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suddenly on the 17th of July, and was of the car would tear up the road, they buried the pext evening. While the fu. could not suffer it to be dragged over it, neral procession moved slowly along, the unless they consented to pay 500 Rs. for corpse of our deceased brother being barne its repair. The owners of the Ruth of. by his native fellow-Christians, and ae. fered a sum considerably less than what companied by the brethren of the Mission was demanded, in consequence of which then at home, as well as by his fellow, the Ruth was not allowed to be drawn, students, many a weeping eye bore testi, in spite of the earnest entreaties of the moby to his worth, and at his grave more Hindoos. To some this circumstance than two bundred natives stood with fixed may appear of a trivial nature; but let attention, while brother M. pointed them it be remembered, that the conduct of te the source of his deceased Christian the French has not caused the people to brother's excellence of character, and of revolt. One of their most ancient cus his joyful hope in death, and contrasted toms has been forcibly laid aside by the it with the vain hope their delusions give, peremptory orders of the rulers of Chan, There were sorrowing hearts, and no list, dernagore, without creating any spirit of less indifference there. There was hum. rebellion among the Hindoos. A tax ble adoration of the gracious Disposer of has been laid upon Juggernath, and as all events, and not the horrible insult of he could not pay the mulct, and his vo, liring sacrifices. Even heathens could taries had not respect sufficient to pay it not fail to mark the difference between for him, there he remains, a monument, the Christian and the heathen fuperal: of his impotency and subserviency to the the one decent and solemn, full of joyful orders of an earthly being! O that the hope, and tender sympathy; the other rulers would exercise their authority in without hope and without sympathy, the abolishing the burning of widows; and most unfeeling indifference marking the that they might do it without causing any countenances of the few individuals who stir among the people, the prohibition of witness the scene.”

the removal of Juggernath's car,fully testifies. A circumstance like the above has

perhaps never been known before this. I CHANDERNAGORE. am sorry I could not go to the place this

evening, to show to the people what sort We insert the following extract from of a god they ignorantly worship. How the journal of a brotlier, who labours in truly comforting is it to reflect, that idor connexion with onr Calcutta Mission- latry is losing its high tone! Alas, poor anies, because the incident it records, Hiodoas, why will you continue blind to however trifling in itselle appears clearly the evident will of God, while he ja ma to establish the inference the writer draws nifesting in such a plaio manner his great from it, and shew that no apprehensions Whatever need be apprehended from the gods are no gods, and that he is alone

power? He is showing you that your natives, in case the local authorities were God over all, blessed for everinore," to listen to the voice of humanity and religion, and prohibit the burning of wi. dows as firmly as they have put down less inhuman murders. Is it possible for

DINAGEPORE. aby of our readers to peruse the dreadful Extract of a Letter from Mr. Fernandez, accounts inserted in this number from

duted June 22, 1824. Pooree, without emotions of indignant. shame that such atrocities should be per- through the divine blessing, five persons,

I AM happy to inform you, that, petrated within the British dominions?

viz. four nen and a woman, were bap* June 28, 1824.--This is the festival of tized here on Lord's-day, the 6th instant, the Ruth Jalra, and thonsands resort to on their profession of faith in Christ; and drag the car of Juggurnath, at a place on the same day, thirty-three of us sát

The car is kept at down together to commemorate the dying Chandernagore, which belongs to the love of our blessed Redeemer, some of French. Å rare circumstance has occur- the members not being able to attend red this year in reference to the Ruth. through illness. This huge car used to be dragged along The members of the church here, now the main road leading to Taldanga, where amount to ninety-two persons, many of it used to stand for the space of one week, whom, I am glad to say, have given me and was then brooght back to its stand great pleasure and sutisfaction by their near Laldigghee. This road had lately christian-like behaviour; this pleasure French authorities sent word to the pro- through the misconduct of a few. I have prietors of the Ruth, that as the wheels had the misfortune of losing three mera

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called Taldanga.

bers by death, within these twelve months since he requested to be anited with us, past. The Christian population now attends the school about two hours every amounts to a hundred and sixty.six per day to compare select passages of the sons, of whom ninety reside here, and Armenian version with the English Bible. seventy-six at Sadamah'. Wherever I He was sent to the Christian school about may be, here or at Sadamah'l, I always three months since by the Archbishop, to spend every evening of the week days, in learn English, and although he continued instructing them. Six persons are now but a short time, I have had much close under probation for baptism.

conversation with him upon the depar. My school continues to go on pretty ture of the Armenian communion from well. The scbolars are improving fast in the faith once delivered to the saints, their learning, as well as in the doctrine in defence of which I found him exceed. of the gospel ; but they are irregular in ingly qnick and warm, and well actheir attendance, about seventy is their quainted with the letter, although wantnominal number; between forty and fifty, ing in the spirit of the scriptures. From however, attend, and sometimes less; no the above period he began to discover the more than ten Christian children are in. errors of his profession, which, added to 37 cluded in the above number. I am very the unblushing corrupt practices of the desirous of re-establishing a school at Armenians, brought him to the determi. Sadamah'), as there are many Christian nation of quitting

them, and to offer him. children there, as well as those of Hin- self to us. doo'and Mussulman parents, big enough It seems he had his principal instruc. to receive instruction.

tions under the Patriarch of Armenia, I have for several months been ailing and travelled with him through Russia, with a pain in my stomach, which at Prussia, and other parts, as his amanu. times has been very acute. I have, how 'ensis: his information, therefore, consi. ever, through great mercy, been quite dering his age, must bé extensive. free from my usual gouty fits and rheu. Our schools and regular congregation matism for these eighteen months past, continue to increase, and, all things con. for which I have great cause for thankó sidered, we have no just cause to repide." fulness. I sincerely hope, my dear bro. ther, that you both enjoy good health, and that the dear family at the Mission

BENARES. house are also very well, to whom please Extracts of Letters from Mr. Smith, to give my christian love. We are certain that many will rejoice

May 20,

1824. in the success that still attends the la. “On the 28th ultimo, a woman was bours of our venerable friend, now within burnt alive at Munkurnka Ghaut, with three years of seventy; and that the in. the corpse of her husband, whose name firmities of age give so little interruption was Boolakee Nagur; and also a Ben. to his work. Long may he be spared to galee woman on the 1st instant. Oh may feed his interesting flock!

the Lord remove these cruel practices by

the light of the gospel!” “On the 11th DACCA.

ultimo the Union Chapel was opened by

the Rev. Mr. Adam. On the first Monday the Mr. Leonard wrote on the 17th of July, of the month, we had a missionary meet“ We have now two candidates for bap- ing in the Hindoost'hanee Chapel, when tism, a brahmun who has been long under the Rev. Mr. Fraser, Rev. T. Morris, Rev. instruction, and an Armenian who pro- M.T. Adam, Mr. Adlington, and myself

, mises fair to become a truly valuable ac. were present. The Rev. T. Morris gave quisition to the cause. The latter is a us a very edifying discourse and prayed, pupil of the Archbishop, lately arrived and we then sung and prayed alternately

, from Armenia, is about twenty years of all engaging except the Rev. Mr. Fraser." age, is conversant with the Persian and

18t July.“ A poor old Brahmun woTurkish languages, and allowed by the man who attended the means of grace best judges, to be one of the best Arme. every Lord's-day, died last month; some nian scholars in Dacca. He is also en. time before her departure she attended deavouring to attain the English and Mrs. Smith, with several other women, Hindee, it appears with the design of hear her read, and expound the scripture making himself useful in the work of God, immediately after worship; and, on hear; especially among his countrymen, whose ing the depraved and ruined 'state of ignorance of the truth, and deep depra. mankind, she was more affected than any vity, he deplores.

other woman, especially on hearing what He appears fond of the scriptures, Christ bad suffered for the sins of the .which he makes his daily study, and, world. One Sabbath, reflecting on the

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be tekit painful sıvferings of our Lord Jesus, she “ It is well known, that, or these oco but the dark said, with tears, 'I have hitherto wor, casions, the bodies are frequently burnt ct Dasar

shipped the Ganges and all the Hindoo on a pile; but sometimes the fire is kingods, but to do purpose, none of the gods dled in a hole dug for the purpose, and I

suffered for my sins like Jesus Christ, think this is generally the case in this the Aegister and Him only shall I worship.' This neighbourhood. This hole or pit was

poor woman composed in rhymes, Christ circular, about six feet deep : its diameter are inalte suffered for sinners, which she would at bottom perhaps a little less than its

sing with tears. A short time since, she depth, and top twice as much. Soon
fell sick with a fever, and the following after my arrival, about twelve coolies
Sabbath, as she was not able to attend, came, each of them bringing a load of
she begged her daughter to go and hear wood on his or her head, for several of
the word of Jesus, to which she made them were women, and they came twice.
some objections. The mother told her, I charged all the labourers with being
'O do not neglect to go and hear the accessary to the crime about to be com,
Words of Jesus, for he is the only Saviour mitted, and the general reply was, in
of the world !' and two days after she substance, that they worked for money,
breathed her last. The daugbter conti. and did this work as they did other work,
pues to attend."

because they were paid for it. Carelessness
or levity characterized all the Hindoos

on or near the spot. Ten or twelve were POOREE.

playing at some game but a little way off, Suttee..We earnestly recommend the and one nearer the pit proceeded to break following tale of horrors (say our Seram some of the wood into small splinters, in pore friends) to the admirers of Hindooism, order to facilitate the kindling of the fire, and more earnestly still, to the friends of with as much apparent indifference, as if humanity. Will nothing rouse them to he had been about to boil his owa rice. feeling in this cause? Are we waiting When he thought he had broken enough, till the cry of the blood of these infatuated he proceeded to light a small fire near the

women reach to heaven, and judgment pit; but he took care, previously, to light Carti be required ?

his own cheroot, and he was at once em“Another of those horrid examples of ployed in smoking it and kindling the self-murder called Suttees, took place fire. This being done, a small fire was here on the second instant; and, as I kept up for the purpose, as 1 supposed,

was present, I will send you some ac. of being ready to kindle the larger one. lagu count of it. The infatuated woman whose “ The pit being finished, a quantity of

death I witnesed was the widow of a water was mixed with cow dung, and brahman who had died the same morning. sprinkled on the margin, and about oneTheir residence was about four coss from third of the way down, in sufficient quanthis place, and they probably came hither tity to turn the sand its own colour; two to attend the Rut'h Jattra. The man's ropes were also well wetted with the age seems to have been about forty, and same mixture, the use of which will ap the woman's thirty, or thirty-five. The pear hereafter. On inquiring the use of brahman is said to have a father still iwo bamboos which lay bear, I was told living, aged about eighty, and the people that they were to stir the fire, and turn intimated that he was too infirm to be about the bodies. The bits of wood prepresent. I was likewise told that the pared for the occasion, were between deceased had three brothers, two of them iwelve and eighteen inches long, and, I younger than himself, and one older; who suppose, on an average, five or six in were all expected to be there. I was circumference: a quantity of them were further informed that the man had left now thrown into the pit, and a man at two children, a son fifteen or sixteen, and the bottom proceeded to set them up on a daughter eighteen years old, the daugh- their ends, two or three thick round the ter, I understood, was not expected to sides. Upon these be placed a second appear; but the son would come to give tier, and on the second a third; he now his father and mother fire.' The deceased covered the bottom, perhaps five or six was a man of little or no property, not inches thick, so that the pit was two-thirds more than a bundred rupees; but he pro Jined with wood; but, as may be readily sided for these horrid rites, by paying a supposed, the upper tiers were thinner than sufficient sum to one of his friends, before the bottom one. Soon after all was finished, he died. The place where this murder was the dead man was brought on a rough cummitted is called Swurgo-dwaro, the bier, which might have been constructed gate of heaven; and when I reached it, I by one man, in less than a quarter of an found the coolies employed in digging hour. The sides were two bamboos, suf

ficiently thick for the purpose, and across

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the hole.


MISSIONARY HERALD them were tied eight smaller ones, some her burn herself, my worthy companions as it le of them about the duc length,

and some tried, I think, twice more, io prevent the of them considerably too long. The corpse horrid deed; and I lent my feeble assist-prise was partially wrapped in a quilt, and a ance, but to no purpose. They halted but mát, and it was brought, by four brahmuns twenty or thirty yards from the faming 2017 preceded by a 6fth. This leading bralimun pit, where the last effort was made, and more carried a bundle of straw, tightly bound that failing, her infamous co-adjutor 2: ** up, about the length and thickness of a gave her a lighted lamp, which 1 think slip man's arm, and ignited; in which way she put into an earthen pot, that she cat. the Hindoos often preserve fire for a coné ried under her anın. What became of this 11 babes siderable time. These men seemed to be afterwards I do not know, for in a little in den repeating some formula, but they very time all was coufusion, and a scene, the rest readily left of' to answer any questious most perfectly hellish that we ever saw, puta that were put to them, relative to the was presented to us. A way was made site business they were about.

for the woman to the pit, and its margid raste it, : “Soon after this, I received a message was left clear. She advanced to the edge, uld, which obliged me to go home, and return facing her husband, and two or three and the ivg ab expeditiously as I could, I found times waved her right hand. She thiên xwlet that the man had been placed in the pit, walked hastily round the pit, and in one in a sitting posture, with his back rest- place I thought the flames caught her ing against the side. The fire too, had legs; having completed the circle, she said he se been lighted, but the wind blew it again waved her hand as before, and all the from the body. Proceeding, now, the then, without either hurry or hesitation, as tips i way the woman was expected, I soon jumped into the fire. saw the procession (if it may be called a "At this moment, I believe, the drums 4272 procession) halting a few hundred yards beat, and a dreadrul shout rent the air, apa pre before me. The crowd was kept off the but I can scarcely say I know: all was I POD woman, by a square made of four bits of confusion, a dense smoke issued from the same role wood, each five or six feet long; I believe pit, intermixed, at intervals, with pareta

, w the men who carried it were all brahmuns. tial bursts of flanne. This was occaThe rabble was preceded by some of their sioned, I suppose, by powdered resin bu tell, rude music, which was not playing when being thrown into the pit by bandfols, irtepi I got up to them; but I had the pleasure and what was thrown in at one time, ani of seeing two of my worthy countrymen, popped off in a sudden blaze, whilst what the strady humanely employed in persuading the followed it obscured the pit with smoke. se belot woman not to destroy herself. These In a little time, however, they allowed zka pot gentlemen were Lieut. W. and T. B. the fire to clear itself, and we then sat el bide i Esq. and they gladly accepted my as- the wretched woman in the midst of it. I vite peny sistance; but alas! we all laboured in think her postare was that of kneeling vain. I urged the grief which her death down, and sitting on her heels, her body is to co would occasion to her daughter, and I was erect and motionless, except that she has been te would have added her son, but as I un. sometimes mored gently backwards and in derstood that he was ready to act: his forwards as if she bowed. The assistant wie ei der part in the infernal tragedy, I rejected murderers kept throwing a little resit at that argument as a useless one. I assured her, but slic did not seem likely to be out as the fesh her that God would not be pleased, but of her misery in a little time, for the fire displeased with her conduct-that she was not large and fierce enough to do the was going the way, not to heaven, but to dreadful business very quickly. hell that the act was not required, even " The poor creature still kept her ereet by their own shastras; and, finally, I position, but at length she seemed par. assured her of a sufficient naintenance if tially to rise, and she pitched forwards she would consent to live. But it was with her head against the side of the pit

, all of no use; she said that her daughter about two feet from her husband's left had a husband and children, and would hand. Part of her dark skin was burnt not be grieved at her death. As to the off, and we thought she had lost one hand, worality and safety of acting as she was but I now believe this was a mistake. about to act, she denied the truth of what the motion of her head, in this new posi

. I said, and assured me that she did not tion, indicated pain, and she continued to want money. She was so far from seem- live for perhaps two or three minutes ing depressed, that she laughed when she longer. The other gentlemen then went replied to what I said. Several times home, but I staid a little longer, and saw she desired us to allow her to proceed ; the bodies taken out; for though the woand when she did proceed, it was with as men are burnt to death in these pits, the composed a mien and as firm a step, as bodies are taken out whilst they are dis

. any other person there. Unwilling to see tinguishable, and consumed in two-dis.

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ferent fires. At least that is the case here, Carey, Dr. Marshman, and Mr. Mack, and we are told it is done that the son and left them amidst their prayers and may make sure of some fragment of both blessings. We were accompanied as far his parents, to throw into the Ganges. as Cutwa by Mr. Yates, who, at that time,

“Now the ropes came into use, which, was in a very ill state of health. We left I have said, were wetted with cow dung all our Calcutta friends well, but since and water : one of them was doubled, and then they have been heavily afflicted by the middle thrown down to catch the the epidemic rheumatic fever. We left man's chin. I think it was guided to his Calcutta just in time to escape, and have chin by a bamboo: one or two bamboo reason for gratitude, as well as for the lerers were then put under his head to many other signal deliverances we have raise it, and get the rope round his neck. experienced since we left England. The rope was then twisted, that is, the At Cutwa we saw W. Carey, and were two ends of it were twisted together, in rejoiced to find him blessed with success order to fasten it, and they began to draw; in his labours ; for on the following Saba but they failed, for the rope slipped off bath he was to add four more Hindoos to Another man then attempted to fasten the the number who already surround him. We rope; he succeeded, and they drew up stopped also at Moorshedabad, and were the body, with the exception, I think, of truly affected with the destitute state of the legs; but it was quite dark, and no that station. O) could you and the people thing could be seen but by the light of in England see the thousands and tens of the fire. As they were not very expedi. thousands who are there, without a soul tious, the ropes must have been in consi. to point them to the Lamb of God, you derable danger of being burnt, but the would weep day and night on their be.

people threw a little water on them oc- half before God! I never saw, or con. ccasionally to prevent it. They then tried templated seeing, such a scene in all my to raise the woman, but could not easily wanderings of life. I went and saw Mr. get the rope round her neck; so they put Sutton's house; but him I saw not. I it on her arm, which projected in such a looked at the house, and then around me way as to favour their doing so, and after on the people, and retired to my boat twisting it well, they drew her nearly to with an aching heart. the top of the pit, but they seemed afraid About two days before we arrived at that they should lose her again, if they Monghyr, we were met at a place called trasted entirely to her arm, so she was Bhaugulpore, by one of ihe native held just below the edge of the pit, till preachers here, who was so overjoyed at another man put the other rope under her hearing we were on the river, that he chin, and she was then drawn quite up. could not wait at home till we arrived. Some of the people then employed them. Being detained at Bhaugulpore a day by selves in arranging the wood for the fires, a contrary wind, I went with him to the that were to consume the bodies, and I bazar, and stood by him whilst he stood perhaps ten minutes longer, finally preached to a very disputatious audience. leaving both bodies on the brink of the Some of them were very vociferous in their pit

, that of the woman still blazing. The arguments, and from the anger evinced joints of her knees were exposed, and by several, I began to be a little afraid most of the flesh burnt off one leg. J said Jest we might fare somewhat badly. Howyesterday to a fourth gentleman who was ever, many heard with great attention. present, Did you ever see such a scene The people at Monghyr gave us a thrice before !' to which he replied, “ No, and I hearty welcome. In the course of an will never see such a scene again. Such hour after we arrived, the native converts are the facts, and I leave them to prodnce were around us, expressing their pleasure

W. Bampton." at our arrival, and sat down before us

and sung a hymn, and afterwards joined

in prayer. Mrs. Chamberlain has been MONGHYR.

accustomed, all along, to have them at

her house every morning, to conduct HinLetter from Mr. Leslie to Mr. Dyer, dated doostanee worship, when the servants, Monghyr, August 18, 1824. and any others who choose, may have an

opportunity of attending. The mumber I received your very kind and affection of converts is ten, and the congregation ate letter of the 28th of January, and had of natives on Sabbath is sometimes very much pleasure in the information it con- great. On the part of the people generalmunicated. We arrived here on the 17th ly in Monghyr, there is a considerable ult

, having left Calcutta on the 22nd of disposition evinced to hear the gospel. June. The first day we arrived at Se Wlien our native brethren enter the barampore, where we staid another night zar, they are frequently called in to the with the good people of that place, Dr. shops, to explain to the people the word

their own effect.


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