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71 o happy time may Twell say, Thus contrary againlichy law, when thou didft me correct :

my hurt they do procure. For as a guide to learn thy lawes, 186But thy commandnients are all true, thy rod did mc direct.

and cauflesse they me grievo: 72 So that to me thy word and laws To the therefore do I complain, is dearer manifold ,

that thou mightft me relieve. Then thousands of silver and goid, 87 Almost they had me clean destroy'd, or ought that can be told.

and brought me quite to ground, TOD The tenth part.

Yet by thy ftatuces I abode , 73 Seeing thy hands bave made me, and therein fuccour found.

to be thiy creature : (Lord, 88 Restore mc, Lord, again to life, Grant knowledge likewise how to learn for thy mercies excelt;

to put thy lawes in art. And so Mail I thy covenant keep, 74So they that feare chee shall rejoyce, till death my life expell. when ever they me fec:


The xij. part. Because I have learn'd by thy word, 89. In heaven Lord, where thou dost to put my trust in thee.

thy word is ftablim't sure, (dwel, 75 When with thy rod the world is And Mall for all eternity;

I know the cause is juft: (plagu’d, fast graven there endurc.. So when thou doft correst me, Lord, 90 Fromage to age thy truth abides, the cause just needs be most.

as doth the earth witrelle; 76 Now of thy goodneslc 1 thee pray, Whose ground-work thou hast laid ro some comfort to me send :

as no tongue can expreffe. (lure, As thou to me haft promised, 91 Even to this day we may well lee , fo from all ill mc fhend.

how all things persevere ; 97 Thy tender mercies power on me, According to thine ordinance, And I shall surely live:

ro all things do thee feare. For joy and consolation both, 92 Had it not been that in thy law,

thy law to me doth give. (seace, my soul had comfort sought ; 78Confound the proudwhose false pre- Long time ere now in my distresse, is me for to deftroy :

I had been brought to noughe. But as for me thy hests to know, 93 Therefore will I thy precepes aye. I will my self employ.

in memory keep falt; 79 Who fo with reverence doch theo By them thou hast my life restor'd,

to me let them retire : (feare when I was at last caft. And such as do thy covenant know, 94 No wight co me can title make and them alone defire.

for I am onely chine; 80 My heart without all wavering, Save me therefore for to thy lates, let on thy lawes be bent :


mine cares and heartenclinc. That no confusion come to me, 95 The wicked men do seek my bancs. whereby I thould bo fhent.

and thereto lie in wait; CAP H.

But I the while confidered, 81 My soule doth faint and ccafech not, thy noble works and great.

thy saving health to crave : 96 I (ce nothing in this wide world, And for thy words sake still I trust, at length which hath not end;

my hearts desire to have. But thy commandments and thy word, 82 Minc eyes do faile with looking for beyond all bounds estcnd.

thy word, and thus 1 say: MEM. The xiij.part. Oh when wilt thou me comfort, Lord, 97 What great defire and fervent love, why dost thou me delay ?

do I beare co chy law ? 83 As a skin-bottle in the smoak, All the day long my whole device, so am I parcht and dried :

is onely on thy law. (palle, Yet will I not out of my heart, 98 Thy word hath taught me for to

let thy commandments slide. my foes in policie : 84 Alas how long shall I yet live, But Pill I holdit as a thing before I see the houre:

of most excellencie. That on my foes which me torment, 199 My ceachers which did me instruct,

thy vengeance thou wilt poure ? In knowledge I excell: 95 Presumptuous men have digged pits Because I doc thy covenants keep, shinking to make me fure:

and them to others tell.

Tbe xj. part.


The xvj. part;

90 In wisdome I do palle also, Therefore haye 1 thy promiles, the ancient men indeed :

lookt for with patience. ind all because to keep thy lawes, 115 Goe to therefore ye wicked men, I held it aye beft reed.

depart from me anon: oi My feet I have refrained.ekę For the commandments will I keepo from every evill way:

of God my Lord alone. ecanse that I continually

116As thou hast promis'd so performe, thy word might keep I say.

that death me not affaile : ozl have not swerv'd from thy judge- Nor let my hope abuse meso,

nor yet shrunk any deal: (ments, that through diftrul I quaile. or why thou haft taught me chereby 117 Uphold me, and I shall be safe, to live godly and well.

for ought they doe or say, 03 O Lord, how sweet unto my taftc, And in thy statutes pleasute cake, find I thy words alway :

will í both night and day. oubtlesse no hony in my mouth, 118 Thou haft trodsuch under thy feet,

feel ought so sweet I may.(learnd, as do thy stacutes breake. 04 Thy lawes have me such wisdome For nought availes their subtiltie ; that irtterly I hate

their counsellis but weake. Il wicked and ungodly wayes, 119 Like drosse chou casts the wicked in every kinde or rate.

where ere they goe to dwell: (outs. UN. The xiiij.part.

Therefore can I as thy staintes , os Even as a lanterne to my feet., love nothing half so well.

so doch ehy word thine bright; 120 My Aeth (alas) is taken with feare, nd to my paths where ever I go, as though it were benum'd:

it is a faming light. (forme, For when I see thy judgemcats,Atsaigha >6 I have both sworne and will per- I am as one afton?d

thy promises douchtleffe; hat I will keep thy judgements just, AIN.

and them in life expresse. 121 I do slic thing that lawfullis, 27 Afiction hath me fore opprest, and give to all men right:

and brought me to deaths dore; Resigne me not to such as would Lord, as thou hast promised, oppreffe nie with their mighto so me to life restore.

(voyce, 122 But for thy servant surety be, 8 The offerings which with heart & in that thing that is good:

moft frankly I thee give; That proud men give me not the foiles: accept and teach me how I may.

which rage as they were wood. after thy judgement live. 129 Mine eyes

is waiting are now blind My soule is aye so in my hand, thy health fo much I crave;

that dangers me assaile : And eke thy righteous promise , Lord, et do I not thy law forget,

whereby thon wili me fave. nor it to keep will faile. 124 Intreat thy servant lovingly, Althongh the wicked lay their nets and favonr to him mow; to catch me at a bay :

Thy ftatutes of most excellencie, et did I not from thy precepts ,

teach me also to know. once swerve or goe astray. 125 Thy humble servant (Lord) I am, Thy law I have to claim'd alway, grant me to understand,

as mine owne heritage. How by thy statutes I may know ad why? for therein I delight,

best what to take in hand. and set my whole courage. 126 It is now time (Lord) to begin, 2 Forevermore I have beene bent for truth is quite decay'd: thy statutes to fulfill ;

Thy law likewise they have transgrest; -en fo like wise unto the end,

and none against them faid: I will continue fill.

127 This is the cause , wherefore I lovo AMECH. The xu. part.

thy lawes better then gold, 3. The crafty thougies and double Or jewels fine , which are esteem'd,

I do alwayés detest: (hearts, most coftly to be fold. (just, t as for thy lawes and precepts, 128 I thought thy precepts all moff I love them ever beft.

and so them laid in ftore: 4 Thou art my hid and secret place, All crafty and malicious wayes, my field of Arong defence : I doe abhorre therefore


The ris. part.


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PE. The xvij. part.

143 Trouble a grieftrave fets don me, 129 Thy covenantsare moltwonderfull, and brought me wondrous low; and full of things profound ?

Yet do I still of thy precepts , My foule therefore doth keep them sure delight to heare and know.

wlien they are tride and found. 144 The righteousnesse of thy judge 130When men first enter into thy word doch lait for evermore ; ment,

they fiord alight most cleare: Then teach them me for even in chem, And very idiots understand,

my life lies up in store. when they it read of heare.


(breath'd, 145 With fervent heart I cald & cry'd, 131 For joy I have both gap'd and now answer me, O Lord,

to know thy commandment: That thy commandment to observe, That I might guide my self thereby, I may fully accord.

I lought what thing it meant. 146 To thee my God I make my fuit, 132 With mercy and compasiion, Lord,

with most humble request; behold me from above :

Save me therefore and I will keep , As thou art wont to behold such, thy precepts and thy hests,

as thy Name fcarc and love. 147 To thee I cry even in the morn, 233 Direct my footsteps by thy word,

before the daye waxe light; that I thý will may know :

Because that I have in thy word, And never let iniquity,

my confidence whole plight. thy servant overthrone. (harms, 148 Mine eyes prevent the watch by 134 From llanderous tongues & deadly

and ere they call I wake; (night, preserve and keep me sure : That by divising on thy word , Thy precepts then will I observe, I might come comfort take. and put thein cke

149 Incline thine ears to heare my 135 Thy countenance which doch sur. and pity on me take;' (voyce,

the Sun in his bright hue, (inounc, As thou wast wont: so judge me Lord Let shine on me and by the law,

leit life should me forsake.. teach me what to eschue. 150 My foes draw neare,& do procure3360ur of mine eyes great foods guh my death maliciously; (back,

of dreary tearcs and fell: (out, Which from thy law are farre gone When I behold how wicked men ,

and fray'd from it lewdly. thy laweskeep never a deale. 13. Therefore, O Lord,approach thou 2 ADĖ. The xviij. part.

for geed doch so require : (neare, 337 In every point, Lord,thon art 1, For all my precepts they are true, the wicked though they grudge : then help I chec delige.

(nounce, 152 But thy commandments have 1 And when thou dost sentence pro not now, but long ago: (learn'd, thou art a righteous Judge.

That they remaine for evermore, 338To render right and filec from guile thou hast them grounded fo.

are two chlef points moft hie : RESH. And such as thou hast in thy law, 153 My trouble and affliction , commanded us straightly.

consider and behold: 339With zeal & wrath I am consum's, Deliver me , for of tly law and even pin'd away:

I ever take fait hold. (cause, To see my foes thy word forget, 154 Defend my good and righteous for ought that I do may.

with speed me fucconr send : 340 $o purc and perfect is thy word, From death, as thou hast promised, as any heart can deeme:

Lord keep me and defend. And I thy fervant notbing more 155 As for the wicked far they are do love or yet esteeme.

from having health and grace: 341 And though I be nothing set by, Whereby they might thy statutes know às one of base degree :

they enter not the trace. (grant, Yet doe I not thy lawes forget, 156 Great are thy mercies, Lord, I nor shrinke away from thee.

what tongne can them attaine ? 142 Thy righteousnesse, Lord, is most And as chou hast me judg'd cre now , for ever to endure;


fo let me life obtaine. Also thy law is truth it self,

157Though many men did trouble me, most constant and most purige and perfecute me loze;

The xx. part.


Yet from thy Tawes Thever irrinke, 172 My tongire thall nog and preach nor went away therefore.

thy word, 158 And trueth it is , for grief I die, and on this wise say shall:

when I these craitors see; Gods famous acts and noble lawes, Because they keep no whit thy word, are just and perfect all.

nor yet seek to know thee. 173. Stretch out thy hand, I thee 159 Behold, for I do love thy lawes, and speedily me save: (beseechl

with heart molt glad and faine; For thy commandments to observe, As thou art good and gracious, Lord, chosen , O Lord, I have.

restore my life againe. (be 1740f thee alone, Lord I crave health, 100 What thy word doth decree, mng for other I know none:

and so it hach been ever. And in thy law, and nothing else, Thy righteous judgements are also , I do delight alone.

most truic and decay never. 175 Grant me therefore long dayes to SCHIN. The xxj. part.

thy Name to magnifie : (live, 161 Princes have longhe by cruelty, and of thy judgement mercifuli,

caullello to make me couch : let me thy favour trie. But all in vaine , for of thy word, 176 For I was lost and went aftray,

thy feare did my heart touch. much like a wandring Meep: 262 And certainly even of thy word, Oh seek me , for I have not faird,

I was more merry and glad: thy commandments to keep. Then he that of rich spoiles and prey PSA L. CXX.

T.S. great fore and plenty had.


trouble and in thrall, 163 As for all lies and falsities,

, I hate moft and detest:

and he doth me comfort. For why ? thy holy law do I, 2 Deliver me, I say,

above all things love best : From liars lips alway, 164Seven times a day, I praise the Lord and tongiies of false report.

7 finging with heart and voyce : 3 What vantage or what thing, Thy righteous a&ts and wonderfull, Get'st thou thus for to sting, to cause me to rejoyce.

thon false and flattering lyar 8165 Great peace and rest Mall all such 4 Thy tongne doch hurt, I ween,

as do thy statutes love : (have. No lose then arrows keen, No danger shall their quiet state , or hot consuming fire.

empaire or once remove. $ Alas, too long I Nack, 1766Mine only health & confort Lord, Within these tents so black, I look for at thy hand:

which Kedars are by name, And therefore have I done these things By whom the flock eled,

which thon didft me command. and all of Isaacs sect, 167Thy lawes have been mine exercise

are put to open Name. which my soul most desired: 6 Wich ebem that peace did hate, So much to thein my love was bens I came a peace to make that nought elle I required.

and set a quiet life. 1168 Thy statutes and commandements, 7 But when my tale was told,

I kept (thou know'lt) aright: Caullere I was control'd, For all the things that I have done, by them that would have strife, are present in thy sight,


I Lift mine heart to Sion

bill, 169 O Lord let my complaint and cry, From I

before thy face appeare : That succour God me send. And as thou hast me promise made, 2 The mighty God me fuccour wills. so teach me thee to feare.

Which heaven and earth framed, 170 Mine humble fupplication,

And all things therein named. towards thee lec find acceffe: . 3 Thy foot from flip he will presesvos And grant me Lord , deliverance , And will thee safely keep, for so is thy promise.

For he will never sleep. 171 Then shall my lips thy praifes 4 Lo he that Israel doth conserve,

after moft ainple fort: (speak, No neep at all can him catch, When thon thy fatutes halt me tangho But his eyes Mall ever watch. whercib Kands my comfort, s The Lord is thy wartaar alway,



The xxij. part.

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The Lord eke doth thee cover ,

with hatred and despight. As at thy right hand ever.

4. Our minds be stuft wgreat rebuke, 6 The Sun ihall not thee parch by day, che rich and worldly wise:

Nor the Moone,nor half so bright, Do make of 11s their mocking stocks,

Shall with cold hurt thee by night. the proud do us despise. 7The Lord wil keep thee from diftreffe PSA L. CXXIV. W.W. And will thy life sure fare ; 8 And thou shalt also have ,

may say, and that truely; In all thy businesse'good successe: If that the Lord,

Where ever thou goert in or out, had not our cause maintain'd:

God will thy things bring about. If that the Lord
PSA L. CXXII. W.K. had not our right sustain'd.
Didin heart rejoyce,

2 When all the world
To heare the peoples voyce ,

against us furionfly in offering To willingly. Made their uproares, 2 For let us up, say they,

and said, we should all die

ie; And in the Lords house pray,

3 Now long ago, Thus spake the folk full lovingly. they had devour'd us all., 3 Our feet that wandred wide, And swollowed quick, Shall in thy gates abide,

for ought that we could deeme; O'thou Jerusalem río faire : Such was their rage, Which art so seemely fet,

as we might well esteeme; Much like a City neat ,

4. And as the floods The like whereof is not elsewhere. with mighty force do fall; 4 The other tribes with one accord, So had they now , The tribes of God the Lord,

our lives even brought to thrall.. Are thither bent their way to take: s The raging streames, So God before did tell,

most proud in roaring noise, That there his Israel,

Ilad long ago, Their prayers should together make. overwhelm'd us in the deep: s For there are thrones erect, 6 But loved be God, And that for this respect ,

which doth us safely keep 'To set forth juhtice orderly ; From bloody teeth; Which thrones right to maintaine , and their most cruell voyce , To Davids house pertaine ,

Which as a prey His folk to judge accordingly.. to eat iis would rejoyce.. 6 To pray lee is not cease,

7 Even as a bird, For Jerusalems peace ,

out of the fowlers gin ,. Thy friends God prosper mightily. Escapes away, 7 Peace be thy wals about ,

right só it fares with us :. And prosper thee throughout,

Broke are their nets,
Thy pallaces continually..

and we havej scaped thus.. 8 I wifh thy prosperous state,

8 God that made heaven, For my poore brethens sake,

and earth, is our help then : That comfort have by means of thee : His name hath fav’d . Gods house shall me allure,

ils from those wicked men, Thy wealth for to procure ,

PSAL. CXXV. W.K. So much alwayes as lies in mc. Such as in God the Lord do trust, PSA L. CXXIII. T. S. Asmount Sion Mall firmly stand, O Lord that heaven dost possesse,

And be remooved at no hand. I lift mine eyes to thee: The Lord will count them right & juft: Even as the servant lifteth his ,

So that they shall be sure , his masters hand to see.

For ever to endure. 2 As hand-maids watch their mistris 2 As mighty mountains buge & great;

some grace for to archiye, (hands, Jesirsalem about doth cloe, So we bchold the Lord our God, So will the Lord do unto those, till he do'ns forgive.

Who on his holy hill do wait ; 3. Lord grant us thy compassion,

Such are to hiin so deare , and mercy in thy sight ;

They never need to feare. Eorwears fillid and oyeccome, 3For though s. righteous ery, doth he;


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