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By inaking wicked men his rod : So that we were

(dreame : Left they through grief forsake their much like to them that use to Ic Mall not as their lot still be. (God, Our inouthes were

4 Give Lord to jis thy light, with laughter filled then,

Whole hearts are true and right. Andeke onr tongues s But for such as go afide, (sought, did shew us joyfull men. By crooked wayes which they ouc 2 The heathen folk The Lord will surely bring to nought: were forced then this to confeffe: Wich workers vile they all abide : How that the Lord, But peace with Israel,

for them also great things had done. For evermore shall dwell. 3 But mucli more we ,

Another of the same by: R. W. And therefore can confeffe no leste: T Hose that do put their confidence. Wherefore to joy;

Upon the Lord their God onely. we have good cause as we began. And lie to him for their defence, 4 O Lord go forth In all their need and misery :

thou canst our bondage end, Their faith is sure Atill to endure, As to desares, Grounded on Christ the corner-stone; the Aowing river send. Mov'd with none ill, bnt ftandeth still, s Full true it is , Stedfast like to the mount Sion. that they which sow in tears indeed,

And as about Jerusalem , A time will come, The mighty hils do it compalle : when they shall reap in mirth and So that no enemics come to them, 6 They went and wept, To hurt'tbat town in any case :

in bearing of their precious fccd: So God indeed in every need , For that their foes His faithfull people doth defend, full oftentimes did them annoy, Standing them by assuredly, (end. But their returne From this time forth world without with joy they shall sure fee:

Right wise and good is our Lord Their fheaves home bring , And will not suffer certainly, . (God, and not empaired be. The finners and ungodlies rod,

PSA L. CXXVII. W.W. To turry upon

his family: Left they also from God should go, Except ebeLord the house do make, Falling to sin and wickednesse ;

And thereunto do O Lord defend world without end, What men do build, it canpot standa Thy Christian fock through eby good- Likewise in vaine men undertake,

(nelle. Cities, and holds, to watch and ward, O Lord do good to Chriftians all, Except the Lord be their safeguard. That stedfast in thy word abide : 2 Though ye rise carly in the morn, Such as willingly from God fall, And so ac night go late to bed, And to false doctrine daily slide. Feeding full hardly with brown bread: Such will the Lord scatter abroad, Yet were your labour loft and worn : With hypocrites thrown down to hells But they whomGod doth love and keep God will them fend pains without end Receive all things with quiet sleep: But Lord grant peace to Israel. 3 Therefore mark wel when cver ye see,

Glory to God the Father of might: That men have heirs to enjoy their land And to the Son our Saviour. It is the gift of Gods owne hand, And to the Holy Ghost , whose light For God himself doth multiply, Shine in our hearts, and as succour : Of his great liberalicic, That the right way from day to eay, The blefling of posterity. We may walk and him glorifie , 4 And when the children come to age, With hearts desire all that are here They grow in strength and activenesse. Worship the Lord, and say, Amen. In person and in comelinesse : PSA L. CXXVI. W.K,

So that a haft slot wich courage, WHen that the Lord

Of one that hach a moft strong arme , again his Sion had brought Flies not so swift, nor doch like harme. From bondage great , (forch, s oh, well is he that hath his quivera,

and also servitude extrame : Furnith'd with fuch artillery : His work was such (thoughts, For when in perill he shall be : as did furmoniat mans heart and Such one shall never thake nor liver,


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Pralme Cxxviii. cxxix. Cxxx. Cxxxi. cxxxij.
When that he pleads before the Judge, and I hope therein ftill,
Against his foes ģ beare him grudge. 6 My soul to God hath regard,

PSA L. CXXVIII. T.S. waiting for him alway,
B Lessed art thou that fearen God, More then they that watch and ward,


to see the dawning day. 2 For of thy labour thou shalt eat , 7 Let Israel then boldly happy art thon , I say.

in the Lord put his trust; 3 Like fruitfull vines on thy honse-fide He is that God of mercy, so doch thy wife spring out :

that his deliver muft. Thy children Aand like Olive-plants 8 For he it is that must save, thy table round about.

Israel from his finne ; A Thns are thou bleft that feareft God, And allfach as surely have and he shall let thee sce,

their confidence in him. s The promised Jerusalem ,

PSA L. CXXXI. N. and her felicity 6Thou shalt thy childrens children sce, Lord, I am not puft in mind,

I have no scornefull eye; to thy great joyes increase : And likewise grace on Israel,

I do not exercise my self, prosperity and peace.

in things that be to bie, ÚS L. CXXIX. N.

2 But as a child that weaned is,

even from his mothers breast: ÖFt they (now Ifrael may say)

me from my youth affaild: So have I Lord behav'd my self, 2 Oft they assail'd me from my youth,

in silence and in relt. yet never they prevail'd.

3 O Israel trust in the Lord',

let him be all thy stay : 3 Upon my back the plowers plow'd, and furrows long did caft:

From this time forth for evermore, 4 The righteous Lord hath cut the

from age to age, I fay. of wicked foes at last. (coards, P3 AL. CXXXIL N. s They thar bare me shall be alhamod, R Emember Davids tronble; Lord, turned back also :

the Lord he 6 And made as grasse upon the bone, 2 And vowed a vow to Jacobs God,

which withereth ere it grow; to keep for evermore. 7 Whereof the mower cannot find 3 I will not come within my house, enough to fill his hand ,

nor climbe tip to my bed ; Nor can he fill his lap that goeth 4 Nor let my temples take their rell, to gleane npon the land.

nor the çyes in my head : 8 Nor paffers by pray God on them S Till I have found one for the Lord, to let his blessing fall :

-a place to fit thercon; Nor fay, We bleffe you in the Name, An house for Jacobs God to be of God the Lord at all.

an habitation. PSAL. CXXX. W.W. 6 We beard of it at Ephrata , L ORD to thee I make my moan.

there did we heare this sound: when dangers mc oppresse : And in the fields and forrests there, I call, I figh, plaine and groane, these voyces first were found. trusting to find relief,

7 We will assay and go in now, 2 Heare now, O Lord, my request ; his Tabernacle there : for it is full due time,

Before his footstoole to fall down, And let thine eares aye be prest,

and worship him in feare. into this prayer mine. 8 Arise, O Lord, arise I say, 3 O Lord our God, if thou weigh into thy refting-place:

our finnes and them pernse; Both thorn,and the Ark of thy strength, Who shall then escape and say ,

the presence of thy grace. I can my life excuse ?

9 Let all thy Prieste he clothed , Lord, 4 Biit Lord thou art mercifull,

with emth and righteousnesse : and turn'st to us thy grace ; Let all thy Saints and holy mea, That we with hearts molt carefull, sing all with joyfulnesse.

fhould feare before thy face. 10 And for tly servant Davids sake, s In God I put my whole trust,

refuse not , Lord , I say, my soul waites on his will; The face of thine anointed , Lord, For his promise is most just a

nor turnc thy face away.



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The second part.

both earth and heaven frame; & The Lord to David swore in truch, Doth Sion blefle, and will conserve, and will not hrinke from it;

for evermore the fame. Saying , the fruit of thy body,

PSA L. CXXXV. N. upon thy seat hall lic.


Praise the Lord, praise him,praiso 12 And ifthy lonnes my covenant keep, praise him with one accord: (him,

that I shall learqe each one: O praise him till all ye that be, Then shall thy sonnes for ever be,

the servants of the Lord. upon thy Princely Throne. 2 Opraise him ye that stand, and be 13 The Lord himself hath chose Sion, in the house of the Lord:

and loves therein to dwell: Ye of his court , and of his house, Saying , This is my resting place, praise him with one accord. I love and like it well.

3 Praise ye the Lord, for he is good, 14 And I wil blesse with great incrcaro, sing praises to his Name :

her vi&tuals every where: It is a comely and good thing, And I will satisfic with bread,

alwayes to doe the same. the needy that be there. 4 For why? the Lord hath Jacob chose, IS Yea, I will decke and cloch her to be his owne ye see:

with my salvation : (Priests, So hath he chosen Israel, And all her Saints Mall sing for joy, his people for to be. of my protection.

S For this I know and am right sure, 16 There will surely make the horne,

the Lord is very great : of David for to bud:

He is indeed above all gods, For there I have ordain'd for mine, moft easie to intreat.

a lanterne bright and good. 6 For whatsoever pleased him, 17 As for his enemies, I will cloathe, all that full well he wrought:

with Mame for evermore : In heavens, in earth, and in the sea, But I will cause his crown to shine, which he hath made of nought,

more fresh then heretofore. 7 He lifts up clouds even from the earth PSA L. CXXXIII. W. W.

he makes lightnings and raine : O How happy a thing it is, He bringech forth the winds also, and joyfull for to fee,

he made nothing in vaine. Brethren together fast to hold, 8 lle (mote the first-born of each thing, the band of amitie :

in Egypt great and least; 2 It cals to mind that sweet perfume, Hc fpared there no living thing , and that costly ointment ;

the man, nor yet the beast. Which on the sacrificers head, 9 He hath in thee Mew'd wonders great by Gods precept was spent,

O Egypt void of vaunts : It wet not Aarons head alone,

On Pharaoh thy cursed King, but drenche bisbeard throughout: and his levere servants. And finally, it did run downe, 10 He smote then many Nations, his rich attire abone.

and did most wondrous things: 3 And as the lower ground doch drinkt He Nue the great and mightiest, the devy of Ilermon bill;

and chiefest of her Kings. And Sion with bis silver drops , 11 Sihon King of the Amorites,

the fields with fruit dorh fill. (them and Og King of Balan: 4 Even so the Lord doth powre on He flew also the kingdomés all,

his bleslings manifold; (guile, that were of Canaan,
Whose heart and minds without all 12 And gave their land to Israel,

this knot doth kecpe and hold. an heritage to be:
PSAL. CXXXIV. W.K. To Israel his own people,
Ehold and have regard ,

an heritage gave he.
ye servants of the Lord;

The second part. Which in his house by night do watch, 13 ThyName(OʻLord) Malltill caduro

praise him with one accord, and thy memoriall: 2 Lift up your hands on high, Throughout all generations, unto his holy place :

that are or ever shall. And give the Lord his praises due, 14 The Lord will surely now avenge, his benefits embrace.

his people all indoed: 3 For why ? the Lord, who did And to his servants he will show,


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favour in time of need, 18 And which hath flain the mighty 15. The idols of the heathen are made, for his mercy , &c. (Kings,

in all the coasts and lands : 19 As Sihon King of th' Amorices, Of silver and of gold they be,

for his mercy , &c. the work even of mens hands, (speak 20 And Og the King of Balan land, 16 They have their mouths and cannot for his mercy , &c.

and eyes that have no sight: 21 And gave their land for heritage, 37They have eke ears and hear nothing for his mercy, &c.

their mouths be breathlesse quite. 22 Even to his servant Ifrael, 18 Wherefore all they are like to them, for his mercy, &c.

that so do set them forth ; 23 Remembring us in bafc cftare, And likewise those that trust in them, for his mercy, &c.

or thinke they be ought worth. 24 And from oppressours rescued us, 19 O all ye house of Israel,

for bis mercy , &c. seethat ye praise the Lord: 25 Which giveth food unto all flesh , And ye that are of Aarons house, · for his mercy , &c.

praise him with one accord. 26 Praise ye the Lord of heaven above, 20 And ye that be of Levies house, for his mercy , &c.

praise ye likewise the Lord: 27 Give thanks nnto ý Lord of Lords, And ye that standin awe of him ,

for his mercy endureth for ever. praise him with one acoord. 21 And out of Sion souad his praise, Another of the same by T. C. the great praise of the Lord:

O Land the Lord benigne , Which dwelleth in Jerusalem,

Whose mercies last for aye ,
praise him with one accord. Give thanks s and praises fing
PSAL. CXXXVI. J. N. To God of gods I say.
P Raise ye the Lord, for he is good, 2 For certainly,

for his mercy endureth for ever. His mercy dure;
2 Give thankes unto the God of gods, Both firm and fire,.

?• for his mercy endurech for ever. Eternally.
3 Give praise unto the Lord of Lords, 3 The Lord of Lords praise ye,

for his mercy, &c. (works Whose mercies ay doth dure :
4 Which onely doth great wonderous 4 Great wonders onely he
for his

&c. (vens, Doth work by his great power, 5 Which by his wisdome made the hea- For certainly, &c.

for his mercy,&c. (earths Which God omnipotent o Which on the waters ftredchod the By his great wisdome hie:

for his mercy, &c. (abroad, The havenly firmament, y Which made great lights to shine Did frame as we may see, for his mercy, &c.

For certainly, &c. 8 As Sunne to rule the lightsome day, 6 Yea , he the heavy charge

for his mercy, &c. (night of all the earth did stretch: 9 The Moong and starres to guide the And on the waters large,

for his mercy , &c. (born, The same he did ont-reach : 10 Which (mote Égypt with their first-For certainly , &c. for his mercy , &c

a Great lights be made to us, 11 And Israel brought out from thence, For why? his love is aye : for his mercy, &c.

8 Such as the Sun wee fee, 12 With mighty hand, & stretched arme. To rule the lightrome day, for his mercy , &c.

For certainly, &c. 13 Which cut the red-sea in two parts, 9 And eke the Moon so cleare, for his mercy, &c.

Which shineth in our fight: 14 AndIsrael made pafle there through, and starres that do appeare , for his mercy, &c.

To guid the darksome night, 1s And drowned Pharaoh and his hoat For certainly, &c. for his mercy ,&c.

10 With grievous plagues and fore, 16 Through wilderneile his people led, All Egypt Smote he than; for his mercy . &c.

Their frit-born leffe and more , 17 He which did fmite greatnobleKings He new of beast and man, for his mercy, &C.

For certainly, &c.


dܩܬ ܐܐ


And from amid their land, Now let us hear your Hebrew longso Eis Ifrael forch brought.

and pleasant melody. - Which he with mighty hand, 14. Alas said we, who can once framg nd stretched arm bath wrought ;

his sorrowfull heart co sing i or certainly , &c.

The praises of our loving God, 3 The sea he cut in two ,

ebus under a strangeking? hich stood up like a wall :

s. But yet if I Jerusalem, And made through it to go,

out of my heart let Alide: is chofen children all.

Then let my fingers quite forget, or certainly , &c.

the warbling harp to guide. Boc chere he whelmed then , 6 And let my tongue within

my mouth 26 great King Pharaoh :

be ey'd for ever falt, ith his huge hoaft of men, If that I joy before I sec, ad chariots also:

thy full deliverance past. or certainly, &c.

Therefore, O Lord, remember nov Who led through wildernesla, the cursed noise and cry: Es people safe and found :

That Edom's sonsagainst us made ad for his love end lesse,

when they raz'd our city. Great kings he brought to ground, Remember Lord their cruell worden - certainly', &c.

when as with one accord; And flew with puissant hand, They cri'd, On,sack,and raze their wals ngs mighty and of fame;

in despight of the Lord. As of Amorites land,

8 Even so thalt thou , o Babylon, on thc king by Name.

at length to dust be brought. r certainly, &c.

And happy shall that map be callid, And Og the Gyant larges

that out revenge hath wrought, Bafan king allo:

9 Yea, blessed shall chat man be call'a Whose land and beritage,

that takes thy children young gave his people tho.

To dash their bones against hard fonce I certainly, &c.

that lic the streets among. Even unto Israel, s servant deare , I say,

PSAL. CXXXVIII. N. gave the fame to dwell,

T Hee will praise w my whole heart d there abide for aye.

my Lord my God alwayes ; r certainly , &c.

Even in the prefence of the gods, To minde he did w call,

I will advance thy praise. our moft basc degrec:

2 Towards thy holy Temple I and from oppressours all,

will look and worship thee ; safety set us free,

And praised in my thankfull monch 5 certainly , &c.

thy holy Name shall be. All Acth in earth abroad

Even for thy loving kiadneffe fake, th food hc doth fulfill :

and for thy truth withall; Wherefore of heaven the God For thou thy Name haft by thy word laud be ic you will.

advanced over aN. : certainly

3 When I did call chou hcardest mea mercics dure,

and thou hast made also, b firm and furc,

The power of increased trength, Inally.

within my soul to grow.

4 Yea all the kings on earch they shall SAL. CXXXVII. W.W. give praise to thee, O Lord; j Hen as we fate in Babylon , For they of the most holy mouth, . the river round about :

have heard eby mighty word. din remembrance of Sion, s They of the wayes of God the Lord,

the teares for grief built ont. in finging thallintréat; le hang'd our harpes & instruments Because the glory of the Lord, the willow-trces upon :

it is exceeding great. in that place men for their nsc, The Lord is high, and yet bedoch had planted many a one.

behold the lowly spirit; Then they to whom we prifoners Doi ho (contemning) koowes afarrey? faid to us tauntinghy:

the proud nad

loftic wight. :

7 Ale

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