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7 Nurding it can make tum quarte, 70 earth confelle thy ToveraigneLord. Who in the Lord sure hope doth set: and dread his mighty hand : 8 His heart is firme, his feare is part, Before the face of Jacobs God,

For he shall see his foes down cast. feare ye both sea and land. (rocke . He did well for the poore provide, 8 I mean the God which from hard His righteousnelle doth (till remain : doth cause maine flouds appeare: and his estate with praise abide, And from the stony flint doth make Though that the wicked man difdain. gulh out the fountains cleare. 10 Yea,gnalh his teeth thereat shall be, PSAL. CXV. N. And lo consume his state to sec.

Not unto us , Lord, not to us, PSAL. CXIII. W. K.

but to thy Name give praise : Yechildren which do serve the Lord, Both for thy mercy and thy eruch, Praise ye one

that are in . 2 Yea, blessed be alwayes his Name; 2 Why shall the heathen scorners say, 3 Who from the rising of the Sunne , where is their God become ? Till it return where it begun, 3 Our God in heaven is , and what

Is to be praised with great fame. he will, that hach he donc. 4 The Lord all people doth surmount. 4 Their idols silver are and gold , As for his glory we may count ,

works of mens hands they be: Above the heavens high to be. (pares They have a mouth, and doe not s With God the Lord who may com- and eyes and do not sec. (speake, Whose dwellings in the heavens arc , 6 And they have eares joynd to their

of such great power and force is he. and do not heare at all : (heads, 6 He doth abase himself (we know) And nofes eke they formed have, Things to behold both here below, and do not smell withall. And also in heaven above.

7 And hands they have and handle not, 17 The needy out of dust to draw , and feet and do not go; (fame And eke the poore û help nonc saw, A throat they have, yet through the

His onely inercy did him move. they make no found to blow. 8 And so him set in high degree, 8 Those y make them are like to them, With Princes of great dignity,

and those whose trust they be: That rule his people with great fame. 9 O Israel trust in the Lord, 9 The barren he doth make to bear, their help and field is he. And with great joy her fruit to reare , 10 0 Aarons house trust in the Lord, Therefore praise ye his holy Name. their help and shield is hc :

PSAL. CXIV. W. W. 11 Traft ye the Lord that feare ☆ Lord, W

Hen Israel by Gods addresse, their help and thield is ho.

from Pharaohs land was bent : 12 The Lord hath mindfull been ofps, and Jacobs house the strangers left , and will us bleflc also:

and in the same traine went. On Israel , and on Aarons house, 2 In Juda God his glory Mew'd,

his blefling he will show. his holinesTe most bright: 13 Them that be fearers of the Lord, So did the Israelites declare ,

the Lord will blefle them all : his kingdome, power, and might. Even he will blesse them every one, 3 The sea it saw , and suddenly,

the great and eke the small. as all amaz'de did Aie,

14 To you (I fay) the living Lord, The roaring Areames of Jordans foud

will multiply his grace: recoiled backwardly.

To you and to the children that 4 As rams afraid the mountains skipt , fhal follow of your race.

their strength did them forsake; lis Ye are the blessed of the Lord's And as the filly trembling lambes, even of the Lord, I say:

their tops did beat and shake. Which both the heavens and the carth, Is What aild thee fea as all amaz'd, hath made and set in stay. so suddenly to fly?

16 The heavens, yea, the heavens high, Pe rolling waves of Jordans floud, belong unto the Lord :

why ran ye backwardly? The earth unto the sons of men 6 Why shook ye hils as Rams afraid ,

he gave of free accord. why did your strength so Make? 17 They that be dead do not praise Why did your tops as trembling lambs set forth the Lords repoWDC:

for fcare quiver and quake ? Nor apy that into the place,


of filence do go down. (God, a sacrifice of praises 18 But we will praise the Lord our and I will call upon the Name

from henceforth and for aye : of God the Lord alwayes. Sound ye the praises of the Lord, 18 I to the Lord will pay my vowes praise ye the Lord I say.

that I to them behight: PSA L. CXVI. Nea , even at this present time , I Love the Lord, because my voyce in all his peoples fight. heard hath

19 Yea, in the courts of Gods own 2 When in my dayes I call'don him, and in the midst of thee: (bouse, he bow

d his eare to me. O thou Jerusalem , I say, 3 Even when the snares of cruell death, wherefore the Lord praise yee. about besct me round:

PSA L. CXVII. N. When pains of hel me caught, and when

Iwo and forrow found. O All ye nations of the world, 4 Upon the Name of God my Lord, and all ye people every where ;

praise ye the Lord alwayes : then did I call and fay : Deliver thou my foul, O Lord,

fet forth hisnoble praise. I do thee humbly pray.

2 For great his kindnesle is to us, s The Lord is very mercifull,

his truth endures for aye : and just he is also :

Wherefore praise ye the Lord our God, And in our God compaffion,

praise ye the Lord, I say. doth pleqtifully flow.

PSA L. CXVIII. N. 6 The Lord in safety doch preservo, To Give ye chankes unto the Lord, all those that simple be:


for gracious is he; I was in wofull misery,

Because his mercy doch endure, and be delivered mee.

for ever towards mee. 7 And now my soul, fith thou art safe, 2 Let Ifrael confeffe and say, return unto thy reft:

his mercies dures for aye : For largely, lo, the Lord to thee , 3. Now let the house of Aaron say: his bounty hath expreft.

his mercy dures for aye. 8 Because thou hast delivered 4 Let them that fear the Lord our my soul from deadly thrall :

even now confesse and say:(God, My moistned cyes from mournfull The mercie of the Lord our God,

my Niding feet from fall. (tearcs, endureth still for aye. 9 Before the Lord, I in the land, s In trouble and in heavinesse , of life will walk therefore:

unto the Lord I cride: so I did beleeve , therefore I spake, Which lovingly heard me at large: for I was troubled fore,

my suite was not denide. The second part.

6 The Lord himself is on my fide , 11 I said in my distrelle and feare ,

I will not stand in doubt : that all men liers be:

Nor fear what man can do tome, 12 What shall I pay the Lord for all when God stands me about. his benefits to me?

7 The Lord doch ráke my part with 13 The wholesome cup of saving that help to succour me: (then),

I thankfully will take: (health, Therefore I Mall see my desire ; And on the Lords Name I will call;

upon mine enemie. when I my prayers make. 8 Better it is to trust in God, 14 I to the Lord will pay my vowes !

then in màns mortall feed : that I to him behight :

9 Or to put confidence in kings, Yea, eren at this present time,

or Princes at our need. in all his peoples fight.

10 All nations have enclosed me, 15Right deare and precious in his light and compassed me round:

the Lord doth aye esteeme : But in the Name of God fhall I, The death of allhis holy ones

mine enemies confound. whatever men do decm. 11 They keep me in on every fide, 16 Thy fervant Lord, thy servant , lo, they keep me in , I say: I do my self confesse :

But in the Lords moft mighty Name, Son of thy hand-maid thou haft broke I shall work their decay.

the bonds of my distresse. 12 They came about me all like Becs, +7 And I will offer up to thee,

but yet in the Lords Name;

I qucache

quench their thorns that were on fire 28 Thou art my God, I will confelics and will destroy the same.

and render thanks to thee : The second part.

Thou art my God, and I will praise 3 Thou halt with force thrust sore ad thy mercy towards me.

that I indeed might fall : (me, 29 Ogive ye chankes unto the Lord, at through the Lord I found fich help for gracious is he:

that they were vanquish'd all. Because his mercy doth enduro 4 The Lord is my defence and strength forever towards mec. myjoy, my mirth , my song ?

PSA L. CXIX. W. W. Ie is become for me inded, a Saviour most strong.

A L E P H. 5 The right hand of the Lord ourGod B Lested are they that perfe&tare, doch bring to passe great things

and pure in mind and heart; e caureth voyce of joy and health,

Whofe lives and conversations in righteous mens dwellings.

from Gods lawes never start. The right hand of ý Lord doch bring 2Biessed are they that give themselves, most mighty things to parte:

his statutes to oblerve: Es hand hath che precminence,

Secking the Lord with all their heart, his force is as it was.

and never from him swerve. - I shall not dic, but ever live ,

3 Doubtlcffe such men go not astray, to utter and declare ; (power

nor do no wicked thing : de Lord his might and wondrous Which stedfastly walk in his

way, his works , and what they are.

without any wandring, The Lord himself hath chaftened, 4 It is thy will and commandment, and hath corrected me :

that with attentive heed ; thath not given me over yet

Thy noble and divine precepts, to death , as ye may see.

we learne and keep indeed. Set open unto me the gates,

SO would to God it might thee please of truth and righteousnesse :

my wayes so to addresse : Eat I may cater into them ,

That I might both in heart and voyce, the Lords praise to exprefe.

thy lawes keep and confefe. This is the gate even of the Lord, o So Monld no thaine my life attaine, which shall not so be shut ,

whilft I thus set mine eyes : t good and righteous men alway,

And bend my mind alwayes to muse fhall enter into it.

on thy secret decrees. The third part.

7 Then will I praise with upright heart I will give thanks to thee, O Lord, and magnifie thy Name: because thou haft heard mec :

When I shall learnc thy judgement just dart become most lovingly,

and likewise proove the same. a Saviour unto me.

8 And wholly will I give my self, The stone û ere this time among

to keep thy lawes most right: the builders was refused, Forsake me not for ever Lord, now become the corner-stone,

but shew thy grace and mighe. and chiefly to be used. BETH. The second part. This was the mighty work of God, By what means may a young man belt this was the Lords own fa&t:

his life learne to amend ? d it was marvellous to behold, If that he marke and keep thy word, with eyes that noble act.

and thorcin his time spend. This is the joyfull day indeed, 10 Unfainedly I have thee sought ,

which God himself hath wrought: and thus seeking abide, tus be glad and joy therein, Oh never suffer me , O Lord,

in heart, in mind, in thought. from thy précepts to slide. Now help us Lord, and prosperus, 11 Within my heart & secret thoughts, we wiñh with one accord:

thy words I have hid still; Blessed is he that comes to us, That I might not at any time,

in the Name of the Lord. (lighs, offend thy godly will. God is the Lord that thewes us 12 We magnifie thy Name , O Lords

bind ye therefore with cord; and praise theo cpermore; ur sacrifice to the altar,

Thy statutes of most worthy fame, and give thanks to the Lord. O Lord teach my therefore.

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13 My

The third part.

113 My lips have never cealt to preach, Thy workes then will I meditato and publish day and night,

and lay them up in store. The judgements all which did proceed 28 My Soule I feele so fore opprest,

from thy mouth full of might. that it melteth for griefe: 14 Thy testimonie , and thy wayes, According to thy word therefore, picase me no leste in deed:

hafte Lord to send reliefe. Then all the ercasures of the earth, 29 Froin lying and deceitfull lips,

which worldlings make their meed. let thy grace me defend : 1s Of thy precepts I will still muse, and that I may learne thee to love,

and thereto frame my talke: thy holy law me send. (sure, As at a marke, so will I aime, 30 The wayes of truth both Atraight & thy wayes how I may walke.

I have chosen and found: 16 My onely joy shall beso fixt, I set thy judgements me before, and on thy lawes so set :

which keepe mc safe and sound. That nothing can us so farre blind, 31 Since then(Ò Lord){ forc'd my self that I thy words forget.

thy covenants to imbrace ; GIMEL.

Let me therefore have no rebuke, 17Grant to thy servant now such grace or check in any case :

as may my life prolong : 32 Then will I runde v joyfull chears Thy holy word then will I keepe, where thy word doch me call:

both in my heart and congue. When thou hast set my heart at large, 18 Mine cyes which were dim and shut and rid me out of thrall. so open and make bright:

(up H E.

The fiftb part. That of thy Law and marvellous worke, 33 Inftru&t me Lord, in the right trade, I may have the clear sight.

of thy statutes divine : 19 I am a stranger in this carth , And it to keepe even to the end,

wandring now here now there : my heart I will incline. Thy word therefore to me disclose , 34Grant me the knowledge of thy law, my footsteps for to cleare.

and I Mall it obey : 20 My soule is ravish'd with desire, With heart, and mind, and all my mighe

and never is ac reft; (high, I will it keepe I say. But seekes to know thy judgement 35 In the right paths of thy precepts

and what may please thee best. guide me Lord, I require: 21 The proud men and malicious , None other pleasure do I wish

thou haft destroyed each onc, Nor greater thing desire. hand cursed are such as do not , 36Incline my heart thy Lawes to keep thy hefts attend upon.

and covenants to imbrace , 22Lord turn from me rebuke & shame, And from all filthy avarice,

which wicked men conspire; Lord Mhield me with thy grace. For I have kept thy covenants 37 From vaine desires and wordly luí with zeale as hot as fire.

turne back mine eyes and fight 23 The Princes great in counfell sate, Give me the spirit of life and power and did against me speake ,

co walke thy wayes aright. But then thy servant thought how he 38Confirme thy gracious promiseLo

thy stacutes might not breake. which thuu halt made to me. 24 For why?thy covenants are my joy, which am thy servant and do love and my hearts great solace ;

and feare nothing but thee. They stand in stead of counsellers, 39 Reproach & shame, which I fo fe: my matters for to palie.

from me , O Lord, expell: DAL ETH. The fourth part. For thou dost judge with equity, 25 I am alas , as brought to grave,

and therein doch excell. : and almost turn'd to dust : 40 Behold, my hear's defire is ben Restore therefore my life againe ,

thy lawes to keep for aye : as thy promiffe is just.

Lord strengthen me lo with thy gri 26 My wayes when I acknowledged, that it performe I may.

with mercy chou didft heare : VAU. The fixth part. Hcare now efesoone and me infiruct 41 Thy mercies great and manifo thy lawesto know and feare.

let me obtaine, O Lord : 27 Teach me once finely for to know Thy saving health let me enjoy , chy precepts and thy lore;

according to thy word.

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Thall I ftop the flandrous mouths, I did embrace and also keep,
of lewd men and unjust :

with reverence and with fear. or in thy faithfull promises , HETH.

Tbe right part stands my comfort and trust. 570 God, which art my part and lot, The word of truth within my mouth my comfort and my stay : let ever still be prest :

I have decreed and promised, or in thy judgements wonderfull, thy lawes to keep alway.

my hope doth stand and rest.(breast, 58 Mine earnest heart did humbly fuo 4. And whilft that breath within my in presence of thy face.

doth naturall hfe preserve : As thou therefore haft promised, ea , till this world Nalbe diffolv'd, Lord grant me of thy grace. thy law will I observe.

59 My life I have examined, s So walk will I as set at large,

and tri'd my secret haart : • and made free from all dread: Which to chy Natuces caused me, ecause I sought how for to keep, my feet ftrait to convert.

thy preceptsand thy read. 60 I did not stay and linger loog, 6 Thy noble acts, I will describe, as they that fochfuli arc;

as things of most great fame : But hastily thy lawes to keep, ven before Kings I will them blaze, I did my self prepare.

and Ihrinke no whit for Mame. 61 The cruell bands of wicked men, -7 I will rejoyce then to obey,

have made of me their prey? thy worthy hests and will : Yet would I not thy law forget, Vhich evermore I bave loved heft, nor from thee go astray.

and so will love them ftill. 62 Thy righteous judgements towards 8 My hand will I lift to thy lawes, so great are and lo high : (rao

which I have dearly sought : That even at midnight will I rise, ad pra&ise thy commandements, thy Name to magnifie. in will, in decd, and thought. 63 Companion am I to all them,

which fear thee in their heart : EAIN. The seventh part.

And never will for love nor dread, 29 Thy promise which thou maďlt to from thy commandements start.

thy servant,Lord remember: (me, 64Thy mercies,Lord most plentcouly, For therein do I put my trust,

do all the world fulfill: and confidence for ever. O teach me how I may obey, so It is my comfort and myjoy,

thy statutes and thy will. when trouble me allaile : TETH.

The ninth part. For were my life not by the word, o's According to thy promise Lord, my life would soon me faile.

so halt thou with me dealt : si The proud & such as God contemnc For of thy grace in sundry forts, Bill made of me a scorne:

have I thy servant felt. Vet would I not thy law forsake, 66 Teach me to judge alwayes aright, as he that were forlorne.

and give me knowledge sure : $2 But call’d to mind Lord thy great For certainely beleevel do

fheiv'd to our fathers old: (works, that thy precepts are pure: Whereby I felt thy joy surmount, 67 Ere thou didit ceach me v thy rod, my grief an hundred fold.

I err'd and went astray : 53 But yet alas for feare I quakc, But now I keep thy holy Word, seeing how wicked men :

and make it all my fiay. Thy law forsook , and did procure

68 Thou are both good and gracious, thy judgements upon them.

and givest liberally : 14 And as for me I fram'd my fongs, Thine ordinances how to keep, thy statutes to exalt:

therefore, O Lord ceach mc. When among the strangers dwele, 09 (The proud and wicked men have and thoughes gan me afault.

against me many a lie: (forg'd, ss I thought upon thy Name, O Lord, Yet thy Commandments still observe,

by night when others sleep : with all my heart willI. (wcaleh, As for thy law also I kept ,

70 Their hearts are swoln with worlds and eves will it keep.

as grease so are they fat; S6 This grace I did obtain , because But in thy law I will delight, thy covenants sweet and deare :

and nothing leek but that.

G 2 7. Oba pou



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