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2.nd he is to be dread of right

with dread and deadly fear. above all gods, I say,

s The hills like wax did melt in sight, s For all the gods ofheatlien folk and presence of the Lord, are idols that will fade :

They fled before the Rulers might, But yet our God, he is the Lord,

which guideth all the world; that hath the heavens made. 6 The heavens eke declare and show, 6 All praise and honoureke doth dwel his justice all abroad.

for aye before his face : That all the world may see and know, Both power and might likewise excel, the glory of our God. within his holy place.

7 Confusion sure Mall come to fuch, 7 Altliough unto the Lord alway, as worship idols vain : ye people of the world :

And eke to those that glory much, All might and worship eke, I say, dumb pictures to maintain. ascribe unto the Lord.

8 For all the idols of the world, 8 Ascribe unto the Lord also,

which they as gods do call : the glory ofhis Name : Shall feel the power of the Lord, And eke unto his cours do go

and down to him shall fall. with gifts unto the same. 9 With joy shall Sion hear this thing. The second part.

and Juda Mall rejoyce : 9 Fall clown, and worship ye the Lord For at thy judgements they all fing, within his Temple bright:

and make a pleasant noise. Let all the people of the world, 10 That thou, Lord,art set on highe be fearfull at his fight.

in all the earth abroad: 13 Tell all the world, be not agast, Andart exalted wonderously, the Lord doth reign above :

above each other god. Yea, he hath set the earth so fast, 12 All ye that love the Lord, do this, that it can never move :

hate all things that are ill: 11 And that it is the Lord alone, For he dotlı keep the souls of his,

that rules with princely might: a from such as would them spill. To judge the nations everyone, 12 And light doth spring up to the with equity and right.

(just, 12 The heaven's shall great joy begin, with pleasure for his part:

the earth eke shallrejoyce: Great joy with glariness, mirth & lust, The Sea and all that is therein,

to them of upright heart.. Niall thout and make a noise. 13 Ye righteous in the Lord rejoyce, 13 The fields shall joy and every thing his holineile proclaim:

that springeth on the earth: Be thankfull eke with heart and voyce, The wood and every tree shall fing, and mindfull of the same.

with gladneffe and with mirth. PSAL. XCVIII. I. H. 14 Before the presence of the Lord O Sing ye now unto the Lord, and comming of his might :

a new and pleasant song: When he shall justly judge the world, For he hath wrought throughout the and rule his folk with right.

(world PSAL. XCVII. I. H.

his wonders great and strong. THe Lord doth reigne whereat the 2 With his right handfull worthikys

he foes : may joy with pleasant voyce;

Andget himself the victory, And eke the Iles with joyfull mirth,

with his own arın and power. may triumph and rejoyce. 3 The Lord doth make ý people know 2 Both clouds & darknes eke do fwell, his saving health and might:

and roundabout him bear : The Lord dotheke his justice how Yea, right and justice ever dwell.

in all the heathen sight. and bides about his seat. 4 His grace and truth to Ifrael, 3 Yea, fire and heat at once do run, in inindhe doch record : and go before his face

That all the earth hath seen righat wello Which shall his foes and enemies burn, the goodnesse of the Lord

abroad in every place. (blaze, s Be glad in him with joyfull yoyce, 4 His lightning eke full bright did all people of the earth : and to the world appear;

Give thanks to God, fing and rejoyce, Whereat the earth did look ani gaze, to him with joy and mirth.



6 Upon the Harp unto

him ling We are his flock, he doch us feed, give thanks to him with Psalmes; and for his sheep he doth us take. Rejoyce before the Lord our King, 3 O enter then his gates with praise, with Trumpets & with shalmes.

approach w joy his Courts unto, 7 Yea, let the Sea withall therein, Praise, laud, & blers his Name always, for joy both roar and swell :

forir is seemly so to do. The earth likewise let it begin. 4 For why?the Lord our God is good, withall that therein dwell.

his mercy is for ever sure : 8 And let the flouds rejoyce their fills, His truth at all times firmly stood, and clap their hands apace:

and shall from age to age endure. And eke the mountains and the hills,

Another of the fame by I. H. before the Lord his face. 9 For he shall come to judge and trye I N God the Lord be glad and light,

praise him throughout ý earth, the world and every weight : Seive him , and come before his fights And rule the people mightily: with justice and with right.

with singing and with mirth.

2. Know that the Lord our God he is, PSAL. XCIX. 1. H.

he did us make and keep; T He Lord, doth reignsalthough at it Not we ourselves; for we are bis the people full :

own flock and pasture sheep. Yea, he on Cherubims doth sit,

3 O go into liis gares alwayes, though all the world do roar. & The Lord that doth in Sion dwell, Within his Courts set forth his praile,

give thanks within the same : is high and wondrous great : and laud his holy Name. Above all folk he doth excell,

4 For why ? the goodness of the Lord, and he aloft is set.

forevermore doth reign: 3 Let all men praise thy mighty Name, From age to age throughout ý world, for it is fearfull sure:

his truth doth still remain. And let him magnify the same, that holy is and pure.

PSAL. CI. I. N. The princely power of our King, I Mercy will and judgement sing, doth love judgement and right :

O Lord God unto thee: Thou rightly rulett every thing,

2 And wisely do in perfect way,

untill thou come to me ; in Jacob though thy might. s To praise the Lord our God devire, and in the midst of my house walk all honour to him do:

in purenese of my fpirit: Before his foot-stool worship him,

3 And I no kind ofwicked thing, for he is holy too.

will set before my figlit. 6 Mofes, Aaron'and Samuel,

4 I hate their works that fall away, as Priests on him did call :

it fhall not cleaveto me: When they did pray he heard them From me Mall part the froward heart, and gave them answer all. (well,

none evikwill I see, 7 Within the clouds to him he fpake, Hino fall I ftroy that slanderechi then did they labour still:

his neighbour privily: To keep fuch laws as he did make,

The lofty heart I cannot bear, and pointed them untill. (hear,

nor him that looketh hie. S O Lord our God, thou didn'them 6 Mine eyes shall be on thems within and anfweredit them again:

the land that faithfull be: Thy mercy did on them appear,

In perfe& way who walketh shall their deeds didst not maintain.

be seivant unto ine. 9 Olaud, and praise our God & Lord, 7 I will no guilefull person have, within his holy hill :

within my house to dwell: For why? our God throughout the Andin my presence he hall not is holy ever still. (world

remain that lies doch tell. P'S AL. C. I. H.

8 Betimes I will destroy even all I people that on earth doth dwel, That I may from Gods city air

the wicked of the land : AI

ling to the Lord w chearfull yoyce, Him serve w fear, luis praise forth tell,

the wicked workers hand. come ye before him and rejoyce. PSA L. CII. 2 The Lord ye know is God indeed, O Hear my prayer, Lord, and let without our aid he did us make :

my cry come unto thee :

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2 in time of trouble do not hide, that after thall succeed:

chy face away from me. The people yet uncreated, 3 locline thine eare to me, make hastel the Lords renown fhall spread.

to hearc when I do call : 19 For he from his high Sanstuary For as the smoake doth fade, so do hach looketh down below:

my dayes consume and fall. And out of heaven hath the Lord; And as an harth my bones are burnt, beheld the earth also.

my heart is smitten dead : 20 Tiliat of the captive mourning, he And withers like the grasse , that I might hear the wofull cry ;

forget to eat my bread. And that he might deliver those , s By rcalon of my groaning voyce , that damned are to die.

my bones cleave to my skin. 21 That they in Sion may declare 16 As Pelican in wildernelle,

the Lords moft noble Name : such cause now am I in.

And in Jerusalem set forth 17. And as an Owle in desartis,

the praises of the fame. lo I am such a One :

22 Then when the people of the land, watch, and as a Sparrow on

and kingdomes with accord, the house-top am alone. Shall be assembled for to do 8 So dayly in reproachfull wise ,

their service to the Lord. mine enemies do me scorne:

The third part. And they that do against me rage, 23 My former force of strength he hach

against me they have sworn. abated in the way : 9 Surely with ashes as with bread, And Morter he hath cut my dayes, my hunger I have fill'd:

thus I therefore did say: And mingled have my drink with tears, 24 My God, in midst of all my dayes,

that from mine eyes have stild. now take me not away : 10 Because of thy displeasure Lord, Thy years endure eternally, thy wrath and thy disdain :

from age to age for aye. For thou haft lifted me aloft, 25 Thou the foundations of the carth, and cast me down again,

bcfore all times hast laid : for The dayes wherein I paffe my life, and Lord the heavens are the works are like a fleeing made :

which thine own hands have made, And I am withered like the grasse 20 Yca , they shall perish and decay, that soon away doch fade.

but thou shalt

tarry 112 But thou , O Lord, for ever doft And they shall all in time wax oid, remain in steady place :

even as a garment will. (change, And thy remembrance ever doth, 27 Thou as a garment shalt thema abide from race to race.

and changed they shall be: The second part.

But thou doft still abide the fame, 13 Thou wilt arise , and mercy thou thy years do never fee. to Sion wilt extend;

28 The children of thy servant shall The Lime of merty, now the time

continually endure : foreset is come to end.

And in thy fight their happy seed , 14 For even in the stones thereof, for ever shall stand sure. thy servaats do delight ;

PSA L. CIII. And on the dust thereof they have


Y soul give laud unto the Lord, compassion in their spirit.

my spirit shall do the same: Is Then mall the heathen people feare, And all the secrets of my heart, the Lords most holy Name :

praise ye his holy Name. And all the kings on earth fall dread, ' 2 Give thanks to God for all his gists, thy glory and thy fame.

friew not thy self unkind : ho Then when the Lord, the mighty, And suffer not his benefits again shall Sion reare : (God,

to Nip out of thy mind. And then when he most nobly in 3 That gave thee pardon for thy faults, his glory shall appeare.

and the restor'd againe : 17 To prayer of the desolate ,

For all thy weak and frail disease. when he himself shall bend :

and heal'd thee of thy paine. Vhon he doth not disdaine unto 4 That did redeem thy life from death, their prayers to attend.

from which thou couldft not fiece 8 This shall be written for the age His mercy and compaflion both,



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and what Inall enlve:

He hath remeinbred evermore, Then are they created,

to thousands of degrees. as thou haft decreed :

The second part. And doft by thy goodnelle

. The covenant which he hath made, the drie earth renew.

with Abraham long ago ; 31 Tho praise of the Lord

And faithfull oath which he had swore for ever shall latt:

to Isaac allo. Who may in his works

1o And did confirme the same for law by right well rejoyce.

that Jacob should obey' ; 32 His looks can the earth make And for eternall covenant, to tremble full fast:

to lsrael for aye. And likewise the mountaincs, JI When thus he said , Lo, I to you to smoako at his voyce.

all Canaan land will give ; 83 To clis Lord and God

The lot of your inheritance , sing will I alwayes :

wherein your feed fhall live. So long as I live:

12 Although tlie number at that time my God praise willi.

did very small appeare ; 84 Then am Imolt cercaine, Yea very (mall and in the land ,

my words fhall him plcase : they theo bnt frangers were. I will rejogce in him

13 While yet they walk'c from land to to hina will I cry.

without a fure abode ; (land. 35 The finners, (O Lord)

And white from fundry kindomes chey conline in thine ire :

did wander all abroad. And eke the perverse ,

14 And wrong at no oppreflors hand, them root out with shame :

ho suffered them to take; But for my foule now,

But even the great and mighty Kingss lecit ftill defire,

reprooved for their fake. And say with the faithfull,

15 And thus he faid, Touch ye not those praise ye the Lords Name.

that mine anointed be; PSA L. CV. N. Ne do the Propkets aay hasme, G Ivepxai sesuato God the Lord, that do percaine to nice.

and callapon bis Nanc ; 17 He caldi a dearth upon the land, Antong the people cke declare

of bread he stroi'd clic hores bis workes, to fpread his famac. But he against the time of aeed, 2 Sing ye unto the Lord, I fiy, had sent a man before. and fing anto his praise ;

The third part. And talk of all his wondrous workes 14 Even Joseph which had once been

that he had wrought alwayes, to live a flave in wo ; (fold, Bin honour of his holy Name Whose feet they hurt in stocks, whose rejoyce with one accord :

the irons pierc'd also. (soule And let the heart also rejoyce, 18 Untill the cime came when his cause of them that seek the Lord.

was known apparently : Seek ye the Lord, and seek the The mighty word of God the Lord

of his eternall might ; (strength, his faultlesse trueth did trie. And seek his face continually, 19 The king sent and delivered him

and presence of his fight. (done. from prison where he was : s The wondrous works that be hath 20 The ruler of the people then keep still in mindfull heart;

did freely let him palle. Nc let the judgement of his mouth, 21 And over all his house he made out of your minds depart.

him Lord to beare che fway ; 6 Ye that of faithfull Abraham And of his substance made him have, his fervant are the seed:

the rule and all the stay. Ye his eleet, the children that 22 That he might to his will instrue, of Jacob do proceed,

the Princes of the land; 7 For he, he onely is, I say ;

And wisdomes lore his ancient mce, the mighty Lord our God;

might cause to understand. molt rightfn" judgements are 23 Then into the Egyptian land

rough all the world abroad. came Israel also : fynd promise and his covenant And Jacob in the land of Ham , which he hath mado to his :

did live a stranger tho,

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Palme Cri. 24 His people he exceedingly And filly with the bread of heaven in number made to flow :

their hunger he represt. And over all their enemies, 41 He opened then the stony rock, in ftrength he made them grow.

and waters gulhed ouit , 25 Whose heart he turn'd, that they w And in the drie and parched ground, his people did intreat:


like rivers ran about, And did his servants wrongfully 42 For of the holy covenane abnse with false deceit.

aye mindfullwashe cho: The fourth part.

Which to his servant Abraham 26 His faithfull servant Moses then , he plighted long ago; (inirth

and Aaron whom he chose, 43 He brought his people forch with Ile did command to go to them,

and his elect with joy, his message to disclose. Out of the cruellland, where they 27 The wondrous message of his signes

had liv'd in great annoy. among them he did show: 44 And of the heathen men he gave, And wonders in the land of Ham

to them the fruitfull lands : then did they work also. The labour of ese people eke, 28 Darknessc he sent and made it dark, they took into their hands.

in stead of brighter day ; 45 That they his holy statutes might, And unto his commission

observe for evermore : they did not disobey.

And faithfully obey his lawes, 29 Heturn'd their waters into blood, praise ye the Lord therefore,

he did their fishes say. (the place PSA L. CVJ., N. 30 Their land brought

frogs, even in P Raise ye the Lord, for he is gpod, where their king Pharaoh lay.

his mercy durres for aye: 31 He fpake,and at his voice there came 2 Who canexpreffe his noble acts,

great swarmes of noisome.Aies: or all his praise display & And all the quarters of the land, 3 They blessed arethae judgeinent keep

were fild with crawling lice. and jusly do alway: 32 He gave them cold and ftony haile With favorir of thy people (Lord) in stead of milder raine:

remember me I pray. And fiery Aames within their land, 4 And with thy saving health(O Lord) he fent unto their pain.

vouchsafe to visit me: 33 He smote their vines, and all their That I the great felicity wherein their figs did grow: (trees,

af thine elect may see. And all the trees within their coastes, s And with thy pcopies

joy I mays downe did he overthrow.

ajoyfull minde poffese; 34 He spake , then caterpillars did, And may with thine inheritance, and Grashoppers abound,

aglorying heart expresse. 35 Which eat the grasle in all their lands 6 Both we and eke our fathersall, and fruit of all their ground.

have finned every one: Tbe fifth part.

We have committed wickednesse, 36 The first begotten in ebeir land and lewdly we have donc.

eke deadly did he smite: 7 The wonders great which chou (O Yea , the beginning and first fruit, haft done in Egypt-land:K(Lord)

of all their strength and might. Our fathers though they saw them all, 37 With gold & silver he them brought yet did not understand.

from Egypt-land to passe: Nor yet thy mercies multitude, And in the number of the tribes, did keep in thankfull minde: no feeble one there

was. But at the sea, yea the red Sea , 38 Egypt was glad and joyfull then, rebelled most unkinde.

when they did thence depart, 8 Neverthelesle he saved them , For terrour and the fear of them, for honour of his Name;

was falne upon their heart. (heat! That he might make his power knowno 39 To Nroud them from the parching and spread abroad his fame. a cloud he did display:

9 The red-sea he did then rebuke, And fire he sent to give them light, and forthwith it was dri'd:

when night had hid the day. Andas in wildernefle , so through 40 They asked, and he causedoyailes the deep he did them gnide. to rain at their requeft: SoHe Sav'd them froin the criell hand,

F 3.

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