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And he is to be dread of right above all gods, I fay.

s For all the gods of heatlien folk
are idols that will fade:
But yet our God, he is the Lord,

that hath the heavens made. 6 All praife and honoureke doth dwel for aye before his face : Both power and might likewife excel, within his holy place.

7 Although unto the Lord alway,
ye people of the world:
All might and worship eke, I say,
afcribe unto the Lord.
8 Afcribe unto the Lord alfo,
the glory of his Name :
And eke unto his cours do go
with gifts unto the fame.
The fecond part.

9 Fall down, and worship ye the Lord
within his Temple bright:
Let all the people of the world,
be fearfull at his fight.
13 Tell all the world, be not agaft,
the Lord doth reign above:
Yea, he hath fet the earth fo faft,
that it can never move:
11 And that it is the Lord alone,

that rules with princely might: To judge the nations every one,

with equity and right.

12 The heavens fhall great joy begin, the earth eke fhall rejoyce: The Sea and all that is therein,

fhall fhout and make a noife. 13 The fields fhall joy and every thing

that fpringeth on the earth: The wood and every tree fhall fing,

with gladneffe and with mirth. 14 Before the prefence of the Lord, and comming of his might: When he fhall juftly judge the world, and rule his folk with right. PSAL. XCVII. I.H.

THe Lord doth reigne whereat the (earth

may joy with pleasant voyce; And eke the Iles with joyfull mirth,

may triumph and rejoyce.

2 Both clouds & darknes eke do fwell, and round about him beat: Yea, right and juftice ever dwell.

and bides about his feat.

3 Yea, fire and heat at once do run, and go before his face

Which fhall his foes and enemies burn, abroad in every place. (blaze, 4 His lightning eke full bright did and to the world appear; Whereat the earth did look and gaze,

with dread and deadly fear. s The hills like wax did melt in fight. and prefence of the Lord, They fled before the Rulers might, which guideth all the world;

6 The heavens eke declare and show, his juftice all abroad.

That all the world may fee and know, the glory of our God.

7 Confufion fure fhall come to fuch, as worship idols vain : And eke to thofe that glory much, dumb pictures to maintain. 8 For all the idols of the world, which they as gods do call: Shall feel the power of the Lord, and down to him shall fall. 9 With joy fhall Sion hear this thing. and Juda fhall rejoyce: For at thy judgements they fhall fing, and make a pleafant noife. 10 That thou,O Lord,art fet on high in all the earth abroad: And art exalted wonderously,

above each other god.

12 All ye that love the Lord, do this, hate all things that are ill: For he doth keep the fouls of his,

from fuch as would them fpill. 12 And light doth spring up to the (juft,

with pleasure for his part: Great joy with gladnefs, mirth & luft, to them of upright heart.. 13 Ye righteous in the Lord rejoyce, his holineffe proclaim:

Be thankfull eke with heart and voyce, and mindfull of the fame. PSAL. XCVIII. I. H.

Sing ye now unto the Lord, a new and pleasant fong: For he hath wrought throughout the (world his wonders great and strong.


With his right hand full worthily,

he doth his foes devour: And get himself the victory,

with his own arm and power. 3 The Lord doth make & people know his faving health and might: The Lord dotheke his juftice how in all the heathen fight.

4 His grace and truth to Ifrael, in mind he doth record: That all the earth hath feen right well, the goodneffe of the Lord

s Be glad in him with joyfull voyce, all people of the earth: Give thanks to God, fing and rejoyce, to him with joy and mirth.

6 'Jpon

6 Upon the Harp unto him fing give thanks to him with Pfalmes; Rejoyce before the Lord our King, with Trumpets & with Shalmes. 7 Yea, let the Sea withall therein,

for joy both roar and swell: The earth likewife let it begin.

withall that therein dwell.

We are his flock, he doth us feed,

and for his sheep he doth us take. 3 O enter then his gates with praife, approach w joy his Courts unto, Praife,laud, & blefs his Name always, for it is feemly fo to do.

8 And let the flouds rejoyce their fills, His
and clap their hands apace:
And eke the mountains and the hills,

before the Lord his face.

4 For why?the Lord our God is good,
his mercy is for ever fure:
truth at all times firmly stood,
and fhall from age to age endure.
Another of the fame by I. H.
God the Lord be glad and light,
praife him throughout y earth,
Seive him, and come before his fight,
wlth finging and with mirth.
2. Know that the Lord our God he is,
he did us make and keep;

9 For he shall come to judge and tryeIN

the world and every weight: And rule the people mightily, with juftice and with right. PSAL. XCIX. I. H.

THe Lord doth reign,although at the people rage full fore: Yea, he on Cherubims doth fit,

though all the world do roar. 2 The Lord that doth in Sion dwell, is high and wondrous great : Above all folk he doth excell,

and he aloft is fet.



3 Let all men praife thy mighty Name for it is fearfull fure:

And let him magnify the fame,

that holy is and pure.

4 The princely power of our King, doth love judgement and right: Thou rightly ruleft every thing,

in Jacob though thy might. 5 Topraife the Lord our God devife, all honour to him do: Before his foot-ftool worship him, for he is holy too.

6 Mofes, Aaron and Samuel,

as Priests on him did call : When they did pray he heard them and gave them anfwer all. (well, 7 Within the clouds to him he spake, then did they labour still: To keep fuch laws as he did make,

and pointed them untill. (hear, 8 O Lord our God, thou didst them and anfweredft them again: Thy mercy did on them appear,

their deeds didft not maintain. 9 O laud, and praife our God & Lord, within his holy hill: For why? our God throughout the is holy ever ftill.

PSAL. C. I. H.


Not we our felves; for we are his own flock and pasture sheep. 3 O go into his gates alwayes,

Within his Courts fet forth his praile, give thanks within the fame : and laud his holy Name.

4 For why? the goodness of the Lord,
forevermore doth reign:
From age to age throughout & world,

his truth doth ftill remain.

Mercy will and judgement fing,

O Lord God unto thee: 2 And wifely do in perfect way, untill thou come to me; And in the midst of my houfe walk in pureneffe of my fpirit: And I no kind of wicked thing, will fet before my fight.


4 1 hate their works that fall away, it fhall not cleave to me:

From me fhall part the froward heart, none evil will I fee,

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Him fhall I ftroy that slandereth, his neighbour privily: The lofty heart I cannot bear,




nor him that looketh hie. Mine eyes fhall be on thems within the land that faithfull be: perfect way who walketh fhall be fervant unto me.

I will no guilefull perfon have, within my houfe to dwell: And in my prefence he shall not


remain that lies doth tell. Betimes I will deftroy even all the wicked of the land:

AL people that on earth doth dwel, That I may from Gods city cut

fing to the Lord w chearfull voyce,

Him ferve & fear, lus praise forth tell,

come ye before him and rejoyce. a The Lord ye know is God indeed, without our aid he did us make:

the wicked workers hand.


Hear my prayer, Lord, and let my cry come unto thee:

2 In time of trouble do not hide,

thy face away from me.

3 Incline thine eare to me, make haftel
to heare when I do call:
For as the fmoake doth fade, fo do
my dayes confume and fall.
4 And as an harth my bones are burnt,
my heart is fmitten dead :
And withers like the graffe, that I
forget to eat my bread.
By reafon of my groaning voyce,
my bones cleave to my skin.
6 As Pelican in wilderneffe,

fuch caufe now am I in.

7 And as an Owle in defart is, lo I am fucha One:

I watch, and as a sparrow on

the house-top am alone. 8 So dayly in reproachfull wife, mine enemies do me fcorne: And they that do against me rage, against me they have fworn. 9 Surely with afhes as with bread, my hunger I have fill'd: And mingled have my drink with tears, that from mine eyes have ftild. 10 Because of thy difpleafure Lord, thy wrath and thy difdain: For thou haft lifted me aloft,

and caft me down again. The dayes wherein I paffe my life, are like a fleeting fhade: And I am withered like the graffe that foon away doth fade.

2 But thou, O Lord, for ever doft remain in steady place: And thy remembrance ever doth, abide from race to race. The fecond part.

3 Thou wilt arife, and mercy thou to Sion wilt extend; The time of merty, now the time

forefet is come to end. 4 For even in the ftones thereof, thy fervants do delight; and on the duft thereof they have compaffion in their spirit. 5 Then fhall the heathen people feare, the Lords moft holy Name: nd all the kings on earth fhall dread, thy glory and thy fame. Then when the Lord, the mighty again fhall Sion reare: (God, nd then when he most nobly in

his glory fhall appeare. To prayer of the defolate, when he himself fhall bend: When he doth not disdaine unto their prayers to attend.

3 This fhall be written for the age

that after thall fucceed: The people yet uncreated,

the Lords renown fhall spread. 19 For he from his high Sanctuary hath looketh down below:

And out of heaven hath the Lord, beheld the earth also.

20 That of the captive mourning, he
might hear the wofull cry

And that he might deliver those,
that damned are to die.

21 That they in Sion may declare
the Lords moft noble Name :

And in Jerufalem fet forth

the praises of the fame.. 22 Then when the people of the land, and kingdomes with accord,

Shall be affembled for to do

their service to the Lord.
The third part.

23 My former force of ftrength he hath
abated in the way:

And fhorter he hath cut my dayes,
thus I therefore did fay:
24 My God, in midft of all my dayes,
now take me not away:
Thy years endure eternally,

from age to age for aye.
25 Thou the foundations of the earth,
before all times haft laid:
And Lord the heavens are the works

which thine own hands have made. 26 Yea, they fhall perish and decay, but thou shalt tarry ftill:

And they fhall all in time wax old,

even as a garment will. (change, 27 Thou as a garment fhalt them and changed they shall be: But thou doft ftill abide the fame, thy years do never flee.

28 The children of thy fervant fhail continually endure:

And in thy fight their happy feed, for ever fhall ftand fure.

PS AL. CIIL M Y foul give laud unto the Lord, my fpirit fhall do the fame : And all the fecrets of my heart, praife ye his holy Name. 2 Give thanks to God for all his gifts, fhew not thy felf unkind: And fuffer not his benefits


to flip out of thy mind. That gave thee pardon for thy faults, and thee reftor'd againe : For all thy weak and frail disease.

and heal'd thee of thy paine. 4 That did redeem thy life from death, from which thou couldft not flect His mercy and compaffion both, F


and what fhall enfue: Then are they created,

as thou haft decreed: And doft by thy goodneffe

the drie earth renew. 31 The praife of the Lord for ever fhall last: Who may in his works

by right well rejoyce.

32 His looks can the earth make
to tremble full faft:
And likewife the mountaines,

to fmoake at his voyce.

83 To this Lord and God fing will I alwayes 3

So long as I live:

my God praife will I.

64 Then am Imoft certaine,
my words fhall him please :

I will rejoyce in him

to him will I cry.

35 The finners, (O Lord) confume in thine ire:

And eke the perverse,

them root out with fhame: But for my foule now, let it ftill defire, And fay with the faithfull, praife ye the Lords Name. PSAL. CV. N

GIve praifes unto God the Lord, and call upon his Nanc Antong the people eke declare his workes, to fpread his fame. aSing ye unto the Lord, I fay, and fing unto his praife; And talk of all his wondrous workes that he hath wrought alwayes. In honour of his holy Name rejoyce with one accord: And let the heart alfo rejoyce,

of them that feek the Lord. 4 Seek ye the Lord, and feek the of his eternall might; (ftrength, And feek his face continually.

and prefence of his fight. (done. s The wondrous works that he hath keep ftill in mindfull heart; Ne let the judgement of his mouth, out of your minds depart. 6 Ye that of faithfull Abraham

his fervant are the feed: Ye his elect, the children that

of Jacob do proceed, 7 For he, he onely is, I fay; the mighty Lord our God;

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moft rightfu" judgements are rough all the world abroad. us promife and his covenant which he hath made to his :

He hath remeinbred evermore, to thousands of degrees. The fecond part.

The covenant which he hath made, with Abraham long ago;

And faithfull oath which he had fwore to Ifaac alfo.

TO And did confirme the fame for law that Jacob fhould obey'; And for eternall covenant,

to Ifrael for aye.

11 When thus he faid, Lo, I to you all Canaan land will give ; The lot of your inheritance, wherein your feed fhall live. 12 Although the number at that time did very small appeare;

Yea very fmall and in the land,

they then but frangers were.

13 While yet they walk't from land to without a fure abode;

(land. And while from fundry kindomes they did wander all abroad.

14 And wrong at no oppreffors hand, he fuffered them to take; But even the great and mighty Kings, reprooved for their fake. 15And thus he faid, Touch ye not thofe that mine anointed be;

Ne do the Prophets any harme,
that do pertaine to nice.
17 He cal'd a dearth upon the land,
of bread he ftroi'd the store;
But he against the time of need,

had fent a man before.
The third part.

17 Even Jofeph which had once been to live a flave in wo;


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his faultleffe trueth did trie. 19 The king fent and delivered him from prifon where he was: The ruler of the people then did freely let him paffe. 21 And over all his houfe he made him Lord to beare the fway; And of his fubftance made him have, the rule and all the ftay.

22 That he might to his will inftru&t, the Princes of the land; And wifedomes lore his ancient men, might caufe to understand. 23 Then into the Egyptian land came Ifrael alfo:

And Jacob in the land of Ham, did live a stranger tho.

24 His people he exceedingly in number made to flow: And over all their enemies,


in strength he made them grow.
25 Whofe heart he turn'd, that they ŵ
his people did intreat:
And did his fervants wrongfully
abufe with falfe deceit.
The fourth part.

26 His faithfull fervant Mofes then,
and Aaron whom he chofe,
Ile did command to go to them,

his meffage to disclose.

27 The wondrous meffage of his fignes among them he did fhow:

And wonders in the land of Ham

then did they work alfo.

28 Darkneffe he fent and made it dark,
in ftead of brighter day;
And unto his commiffion

they did not difobey.

29 Heturn'd their waters into blood,!
he did their fishes flay. (the place
30 Their land brought frogs, even in
where their king Pharaoh lay.
31 He fpake,and at his voice there came
great fwarmes of noisome flies:
And all the quarters of the land,

were fild with crawling lice.
32 He gave them cold and ftony haile

in ftead of milder raine: And fiery flames within their land,

he fent unto their pain. 33 He fmote their vines, and all their wherein their figs did grow: (trees, And all the trees within their coaftes,

downe did he overthrow. 34 He fpake, then caterpillars did, and Grafhoppers abound, 35 Which eat the graffe in all their lands and fruit of all their ground.

The fifth part. 36 The first begotten in their land eke deadly did he fmite: Yea, the beginning and first fruit,

of all their ftrength and might. 37With gold & filver he them brought from Egypt-land to paffe: And in the number of the tribes, no feeble one there was. 38 Egypt was glad and joyfull then,

when they did thence depart, For terrour and the fear of them.


was falne upon their heart. (heat 39 To fhroud them from the parching a cloud he did difplay: And fire he fent to give them light, when night had hid the day. 40 They asked, and he caufed quailes to rain at their request:

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And faithfully obey his lawes,
praife ye the Lord therefore.

Raife ye the Lord, for he is good,
his mercy dures for aye:
Who can expreffe his noble acts,
or all his praife display ?
They bleffed are that judgement keep
and justly do alway:
With favour of thy people (Lord)
remember me I pray.



And with thy faving health(O Lord)
Vouchsafe to vifit me:
That I the great felicity

of thine ele&t may fee.
And with thy peoples joy I mays
a joyfull minde poffeffe;
And may with thine inheritance,
a glorying heart expreffe.
6 Both we and eke our fathersall
have finned every one:
We have committed wickedneffe,
and lewdly we have done.
7 The wonders great which thou (O
haft done in Egypt-land: (Lord,)|
Our fathers though they faw them all,
yet did not understand.
Nor yet thy mercies multitude,

did keep in thankfull minde:
But at the fea, yea the red Sea,
rebelled most unkinde.

8 Nevertheleffe he faved them,
for honour of his Name;
That he might make his power knowno
and fpread abroad his fame.
9 The red-fea he did then rebuke,

and forthwith it was dri'd:
And as in wilderneffe, fo through
the deep he did them guide.
10lle fav'd them from the cruell hand,

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