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in the spirit of good old Simeon, rejoices Him wbo, though the Lord of glory, in the prospect of his Saviour's coming the King of kings, became the son of a glory among the heathen. After hear- carpenter, inhabited a manger, not for ing Mr. Koopmans preach, I dined his friends, but for the rebellious, that with his family a second time. There they might be with him and see bis were present also other friends, dea- glory. O that this may be your eternal comparis cons and members of his charge, to portion, and that also of, meet us, I seemed to have a welcome

Yours, always truly, in every heart, and the time past in a

W. H. ANGAS. pleasing and edifying flow of inter

The Mennonite Baptist Churches on the Zaan are six in number, and, forthe Familiar Iustrations of the sacred tiri men most part, large. It was at first in my

Writings. heart to go through them separately, but second thoughts, that the scason

No.IV, was already too far advanced, and Mr. K. and the other friends having pledged themselves to communicate with thein, is reserved the blachness of darkness for the day en

Jupe 13." Wundering stars, to whom LLA, set the first aside. I have, therefore,

ever." decided at once to set off for Alkmaar by the first conveyance that offers, observe that false teachers are reprehendit

, tad

Perhaps an astronomical critic would either by water or by land. To a stranger, fond of the scenery of that in their eccentricities run out into

sented as planetary or wandering stars, soit rekening active life, the town of Zaandam has much of what is interesting. Wherever Righteonsness, beyond the system u smesha

an eternal apheliou from the Sun of it." you look up, the air, during the day, which he warms, illuminates, and appears all in motion with wind-mills, beautifies; and are constantly reced while the spreading sail meets the eye ing from the fountain of ligbat, life, and caracter on every side. Then what an air of bliss; and, therefore, must wander pred lon decency, cleanliness, and order, is through the blackness of darkness for every where to be seen! Had there

A darkness unpierced by one been tit I should liked to have seen the famous village of Broek. Till ray from the great sun and centre of some future opportunity, bowever, I darkness," – an abstract, predicated of

the moral world;" blackness of contented myself with a look at the

an abstract. How gloomy and strong humble cot which the great Czar

the expression! (Peter of Russia) inbabited whilst he

PRESIDENT DAVIES. was learning the art of a shipwrigbtin the Zaandam yards. This once impe Phil. ii. 15. That ye may be blamerial habitation has but three apart- less and harmless, the sons of God without ments, and many of our journeymen rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and pershipwrights houses' could vie with it. verse natim, among whom ye shine as In the time the French had the mas- lights in the world." tery in Holland, it was bought by an The closing part of this verse may be innkeeper for sixty guilders, but he, translated “ elevated lights," and very after the marriage of the Prince of beautifully alludes to the buildings we Orange with one of the great Czar's call Light-houses erected by the side of descendants, restored it to the Orange the sea to guide the mariner in his profamily for six hundred yuilders. It has gress. The most remarkable of these drawn many a stranger from Amster- buildings was that raised in the island dam to see it, and perhaps from much of Pharos, where Plolemy Puiladelgreater distances.

On coming out, I phus built that celebrated tower, on met two persons, whom I afterwards which a bright fame was always kept ascertained, from the book wherein vi- burning in the night, that mariuers sitors leave their names, were a French might see their way, and be in no danduke and bis dutchess.

ger of suffering shipwreck upon the Deep as this act of condescension in rocks which they had to pass in enterthe Czar was, still how short, how far ing the baven of Alexandria. short it falls of that which we see in



into glory."

1 Cor. vii

. 31. “The fashion of this nated according to their contents. A corld passeth away."

chemist, in conducting a stranger It bas been apprehended that this through his Laboratory would say, sentence contaios a fine allusion to the “This is a vessel of turpentine, that of stage, on which persons enter, and per- vitriol, &c. always giving to the vessel form certain parts, and then throw off the name of the article it contains.' the disguise and retiro: so in the world, Now when I see a man full of the holy we are now performing our parts, but and lovely spirit of Christ, devoted to He must soon retire, and descend to the his service, and imitating his example, grave. Upon the Greek or Roman I say that man is a vessel of mercy, theatres to which the apostle alludes, whom God hath afore prepared unto every actor appeared in disguise ; so glory;' but when I see a man full of in the world men assume the garb of every thing but the spirit of the Bible, excellence, while they do not possess -opposed to the moral government of

the reality; but the time is sbort, and God, -seeking his own things rather ! then the disguise will be thrown off. than those which are Christ's, and

DUNLOP. filled with malice, wrath, and all un

charitableness, I am compelled to conRom. ix. 22, 23. “ What if God, will- sider bim . a vessel of wrath, fitted to ing to shew his wrath, and to make his destruction.'”. power known, endured with much long

J. B. suffering the vessels of wrath fitted to Folkstone, destruction ; and that he might make known the riches of his glory on the vessels of mercy, whom he had af ore prepared

On the Resurrection of the same

Body. It is somewhat surprising that the doctrine of unconditional reprobation, The doctrines, exclusively peculiar

or the eteroal misery of men irrespec- to divine revelation, have ever been ; live of character, has been attempted opposed by men of subtle, serpentine

to be proved from this text. Nothing talents, and of a philosopbic turn of t can be more evident from than that mind, destitute of the grace of God,

the finally impenitent are by their un However profound may be the raholy dispositions and conduct in the tional powers of the buman intellect, present state, fitted for destruction in unenlightened by the Spirit of God, its the next. They have, by rebelling utmost exertions will abundantly conagainst God," heaped up wrath against firm the scripture axiom, that, “The the day of wrath." On the other hand, natural man receiveth not the things by the implantation of a principle of of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishDivine grace by the Holy Spirit in the ness unto him ; neither can be know bearts of the vessels of mercy" they them, because ibey are spiritually disare “afore prepared unto glory.” The cerned.” 1 Cor. ij. 14. following anecdote may tend to illus It is worthy of notice, that those

persons who object to the Bible as a A certain Baptist minister, having divine revelation, do so, in the general

, ehanged his views of some parts of on the ground of certain doctrines which

was waited upon by an they find to be a prominent part of its old acquaintance, who wished to re contents: sucb, for instance, as the claim him to his former creed; finding doctrines of three persons in one inbe could not succeed in his object, he comprehensible Jehovah; the Deity waxed quite warm, and told his friend of Jesus Christ; bis immaculate incarin plain terms that God had given him nation ; His vicarious atoning sacrifice; up to strong delusions,” and that he bis imputed righteousness; &c.

à vessel of wrath fitted to de These, and other doctrines, the Deists Struction.” “I think, brother," replied perceive to be contained in the Bible; lhe one who was charged with a de- and most of them are free to acknowparture from the faith, with great calm- jedge that these are the principal reaness, “I think, brother, that you have sons why they deny its divine authority. mistaken the sense of the passage you

We claim, then, their testimony to Jast referred to. Vessels are denomi- the doctrines as revealed in the Bible;

trate the subject.

divine tratb,


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and subpoena them as competent wit To deny that any human body is the nesses in our cause; and, in return, we same body, because of the constant readily give them credit for greater change of its constituent particles, ap. copsistency than those who deny the pears to 1š most absurd. Who ever


. doctrines, while they profess to revere dreamt, (for it would be no better tban fet the book.

dreaming.) that it was not the same The resurrection of the body is an body that assisted Dr. Johnson to comarticle of pure revelation. But for the pose bis ponderous and elaborate dic-sta scriptures, it never could have entered tionary of the English language, be into the head or heart of man to con cause the material atoms with which y de my ceive that a body that dies, and under his fingers were formed, were not the gues the process of putrefaction, should same atoms when he finished, as #ben ever be reformed and reanimated. he began the work? But,

No one, we presume, but a fastidious

* Wenn Almighty God

sophist, would ever dispute that a river, “ Has done much more; por is his arm

which is composed of a confluence of impair'd

waters, passing, for ages, through then the “Through length of days; and what he same channel, is the same identical pesi, tad can he will:

river, because the waters are so con“ His faithfulness stands' bound to see it stantly changing that it would be imdone."

possible for any human, not to say any stands opposed to this grand article of the same course, or that they will ever,

The philosophy ofinfidelity, however, angelic, understanding, to recognize the Christianity. This philosophy falsely a second time, form a portion of the so called," led the ancient opposers to

same river. enquire, “ How are the dead raised ? And, with what body shall they come ?"

Matter, in all its modifications and It would be considered as extremely cent: and this being the case, it apo te

combinations, is, allowedly, evanesuncivil and rustic, in this age of reason; pears to us, that, thongh it might be Sitede politeness, and etiquette, were we bluntly amusing, it would be equally unprofit. Ahol aj to reply, after the manner of so plain a as Paul the apostle, “Thou fool.

able to dispute whether the river is the Who, that impugns infinite wisdom,

same river, or the banks of the river the could bear to be thus roughly dealt

same banks ; as to enter into a Icarked with? “ THOU FOOL!!"

disquisition upon the identity of the It is not very easy to comprehend tion: for, although ihe flecting parents

buman body at the general resurrecwhat the infidel objector means by the ucles, which form the avimal frame, hogy perplexing term," the same numerical body.*, But, supposing we do, in may escape the notice of finite minds, some measure, comprehend their mean- the destination of every atom; and,

He that formed them all, bas ordained ing; let us enquire, Have we the same numerical body that we brought

« The time draws on with us into the world? Or, can we When not a single spot of burial earth, prove the identity of our bodies, apon Whether on land, or in the spacious sea, the principles of infidel philosophy, But must give back its long committed dust even for five minutes together? Is it Inviolate : and faithfully shall these the same body that dies at thirty, forty, Make up the full account; not the least

atom or fifty years of age, that was born? We may rererse this question, and Each soul 'shall have a body ready fur

Embezzled, or mislaid, of the wbole tale. ask, Is it not the same body thai dies

nished; at any given period, that was born? And each shall have his own. Every man, as he advances towards dissolution, bowever he may speculate Peasants, and other persons of slenand philosophize, is indubitably con- der abilities, who are, by the providence scious that his body bas never changed of God, almost wholly engaged in the its identity, from his earliest recollec- menial occupations of life, having neition to the present moment.

ther leisure nor talents to enter into

abstruse metaplıysical speculations, * May we not call this an Idiom of In- are, by this very circumstance, less fidelity?

opposed to the mysterics of Divine


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205 truthi and, when their minds are Whiaterer change the body of our be polega wrought upon by the Spirit of God, Lord, or the bodies of Epocb and Eli

they no longer Icap to their own un- jah, who were translated that they Jikam derstandings, but rest opon the inlinite should not sec death, miglit undergo, und elsta understanding of God: so that when to render them suitable for the eternal

the illiterate humble Christian contem- world; we can liave no reason to soptome the pe plates the mysterious joyful subject of pose that they changed their identity:

the resurrection of his body, at the The great apostle to the Gentiles, in

great day, he is graciously exempt from 1 Cor. xv. declares that_“ We shall finished it all perplexity, by simply taking God at pot nil sicer, "-1. e. die," but we

his word, that so it shall be: ho asks shall all be changed. In a moment, in 2

not, " How are the dead raised ?" or, the twinkling of an eye, at the last " with what body he is to meet his trump: for the trumpet shall sound, Lord in the air." He knows and is and ihe dead shall be raised incorruptiassured, that

ble, and we--we who are alive and " The same pow'r remain,-shall be changed. And this That reared the piece at first, and took it corruptible"-not another, bulą" this down,

corruptible must put on incorruption, , mother Can re-assemble the loose scatter'd parts, and this mortal must put on immorE, to reach And put them as they were.

tality." There can be no doubt, to those who

And, in Phil. iii. 21. Speaking of 1 tbspris Ilieve in the resurrection of onr Lord the second coming of our Lord, he parisia Jesns Christ, that the body, prepared

says, “ Who shall change our vilo fur him in the womb of the virgin, budy, that it"-our vile body—“ may dicts which was born of her at Bethlehem, he fashioned like unto his glorious edir, rom which lived to be about thirty-three

body." The tagscars of age, aud which, at last, died ile accursed death of the cross, was the of the same apostle npon the subject

And, finally, we bave tho testimony maltret same body which rose from the tomb: in 1 Thess. iv. 15, 16, 17. “ For this

the evidence of this is strikingly rew restemarkable from the rounds of the nails we say unto you by the Lord, that we

wbich are alive and remain unto tho indvalent and the spear remaining unclosed at his coming of the Lord, sball not prevent appearance to Thomas and the other

them which are asleep. l'or the Lord disciples. “ He saith to Thomas, reach himself shall descend from beaven with Hieronta hitber ihy fingers, and bchold my hands : and reach bither thy hand, and thrust a shont, with the voice of the archangel,

and the trump of God: and the dead it into my side."

l'orty days after our Redeemer bad in Christ shall rise first: Then we which risen from ihe dead, having led lis dis- are alive and remain, shall be canght up ciples to Bethany, be lifted up the together with them in the clouds, 1a hands which had been wailed to the meet the Lord in the air: and so shall cross, and blessed them, and ascended

we be over with the Lord." to heaven in the nature he assumed; Upper Dorset-streel.

T. P. a cloud receiving him out of their sight.

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Obituary and Recent Deaths.

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An Account of the Death of the late desirertbat I should act as her amaguenRev. Dr. ROGERS, of America, sis in addressing you at this time. We in a Letter written

by his Daugh. Seel deeply grateful for the friendly ler to the Rev. Dr. Evans, of mamma, and hope you will, in kindness, Islington.

overlook our very great negligence in

not long since forwarding you an account Bristol, December 12, 1824.

of the sore bereavement we bave upder

gone: but, really, wo have lived this My afflicted mother has expressed a iwelvemouth past in the midst of a


other scvero remedies, which, in the Jesus. Directly after his departure, a tole?

hopes were buoyant as he grew better, nessed. Never shall I forget it-thes the la T 1 206

OBITUARY. 1 variety of clianges in our family, so affectionate expressions, which 'we great, that they bave preveuted us from knew, from a long experience, enattending to the fulllment of those grossed his thougbts. One afternoon, duties, which would otherwise bave my mother asked him why he did not be been performed. : About ibis time converse ; he observed, he could not stopp twelvemonth, my sister, Sarah Aun, Oh, dear Sir, wbat a father have wo s* pet, i was united in marriage to Mr. D. Wolf, lost; and what a husband has my of Rhode Island : last spring my la mother been bereaved of. Alas! one speater

, mented father contemplated a removal idols must be rent from us, and I idola sila ay i there in consequence, when the stroke ized my sainteil father. The only fault * Ilate a of death severce him from our sight to I could perceive in his character was, Rib qam join his God in beaven. We, as soon a too great indulgence to his children, as our bealth would pernit, broke up which blinded bim eutirely to ont failu lomail housekeeping, and removed our furni- ings. But I could fill the shiect in ture to Bristol, Rhode Island, where writing his praiscs, and will, therefore, we at present reside with my married stop. Physicians and friends all resister, as she would not consent to our marked, they had never witnessed such being separated from her. I will now, fortitude, patience, sweetness, and ac dcar Sir, give you as particular a detail quiescence in all their desires. He as possible, respecting the decease of was so truly pious I wonder le was left breathe my father. He was taken, a fortuigbt so long from his home, heaven. We are before his death, with a fit of apoploxy of opinion, he thought his case hopeless at the house of our friend Mr. Garrett. from the first, and longed to depart

, He left homo perfectly well, and was but for his afliction at leaving his explaining to their family (whilst pay- family. He was dying all the day tri fat ing them a morning visit) a passage in previous to his deathi

, (which happened scripture, when he said, “Oh! my head, the 7th day of last April) and truly can my head”-be immediately became in- I say, we all experienced the troth sensible, a physician was sent for, who of that passage,

as thy days so shall I wanita ordered lim to bc bled ; lie was not thy strength be." Never could I revived by it, therefore my mother was have imagined death could appear so sent for; I went with lier, and, oh! the truly lovely, so entirely divested of its of the ánguish of our hearts to find my dear. sting. est father entirely senseless. He continued several hours in that situation,

4. Jesus can make a dying bed when, all at once, be aroused, and be

Feel gost as downy pillows are." came so well as to join in the conver- My father was continually engaged in sation-we brought him home as soon prayer, as bis eyes, until they closed in manilor as possible: just before he left the death, were raised to heaven. It was bouse, he said to Mrs. G. “Soon shall à source of great affliction to us he I be in that mansion prepared for me could not speak, but he was reduced to in my heavenly Father's kingdom." an infantile weakness. Aunt Josiah o prieten Soon after his arrival home, be became asked him, if he knew in whom he speechless. We sent for our friend believed ? be bowed his head in token and physician, Dr. Povall, who ordered of assent, and sweetly smiled. He bim instantly to his bed: that night an apparently suffered none in dying, and dip the eminent physician was called in, who departed at five o'clock on Wednesday had bim cupped, and bis head was morning, without a struggle, sigh, or twice blistered all over, with various groan; but sweetly fell asleep in first week, had apparently the desired the most rapturous, triumphant smile effect; we murmured pot; indeed our sbone on his countenance I ever wit

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The physicians said all disease bad left was the smile of one released from the
his pulse, but be constantly complained fetters of nortality, and who had winged
of bis eye-sight; he remained, from the bis flight, as a celestial spirit

, to join
time lic was taken, in a kind of stupor, lis Saviour avd his God. The day after
with a constant inclination for sleep. bis countenance cbanged into a calm
Owing to the nature of liis diseast“, wc and tranquil smile. Do not suppose,
were debarred leasing those pious and dear Dr. E., it was imagination created

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