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7 Although in midst of trouble I 14 Thee will I praile , made fearfully, do walk , yet shall I stand :

and wondrously I am ; Renewed by chce , O my Lord, Thy works are marvellous , right well

thou wilt stretch out thy laad, my soul deth know the same. Upon the wrath of all my focs , Is My bones they are not hid from theo and saved thall I be :

although in secret place By thy right hand, the Lord God will I have been made, and in the earth perform his work to me.

beneath I Maped was, 8 Thy mercy Lord endures for aye, 16When I was formlesse,then thine eye Lord do me not forsake;

saw me: for in thy book Forfake me not that am the worke,. Were written all, nought was before, which thine own hand did make, that after fashion took.


17 The thoughte therefore of thee, o PSAL. CXXXIX. N.

how deare they are co mc ? Lord , thou hast mc tride and And of them all, how paling great

(known, the endlessc number he. (summe *my fitting thou doft know : 18 If I should count them, lo , their 2 Ar risings cke: my thoughts afarre more then the sand I fee 3

chou understand'ít also. And whensoever I awake , 3 My paths, yea, and my lying down, yet am I still with thee. thou compaffest alwayes :

19 The wicked and the bloudy men, And by familiar custome art ,

that thou wouldest flay; acquainted with my wayes. Even those, o God, to whom depart, 4 No word is in my tongue, O Lord, depart from me, I say. but known it is to thee:

20Even those of theç, O Lord my God, s Thou me behind hold’st and before, that speak full wickedly ;

chou lay'lt thy hand on me. Those that are lifted up in vain , 6 To wonderfull above my reach, being enemies to thee.

Lord is thy cunning skill; 21 Hatc I not them thac hate the Lord, It is so high that I the same,

and that in earnest wise ? cannot attain untill.

Contend I not against them all, 7 From fight of thy all-seeing Spirit, against thee chat arise :

Lord, whither shall I go? 22 I hate them with uafained hate, Or whither shall I flie away,

even as my utter foes : thy presence to scape fro ? 23Try mero God)and know my heart, 8 To heaven if I mount aloft,

my thoughts proove and disclose. lo thou are present there ; 24 Consider Lord, if wickednesse In hell if I lie down below,

in me there any be ; even there thou do'st appeare. And in thy way, O God my guide 9 Yca,let me take the Morning-wings,

for cver lead thou me. und let me go and hide :

PSA L. CXL. N. Even there where are the fartheft parts L Ord save me from the evill man, where flowing Sea-doth slide.

and from the cruell wight: 10 Yea , even thicher also shall And from all those that evill do

thy reaching hand me guide : imagine in their spirit. And thy right hand fhall hold me fat, 2Which makc on me continuall warre, and make me to abide.

their congues lo they have whet. 11 Yea , if I fay, the darknese shall 3 Like serpents : underneath their lips,

yet shroud me from thy right; is adders poyson set. (hands, Lo ; even also the darkest nighe 4 Keep me (Ò Lord) from wicked about me shall be light.

preserve me to abide : 12 Yea, darknessc hidech not from thee, Free from the cruell man, that means

but night doth feeme as day : to cause my steps to Nide. To thee the darknese and the night s The proud have laid a snare for me are both alike alway.

and they have spred a nec The second part.

With cords in my path way, and gins 13 'For thou poffelled hast my reines, for me çke have they set.

and thou liaft covered me; 6 Therefore I said unto the Lord, When I wicbin my mothers womb, , ) thou art niy God alone : inclosed was by thcc. sta Hear me, o Lord. O hear the voyce;


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wherewith I pray and mone. In thee is all my trult, Ict not 7 O Lord my God thou onely art ,

my soul forsaken be the strength that saveth me: 9 Which they have laid to auch mein, My head in day of battell hach

Lord keep me from the snare ; been covered ftillby thee. And from the subtill grin of thern, 8 Let not, O Lord, the wicked have, that wicked workers are. the end of his desire ;

Jo The wicked into their own nets, Performe not his ill thonghts , lest ho together let them fall;

with pride be set on fire. While I do by thy help escape, 9 Of them that compaffe me about, the danger of them all. the chiefest of them all:

PSA L. CXLII. N. Lord let the mischief of their lips, B Efore the Lord God with my voyce

I did send out my cry ; 10 Let coals fall on them, let him cant And with my straitned voyce unto them in consuming flame,

the Lord God prayed I. And in decp pits, so as they may 2 My medication in his fighe, not rise out of the fame.

to powre I did not spare ; 11 For no backbiter shall on carth , And in the presence of the Lord, be set in stable plight:

my trouble did declare. And evill to destruction still, 3 Although perplexed was my spirit, shall hunt the cruell wight.

my path was known to chce; 12 I know the Lord th'affiliated will, In way where I did walk , a spare

revenge and judge the poore : they Nily laid for me. 13 The jutt shall praise thy Name and 4 I lookd and view'd on my righthand

dwell with thee evermore. (Mall but none there would mc knows

PSA L. CXLI. N. All refuge failed me, and for
Lord upon thec do I call,

my foul none care did show. Lord haste thee unto me ; s Then cride I Lord, to thes, and said, And hearken Lord unto my voyce , my hope thou oncly are ;

when I do cry to thee; Thou in the land of living art , 2 As incense let my prayer be

my portion and any part. directed in thinc eyes; 6 Hearke to my cry, for I am brought And the uplifting of my bands , full low , deliver mc , as evening-sacrifice.

From them, that do me persecute . 3 My Lord for guiding of my mouth, for me too strong they he.

set thou a watch before ; 7 That I may praise thy Name, my soul And also of my mooving lips,

from prison Lord bring out: O Lord keep thon the doore. When thou art good to me the juft , 4 That I should wicked works commit, Mall praise me round about.

incline thou not my heart ; PSA L. CXLIII. Wich ill men of their delicates," È LORD hear my prayer, heark the

Lord let me cat no part. s But let the righteous smite me Lord, Lord in thy native craeth, and in . for that is good for me ;

chy justice answer me. Let him reproove me, and the same 2 In judgement with thy servant,Lord, a precious oyle shall be.

oh enter not at all : Such smiting ihall not break my head, for justified be in thy fight , the cime shall shortly fall;

not onc that liveth Ihall. When I shall in their misery, 3 The enemy hath pursude my soule, make prayers for them all.

my life to ground hath thronc; 6 Then when in stony places down, and laid me in the darke , like chema

their Judges shall be cast; (then that dead are long agone. Then shall they hear my words , for 4 Within me in perplexity : they have a pleasant talt. 1

was mincaccombred spirit; 7 Our bones about the graves mouth, And in ine was my troubled heart

so scattered are they found; ainazed and affright. As he that hewed wood, or he s Yet I record time past, in all ebat digged up the ground.

thy works I meditate. But,o my Lord, my God,minc eyes Yeain thy works I meditate , do look up into thcci

that thy hands have create.


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6 To thee, O Lord my God, lo I On violland on iniroment ,

do ftretch my craving hands; ten-fringed unto thcc. My foule desireth after thee , 10 Even he it is that onely gives , as do the thirsty lands.

deliverance to Kings : Hcarc me with speed, my spirit doth Vato his servant David helpe,

bide not thy face me fro (fail from hurtfull swords he brings Elle Shall I be like them that downo 11 From strangers hand mc fuve a into the pit do goc.

whose mouth talke vanity: (hici 8 Les me thy loving kindneklein And their right hand is a right hand

the morning hearc and know ; of guild and subtilıy. (plar fos in thee is my trust, thew-me 12 That our fonncs may be as ti the way where I shall go.

whom growing youth doth rear For Ilift up my foule to thee, Our daughters as cary'd corner-fton O Lord deliver me

like to a palace faire. from all mine chemics : for I 13 Onr garners full, and plenty ma bave bidden me with thee.

with sundry sorts be found; 30 Teach me to doc thy will, for thou Oor sheep briag thousands in our fre thou art my God, I fay;

ten thousands may abound. Le.thy good fpirit into the land 14 Our oxen bc to labour Itrong ,

of mercy me convay: (grace that none do us invade ; asFor shy Names sake with quickning There be no going out , nor cries, alive do thou me make :

within our streets be made. And ont of trouble bring my soule, Is The people blessed are that with even for thy justice lake.

such blessings are so Ator'd; 12 And for thy mercy flay my focs Yea, blefled all the people are , O Lord, destroy them all,

whole God is God the Lord. That doe oppresse my soule, for I thy fervant am, and fhall.


T He will I land my God and KingPSA L. CXLIIII. N.

and bleffc thy Name for aye B Left be the Lord, my frength about a Bos ever will. I praise thy Name The Lord that doth my fingers frame, 3Great is cheLords molt worchy praise, "to battell by his might.

his greataelle none can reach ; a He is my goodnesle, fort and tower, 4From raceto race they shall thy works deliverer and shield :

praise, and thy power preache So him I trust , my people het s I of chy glorious Majesty, Subdues to me to yeeld.

the beauty will records 3 O Lord, what thing is man, that him and meditate upon thy works, thou holdett fo in price ?

most wonderfull , O Lord. Or fonnc of man, that upon him 6 And they shall of thy power, and of thou thinkclt in such wisc ?

thy fearfull acts declare; Man is but like to vanity, And I to publish all abroad,

so palle his dayes to end; (Lord thy greatnefle will not spare. SAs flecting fhade; Bowe downc, 017 And they into the mention fhall

the heavens and descend. (smoak, spcake of thy goodacsse great : 6 The mountains couch, and they shall And I'aloud thy rightcousaelle

cast forth thy lightning Aame : in singing Tall repeat. And scatter them, thine arrowes shoot, 8 The Lord our God is gracious,

consume them with the same. and mercifull also ; 2 Send down thine hand even from Of great abounding mercy, and

O Lord deliver me: (above, to anger is he now. Take me from waters great, from hand 9 Yea good to all, and all his works, of strangers make me free,

his mercy doth exceed. (Lord, 8 Whofe fubcillmouth of vanity. to Lo, all thy works do praise thee

and fondaefsc doch intreat ; and do thine honour spread. had their right hand is a right hand 11 Thy Saints do blesse thee,& they do of falfhood and deceit .

thy kingdomes glory show; (soas A sew song will I fing, God, 12 And blaze thy power, to cause the and Anging will I

of mca thy power to know.


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The second part.

the lame to limbs restore ; 13 And of his mighey kingdomc cke, The Lord, I say, doch love the right, to spread the glorious praise.

and just man evermore. Thy kingdome, Lord, a kingdome is, 9 He doth defend the facherlelle, that doch endure alwayes ;

and strangers sad in hcart, And thy dominion through each age, and quit the widow from distresse, endures without decay;

and ill menswayes fubvert. 14 The Lord upholdeth them that fall, 10 Thy Lord, and God eternally, their siding he doth stay.

oʻsion ftill shall reigae ,
Is The eyes of all doc wait on thee, In time of all pofterity,
thou doit them all relieve.

for ever to remainc.
And thou to each sufficing food ,
in season due doft give.

PSA L. CXLVII. N. 16 Thon openeft thy plenteous hand, p Raise ye the Lord for it is good, and boiinteously doft fill,

into our God to fing, All things whatsoever doc live , For it is pleasant and to praise with gifts of thy good will.

it is a comcly thing: 17 The Lord is just in all his wayes, 2 The Lord, his owne Jerusalem, his works are holy all.

he buildech


alone ; 18 Necre all he is , that call on him And the disperft of Israel, in truth that on him call."

doth gather unto one. 19 lle the desires, when they require 3 He heals the broken in their hearts,

that feare him, will fulfill ; their sores up.doch he binde ; And he will hear them when they cry, 4 He counts the number of the starses and save them all he will.

and names them in their kiade. 20 The Lord preserves all those to him s Great is the Lord,great is his posit, that beares a loving heart ;

his wisdome infinite : (throu But he them all that wicked are 6 The Lord relieves the mecke , and will utterly subvert ;

to ground the wicked wight. 21 My thankfull mouth shall gladly 7 Sing unto God the Lord with praises

the praises of the Lord; (Ipeake unto the Lord rejoyce : All flesh to praise his holy Namć, And to our God upon the harpe, for cver shall accord.

advance your finging voyce.

8 He covers heaven w clouds, and for PS A L. CXLVI. J. H. the earth prepareth rainc: MY foule praise

ye the Lord alwayas And on the mountaines he doth make; my God I will confesse, (dayes, the graffe to grow againe. 2 While breath and life , prolong my 9 He gives to beasts their food , and to my tongue no time shall ceale.

young ravens when they cry: 3 Trust not in worldly Princes then, 10His pleasure aotin strength of horso

though they abound in wealth ; nor ia mans legs doth lic. Nörin the sons of mortall men , 11 But in all those that feare the Lords in whom there is no health.

the Lord hatli his delight: For why ? their breath doth foon de- And such as do attend upon,

to carth anon they fall; (part, his mercics shiping light. And then the counsells of their heart,

The second part. decay and perifh alls

12 O Praise the Lord Jerusalem, $ O happy is that man, I say,

thy God, O Sion praise : whom Jacobs God doth aid; 13For he che barres hach forged Arong And he whose hope doth not decay, wherewith thy gaces he stayes.

but on the Lord is stai'd.. 14 Thy children he hath bleft in the Which made the earth & wators deep and in thy borders he

the heavens high withall ; Doch settle peace, and with the floure Which doth hisword and promise keep of wheat he filleth thee.

in truth, and ever shall. is. And his commandemcats opop With right, alwayes he docti proceed, the earth he fendeth out: for such as suffer wrong.

Andeke his word with fpeedy coussé, The poore and hungry he dock feed; doth swiftly rio about;

and loose che fetters strong. 10He giveth inox likevoll,boare.frcf 8The Lord doch leads blind their fighe like alkes he doth spread :

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17 Like morsels casts bis ice , thereof 12 Young men and maids, the cold who can abide.

Old men and babes, 18 He seadeth forth his mighty word,


che fame.
and melteth them againe :

13 For his Name (all we proove His winds he makes to blow, and then To be most excellent:

the waters flow amaine. Whose pruise is farre above 19 The doctrine of his holy word The earth and firmament. to Jacob he doth show.

14 For sure hic thall His statnces and his judgemcats he

Exalt with bliffc, gives Israel to know.

The horne of his , 20 With every nation hath he not and help themall.

So deale, nor have thcy known IS His Saints all fhall forth tell His secret judgements : ye therefore His praise and worthinesse ,

praise ye the Lord alone. The children of Israel,

PS AL, CXLVIII. I. H. Each one both more and lefte. Give

land unto the Lord, 16 And also they,

From heaven that is so high, as with good wil Praise him in deed and word

His words fulfill Above the starrie skie.

And him obey, 2 And also yo, His angels all :

PSAL. CXLIX. N. Armies royalls

Sing ye unto the Lord

our God Praise him with glec.

a new rejoycing song; 3 Praifo him both Moone and Srinne And let the praise of him be heard which are so cleare end bright:


boly Saints among: The samc of you be done

2 Let Israel pow rejoyce in bim *c gliftring itatres of lighé :

that made him of nothing ; 4 And eke no leste

And let the feed of Sion cke, Ye bicavens fair,

be joyfull in their King. (Aute, . And clouds of the aire,

3 Let them souod praise with voyce of his laud expreffe.

unto his holy Name; 6 For at his word they wero

And with the timbrel and che harp, All formed as we fee;

fing praises of the fame. At his voyce did appeare

4 For why ? the Lord bis pleasure all All things in their degree,

hath in his people set; which he fet faft.

And by deliverance he will raise To them be made

the meek co glory great. A law and trade ,

s With glory and with honour DOW , For aye to laft.

Jet all the Saints rejoyce ; Extoll and praise Gods Name,

Aød Adw aloud upon their beds On earth ye Dragons fell :

advance their singing voyce. An decps doe ye the fantae

6 And in their mouths let be the acts For it becomes you well.

of God the mighty Lord; 8 Him magnific

And in their hands, cke let them beare, Fire , haile, ice, fnów ,

a double-edged swords And formes that blow

To plague the beachen , and corre& At his decree.

the people withtheir bands ; The hills and mountains all,

8 To bind their ftarely kings in chainct And trees that fruitfull are :

fheit Lords in yton bands. The Cedars great and tall,

9 To exéchec on them the doonc, Ilis worthy praise declare,

that written is before ; 10 Beasts and cattell,

This honour all his Saints shall hare, Yea birds flying ,

praise ye the Lord therefors. And wormes crceping,

PSALM CL N. that on earth dwell.


Eeld into God the migbty Lord hi All Kings both more and Icke',

praise in his fanctuary : With all their pompous trainc, And praise him in the firmament, Princes and all judges ,

that thewech his power on hie. Ibat in the world remains ,

Advance his Namo,and praise him in Exalt his Name :

his mighty ads alwayes ,


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