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The Perilous Pleasure.

ARAUGHTS of joy I daily drink

From the lovely Chloe's eyes :-
Sport not, friend, on peril's brink ;
In that

cup Love's poison lies.

S. A.

The Heart of Singing.

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SADY, sing no more!

Science all is vain,
Till the heart be touched, lady,
And give forth its pain.
"Tis a living lyre,

Fed by air and sun,
O'er whose witching wire, lady,

Faery fingers run.
Pity comes in tears

From her home above,
Hope, and sometimes Fear, lady,

And the wizard,-Love.
Each doth search the heart

To its inmost springs,
And when they depart, lady,
Then the Spirit sings.


A Paisley Toast.


EACE and Plenty, without killing :
Beef at a groat, and meal at a shilling.

Dulce Periculum.

Τέρπεται αμβροσίη το φίλον μοι γηθοσύνη κήρ

των δύο της καλής όμματ' ιδόντι Χλόης.α φίλε, μη τερπνόν θάρρει κίνδυνον: "Έρως γαρ

όμμασι τοιούτοις δεινός έπεστι φύλαξ.

W. B. T. J.

Citharae sciens.


YDIA, pone chelyn: nil ars valet ista canendi,

Ni mens sollicitum mota resolvat onus : Mens, animata chelys, Zephyriqve et solis alumna, Non nisi divino pollice tacta canit: Qvippe ubi flens caelo Pietas delabitur, et Spes,

Et Pavor, et comitem se magus addit Amor, Hi vice quisqve sua penitus praecordia temptant,

Nec, nisi cum fugiunt, mens resoluta canit.


Publica Vota.

AX et Copia sint sine sangvine: bubula binis

Senisqve far sestertiis.



Beauty from the Light retired.

HE dwelt


the untrodden ways Beside the springs of Dove, A maid whom there were none to praise, And very

few to love.

A violet by a mossy stone

Half-hidden from the eye,
Fair as a star when only one

Is shining in the sky,

She lived unknown, and few could know

When Lucy ceased to be ; .. But she is in her grave, and oh!

The difference to me.


Sir Galahad.

heart is pure.

Y good blade carves the



My tough lance thrusteth sure ;
My strength is as the strength of ten,
Because my
The shattering trumpet shrilleth high,

The hard brands shiver on the steel,
The splintered spear-shafts crack and fly,

The horse and rider reel.
They reel, they roll in changing lists,

Until the tide of combat stands ;
Then perfumed flowers fall in showers,

That lightly rain from ladies' hands.


Fallentis Semita vitae.

Οίμοις εν άστιβήτοις
κρήνησι παρ Πελείης
κούρη τις ήν, παρώκει δ'
επαινέσων μεν ουδείς
παύροι δέ μιν φιλούντες.
τον γαρ ως φανές τι
πέτρης υπέκ μελαίνης,
καλή δ' όπως τις αστηρ
μόνος φλέγων δι' αίθρης,
έζη βίον λαθραίον,
παύροι δ' επησθάνοντο
της παρθένου θανούσης.
και την μεν είλε τύμβος,
έμοι δ' όσον λέλοιπες
αι αι πόθον τίς οίδε ;


Pugnaeque cient simulacra sub Armis.


aELLANTUM galeas, ensis fidissime, findis,

Nec dubios ictus, lancea dura, moves ; YDS Scilicet has vires mens incorrupta ministrat ;

Hinc bis qvinqve viris unus adaeqvor ego.
Interea tuba clarisono ciet aere fragorem,

Exitium ferro ferrea parma facit,
Dissilit hinc illinc hastarum fissile robur,

Nutat equus prono pondere, nutat eques.
Nutat eques varioqve volubilis ordine fertur,

Martia dum positis unda residat aquis ;
Nec mora, odoratus florum demittitur imber,

Virginea leviter praemia lapsa manu.

Τ. Μ.


UT Vivien, fearing Heaven had heard her oath,
And dazzled by the livid-flickering fork,
And deafened with the stammering cracks and

That followed, clung to him and hugged him close,
And called him dear protector in her fright,
Nor yet forgot her practice in her fright,
But wrought upon his mood, and hugged him close.
She shook from fear, and for her fault she wept
Of petulancy; she called him lord and liege,
Her seer, her bard, her silver star of eve,
Her god, her Merlin, the one passionate love
Of her whole life: And ever overhead
Bellowed the tempest, and the rotten branch
Snapt in the rushing of the river-rain
Above them: and in change of glare and gloom
Her eyes and neck glittering went and came :
Till now the storm, its burst of passion spent
Moaning and calling out of other lands,
Had left the ravaged woodland yet once more
To peace: and what should not have been had been,
For Merlin, overtalked and overworn,
Had yielded, told her all the charm and slept.





truth she shall be true, Ever true as wives of yore: And her Yes, once said to you,

Shall be Yes for evermore.


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