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Noris nos, inquit, Docti sumus.

AUD animo caruit noster, sed noluit uti;

Hunc modo luce sacra protulit ille foras, Ne tereret metuens : festis ut lauta diebus Vestimenta solet promere bellus homo. Sed, mentem propriis ut sus grunnitibus edat,

Scimus eum Graece sic potuisse loqvi, Nec sermone minus doctum garrire Latino

Qvam merula argutos pipilet ore modos. Dives ut amborum, sic parcus neutrius, ultro

Praestabat veteres, si quis egeret, opes.


Adde Vultum hominis.

YNDE fit ut cenas hilarent dicteria Cottae,

Nec salis in scriptis mica sit ulla tamen ?Ridiculo qvatit ille iocans triclinia vultu :

Detracta facie deperiere sales.


Partes linquere gestiens.

CANDENS si rosa displicet,

Ponas in gremio, Pasiphae, tuo :
Qva vinci nive dum pudet,

Lunae castra rubens ipsa petiverit.


Wedded Love.

WHERE is dew for the floweret,

And honey for the bee,
And a bower for the wild bird,

And love for you and me.

There are tears for the many,

And pleasures for the few; But let the world pass on, dear,

There's love for me and you.

There is care that will not leave us,

And pain that will not flee, But on our hearth unaltered

Sits love 'tween you and me.

Our love, it ne'er was reckoned,

Yet good it is and true;
It's half the world to me, dear,

It's all the world to you.


To a Painter.

AINTER, if thou canst safely gaze

On all the wonders of that face,
oss If thou hast skill to guard the heart
Secure by secrets of thy art,
O teach that mighty charm, that we
May gaze securely too, like thee.


Quos irrupta tenet Copula.

Δρόσος μέν έστιν άνθει,
άνθος δε τη μελίσση,
όρνιθι φύλλα δένδρων,

δε σοί τε καμοί.
πολλοίσι κλαύματεστί,
παύροις δε χάρματ' έστω
τί γάρ, φίλη και συνοικεί
έρως εμοί τε καί σοι.
άχη μέν έστ' άφυκτα,
μέριμνα τ' ου λέλοιπε,
συνέστιον δ' εώσιν
έρωτα σοι τε καμοί.
έρως όσος μεν αμφούν
ούπώποτ' έσταθμήθη,
αλλ' εσθλός, αλλ' αληθής
πάρεστ' εμοί τε καί σοι.
και της ζόης εγω μεν
την ημίσειαν είναι
λέγω, φίλη, συ δ' αύτε
το παν λέγεις έρωτα.


Ad Pictorem.

I fixo placidus lumine conspicis

Hanc, Pictor, faciem, nec tamen ureris,
Dic o discipulo dic, qvibus artibus,
Ut tu, conspiciam, nec tamen ardeam.

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Rest, and be thankful.


LOUBLING and doubling with laborious walk,
Who, that has gained at length the wished-for

This brief, this simple way-side Call can slight,
And rest not thankful ; whether cheered by talk
With some loved friend, or by the unseen hawk
Whistling to clouds and sky-born streams, that shine
At the sun's outbreak, as with light divine,
Ere they descend to nourish root and stalk
Of valley flowers ? Nor, while the limbs repose,
Will we forget that, as the fowl can keep
Absolute stillness, poised aloft in air,
And fishes front, unmoved, the torrent's sweep,
So may the Soul, through powers that Faith bestows,
Win rest, and ease,


peace, with bliss that Angels share.



ÝREASON doth never prosper. What's the reason?
Why, when it prospers, none

are call it
“ Treason.”


Hic, si quid cessare potes, Requiesce.

ER flexuosae circuitus viae
Optata nactus culmina, qvis brevem
Contemnat antiqvi sedilis

Admonitum, neqve mente grata
Paulum qviescat, seu recreet viri
Vox cara, seu fors accipiter comes
Haud visus, at cantu salutans

Nubila nubigenasqve rivos
Qvi nunc renident sole novo velut
Caelestis aura luminis, anteqvam
De monte currentes in ima

Valle rigent bibulosqve culmos
Stirpesqve florum ? Dum reficit qvies
Artus, memento talia cogites :
Qvo more se pendens in aura

Librat avis, neqve concitari
Motu videtur penna levissimo;
Qvalisve contra vorticis impetum
Nat firmus obluctansqve piscis,
Talis Homo sibi

Invicta mentem si stabilit Fides,
Puram qvietem discit et otia
Pacemqve, et ipsorum potiri

Caelicolum meliore vita.

H. H.

Ab Eventu notatur,

VEROSPERA seditio numqvam est: nam prospera

qvae sit,

Qvis, titulum huic qvi det seditionis, erit ?

H. J. H.

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