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A Hymn for all Nations.


LORIOUS God, on Thee we call,

Father, Friend, and Judge of all,
Holy Saviour, heavenly King,
Homage to thy throne we bring.

In the wonders all around
Ever is thy Spirit found,
And of each good thing we see
All the good is born of Thee.

Thine the beauteous skill that lurks
Every where in Nature's works;
Thine is Art with all its worth,
Thine each masterpiece on earth.

Yea, and foremost in the van
Springs from Thee the mind of man:
On its light, for this is thine,
Shed abroad the love divine.

Lo, our God, thy children here
From all realms are gathered near,
Wisely gathered, gathering still,
For peace on earth, towards men goodwill.'

May we with fraternal mind
Bless our brothers of mankind:
May we, through redeeming love,
Be the blest of God above.


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HIS world is all a fleeting show,

For man's illusion given;

The smiles of joy, the tears of woe,
Deceitful shine, deceitful flow;

There's nothing true but Heaven.
And false the light on glory's plume

As fading hues of even ;
And love, and hope, and beauty's bloom,
Are blossoms gathered for the tomb;

There's nothing bright but Heaven.

Poor wanderers of a stormy day,

From wave to wave we're driven,
And fancy's flash and reason's ray
Serve but to light the troubled way;

There's nothing calm but Heaven.


The Sower.

Siehe, vol Hoffnung vertraust du der Erde den goldenen Samen

Und erwartest im Lenz fröhlich die feimende Saat. Nur in die Furche der Zeit bedenkst du dich Ihaten zu streuen,

Die von der Weisheit gesåt ftill für die Ewigkeit blúhn.


“Ο χάλκεος Ουρανός.


ITA fugaci similis pompae

Vanis hominem capit illecebris ;

Risus hilares, miseri fletus,
Falsi radiant falsiqve fluunt:

Solidi nihil est nisi caelum.
Splendet inani Gloria crista,
Ceu fluxa rubet

Et Spes et Amor Formaeqve nitor
Qvid sunt ? Tumulo data serta novo:

Nitidi nihil est nisi caelum.
Nos obeuntes deforme fretum
Tumor undarum rapit huc illuc ;
Iter incertum vix irradiat
Fax Aonidum, lux Rationis :

Placidi nihil est nisi caelum.


Exspectata Seges.

UREA sulcatae confidis semina terrae,

Praecipiens laeto pectore veris opes;

Et piget in vitae sulcis deponere facta, Qvae bene si sata sint, tempus in omne metas ?


Morning Hymn of Adam and Eve.

HESE are thy glorious works, Parent of Good,
Almighty! Thine this universal frame,

Thus wondrous fair; Thyself how wondrous then!
Unspeakable, who sit’st above these heavens
To us invisible or dimly seen
In these thy lowest works; yet these declare
Thy goodness beyond thought, and power divine.
Speak, ye who best can tell, ye sons of light,
Angels; for


behold him, and with songs
And choral symphonies, day without night,
Circle his throne rejoicing; ye in Heaven.
On Earth join, all ye creatures, to extol
Him first, him last, him midst, and without end.
Fairest of Stars, last in the train of night,
If better thou belong not to the dawn,
Sure pledge of day, that crown'st the smiling morn
With thy bright circlet, praise him in thy sphere,
While day arises, that sweet hour of prime.


The Value of Life.

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JOR love thy life, nor hate ; but what thou liv'st

Live well, how long or short permit to heaven.


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