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and sisters above mentioned. The church before whoin such encouraging prospects of Jesus Christ baptized upon a profes- of usefulness open; and we earnestly sion of faith, assembling in Westgate, in pray, that he may be enabled to labour the town of Bradford, in the county of successfully for years to come, and that York, sends Christian salutation : you may ever profit by his ministry, and

VERY DEAR BRETHREN AND SISTERS,- esteem him highly in love for his work's * * " Io compliance with your request signi. sake. And now, brethren, we commend

fined in your letter now before us, we you to God, and to the word of his grace,

bereby dismiss you from our communion, which is able to build you up, and to give **** with a view to accomplish the object spe- you an inheritance among them that are

cified in your application to us—that of sanctified. Pray for us, and rest assured,

forming à Baptist Church, which shall that we shall ever pray for you. And te assemble for divine worship at the newly, remain, beloved brethren and sisters, erected place in Bridge-street, in this

Yours in our common Lord, town; an object which lies as near our Signed by the pastor and members, at our hearts, as it does near to yours. And we church meeting, Oct. 10, 1824." take this opportunity of expressing oor The dismission of Mr. and Mrs. God.

most decided, and most cordial approba. win from the church at Great Missenden, Fe, tion of all the steps that have been taken, Bucks. was also read. The persons who

from the commencement of the under- were about to unite in church-fellowship, taking in which you are engaged, both in all sitting together in the table-pew, then the erection of the building, and in all

rose up, at Mr. Birt's request, to signify el, at the subsequent measures pursued, where their intentions, and, having given each

by the undertaking has been conducted other the right hand of fellowship, were to its present stage.

then recognized as a distinct Christian We desire to tender our service, and church. One of the members, on behalf our warmest thanksgivings to our Lord of the rest, then declared their unanimous and yours, that he has condescended to choice of Bro. Godwin, to be their Pastor, succeed and to honour us to such a de- who signified his acceptance of their invigree, as to make us the means of planting tation. The Rev. J. Trickett, of Bramanother church in this increasingly popu- ley, then implored a blessing on the union locs town, founded on those principles, which had taken place. And after singwhich, we are fully persuaded, are most ing, the Rev. Dr. Steadman preached from conformable to his mind and will. In- Acts xii. 24. The Rev. ). Allison of stead, therefore, of feeling regret, we dis- Idle, then concluded in prayer, miss you with joy; and, instead of our

In the evening, public service was com. esteem and affection towards you being menced by singing; after which, the Rev. lessened, we feel them increased, by your w. Bottomley, of Bingley, engaged in embarking so zealously in a cause from prayer. Dr. Šteadman then delivered an which so much honour is likely to re- address on the office of deacons, and the dound to our adorable Redeemer; and choice of three persons to that office was so much good to accrue to our immortal signified by one of the members on behalf fellow.creatures.

of the church. After which, prayer was We are gratified with the expressions of offered by Dr. Steadman, with imposition your love and esteem for us, and our of hands. The Rev. J. Mann, M. A. of pastor; and we assure you of the con- Shipley, then preached from Micah iv. tinuance of our regard for you. We hope 1,2; and Mr. Godwin closed by prayer we shall ever feel a lively interest in your the interesting services of a day which

shall always sympathize with will long be remembered. you in your trials; and shall be ready at

Since the above period, the church has all times to render every assistance in

gone on prosperously. The congregation our power, when such an assistance may and the school have increased : ten have be needed. Though two churches, we been added by baptism, and several more trust that, by the grace of God, we shall

are expected. ever be one in heart and in design, and The most undiminished harmony sub. malways co-operate with the greatest cheer. sists between them and the church from

fulness in whatever may contribate to which they sprang ; which is likely, in a our matual good, and to the advancement little time, to have as many additions as in the world of the kingdom of our ador. will equal the number of those who have able, our common, our much-loved Lord.

been dismissed. We desire, also, to express our thankful

Both churches rejoice in the prosperity ness, that God has provided yon with a of Zion, and unite in devoutly acknowpastor, in the person of our beloved ledging that “This is the Lord's doing, brother Godwin, whose labours have and it is marvellous in our eyes." proved so acceptable among you, and




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CASE OF DISTRESS. gate of the subscriptions will warrant; A Menonite Baptist Minister from and, as a considerable number of cases Prussia, the Rev. Benjamin Jantz, in pe. mittee are particularly desirous that those

have already been presented, the Com. culiarly distressing circumstances, is now in London, who is come to England for Christian friends who favour the design, the purpose of soliciting some pecuniary

would signify the amount of their in. assistance from such of our friends as have tended subscriptions as soon as possible the means of relieving so interesting a

to the Secretary, Rev. James Hargreaves, people as the Menonites.

6, Fen court, or to any member of the This case comes well recommended, not Committee. It is very probable that, only from the people with which he is’ im notwithstanding the anxiety of the Commediately connected, but from other re

mittee to circulate their addresses as spectable persons on the Continent, who generally as possible among the contriare willing and disposed to assist him to buters, some names may have been uninthe utmost of their power, in conjunction tentionally omitted, in which case a line, with the friends in England. as above, would be esteemed an addi.

22 Mr. Jantz expected, on coming to Eng. tional favour, and all information respectland, to meet with the Rev. W. H. Angas, ing the Society promptly furnished. It with whom he became acquainted, in is hoped that a statement of the Cases Mr. Angas's late tour among the Menon- assisted in April, will be inserted in your phone to ite Baptists, who, no doubt, would have Magazine for June. espoused his cause, to introduce his dis. Feb, 14, 1825.

J. H. tressing case to the religious public at large; but Mr. Angas is recently returned to the Continent; he has been written to Loss nf a valuable Manuscript of the on the subject, and a reply is every day

late Rev. A. Fuller. expected, which reply is deemed desira. ble previously to any application being By the late fire at Bristol, which con. made on behalf of Mr. J..

sumed the printing-oflice of Mr. J. Fuller, This valuable and useful labourer in the we regret to learn, that a manuscript writLord's vineyard has been a gratuitous ten by his late revered father, contain. pastor for fifteen years, of a poor flock, ing Expository Remarks on the Book of consisting of nearly two hundred mem- Job, was destroyed : as also 100 Volumes bers: over which the great Head of the of his printed works. Nearly the whole Church has made bim overseer.

edition, too, of Dr. Ryland's Manual, He has been engaged in trade to a conentitled “ Christianæ Militiæ Viaticum," siderable extent, for the maintenance of and a new edition of the Sermons of the his family, and the assistance of his peo. late Rev. Mr. Toller, Mr. Fuller was in. ple; but the depressed state of property sured to nearly the extent of his pecuni. and trade in Prussia has been the cause of ary loss; but the loss of the manuscript, his losses, and consequent distress of his which he had intended to publish, is irfamily, and many of his pastoral charge. reparable.

Mr. Jantz labours under the great disadvantage of not being able to speak the English language.


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London Baptist Building Fund. CUBBERLEY, NEAR CHELTENHAM. To the Editor of the Baptist Magazine.

On the of 29th August, 1823, a small

Meeting-house, for divine worship, was DEAR SIR,

opened, and the Rev. Messrs. Brown and Many of your readers will be gratified Jenkyn Thomas, of Cheltenham; and to learn, that the London Baptist Build. White of Cirencester, preached to nuing Fund meets with very general en. merous congregations. couragement. Though the Committee

The gospel was first introduced to this have not yet ascertained the result of village by Mr. Thomas Davis, a laborimany of their applications, and find it, ous itinerant, under peculiar circumindeed, a matter of considerable difficulty stances. An individual in London sent to procure an accurate list of those friends him a parcel of tracts, with an injunction who bave been usually contributors to that they should not be distributed in Couptry Cases, yet the amount of sub- any of the villages where he had pre. scriptions already is nearly £800. Ac- viously distributed tracts; this induced cording to the rules of the Society, a him to explore Cubberley, about five miles quarterly distribution will be made in from his abode, and he went with exhorApril next, to such amount as the aggre. tations from house to house with bis

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tracts. The following week, two or three of God, have resulted in the formation of
persons came from Cubberley to a neigh- this interest. The church is yet small,
bouring village, where Mr. Davis preach- but is receiving frequent additions. In
ed. The number increased in the fol- connection with the above services, a new
lowing weeks; and, at length they asked Chapel was opened for divine worship,
him to preach at their village. This he which is well attended. After the most
agreed to do, and after a few months, a strenuous local exertions, a considerable
kind individual offered a piece of freehold debt yet remains, for the liquidation of
land for a meeting-house; and another which an appeal must be made to the
offered to make the conveyance and trust- benevolence of the religious public.
deed gratuitously: as there were symp-
toms of good being done, and as there
was a populous neighbourhood, it was

Ordination of the Rer. B. Fuller, at accepted ; and Mr. Davis undertook the

Harston, Cambridgeshire.
erection of a?meeting-house. The place
cost altogether about £180, of which the MR. B. Fuller, late student of the Bris.
sum of 221 178. 6d. only now remains tol Education Society, was, on Thursday,
unpaid; and, as our esteemed friend November 11th, 1824, publicly recoga
Davis has travelled several hundred nized as the pastor of the Baptist Church
miles already, the friends confidently at Harston, Cambridgeshire.
hope, by this appeal to a benevolent pub Mr. Drake, of Cambridge, commenced
lic, that his useful time may be spared the interesting services of the day by
from again travelling to get up the re- reading and prayer; Mr. Compton, of
mainder, as he must necessarily go to a Islebam, gave a concise and judicious ac-
considerable distance ; and as he preaches count of a Christian church, asked the
in five dark villages, great part of them usual questions, and received Mr. Fuller's
must be destitute whilst he is absent. confession of faith; Mr. Hopkins, of

Subscriptions will be thankfully re. Linton, offered up the ordination prayer;
ceived by the Rev. John Brown, and the Mr. Edmonds, of Cambridge, gave a very
Rev. Jenkyn Thomas, Cheltenham; the affectionate and most impressive charge.
Rev. D. White, Cirencester; Mr. 'T. P. Mr. Wilkinson, of Walden, addressed
Ross, Attorney, Chalford Hill; Thomas the people with much affection and are
Thompson, Esg. Brixton Hill; or Mr. dour; Mr. Pepper, of Melbourn, gave
Ross, Attorney, No. 3, New Inn, or at out the hymns, Mr. Pyne, of Duxford,

concluded by prayer; and Mr. Thodey,

of Cambridge, preached in the evening Ordination of the Rer. c. Morrell, at of the day. Malton, Yorkshire.

The services of the day were highly

interesting and profitable; many, we beOn November 4, 1824, Mr. C. Morrell lieve, felt it good to wait upon the Lord. was ordained pastor of the Baptist be long remembered by all who were

May the solemn engagements of the day
Church at Malton, Yorkshire.
MPherson, of Hull, commenced the ser-

vices by reading and prayer; Mr. Har.
ness, of Purlington, stated the nature of

a gospel church, asked, of the church and
their minister, the usual questions, and

On the 29th December, 1824, a new received their answers.

Dr. Steadman, Meeting-house was opened for the use of of Bradford, offered up the ordination the Baptist Church in Andover, Hants. prayer, and delivered an affectionate On this occasion, sermons were preached charge, from 2 Tim. iv. 5 ; Mr. Norman- by Messrs. Saffery, of Salisbury ; Hinton, ton, of Driffield, concluded with prayer. of Reading; and Saunders, of Frome; The services of the afternoon were come the devotional exercises being conducted menced by Mr. Hithersay, of Hunmanby; by Messrs. Burnett, of Lockerly; CoxMr. Thonger, of Hull, preached to the head, of Winchester; Yarnold and church from 1 Thess. iii. 8; and Mr. George, of Romsey; Welch, of Newbury: Foster, of Scarborough, concluded : Dr. Russell, of Broughton; and Davies, of Steadman preached again in the evening. Whitchurch. The services were well

The Baptist interest at Malton is yet in attended, and the collections amounted to its infancy. The agents of the Itinerant £40. After several years of cherished Society, a few years ago, perceiving the desire and servent prayer, this church was supply of the means of grace to be vastly formed January 12, 1824, with the assistdisproportionate to the number of inhabit: ance of the Rev. Philip Davies, of Whitants, commenced their exertions in this church. The offer of an eligible situation, place, which, attended with the blessing has induced them to build a plain, sub

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stantial meeting-house, adapted to con

NOTICES. tain about three hundred persons, and to permit tbe erection of a gallery. In Ardover, with the kind assistance of our in

Berks and West London Home dependent brethren, and in the immediate

Missionary Society. neighbourhood, more than £200 have been raised towards the building; and when the case is presented to the public, held at Reading, to consider whether any

DECEMBER 14, 1824, a Meeting was it is hoped that favour will be shewn to a young interest of encouraging pros- union and co-operation among the

measures could be adopted to promote pects, arising in the midst of so consider. Baptist churches immediately westwards able a population.

of London : when it was resolved to at.

tempt the formation of a Home MissionSTOCKWELL, SURRY.

ary Society for the district. On this On the 1st of February last, a Baptist following

subject we are requested to insert the Meeting-house was opened in Stockwell,

NOTICE. Surry, raised by the exertions of between twenty and thirty members of distant The Meeting for the formation of the Baptist chnrches residing in the neigh- proposed Berks and West London Home bourhood of Stockwell; when three im. Missionary Society, will be held at the pressive sermons were preached : by the Meeting-house, Eagle-street, London, on Rev. Edward Andrews, LL.D. of Beres. Wednesday, March 9, 1825. ford Chapel, Walworth, in the morning, The provisional Committee will meet in from Joshua v. 13, 14; by the Rev. James the vestry, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, Hargreaves, of Little Wild.street, Lon- when any persons interested in the regu. don, in the afternoon, from 1 Peter iv, ll; lations to be proposed are at liberty to And by the Rev. John Stevens, of attend. Meard's-court, Soho, from Acts xiv. 7, in At two in the afternoon will be held A' the evening. A considerable congrega- PUBLIC MEETING FOR THE FORMATION OF tion is expected to attend, and a small THE SOCIETY, church will shortly be formed. A pro And at half-past six in the evening, a portion of the expense incurred in the sermon on its behalf will be preached by erection of the meeting-house yet remains the Rev. J. H. Hinton, of Reading. to be defrayed ; and contributions, in aid of its funds, will be thankfully received, by Mr. Thompson, 425, Strand Tue Rev. Mr. Jackson, late of Wantage,

; or Mr. Gardner, Ironmonger, 11, Chapel has accepted the pastoral charge of the

church at Ashford. street, Stockwell.

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That I may-be found in him."

Phil, iii. 8, 9.
GOOD Lord! one request I prefer;
() send me not empty away!
It is, that in Christ I may be,
When both heart and flesh shall decay!.
Found in Christ, I nothing shall need;
Though nothing besides I possess !

I know he my wants will supply,
His grace is a portion to bless!
If found but in Jesus, at last,
I shall triumph o'er Death and his sting;
His shield safe protection afford:
And his power the victory bring!
Like Noah, preserv'd in the ark,
While tempests were raging around:-
So grant, that in life and in death,
I may in the Saviour be found !


Calendar far. March. 2. Moon passes Jupiter VII morn. 19. New Moon IV. 23 aft. Too far north 4. Full Moon IX. 21 aft. Too far to cast her shadow on the Earth.

south' to pass through the Earth's 21. Moon passes Mars IV. 45 morn. shadow.

23. Moon passes Venus. VII. 30 aft, 8. Ceres south, O. 58 morn. Altitude 25. Moon passes Saturn 0.30 morn. 55° 55'.

27. Sun (as to longitude)

between the 12. Herschel south VII. 55 morn. Alti. Earth and Mercury, VI. 15 morn. tade 16° 59'.

30. Moon passcs Jupiter, VII. morn. 18. Moon passes Mercury X. 45 aft.

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Rw. Sir,

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From an Irish Reader, to the Rev. W. I interfered, and requested them to take

no notice of what he said.

These are but singular instances, and Ennis, December 14, 1924.

very few I meet that are not willing to

hear, and the great question is daily in. You are already aware that I spent creasing, the flame spreading, and I trust part of the first month of this quarter un the day is fast approaching, that all, from well; but, by the grace of God, I was the least to the greatest, will praise and soon enabled to resume my labours, and, know the Lord. as usual, go from house to house, and Another instance of great use there is read and explain the scriptures to the in- in sending into the highways, &c. and habitants of this town, &c. I am now inviting the miserable to the marriage of returning from a tour, in which I went as the Lamb. far as Clonmel; and I trust the Lord has As I was going to Newmarket, I met a belped me, for I thank him I had in- genteel-looking man mounted; we talked stances of his blessing on my humble ef- on religion. He dismounted, and walked forts, At Ballabuy I was at a man's with me from Clare to Newmarket. I house, who was in the habit of reading first thought he was a priest; but I found the scriptures; there followed me a man by our conversation he was a Roman Ca. who was in the habit of reprobating every tholic gentleman from Limerick. He told one that said any thing in favour of them; me he had a Bible in his house, but he we accordingly began to speak of the never gave himself any uneasiness about scriptures, and the Lord blessed my religious controversy ; that he looked on words so far as that this man humbly the clergy as the stewards, and that they asked me if I would get him a Douay must give account and be answerable for Testament. On the 18th of November I the people. I told him Paul said, “ Let was at the Court-house change, and read every one prove his own work, and then and explained three chapters to a very shall he have rejoicing in himself, and attentive people. I then went to a man's not in another;" and the prophet' said, house in Chapel-lane; we were talking “The son shall not bear the iniquities of of the dean, and of his having burnt tracts the father," &c. Ezekiel xviii. 20. This and Testaments. I shewed him several led him to a minute inquiry, and, consepassages in favour of reading the scrip- quently, me to an explanation of every tures; he told me he had a Testament, part of popery; he declared he never with notes, &c. I asked him to shew mé knew there were such things as I told in the book; he did so with seeming re- the Bible, and he determined to read and luctance, and shortly after requested that judge for himself for the future. I would retire ; which I did. On the May the Lord Jesus enable every la22d, I was at the Court house, as usual, bourer to cry aloud, and spare not; and reading to a great number of people, who to show those who are kept in the region seemed, and were sensibly affected, and shadow of thick darkness, and who blessing God, &c.; but when I read the are striving to save themselves, and parable of Dives and Lazarus, it is im. trusting in a priestly arm of flesh, that by possible to describe the sighs, &c. which the righteousness of the law there shall burst from them, blessing God, and giving no fiesh be justified: and that without thanks to his name; but I was interrupted him, who is the way, the truth, and the by a man who asked me my profession. life, we can do nothing. May they reI told him it was such as the book in my collect that our righteousness is as filthy hand, with the assistance of God, taught rags; and that, not by works of righteme. He desired the people not to hear ousness, but according to his mercy, he me, and that there was not a word about saved us. the Virgin Mary in my book. I mention These are the heartfelt wishes of, Rev. these circumstances, to let you see that Sir, your obedient and sincere servant the wicked one is not without emissaries. and friend in the best cause, But the people were so disgusted with his

STEPHEN RYAN. conduct, that they cried out against him, N. B. The man who interrupted me, and were likely to fall out with him; but by saying, there was not a word about

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