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adie passing every sentiment before the among dissenters from that estabbatten understanding and the judgment, lishment, we calculate on hearing a e of zs applying the whole to the beart; minister deliver discourses which by the in and constantly sbould such a search we may properly call his own. ty to the after divine truth be connected with Ministers, in general, also wish conhe term fervent prayer to the Spirit of wis- gregations to have that idea of their bora, y dom and grace, for his holy unction sermons; and he who is the most

and divine assistance. But how in- dextrous at pluming himself with e, and compatible all this is with merely borrowed feathers, would blush at es & committing to memory another exposure.

He would consider bimman's sermon, Deed not be told. self as charged, by such an exposure, A parrot may be taught to repeat with theft, idleness, or incapacity.

an exercise; but the minister of Does not the man, then, who acts a depe Jesus Christ is to declare that only such a part as is censured in this Searkes which he has handled and fell. He paper, wish his andience to believe od sios! who ministers in holy things is, if a falsehood? These observations, this ih duly qualified, “ Apt to teach." A Mr. Editor, are not designed to be nce. i retailer of another person's sermons attached to any individual; no, the seisoen is " Apt to repeat;" a qualification writer is an enemy to personality: roer to which I am not aware that the apos- nor should such a iale be told in the naput. le of the Gentiles ever mențions. ears of our lay brethren, but, unafe

When sermons are not originated happily, it is no secret. If we are by the speaker, it may be fairly pre- much engaged in prayer for divine

sumed that, on his own mind, the wisdom, persevering in our study of forte delle impression is very feeble, and on divine truth, and honestly desirous

the great body of his hearers, if of doing the will of God, and serving
possible, still more feeble. So far our generation, we shall not lack
as the repeater is concerned, the furniture for the profitable discharge
thoughts are raw, crude, and indi. of the duties of our holy function,
gested; and, consequently, bis Let the blame attached to this free-
mind is not likely to be imbued dom not be laid on any individual
with the truth, or sanctified by its but bim, whose own signature shall
influence. How, then, can he hope declare that this paper is original.
to affect the heart of others? A man

who can communicate his thoughts Shipley.
with tolerable ease, will, by closely
studying the pages of inspiration,
constant prayer, and writing a pretty The Importance of the Example of
full syllabus of most of the sermons Parents, in regular Attendance at
he delivers, soon acquire a facility the House of God.
in composing his sermons, and have
ing the matter within him, it will be
forth-coming to advantage in the “ HAD it not been that


father time of need. It is, also, a very seri. had set us the example of regular ous question, in my own miod, attendance at our chapel, where whether the repetition of a sermon, should we have been to-day?" said wholly or principally borrowed from a young lady on Sabbath last: “ we another person, be not a daring out- should have been every.where, and rage committed agaiust truih and no-where.” " True," I replied, integrity? In the national establish. " but as it now is, you have cause ment it is an understood practice, for unfeigned gratitude to God, and and volumes of sketches of sermons affection for your father.” As it now are prepared for the purpose; but is, (I said, in silent reflection) how

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different to many, yea, to most a person apparently not far from families. One broiher is a respected eternity. I went. In quitting the deacon of the chapel referred to; house, the father of the family acabother has devoted his life and for- companied me home. "My poor tune to the dissemination of divine prodigal son, Sir, is returned." Is

JIANO truth; another, though deeply en- returned! I replied; why, I saw gaged in commercial pursuits, is him not in your house. - He was LETTER equally engaged in promoting the in the other room, Sir.” To avoid

dost gospel where he exports our manu- reproof, or shame, or advice, or all kete factures. A sister is an ornament of them together, he had concealed away but to the religious society with which himself during my visit. Where it she is associated ; and The author of does he spend his Sabbaths ? I i11-desto the remark not less so!

quired. “Why, every-where, and « We should have been every- no-where," was the purport of the where, and no-where," I repeated answer; “ he has been a sad laul, mieli in solitude, after leaving the house indeed; I know not what will be a Hi Hes of my friend; “ yes, you would come of him !" I tell you what, have been some-where. Not far my friend, (I seriously added,) set from the pew where you sit, you the example yourself. I have heard may observe apother family, in the with delight to-day of ibe effect of apparel of sorrow and grief, indi- a father's good example. If you cative of domestic affliction and regularly aitend ibe house of God loss. This attendance is but of late. yourself, your children will probam Mas Formerly they went 'every-wbere bly do so; and if they were otherand no-where. The children, as wise disposed while under your they grew up, consulted only their care, you should absolutely seown inclination, in reference to the quire it; and, by and by, they would Sabbath. The elder son was just probably attend from habit. And entering on the years of manhood; who knows but that, if they are he chose his own companions, and brought under the word and gospel with them spent the Sabbath in care of God, it may be blessed to nal amusements and sinful pleasure. their present and eternal welfare, as To advice he felt no disposition to in the family I referred to ? If you pay any regard; and especially so set not the example, and allow your on the fatal day, when, with a children, on the Sabbath, to walk drunken crew, he was amusing lim- the streets, or fields, to seek their self in a boat excursion. By acci- own companions, and to go "every dent, in that ill-prepared situation, where and no where," what can he sank in the mighiy waters! This you expect but prodigal sous ? lu is the cause of that grief, and this the opposite case, they might bless the heart-rending consequence of your memory when you are in the going "every-where and no-where.” dust. He is some-where; and so would my Reader! if you are

a parent, beloved friends have been some- where are your children on the where, but God only knows where Sabbath? Is there not enough in that is.

the above cases, both to warn you The saine evening, when the of your children's ruin, and to enabove remark was made, another courage you to briug them regularly circumstance occurred, to deepen and statedly to the house of God? the impression it had made on my Awful and infinitely important is mind. After the usual services of your charge and responsibility. God's house, I was desired to visit



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Mr. Mescaert, who kindly undertook

to correct it for the Dutch press. In LETTER, No. II.

this instrument were inscrted the Amsterdam, Sept. 1, 1820. names, and places of abode of sundry The port of Rotterdam was where my friends, as receivers for the Mission. last landed us, but at so late an hour, A copy was sent to the Pastors of difthat we did not retire to rest before ferent denominations, in, and around midnight. Next morning we sought Rotterdam, and to such of their condirection from on bigb, how we should gregations, as were thought best disa best proceed, to open a door for the posed. Meantime brother W. preachmission in Holland, and then took our ed for Dr. Anderson, in the forenoon arrangements for the day. We called of the first Sabbath, and in the evening first upon Mr. Mescaert, named in my for Mr. Wood. Considering the few last, who gave us a very amiable re. British then in the place, the attendception. After some interesting con ance was good, both services. versation, and stating the object of our But during this time, as we were at visit, we next repaired to a Mr. Mou- the bead-quarters of the Netherland niers, pastor of the Walloon chạrch, Missionary Society, it was natural that and under whose roof I bad passed ten we should have some intercourse with most agreeable months. He was from its leading friends. 1, therefore, introhome, but Mrs. M. shewed us every duced brother W. to my friend Mr. mark of attention, and pressed us to Ledeboes, who has long been the main take up our abode. From hence we spring of this excellent institution, and proceeded to Dr. Anderson's, one of who, indeed, as concerning love for all the ministers of the Scots church. The good men, and readiness to every good Dr. received us kindly, and took a work, deserves to be esteemed the lively interest in our object, made us a Gaias of Rotterdam. On being intender of his best services, and en- formed of our intention, to apply to gaged brother Ward to preach for him, this said Society, in aid of the Transas did also Mr. Wood, ihe English In- lations, he advised as most eligible, dependent minister, the same day. that we should address a letter to the

Next day gave rise to further delibe- Committee of Finance, and he would rations. Brother W.never having been present it. At the request of brother on the Continent before, was at first W. I drew up one and submitted it to strongly in favour of personal applica- him before I made the translation. tions for funds; but a residence of The Society being on the eve of holdnearly three years in Holland, afforded ing its monthly prayer meeting, we me reasons for advising a different were invited to attend. An occasion course; and which reasons, when stat considered by Mr. L. as favourable for ed, were deemed by him of sufficient presenting our letter, as the Committee weight to relinquish his first idea. It usually met for purposes of business, was then agreed, that we should on in the vestry, before the service comthis tour, confine our operations, wholly menced. We were there at the time to giving publicity to the mission, in appointed, and on being presented by all its branches, by printed documents, Mr. L., were reccived with every toand personal communications. This ken of Christian affection. Our Ictter mode of proceeding seemed the more being read, the chairman, who had saitable, as brother Ward's departure been an officer in the Dutch navy, then for the United States was already near rose, and in a very lovely manner, exat band, arising from the unexpected pressed for bimself and colleagues, the length of our passage across the North pleasure our visit had occasioned them; Sea.

assuring us at the same time, that the An address to the public was next request preferred should receive attendrawn up and submited to our friend tive consideration, and, if entertained

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well practiced in a wilderness. We Beauty bourhood, we proceeded direct to Am- his conduct. The late Dr. Gordon tells are the former of these places, it would us, that, conversing with Dr. Rush, of heart and

by them, would be reported upon to pleased with the request, and readily better us accordingly. After business, we complied with it on his return, hat died ma l retired into the church, which was nu. soon afterwards. Some money, how to deteve merously and respectably filled. To ever, was found a short time after the speak within bounds, there could not good Dr.'s decease, in a purse, with a be fewer than one thousand present. label to it, showing it to be destined as a A Mr. De Vries, one of the Roiterdam for the use of the Baptist Mission. We ministers, delivered the address, and left the Hague abont two o'clock, and plena in the course of wbich, adverting to the on the same evening arrived in Am. to me good work in India, gave his audi- sterdam, where I must now leave you, as the life ence an agrecable surprise, by add- until my next, which will give you our et al ing that he had the satisfaction to first gloomy, but afterwards pleasing, the bes see Mr. Ward from Serampore, then prospects for the Mission in that large, ses shall present.

highly interesting, and opulent city. in' The The Baptist church is not far distant Meantime, I am always from where the meeting, mentioned

Yours truly, higher up, was held. It is constructed

W. H. ANGUS. to seat not more than five hundred; but it is a pattern of all that is tasteful, neat and clean of its kind. It has about two Familiar Illustrations of the Sacred hundred members, and is under the

Writings. pastoral charge of Mr. Mescaert, a true friend to missionary enterprize. He has been long an active member of the

No. IT. Rotterdam Missionary Society, and has Exodus sxxii. 20. “ And he took the calf leather sa in his turn preached its annual sermon. which they had made, and burnt it in To prevail upon one so well known

the fire, and ground it lo powder, and and beloved by his own, as well as strewed it upon the water, and made other Christian denominations, to ac the children of Israel drink of it." company us on our tour, would be, we considered, a great point gained. Tho' thus ground to powder, may appear a: 2 60+

How to account for the gold being what, free he declined our wish in this particular, difficult, seeing that the modern art by tente e from circumstances, however, overwhich he had no controul, yet he wrote off 10 which it is done was not then, proba deildina a brother minister in the Texel, whom bly known, or, if known, could not be he thought the person most likely to read however, in Acts vii. 22, that supply his place. This step, also, failed. We knew however that we might count of the Egyptians.”. Egypt might then sie die

, I Moses was learned in all the wisdom upon the presence of bim who hath be furnished with men skilled in chesaid, “ Lo, I am with you alway!" After having put into requisition our

mistry; and Moses might, of course, circulars for Rotterdam and its neigh- be instructed in that science; upon

which supposition we may account for ; but, taking be unjust not to make most grateful that by a certain chemical preparation,

Philadelphia, upon it, le informed him, mention, of the kindness and hospitality shewn to brother W. and myself

, gold might be incorporated with a lie from the worthy and pious of all Chris: quid which, by such mixture, would tian denominations, in general, and become exceedingly bitter, so that the from Mr. Mescaert and his friends, in drinking of it would be extremely nauparticular,

seons, and prove a severe punishment On our arrival at the Hague, my to all who were compelled to take it. friend, Dr. Carp, we found from home, as also his colleague, Mr. Mackay, as

Malachi iv. 2. “But unto you that fear such, we merely left a circular, with my name, shall the Sun of Righteousour best respects, together with a re ness arise, with healing in his wings." quest, that the Dr. would allow us to The late Mr. Robinson, of Camnominate him in our circulars one of bridge, called upon a friend just as he the receivers for the Hague. He was bad received a letter from his son, who

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was surgeon on board a vessel then ly CHRISTIAN FORTITUDE. ing off Smyrna. The son mentioned to I CANNOT now, in my old age, abanbis father, that every morning, about don the principles for which I early san-rise, a fresh gale of air blew from contended; nor, in order to procure the sea across the land, and from its freodom during a few years, will I bewholesomeness and utility in clearing tray that sacred cause for which I have the infected air, this wind is always suffered so much, and am still willing called the Doctor. “Now," says Mr. to suffer. R." it strikes me, that the prophet Better for me to enjoy in this solitude Malachi, who lived in that quarter of the approbation of my conscience and the world, might allude to this circum- my God, than to return into the world stance, when he says, 'the Sun of with the burden of apostacy and guilt, Righteousness shall arise with healing to disgrace and embitter the remainin bis wings.' The psalmist mentions der of my days.-Reply of the Elector the wings of the wind; and it appears of Saxony to Charles V. 1584. to me, that this salubrious brecze which attends the rising of the sun, may be INFANT SALVATION. properly enough considered as the As to young children, and those who wings of the sun, wbicb contain such have never attained to ripeness of unhealing influences, rather than the derstanding, we have solid scriptural beams of the sun, as that passage has reason to conclude that all such are been commonly understood."

saved. I believe that Jesus took away

the sins of all those who die in infancy. Leviticus ii. 13. With all thine offerings Perhaps the kingdom of bearen is in a thou shalt offer salt.

peculiar manner filled with such, for Salt implies confederation, as it was our Lord says, "of such is the kingdom the seal of a covenant,-communion, as of God.John Newtor. it was a bond of friendship ;-sanctity, as it was inseparable from sacrifice; PRAYER ANSWERED. and perpetuity, from its properties of Leave thy fatherless children with preservation ; a covenant of salt signi- me, and let thy widows trust in me." I fying not only a confirmed agreement, have known wonderful proofs of the but an indissoluble engagement; the faithfulness of the Lord in answering nse of the symbol in the sacred writings the prayers of parents wbo left young implying eternity. COLLIER. and helpless families behind. A friend Folkestone.

J. B. of mine, in the west of England, (a A STRIKING ANECDOTE. faithful, laborious minister, but who, I The late Mr. Toller, of Kettering, believe, never was master of five pounds was preaching on the peculiar blessed- at one time) was dying. His friends Dess of Christian connexions, founded advised him to make his will; be res on 1 Pet. ii. 10; if we are rightly in- plied, “ I have nothing to leave, but formed, it was on the occasion of the my wife and children, and I leave them recent marriage of a member of his to the care of my gracious God. Soon congregation; and was made the means after this he died happily. But there of conversion to an aged couple, stran- appeared no prospect of support for gers in the town, who had been led his family at this time. The Lord, by aceident to Mr. Toller's place of however, stirred up a man who had alworsbip. It appeared that the hearts ways despised liis preaching, to feel for of both were very deeply impressed, the deceased minister's poor destituto so much so, that after they bad retired family; and he so exerted himself, that to rest, it prevented their sleeping; he was the means of £1,600 being yet the one was quite unconscious of raised by subscriptions for them; and what was passing in the other's mind, the clergy of Exeter, who had never till at length a mutual discovery took countenanced his preaching, gave his place of the state of feeling which bad widow a house and garden for her life, beld them awake; on which they, as so that she lived in far greater plenty by a common impulse, arose, and, for than in her husband's life time. 'Why the first time in their lives, united in was all this? It was in answer to the heartfelt supplication to him who hcar- prayers of the good man, who had cometb prayer.

mitted his wife and family to that God VOL. XVII.


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