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il the stories out of sleep, and calling on God fervently, the work. In April we were called with rencontre ei and in endeavouring to impress on the joyful hearts to visit the place where was isted encore mindof sinners, the importance of mak- much water. The 18th instant, brother COTTERE ing peace with God, and being reconciled Briggs baptized fourteen. Lord's-day, it ten petite to him through the blood of Christ. In: May 2, brother Butler baptized eight. **quiring meetings were appointed. There Lord's-day, May 16, brother Briggs bap.

were but four serious enquirers at the first, tized eighteen. Lord's-day, May 30, bali be cient but the number increased to about sixty. brother Chessman baptized eight. Lord's.

I think none indulged a hope in Christ day, June 20, Dr. Chapin baptized

until the latter part of February, The eleven. This was a solemn day, and will | Desting

, he little cloud was evidently seen to arise not soon be forgotten. Tbirty-seven ; er and overspread the heavens, but fcaring came forward to receive the right-hand of

that hopes, now so highly raised, might fellowship, seventeen males and twenty got be realized, and that the gathering females from fourteen to osty years of

clouds would be all scattered with but a age; fathers and mothers, brothers and be proti drop of rain; it was suggested to the sisters, husbands and wives. Lord's-day,

church, that they should set apart a day June 27, brother Butler baptized seven, conditis fur fasting, and prayer. Accordingly, two males and five females, all young

Thursday, the 4th of March, was appoint people. Thus, sixty-six have followed egiten ed. The day was unusually pleasant for their Divine Saviour into the liquid grave. il of the the time of the year. In the morning, a Some went to the water doubting and

discourse was delivered on the import- with a heavy heart, who came away reance of prayer, &c. The afternoon was joicing in the salvation of God. Thirty

spent in solemn prayer and exhortation, one of this number were males, thirty-five berishment !t was a day on which memory will ever females, and fifteen were heads of families.

dwell with delight. The oldest professors More have indulged a hope who have not

of religion said they never saw such a day been baptized. The work is still progo ofa before. It was so solemn, that many gressing and spreading.

were constrained to say, “ The Lord is in
this place, and I knew it not." No hu.
man tongue or human pen, can adequately Extract of a Letter to a Friend in Washing.
describe the events of this interesting ton City, dated
day. There was a general attendance of Stevensville, ( Virginia) July 31, 1824.
church and society. Old professors ac.

knowledged to their brethren and the

We have been greatly blessed in this world their backslidings from God, and the stumbling-blocks they had laid in the vicinity for the last two months, with a way, while the tears of penitence flowed dred have already been added to the dif

revival of religion. More than two hun. freely. It was such a time as I never hefore experienced. It appeared that the

ferent churches in our denomination ; people of God did not fast and pray in and the work seems to be spreading in rain; we trust that some souls were this every direction. I was at a baptizing on day pricked in the hearts. The work now

Sunday last, on the Rappahannock river,

where I saw ninety-one buried in the
sprearls rapidly. It is worthy of obser: liquid grave. May the work continue to
ration, that there was no unpleasant
noise, and no instance of confusion or spread until it shall cover the whole earth.
wild enthusiasin apparent.

Yours truly,

JOHN BAYLEY. par evening meetings, held in a schoolhouse, were crowded, and many could not be seated; yet such was the silence, Extract of a Letter from Rev. D. Dunbar, that the place more resembled the tomb

to one of the Editors, dated than the place of the living. Even the sigh of the heaving bosom, and the groan

Nobleloro', (M.) August 18, 1824. of the broken heart, were rarely to be RESPECTED AND DEAR SIR, heard. Prom this time, more or less in I have now the pleasure of informing dulged a bope every week. The greatest you, that the Lord has done great things pumber of persons I think, who indulged a for this people, whereof we are glad. I hope during any one

week, was fourteen. arrived here the first week in December, This work bore down all opposition. and have been honoured with the priviThe principles of the moralist, univer- lege of leading willing converts into the salist, &c. were no more before the Spirit typical grave of our blessed Redeemer, of God, than dry stubble before the flames. every Lord's-day, excepting three, for Like a mighty torrent, it appeared to five months successively. This work of bear down every thing before it. All God has been deep, silent, and progres. classes of people have been subjects of sive. The subjects of discourse which I

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endeavour to exhibit and impress upon having, to the great satisfaction of the the minds of the bearers, were, the holi. Trustees, and much to the advantage of ness, justice, and goodness of God's law, the College, succeeded fully in their obthe obligations binding upon all men to ject. A most valuable philosophical apobey it, the guilt and misery entailed upon paratus, and a large quantity of books, all who have transgressed it, the total were procured by contributions solicited depravity of the human heart, and its by professor Woods. The apparatus and latent enmity against God and his law; books are in use at the Institution, and Tetap the necessity, nature, and ellicacy of the the professors engaged in their respective atonement made by “God manifested in duties. Professor Chase, whose state of the flesh," the obligation to repent and health seemed to require his being per. 2. Hal i believe the gospel, the necessity of being mitted for a season to be relieved from Lam created anew in Christ Jesus, the agency his arduous labours in the college, has, TX of the Eternal Spirit in effecting this with the approbation of the Trustees

, blues change ; with the concomitant operations gone out to Europe ; and is, probably, at experienced by the awakened sinner, when this time on the Continent. He is er. turned from darkness to light; and the pected home next term, to resume bis header ability and determination of Christ to dnties here. Five of the beneficiaries of save to the uttermost, them that come the board have retired from the Instituunto God hy him. The convictions and tion, and one deceased, the number te alarm felt in the souls of those who are maining is five; a few others supported the the bappy subjects of this revival, were only in part. The whole number of stu• of a silent and pangent nature; and their dents admitted to the College from the ultimate joys have been rational and first, is 140 ; the present number at the moderate.

Institution is 93. The number added to the church by baptism, as the fruits of God's gracious visitation among his people, is ninety London Baptist Building Fund. two; and I am happy to say, that every one of these, from the least to the great

To the Editor of the Baptist Magazine. est, continues to give evidence that “the DEAR SIR, gospel came not unto them in word only,

The Committee of the London Baptist but also in power, and in the Holy Ghost, Building Fuod feel obliged by your reads and in much assurance.” In eighteeen concurrence to forward the objects of the instances, the husband and wife have Society. They learn with pleasure that been taken ; and in some cases, two, three, the institution is highly approved both in and four children in a family, have been town and country; and personal applicabaptized together. About the beginning of February, the nanced. A minister, who was in London

tion, with cases, is greatly discountepower of God began to appear in the first in February, writes thus to the church by Church and congregation, whereof Elder which he was sent: "I have been trying Pilsbury is the pastor, and, for upwards to beg, but, to my great mortification, of three months, progressed with much have been to above a hundred places in greater rapidity than it did amongst us. London for 158. 6d. In consequence of The number baptized by elder P. is over the Building Fund, people appear to be one hundred and twenty; but I regret to all of one opinion not to give. add, that for several weeks, no new cases

A great proportion of the usual contriof awakening have occurred in either congregation. The attention, however, is waited upon, but the subscription list

butors to country cases has not yet been still very remarkable, and we humbly amounts at this time to about £1000. A beg the prayers of all God's people, that confident expectation is indulged, that the his Spirit may continue with us to make laudable exanıples already given, will be his people

willing, until the praises of cheerfully followed. redeeming love shall echo from every

March 11th, 1825.

J. H. house, and from every field in Noble. borough.


The Baptist Churches of Portsea, have The Committee, on the condition and chosen a committee to examine and regu. prospects of the Columbian College, pre- late the applications for liquidating the sented a report from the Superintending debts contracted for building, enlarging, Committee of said College, as follows. or repairing chapels; that two cases have

“ The two professors who were absent been selected, as having the strongest on a European tour at the time of your claims, namely, Ebenezer Meeting, Southlast annual meeting, have since returned; sea, and the oneat Lockerly; and that these

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tiro cases are all that the circumstances of visited the Academy, and his very fa the congregations will permit them to as. vourable Report was read. The usual sist in the year 1825. The Rev. C.T. Mile. Potes of thanks to the tutors, the officers, ham and Mr. Hinton are the Secretaries. and those friends, who had made dona

tions of books, &c. were passcd unani.

mously. The venerable Treasurer, and STEPNEY ACADEMY. • several other gentlemen, addressed the On Tuesday evening, January 18 convinced, we apprehend, that this Insti.'

Meeting, and all who were present were last, the Annual Meeting of the sub- tution has not yet received the encourageseribers to this Institution, was held at

ment which its unquestionable utility has the King's Head in the Poultry--the Pre- merited. sident in the Chair. The Meeting was not

Subscriptions and Donations are rebumerous, but very respectable.

ceived by the Treasurer, Joseph Gutter, The Report stated–That within the idge, Esq. Camberwell, by the Rev. S. past year, Mr. Thomas Thomas had been Young, at the Academy; by the Secreadmitted from Cardiff; and Mr. James Vincent from Derby.That Mr. Richard tary, the Rev. J. M. Cramp, Chapel-place,

Long-lane, Southwark; and by any other May had been ordained at Amersham, Member of the Committee. Bucks; and Mr. William Davies at Hailsham in Sussex. Mr. Hatch is supplying the church at

To the Editor of the Buptist Magazine. Melksham. Mr. Tomkins is pursuing

Sir, his studies at Edinburgh, under the pa

As historical accuracy ought to be the tronage of Dr. Ward's trustees. In the country-Mr. Washington Wake much oblige me by inserting in your next

aim of every faithful biography, you will bas completed his term, under the direc. number the following correction of an ertion of the Rev. Wm. Gray at Chipping ror, that has occurred in my Memoirs of Norton. Messrs. Breeze, Flood, and the late Rev. W. Ward.Garner, continue with Mr. Gray. Mr. Thomas Groser continues under the di. menced his religious profession in a church

In page 14, he is said to have com. rection or the Rev. Wm. Anderson at Dunstable. Mr. T. Coles continues with the pastoral care of the Rev. J. Beatson;

meeting in Salthouse-lane, Hull, under the Rev. John Hemming of Kimbolton. The tutors at Stepney, and those in the whom he always entertained the highest

it appears, however, that Mr. Beatson, for country also, made a gratifying Report of esteem, having retired on account of ill the diligence and correct deportment of health, a secession from that church took the young men committed to their care. place, of some, who could not agree with Mr. John Charles Ward and Mr. Wm. the rest in the choice of a successor, Steers completed their term at Stepney at These persons formed themselves into a Christmas last. Mr. Daniel Gould has church, under the pastoral charge of the accepted the pastoral office at Lincoln.

Rev. W. Pendered, late of Royston, who Mr. James Thomas and Mr. George had been invited to preach to them, and Pearce are studying at Stepney, under fitted up a room for their meetings, until the patronage of the Baptist Mission So- the present chapel in George-street was ciety. Mr. Titus Jenkins, who had been built for them. This church Mr. Ward placed under the direction of the Rev, R. joined, ing baptized on the 28th of Au. Pryce of Aston, has been removed to gust, 1796, (probably by Mr. P.) and re• Stepney. The students now in the Academy are,

ceived on the 4th of September following: Messrs. James Venimore, Charles Darkin, March 12, 1825.

I am, Sir, your's truly,

SAMUEL STENXETT. Thomas Swindell, Charles Stovell, W. D. Jones, Samuel Whitewood, Maurice Jones, Jonathan Hooper, Thomas Thomas,

The Berks and West London Home Titas Jenkins, James Vincent, with the two Missionary Students above.named.

Missionary Association We were much gratified on hearing also Was formed at Eagle-street, on the 9th of the Academy-chapel, that the congre. of March, 1825. The chair was taken by gation has increased--that the preaching Robert Bowyer, Esq.; and the several of the students has been acceptable and resolutions were brought forward by Rev. useful-that Tracts have been widely Messrs. Coles, Southwood, Ivimey, Tyso, circulated by them, and that they have, Hinton, Belsher, and Cox. A sermon with the assistance of some other young was preached in the evening by Mr. Hinpersons, conducted a Sunday-school of ton, of Reading; and the receipts of the nearly one hundred children.

day, including donations and subscrip: Dr. Olinthus Gregory had recently tions, amounted to £21 178. Contribu


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tions to the important object of this Asso 30. Haworth, by Rer. Mr. £ s. d. ciation will be gratefully received by Mr.

Rul, Hampton, Treasurer; Rev. J. H. Sept. 8. A Dividend..

7 16 3 Hinton, Reading, Secretary; or Rev. J. 25. Langham Ladies AssoIvimey, London.

ciation, by Mr. Joseph The half-yearly meeting will be held in


4 11 the autumn at Wallingford.

Dec. 6. Daniel Lister, Esq.

... 10 00 29. By Rev. J. Denbam 7 0 0

1825. NOTICES.

Jan.11. T. Ellis, Esq. Sand

hurst. Life Sub. 10 10 0 HERTFORDSHIRE UNION.

Mrs. Ellis, Do. Do, 10 10 The Annual Meeting of the Hertford

Mr. Jevones, East Mall. shire Union will be held at St. Albans, on

ing, by Mr. Upton ... 1 0 0 Wednesday, the 27th of April. The Rev.

Rev.S.Saunders, Frome 111 Dr. Waugh is expected to preach.

Dartmouth Auxiliary



3 15 0 The eleventh Anniversary of the Bed. Haworth, by Rev. Mr. fordshire Association of Baptist churches,


5 0 0 will be held at Sharnbrook, in the county Potter-street, Rev. Mr. of Bedfordshire, on Wednesday, the 4th


4 6 11 day of May next. Brethren Holloway, of Feb.10. Messrs. Jordaine and Cotton-End, and Wake of Leighton-Buz

Shaw .............. 21 zard, to preach.

Mar. 3. J. H. and S.

6 6 0 J.H....

25 0 Sums received by Mr. Burls for the Irish

Mrs.Bayley, Whitchurch,

0 10 0 Society, not before acknowledged. 1824.

Mr. Stock, Regent-st. 0 10 6

d. Aug. Mrs. Dyer, Frome 1 0

The Irish Chronicle is unavoidably Collected at Lancaster,

omitted this month, in consequence of the Yealand, & Kendal, by

correspondence from Ireland not having Rev. Moses Fisher... 25 % 0 arrived at the usual time.

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Original Missionary Hymn.

Hail, thou blest Sun of Righteousness!

Thy healing beams display,
O'er rocks and hills thy light diffuse,

And scatter night away.
Thou promis'd Star of Bethlehem !

With radiance all thine own,
Rise-and declare the night is o'er,

And usher in the morn.
Haste, gospel truth, and wide disperse

Deep superstition's gloom,
Proclaim that in the Saviour's heart,

For sinners there is room.

O! let the joyful tidings fly

Through Satan's wide domain ;
And co-extensive with the curse,

Be our Immanuel's reign.
Thou sacred Spirit! speed the work,

And pour thine influence down;
Supply thy servants' every need,

And all their labours crown.
Soon shall the blissful era come,

When the whole ransom'd race
Shall own thy universal sway,

And shout thy sovereign grace.

Calendar for Aprtl. 8. Full Moon VI. 23 morn. Too far 18. New Moon IX. 20. morn. Too far

south to pass through the Earth's north to cast her shadow on the Earth. shadow.

19. Moon passes Mars V. 45 morn. 7. Mercury passes Mars.

20. Moon passes Mercury IV morn. 8. Ceres south X. 36 aft. Altitude 21. Moon passes Venus XI. inorn. 570 30'.

21. Moon passes Saturn XI. 30 morn. 10. Moon passes Herschel VI. morn. 25. Moon passes Jupiter XI. aft. 12. Herschel south VI. 5 mora. Alti,

tude 160 4'.

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BAPTIST MISSION. the other dissenting congregations, and

by many of the respectable inhabitants of the city, who were connected with him by

no religious tie. Bome Proceedings. The athletic frame and general health

of Mr. Saffery might have been thought to promise the continuance of his life and

usefulness for many years to come; but Death of the Rev. John Saffery. an accident, which occurred to him some

inonths since, in being thrown with vio

lence from a gig, while collecting for the It is now our painful duty to record Mission in Dorsetshire, brought on a gethe death of a valuable minister, who neral debility, if it did not occasion an

has for many years taken a very deep and internal injury, from which he never fully ste vi lirely interest in the affairs of the Baptist recovered.

Mission, and to whose successful exer. By the advice of his physician, he went tions in collecting on its behalf, in vari- to Bath at the commencement of the year, ous parts of Great Britain, our pages in the hope that the waters might be found bare often borne witness. We allade to restorative. While in that city as an intho Rey. Joha Saffery, of Salisbury, who valid, he could not be inactive; he pro. expired on Wednesday, the 9th of March, cured a Directory, and endeavoured to in the sixty-third year of his age.

learn who, among the opulent inhabitants Mr. Saffery was a native of Hythe, and visitors of that celebrated wateringRear Southampton, and originally a mem- place, were likely to countenance his apber of the church in Portsea, under the plications on behalf of the Mission ; but

care of the late Rev. Joseph Horsey, his labours for the cause of God were 2 Soon after he was called by his brethren ended: his strength gradually declined,

to the work of the ministry, he visited the and after spending a few days, in a state church at Salisbury, then recently de. of great languor and exhaustion, at the prired by death of its pastor, the Rev. house of his much esteemed friend and Henry Phillips; and after supplying relative, Mr. Whitaker of Bratton, he them some time on probation, was chosen returned, on the 14th of February, to die as his successor. The connection, thus among his own people, and surrounded heppily formed, has subsisted from that by bis beloved family. time to the present a period of five-and. Although the writer intended nothing thirty years-with undiminished harmony more than a passing notice of the de. and confidence. Under his care, and by parture of a friend, endeared to himself the divine blessing resting upon his la- by recollections extending backwards to bours, the church has greatly increased bis early childhood, and highly esteemed to Dumbers, and afforded many pleasing by very many who will honour this page indications of spiritual prosperity. Few with a perusal, on account of bis zealous instances have occurred in which the ex. and indefatigable exertions on behalf of pressions of deep solicitude during se the Baptist Missionary Society, he feels vere illness, and of unaffected sorrow at it incumbent upon him to add, that the its fatal termination, have been more ge. closing scenes of Mr. Saffery's' life were neral; and it is honourable alike to the eminently peaceful and happy. Amidst deceased and the parties concerned, to excruciating pain, his mind was stayed add, that these have not been confined to upon God-he took leave of his beloved the church and congregation over whom family, and of the deacons of the church, he presided. They have been shared by with calm and heavenly composure, and


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