 4. That, therefore, it is with astonish- the basis of the Protestant religion, and ment and sorrow that this Body has re. are a main support of the prosperity and ceived, from differentand credible sources, happiness of our own country, the information, that in Switzerland, 7. Finally, that we invite our fellow which used to be regarded as an asylum christians, and especially our brethren in of those who fled from persecution, and the holy ministry, of every denomination, particularly in the Canton of Vaud, under to implore, in their private and public a Protestant Government and a Presby- supplications at the throne of grace, the terian Church, a severe persecution has bestowment of present consolation and been, for more than a year, exercised speedy relief, upon all who, for conscience upon peaceable citizens, of spotless moral towards God, are enduring unmerited and political character, for no alledged sufferings, from cruel mockings, bonds, crime, but the fact of their thinking it and imprisonment, spoliation, destitution, their duty to dissent from the Church and exile. J. PYE SMITH, Chairman, Establishment of that country, and their attempting accordingly to hold assemblies for religious worship, is the way which Order of Proceedings at the Forty-fth to them appears most agreeable to the Anniversary Meeting of the Naral and Holy Scriptures, and most conducive to Military Bible Society, held at Freetheir own moral improvement. This per. masons' Hall, Great Queen-street, secution has consisted in the disturbance Tuesday, 10th of May, 1825; of religious meetings, in affording coun: Right Hon. Lord Gambier in the Chair: tenance to assaults and cruelties inflicted by savage mobs upon innocent indivi. The Chairman having opened the Meetduals, in the refusal of protection from ing, called upon the Secretary to read the such injuries when formal application Report of the Committee. has been made to the magistracy, in acts The Secretary having read the Report, of the Government, denouncing severe Ist Resolution. Moved by Major-Ge. penalties upon all persons who may hold neral Neville, secorded by Rear-Admiral Teligious assemblies, however small, ex. Oliver :-" That the Report now read be eepting those of the Established Com- received and adopted; and that it be munion, and in the infliction of those printed and circulated under the direcpenalties, by fine, imprisonment, and ba- tion of the Committee." nishment, vpon various respectable per 2nd Resolution.-Moved by the Rev. sons, among whom are ministers of un. G. Clark, Chaplain, Royal Military Asy. questioned character for piety, learving, lum, seconded by Rev. Joseph Fletcher, and usefulness.

Stepney :-" That the respectful thanks 6. That while this Body disclaims any of this Meeting be offered to His Royal pretence of a right to interfere in the af- Highness the Patron ; to their Royal

Highnesses the Vice-Patrons; to the most Vid. WERENFELSIT, Dissert. A pol. pro Reverend the President; and to the Plebe Christiana adversus Doctores Judi. Right Reverend, Right Honourable, and ciam de Dogmatibus Fidei illi auferentes; others, the Vice-Presidents; for the con. et de Jure in Conscientias ab Homine pon tinuance of their countenance and support asarpando: apud Opuscula, pag. 63. to this Society." Basilex, 1718,

3rd Resolution.--Moved by Majorn

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13, Cederal Orde, seconded by G. F. Strat- ments for the increased dissemination of

ton, Esq. Major in the Oxfordshire Yeo- the Word of God to the maritime de. manry. -" That the grateful acknow. partments.”

ledgments of this Meeting be given to 7th Resolution.-Moved by W. W. me mire the Committee, and the Officers, for their Carns Wilson, Esq. M.P., seconded by

zealous exertions during the past year;- Henry Maxwell, Esq. M.P. :-" That the Frere

, and that the Treasurers and Secretaries be cordial thanks of this Meeting be given op die belang requested to continue their services; and to Admiral Lord Gambier, for bis obliging

that the gentlemen named in the annexed attention to the proceedings of the day.” aos pert! list be the Committee for the ensuing

The following is the Account of the izdales ie (Acknowledged byCapt.Bazalgette,R.N.)

Society's Funds, &c. 4th Resolution.--Moved by Lieutenant- Balance to May, 1824... 26 7 d by Colonel Phipps, Bengal army, seconded Receipts, year ending 9th of Goteraz by Rev. Richard Pope, from Ireland: May, 1825

2615 2 0 That, agreeably to the recommendation bas iseren of the Committee, contained in the Re

2641 9 Te elected port, the following alterations do take Payments (incuding the baredio tune place in the Laws and Regulations of the lance of the old debt).-•• 2582 10 9 at rekani Society :-tbat after the third Law, the be present the following do stand as the 4th and 5th Cash in hand, May 10, 1825 £ 58 18 8

Laws of the Society, vid.:

4th. *This Society shall be denomi. Collected at Anniversary,

pated The Naval and Military Bible So-, 10th May, 1825, not being 17 d_xent ciety; the object of which shall be, to Donations or Annual SubThe due to encourage a wider circulation of the Holy scriptions

129 14 10 ide of gre, d' Scriptares, without note or comment, to Donations and new Annual sailors apd soldiers at home and abroad. Subscriptions

40 18 0 The only copies in the languages of the ning ta' United Kingdom to be circulated by the

£170 12 10 Society, shall be the authorized version.'

5th. The objects to whom the distri. Books issued, year ending 9th of May, bution of the Scriptures by this Society 1825—6049, being 677 copies more than shall extend, are sailors and soldiers in the former year, and making a total issue His Majesty's service; sailors and sol- of the Holy Scriptures by this Society of diers in the service of the Honourable 175,400 copies. the East India Company; and to fisher. men and all mariners, wbether connected with inland or general navigation.' London Baptist Building Fund. Resolved further, that the other Laws of Sir, the Society, as they now stand, do follow

I beg permission, through the medium numerically, omitting the Eleventh, as no of the Magazine, to state that the first longer required.”

quarterly meeting of the subscribers to 5th Resolution.—Moved by the Right this institution, was held at No. 6, FenHonourable Lord Calthorpe, seconded by court, on Tuesday, April 26, when the Captain Gordon, R. N.-" That this following sums were voted to four cases Meeting, in recording with gratitude the that had been previously examined and success which has attended

the prudent recommended by the Committee.
and zealous exertions of the Committee
io furtherance of the important objects of

Collumpton, Deron, £85

Barnstaple, the Society, and in the liquidation of the

Ditto, debt, would pledge themselves, in de

Rattlesden, Suffolk, pendence upon the Divine Blessing, to

Clonmell, Ireland, 100 renewed efforts in support of the inte The next Quarterly Meeting will be resting cause in which they are en. held on the last Tuesday in July; and on gaged."

these occasions, the subscribers at large 6th Resolution.-Moved by the How are requested to attend, in order to sancnourable Baptist Noel, seconded by the tion the recommendations of the ComRev. Fountain Elwin of Bristol :-“That mittee, and participate in the satisfaction this Meeting, witnessing with peculiar of distributing the funds of the Society pleasure the continued and increasing among cases which have been thoroughly desire manifested by sailors and soldiers examined ; and in a mode by which the for supplies of the Holy Scriptures, would acknowledged and long lamented evils of implore the Divine Blessing upon the the former system are wholly avoided. mode of distribution recently adopted for The correspondence which has resulted the army, as well as upon the arrange from the foundation of the Society, and

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