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According to bis excellency

Organs, and Virginais. (him, of greatnessc give him praise. s With founding Cymbals praise ye 3 His praises with the princely noise, praise him with loud Cymbals.

of rounding erumpets blow; 6 What ever hath the benefit Praise him upon the viole, and

of breathing praise the Lord, upon the Harp also. (Alute To praise the Name of God the Lord Praite him with Timbrel and with

agree with one accord. The end of the Psalmes of David in Meeter.

A Song to be fung_before Make thee no gods on them to call.
Morning-Prayer. T. B. 2 Nor fashioned formes of any thing,

In heaven or earth to worshipit;

Raise ye the Lord ye Gentiles all, For I thy God by reoenging: (faitc.

which batb brought you into his with gricvous plagues this lin will o praise him all people morcall, (lighe, 3 Take not in vaine his holy Name,

as it is most worthy and right. Abuse it not after thy will; (blame, For he is full determined,

For so thou mighton Coonc purchase on us to power out his mercies. And in his wrath he would chce spill. And the Lords eruch be ye affused ,

(ccalt, abidech perpetually


The Lord from work the feventh day Glory be to God tbe Father, And brought all things to perfe&t end;

and unto Jesus Christ his Son; So thou and thine that day take rest, With the Holy Ghost in like manacr, That to Gods hefts yo may attend. now and at every season. $ Unto thy parents honour give ,

As Gods Commandements docintend A Song to be sung before

(live, Evening Prayer.

That thou long dayes and good mai'll
In carth , where God a place doch leade

of batc. the Lords servants faithfull & truc: 7 All filthy fornication fcarc, Come praise the Lord every degree, 8 See that thou steale not in any rate ;

with such songs as to him are duc. 9 False witpellc against no man bearc. Oye chat ftandia the Lords house,

(here, even in our own Gods mansion; 10 Thy neighbors house will not to Praise ye the Lord so bountcous, His Wife,or ought that he calls mine;

which worketh our salvation. His field, his Oxe, his Affe, his flave, Lift up yonr hands in his holy place, Or any thing which is not thinc.

yea, and that in the time of night; Praise ye the Lord gives all peace, The Spirit of grace.grantus, O Lord,

for he is a Lord of great might. To keep these lawes, our heart rettore Thea shall the Lord or of Sion, And cause is all with one accord, which made heaveos and earch by To magnific thy Name therefore.

(his power, For of our felves no ftrength we have, Give to you and your nation, To kcept these Lawes after they will;

his blefling, mercy, and favour. Thy mighe cherefore, o Chrift we crave Glory be to the Father, &c. That we in the may them fulfil.

Lord forthy Names fakegrant us this, *. The ten Commandantents of God. Thou art our ftrength, Saviour Chrift EXOD. XX. W. w.

Of thee to speed how should we misse,

On whom our treafure doth conilt,
A Trend my people and give are ; To thee for evermore be praife,

of ferlie ching's I will thee tell : With the Father in each refpe&;
See that my words in mind thou bears, and with the holy Spirit alwayes,
And to my preceps liften weh. The Comforter of thinc ela.
s I am thy Souveraigne Lord and God,

(full chral, The Lords Prayer. D. Covt.
Which have thee bronghe from care. Our Father which in heaven art,
Andekę reclaim'd from Pharaohs rod, Andmak'i us allope brotherhood


A Prayer.

To call npon thee with onclicart, That we may live in quietneile,
Our heavenly Father and our God; Without all greedy carefulacffe,

Grant we pray not with lips alone , Forgive us our offences all,
Bue v our hearts deep figh and groan. Relicve our carefull conscience;
Thy blessed Name be magnified: As we forgive both grcat and small,
Thy holy Word might us cnflame, Which unto us have donc offence,
In holy life for to abide ,

Prepare us Lord for to ferve chce, To magnific thy holy Name.

In perfect love and unity. From all crrour defend and keepe, O Lord, into temptation,

The little flock of thy poore meep. Lead 11s not when the fiend doch rage; Thy kingdomc come even at this houre To withstand his invasion, And henceforth everlastingly. Give power and strength to every age. Thine Holy Ghost into us poure, Armc & make strong ý feeble hoast, With all his gifts most plentcously, With faith and with the Holy Ghost.

From Satans rage and filthy band, O Lord from evill deliver uis,

Defend us with thy mighty hand. The dayes and times are dangerous, Thy will be done with diligence, From everlasting death save us, Like as in heaven in earth allo; And in our last need comfort us. In trouble grant us patience,

A blessed end to its bequcach, Thee to obey in health and wo. Into thy hands our souls. receive.

Let no Acth, blood, or any ill, For thou, O Lord, are King of Kings, Prevaile against thy holy will. And thou haft power over all, Give us this day our dally bread, Thy glory shineth in all things, And all other good gifts of chinc; In the wide world universall. Keep us from warrc & from bloodmed Amco let it be done , O Lord, Also from ficknessc, dearth, and paine, Thae we have prai'd with one accord

A Lland and

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A TABLE, For the whole number of the PSALMES, and

also in what lcaf you may find every one of them. Pfalse, Folio Pfulmes.

Folio. Pfulmes.

Folio, A.


121 I lift mine eyes. 79 30

50 12 H Elp Lordsfor: 7 122 I did in carth. 79 49 All people. How long wilt. 7

L. 79 Attend my people. 40 si Have mercy on me.31

Ord in thy: 82 Amid the presse. 9 So Have mercy corde 36 L

Lord keep me, 8 100 All people that. 60 67 Have mercy on 118. 38 26 Lord be myJudge. Is B.

73 How cver it be, 43) 35 Lord plead my. 19 81.

Blight and. 49 84 How pleasant is. Sil 42 Like as the Hart. 24 119 Blessed are they.73 91 He that within, 50 68 Let God arise. 38 728 Blessed art thou. 82


72 Lord give thy. 42 134 Behold and have. 83 SI Ncline thinc cars. 36 Lord, bowe thine. 52 142 Before the Lord. 84 I trust in God. 7 88 Lord God of.. 53 144 Blessed be the Lord.88 20 In tronble and. 11130 Lord to thee. 82 D.

25. I lift my heart. 14|140 Lord save me. 86 83 D Oenoto God. so 34 I will givelarida 191143 Lord hear my. 87

M. 117 Except ý Lord. 81 40 1 waited long and. 23 23 M Y Mepheard. 13 G.

43 Judge and revenge.25| 45 My heart. 2. Ive to g Lord. :d 77 l with my voyce. 45 62 My soule to God. 36 37 Grudge not to,21 92 Ic is a thing both. 56 71 My Lord my God.41 48 Grcat is the Lord. 24100 lo God the Lord. 60 103. My soulc give.. 01 54 God save me for. 32 101 I mercy willand. 60 104 My soul praiseth.62 205 Give praise unto. 64 109 In speechleffe. 60 146 My soul praise, - 89 107 Give thanks unto. 64 116 I love the Lord.

Ot unto uis, 77 148 Give laud unto, 90 120 In.trouble and in. 791124

30 Lord



22:55 N Now Ifrael. 89


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11 13 13 15 IS 17 20 24 27 28



37 45


Folio. Pfalme.

19 The heavens.
: O Lord how are my. 3 23 The Lord is onely.
O God that art my.

4 24 The earth is.
7 O Lord my God.

527 The Lord is both. 8 O Lord our God.

18 Thọn art, o Lord. IS O Lord within eky,

32 The man is bleft. 17 O Lord give eare.

8 36 The wicked with. 18 O God my frength.

9 41 The man is bleft that. 21 O Lord how joyfull.

11 40 The Lord is our. 22 O God my God.

32 so The mighty God, 31 O Lord, I put my

17 So The God of gods. 44 Our cares have heard. 25 53 The foolish man. SI O Lord consider my. 30 Sy Take pity for thy, 55 O God give eare.

32 6s Thy praise alonc O. 60 O Lord thou didit.

35 76 To all that now. 63 O God my God.

30 %o Tbon Herd that, 64 O Lord unto.

37 85 Thou liaft beene. 70 O God, to me take.

41 87 The city fhall, 79 O Lord the Gentiles.

48 89 To sing the mercies, 94 O Lord thou doft.

57 90 Thon Lord halt, 95 O come let us.

58 93 The Lord as King. 98 o fing ye now.

59.99 The Lord doch reigne. 102 Ohçare my

60 99 The Lord doth. 108 O God my heart.

68 100 The Lord did say. 117 O all ye nations.

74112 The man is bleft that. 118 O give ye thanks,

72.125 Those that do puc. 123 O Lord that heaven, 80138 Thec will I praise 129 Oft thy now Isracl. 82.145 The will I laud. 131 O Lord, I am not

82 133 O how happy a thing,

83 135 O praise che Lord.


75 U Neo chee God 136 o laud the Lord.

84 139 O Lord thou haft

86 141 O Lord upon chec.


?W Hy did the Gentilos. P.


With hcard and.

10 What is the cause, 38 P Ut me not to rebuka 106 Praise ye the

65 52 Why dost thou. 136 Praise ye the Lord. 84 74 Why art thon Lord. 147 Praise ye the Lord. 811 With licart I do. R.

114 When Israel by. 6; R Egard, Lorde 36 116 When that the Lord, 132 Remember.

82/137 When as we face ia

Er and

34 33 Yrigliceous in the. 69 Save me, o Gode

40 47

Ye people all with. 96 Sing ye with praise,


58 Ye rulers that are, 125 Such as in God.

80 66 Yemen on earth. 149 Sing ye unco.

00113 Ye childrco which, T.

150 Yeeld uato God. THe map is bien.

The ten Commandments.
There is no God.

Our Father which are &C.

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A form of Prayer to be used in private houses
every Morning and Evening.

A Lmighty God and moft mercifullFatber forasmuch as they cannot belevue

exceptthey We do not present our solues bere before beare, nor cannot heare but by preaching, tby Majesty, trusting in our opon merits or and none can preach except they be sent Doorthines, but in the manifold mercies, therefore ( Lord) raise up faithfull diftriwbich baft promised to bear our prayers and buters of tby mysteries, who fetting upart gyant our requests, which doe Shall maketo al poorldly respects

, may both in their life be thee in the name of thy beloved Son Jesus do&trine only seek tby glory: Continually Christ our Lord; vo ho also hath commanded confound Satan, Antichrist, with all bire. us to assemble our felves together in his lings do Papifts, vobom ihou haft already nume, with full affurance

that he will not cast off into a reprobate sence, tbat they may onely be amongst us, but also be our Media- not by feets, schismes, berefies, de errouri tour & Advocate toppards thy Majesty, that disquiot thy little fluck. And because, O Doe may obtain all things which hall seem Lord, we be fallen intothe latter dages, and expedient to thy blessed will for our neceffi- dangerous times, wobercin ignorance bath ties

. Therefore we beseech tbee (mosi merci. got the upper band, and Sathan by bis mid full Father) to turn thy loving countenance nifters seek by all means to quencb'thelight Topoards sus aud impute not unto us our ma- of thy Gospel: De beseech thee to maintaine nifold fins and offences, whereby we juftly tby cause against those ravening wolves, deserve the wrath and sharp punishment and strengthen 'al thy servants whom they but rather receive us to thy mercie , for je. keep ir prison and bondage. Let not tby sus Chrifts fake; accepting his death and long suffering be an occasion either to ina paffion as a jufi recompence for all our of- crease their tyranny, or to discourage toy fences, in dohom onely thou uit pleased, and children, neither yet let our fins and pica tbrough whom thou canst not be offended kednes be an bindrance to tby mercies : but with us. And feeing that of thy great mer. With Speed (Lord) consider their great

e quietly passed this night,grant misery: For thy people Israel many times by (o heavenly Futber) that we may bejtoro their fins provoked tbine anger, & thoxpúa this day bohaly in thy service, so that all our nished them by tby juft judgement : yer thoughts, words; and deeds, may redound to though their fins dere never fo gričvous, if the glory of thy Name, and good ensample they once returned from their iniquity,tboia to all men, wobo feeing our good work!, may received them to mercies: De therefore molt glorifie thee our beavenly Father And pretched finners bewaile our manifold fins, for.ufmuch as of thy meer favour and love, earnestly repent us for cur former micthuu bajt not onely created us, to thine opon kednes ared ungolly behaviour tubeards thee: fimilitude and likenes, but also haft chosen er whereas we cannot of our felvespur29 to be beires with thy dear Son Jesus chase thy pardon, yet we bumbly, beseecb Cbrist, of that immortall kingdome, which thee, for Jesus Chrifts fake, to shew thy thou preparest for us before the beginning mercies upon us, receive us again to thy of the world, we beseechtbee to increase our favour. Grant us (dear Father these osr faith and knowledge, and to lighten our requests, do al other things necessary for us beurtspoitb ibine böly Spirit, that we may, and thy whole Church, according to thy proin the mean time live in godly conuersation mise in Jesus Christ our Lord. In whose and integrity of life , knowing that Idóla- name we beseechtbée, as he bath taught sis, ters, adulterers, covetous men, contentious saying, Our Father which art, buc. perfons, drunkards, gluttons, and such like, Evening-Prayer. Thaill not inherit the kingdome of God.


Lord God, Father everlasting and full Ardbecause thou bajt commanded us to of pitty, we acknowledge and confeffe pray one for another: We do not onely make that we are not voortby to lift up our eyes to request, O Lord, for our felves, and for beaven , much lesse to present our selves bea tbem that thou haji already called to the fore thy Majefly, with confidence that thou frue understanding of thine heavenly will wilt bear our prayers,

grant our te but for all people and nations of the world, quefts, if we consider our own deservings : bobo us they know by thy wonderfull works for our consciences do accuse us and our fins that thou art God over all: so they may be do witnesse against us, and we krow that inftrufted by tbine boly Spirit to beleeve in thou art an upright Judge, which doft mot tbee their onely Saviour du Redeemer. But justifie the sinners and wicked men

cies De



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panaketh the fauterop att fuch as transgres that our step be por exceffue or out much
the commandements. Tét most mercifull after the infátiable defores of our fleflo : but
Fátber , since it bath pleased thee to come pnely to content our wesk nature, that are
mand us to call on thee in all our troubles may be the better disposed to live in all god-
& adversities, promising even then to belp y conversation, to the glory of tby boly
us, when we feele our felves (as it were name, and profit of our bretbren. So be .
Swalloped up of death and desperation) we
utterly renouince all worldly confidence, and A godly prayer to be said
fie coʻtby foveraigne bounty, as our onely

at all times,
Bay and refuge, beseecbing thee not to call
to remembrance our manifold fans and wis Honour and praise be given unto thee,
kednes, whereby de continually provoke thy O Lord God Almighty, moft dear Fa-
wrath and indignation against us, neither ther of beaven: for alitby mercies and lo-
our negligence and unkindnesse, which have ving kindnesses fbewed unto us, in that it
neither wortbily esteemed, nor in our lives path pleased thy gracious goodnesse , freely
fufficiently exprejt the sweet comfort of thy and of thine opon accord to eleti buchuje
Gospel revealed unto us : but rather to ac- us to Salvatron beforethe beginning of the

cept the obedience and death of thy Son fe- world. And even liketbanks be given unto
fus Christ, woho by offering up bis body in thee, creating us after thine own image, for

facrifice once for all, "hath made a sufficient redeeming us with the most precious hlood
recompense for all our finnes. Have mercy of thy deere Son, when wee were utterly
therefore spon us, o Lord, and forgive us lot: for sanctifying us with thy holy Spirit,
our offences
. Teach us by thine boly Spirit in the revelation & knowledge of tbý boly

, that we may rightly weigh them, and ear- word, for helping and succosring us in al neftly repent for the same, and so much tbe our needs & necessities, for saving us from rather, 0 Lord, because that the reprobate, all dangers of body and foul, in comforting, dar such as thou haft forsaken cannot praise us so fatherly in all our tribulations and thee , nor call upon thy Name, but the re- perfecutions for sparing us so long, and gipenting beart, the fórropofull mind, the ving us fo. large a time of repentance. These confiience oppressed, bungring and thir- benefits, o most mercifull Father,like as we ring for thy grace, shall ever set forth tby acknowledge to have received them of thine praise and glory.

onely goodneffe , even fo pre beseech thee for And albeit we be but worms and dut, thy deure Son Jesus Chriftsjake, to grant us get thou art our creator, and we be the al mayes thy boly Spirit, wobereby poe may work of thine bands: yes thou art our Fa- continually, grow in thankfulnejle topoard tber, do poetby children, thou art our Shep- thee, to be let into all truth, and comforted heard, and we thy flock; thou art 0:27 Re: in all aduerfaties. O Lord, strengtben our deemer, bu wethy people whom : bou baft faitb, kindle it more inferventne je,andlode bought, thou art our God, and me thine in- todourds thee, and our neighbours for the beritance. Correct us not therefere in thine sake. Suffer us not most dear Father to reonger (O Lord) neither aicording to our ceive thy word.

dany more in vain; but grant dejerts punish us;but mercifully chastife us us alwayes the abistance of thy holy Spirit, svitb thy fatherly affection, that all the that in beurt, word, and deed, we sana world may know, that at what time foever flifie and do worship to thy Name: help to

finner doth repent him of his fins from ainplifie and increase tlý kingdome, and the bottome of his heart, thou wilt put away bohatsoever thou sendeft, we may be beartily all his wickednes out of thy remembrance, well content with thy, good pleasure and as thou hujt promised by thy holy Prophets. will : Les us not lack the thing (0 Father)

Finally, forasmuch as it bath pleased without the which we cannot serve thee:but thee to make the night for man, to reft in, bleffe thou fo the works of our hands, as thou hast ordained him the dwy do tv.vell doe may have sufficient, and not be chargenin,grant (dear Father) that doe may so take ble but rather helpfull unto other. Be mercia our bodily rot, that our soules my conti- full (O Lord) to our offences

, and seeing our nually watch for the time that our - Lord debt is great, wbich thou haft forgiven

us in Jesus Christ shall appeare for our delive. Jesus Christ, make us to love tbee, do our rance out of this mortalllife, and in the neighbours so much the more. Be thow our mean season, that we be not overcome by Father,Captain, and defenderin all tanptan any fantasies, dreams or other temptations, tions, bold thou as by thy mercifull hand, may fully set our mirdes upon thee, love that we may be delivered from all incoma |tbee, fear thee, and reft in tbee: furthermore veniences, '& end our lives in the fanétie


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