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of their despighenill foe;

they did no whit betetve. And from the enemies hand he did, 25 But in their tents w grudging heart deliver them also.

they wickedly repinde: The second part,

Nor to the voyce of God the Lord, 18The waters thieiroppressors whelm'd they gave a hearkning minde.

not one was left alive : 126 Therefore against them lifted he, 12 Then they beleev'dhisword & praise his strong revenging hand;

infong they did him give. Them to destroy in wildernesle , 13 But by and by continually,

ere they should see the land. his workes they clean forgat, 27 And to destroy their feed among And for his counsell and his will, the Nations with his rod;

they did neglect to waite. And through the countries of the 14 Bare lurted in the wildernese, to scatter them abroad. (world,

witlr fond and greedy lust: 28 To Baal-Peor then they did And in the defart tempted God,

adjoyne theinfelves alfo : the ftay of all their trnst: And ate the offerings of the dead, 15 And then their wanton minds desire, so they forsook him tho.

hefuffcred them to have : 29 Thus with their own inventions, Butwafting leannesfe there withall, his wrath they did provoke:

into their soules lie gave. (tents, and in his sore enkindled wrath, 16 Then when they lodged in their the plagne upon them broke :

at Moses they didgrntch: 30 But Phinehas ftood ip with zeale Aarca clic holy of the Lord,

the finners vile to slay: so did they envie mnich. And judgement he did execute , in Therefore the earth did open wide, and then the plague did ftay. and Dathan did devoure:

The fourth part: And all Abirams company

31 It was imputed unto him, did cover in that houre.

for righteousnesfe that day: 18 In their at/embly kindled was, And from thenceforth fo counted is, the hot coohuning fire :

from race to race, I fay. And wasting flama did then burn up: 32 At Waters cke of Meribah, the wicked in li's ire.

they did him angry make : 19 Upon the hill of Noreb they, Yea , fo far forth that Mofes was an idol calf did franze:

then punisht for their fake. And there the molten image they 33. Because they vext his fpirit fo fore, did worship of the famc.

that in impatient heat : 20 Into the likenesse of a Calfe, His lips fpake inadvisedly, which feedeth on the graffe,

his fervour was so great. Thus they their glory turn'd, and all 34 Not as the Lord commanded them, their honouir did de face,

they flew the people tho : 27 And God their onely Saviour, 35 But were among the heathen mixt, unkindly they forgot :

and learn'd their works also. Which many great and mighey things, 36 And did their idols ferve, w were in Egypt-land had wronght.

their ruine and decay : The third part:

34 To fiends their fons and daughters ! 22 And in the land of Ham for them • did offer up and day. (they

most wondrous works had done 31 Yea, w unkindly murdering knife, And by the red-sea dreadfull things, the guiltnesse blood they spilt: performed long agone:

Yea, their owne fons and daughters 13 Therefore for their fo shewing them wichont all cause ofguilt. (blood,

forgetfull and unkinde; Whom they to Canaan idols then To bring destruction on them all, offred with wicked hand :

he purpos'd in his minde. And so with blood of innocents, Wiad not his chosen Moses stood,

defiled was the land. before him in the breake: 39 Thus were they lained the work i pro turn his wrath, left he on chem , of their own filthy way:

with slarighter should him wreake. And with their own inventions, 4 They did despise the pleasant land, a whoring they did Iray. that he behight to give:

40 Therefore against his people was ca , and the words that he had spoke, the Lords wrath kindled foro :


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And even his own heritance,

and eke their ionlsannoi'd. he did ahhor therefore, 6 Then did they cry in their distressc, 41 Into the hands of heathen men

unto the Lord for aid, he gave them for a prey : (they Who did remove their troublous states And made their foes their lords,whom according as they praid. were forced to obey.

7 And by that way w was most right The fiftb part.

he led them like a guide ; 42 Yea , and their hatefiill enemies, That they might to a City go, opprest them in the land :

and there also abide. And they were humbly made to stoop, 8 Let men therefore before the Lord, as fubjects to their hand.

confeffe his kindnefle chen : 43 Full ofteneimes from thrall had he, And Mew the wonders that he doth delivered them before :

before the sonnes of men. But with their counsels they to wrath 9 For he the empty foule luultain'd, provok't him evermore.

whom thirst had made to faint ; Therefore they by their wickednesse, The hungry foule with goodnesse fed, were brought full low to lie.

and did them eke acqnaint. 44 Yer when he saw them in distresse, 10Such as do dwell in darkenesle deep, he hearkened to their cry.

where they on death do wait : 45 He cald to mind his covenant, Fast bound to taft fuch tronblous

which he to them had swore : as iron chaines do threat. (forms, And by his mercies multitude

Tbe second parn, repented him therefore.

HiFor that against the Lords own word 46 And favour them he made to finde, they foughtso to rebell:

before the light of those: Esteeming light his connfels high, That led them captive from their land, which do ro farre excell.

whers erst they were their foes. 12But when he inimbled them fulllow 47 Save us, O Lord, that are our God, they then fell down with grief:

save us (O Lord) we pray. And none was fonnd so much to help, And from among the heathen folke, whereby to get relief. Lord gather usaway.

13 Then did they cry in their distresse, 48 That we may spread the noble praise into the Lord for aid :

of thy most holy Name; Who did remove their cronblous state, Chat we may glory in thy praise, according as they pray'd. and rounding of thy fame.

(broughts 49 The Lord the God of Israel, 14 For he from darknes out them be blest for evermore;

and from deaths dreadfull fhade : Let all the people say , Amen : Bursting with force che iron bands

praise ye the Lord therefore. which them before did lade.

PSA L. CVII. W. K. is Let men therefore before the Lord, Give thanks unto the Lord one confeffe his kindnesle then;

for gracions is he: (God, and thew the wonders that he doch And that his mercy had no end,

before the fons of men.

(hralle allmortall men may sec. 16 For he threw down the gates of Such as the Lord redeemech hath, and brake chem with trong hand; with thanks fhall praise his Name; Thc iron barres he finote in two,

(freeri nothing could him wichstand. And shew how they from foes were 17 The foolish folk great plagues do

and how he wrought the fame. and cannot from them wend,(feel He gathered them forth of the lands, Bus heape on morc to those they have,

that lay so farre about ; (South, because they do offend. (mcat, From East to Wert from North to 18 Their soul so much did loath al his hands did find them out.

that none they could abide ; They wandred in the wildernere, Whereby death had them almost caught and Atrayed from the way,

as they full cruely tri'd. And found no Cicy where to dwell 19 Then did they cry in their distresse

that serve might for cheir stay. unto the Lord for aid: sWhose thirst and hunger was so great, Who did remove theirtroublous state, in these desarts so void;

according as they prai’d. That faincpesso did them i ore affault, 20 For then he i ent to chem hisword,



The third part:

which health did soone restore ; he doch just vengeanec take. And brought them from those dangers 35 Again, the wildernofse full rude wherein they were before. (deep, he maketh fruit to beare :

With pleasant springs of waters cleare, 2Let men therefore before the Lord, though none before were there.

confeffe his kindnesle then; 36 Wherein such hungry foules are set, And shew the wonders that he doth

as he doth freely chuse : before the sons of men. That they a citie might them build. 22 And let them offer sacrifice,

to dwell in for their use. with thanks and also feare? 37 That they may fow ý pleasant land, And speak of all his wondrous works, and vineyards also plant:

with glad and joyfull cheare. To yeeld them fruit of such increase, 23 Such as in thips and britcle barks, as none may seem to want. into the seas descend;

38 They multiply exceedingly, Their merchandise through fearfull the Lord doth blesse them fo:

to compasse and to end. (Aoods, Whq doch also the bruit beasts make 24 Those nien are forced to behold

by numbers great to grow. the Lords works what they bec ; 393ut when ý faithful are low brought, And in the dangerous decpe the same, by the oppressours ftout: most marvellous they see.

And minish do through many plagues, 25 For at his word the stormy wind, which compaste them about. ariseth in a rage :

40Then doch he Princes bring to shaine, And stirreth up the surges so,

which did them sore oppreffe: thut nought can them asfwage.

And likewise caused them to erre 26 Then are they lifted up so high, within the wildernesse.

the clouds they seeme to gaine : 41 Buc yet the poore he raiseth up And plunging downe the depth, untill out of their

troubles deep : their soules consume with

paine. And oft times doth their train augmena 27 And like a drunkard to and fro, much like a flocke of sheep.

now here , now there they reele , 142 The righteous Thall behold this fighe As men with feare , of wit bereft, and also much rejoyce :

or had of fence no feele. Whercas the wicked and perverse 28 Then did they crie in their diftreffe, with grief shall stop their voyce. unto the Lord for aid;

43 But who is wise that now full well Who did remoove their troublous state he may these things record:

according as they prai'd. For certainly he shall perceive 29For with his wordỹ Lord doth make the kindnesse of the Lord. the sturdy stormes to cease:

PSA L. CVIII. I. H. so that the great waves from their rage O God my heart prepared is, are brought to rest and peace.

and eke my tongue is so : 30 Then are men glad when rest is come I will advance my voyce

in song, which they lo much did crave: and giving praise also. And are by him in haven brought , 2 Awake my viol and my harpe which they so faincwould have. sweet melody to make : The fourth part.

And in the morning I myselfe 31 Let men therefore before the Lord right early will awake.

confefse his kindnesse chen: 3 By mc among the people, Lord, And shew the wonders that he doth till praised shalt thou be ;

before the sonnes of meo. And I among the heathen folk 32 Let them in presence of the folk , willfing , O Lord, to chce.

with praise extoll his Name. 4. Because thy mercy Lord is great, And where the Elders do convent, above the heavens high :

there let them do the same. And eke thy truth doth reach the 13s For running flouds to dry desarts, within the loftie skie. (clouds

he doth ofe change and turne : is Above the starric heavens high, land drieth up as it were dust,

exale thy self, O God : the springing Well and bourn. And Lord display upon the earth. 34 A fruitful land with pleasures deckt, thy glory all abroad.

full barren he doth make 6 That thy dearly beloved may When on their finnes that dwell therein be set at liberty:


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Help O my God with thy right hand, to beg and Teeke their breads and hearken unto me.

Wandring out of the wasted place , 7 God in his holinelle hath spoke, where erst they have been fed.

whereof my joyes abound : 11 Let covetous extortioners, Sichem I will divide, and meete

catch all his good and store : the vale of Succoth ground. And let the Strangers spoile the fruit 3 And Gilead Niall be mine own,

of all his toile before. Manaffes mine shall be :

12 Let there be none to pity him My heads strength Ephraim , and law Ict there be none at all : shall Juda give for me,

That on his children fatherleffe , 9 Moab my walh-pot and my fhoc will let their mercy fall. on Edom will I throw :

The second part. Upon the land of Paleftine

13. And so let his posterity, in triumph will I go.

for ever be destroyed : 10 Who fall into thy City firong Their name out-blotced in the age , be guid to conduct me ?

that after shall succeed. Or how by whom in Edom land 14. Let not his fathers wickednesle, conveyed shall I be?

from Gods remembrance fall: 11 Is it not thou, O Lord, which late And let not thou his mothers.finne , hadít as forsaken quite ?

be done away at all. And thou , O Lord, which w our hoaft is But in the presence of the Lord, didst not go forth to fight?

let them remain for aye: 12 Give us, O Lord, thy faving aid , That from the earth their memory, wheo troubles do assaile :

he may pat cleane away. For all the belp of man is vain , 16 Sith mercy he forgot to thew , and can no whit avail.

but did pursue with spighe : 13 Throngh God we hall do valiant The troubled man , and fought to say,

and worthy of renown: (acts the wofull hearted wight. He shall subdue onr enemies, 17 As he did curfing love, it shall

yea , he hall tread them down. betide unto him fo :

PSA L. CIX. N. And as he did not bleffing love, IN speechleste filence do not hold, it shall be farre him fro.

"O God, thy congue alwayes : l18 As he with curling clad himselfs, O God even thou I say, thou art

to it like water shall the God of all my praise. Into his bowels , and like oyla 2 The wicked and the guilefull mouth into his bones befall. on me disclosed be:

19 As garments let it be to him, And they with false and lying tongues, to cover him for aye , have spokea unto me.

And as a girdle wherewith ha 3 They did beset me round about shall girded be alway.

with words, and hatefull spight; 29 Lo let the fame be from the Lord, Without all cause of my desert,

the guerdon of my foe : against me they did fight. Yea , and of those that evill speake , 4 For my good will they were my foes, against my soule also. but then gan I to pray :

23 But thou, O Lord, that art my God, $ My good with ill, my friendlincsle, deale chou I say with me,

with hate they did repay. After thy Name deliver me, 6 Set thou the wicked over him,

for good thy mercies be. to liave the upper-band: 22 Because in depth of great distresse, At his right hand eke fuffer thou, I needy am and poore; his hatefull foe to stand.

And eke within my pained breast, When he is judged , let him then my heart is wounded fore.

condemned be therein : And let the prayer that he makes, 23 Even fo do I depart away, be turned into sinne.

as doth declining fhade ; Few be his dayes, his charge allo And asche Grashopper, so I let thou another take ;

am shaken off and fade. (food, His children ler be fatherlelic , 4 With fafting long from needfull his wife a widow make.

enfeebled are my knees : to Let his of-fixing be vagabonds, Am all her fatnesle bath my flesh


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The third part.

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Enforced beenc to icere. Wherefore he shall lift up on high 25 And I also a vile reproach

his royall head that day. to them am made to be ;


N. And they that did upon me looke, W Ith heart I doc accord , did shake their heads at me.

to praise and laud the Lord, 26 But thou, O Lord, that art my God, In presence of the juft.

mine aid and succour be; 2 For great his works are found , According to thy mercy, Lord, To Search them such are bound Save and deliver me.

(this As him do love and trust. 27 And they fall know thereby, that 3 His works are glorious,

(Lord) is thy mighty hands Also his righteousnesse, And that thou, thou haft donc it Lord, It doth endure for ever.

so shall they understand. (thou 4 His wondrous works he would 28 Although they curse with spite , yet we still remember should,

Thalt blesse with loving voyce: His mercy faileth never. They shall arise , and come to shame, s Such as to him love beare,

thy servant shall rejoyce. (hame, A portion full faire, 29 Let them be cloached all with He hath up for them laid; that enemies are to me ;

For this they shall well find , And with confusion as a cloake , He will them have in minde, cke covered let them be.

And keep them as he said. 30 But greatly I will with my mouth,6 For he did not disdaine,

give thanks unto the Lord; His works to fhew them plaine , And I among the multitude,

by lightning and by thunders : his prayses will record. When he the heathen land, 31 For he with helpe at his right hand, Did give into their hand,

will stand the poore man by; Where they bcheld his wonders. To save him from the man that would 7 Of all his works ensueth , condemnc his soule to die.

Both judgement, right and truth , PSA L. CX. N.

Whereto his statutes tend. THe Lord did say unto my Lord 8 They are decreed fure,

fit thou on my right hand; For ever to endure, Till I have made they focs a stoole, Which equity doth end;

wherсon thy foot may stand. Redemption he gave , 2 The Lord shall out of Sion sead, His people for to save ;

the Scepter of thy might; 9 And hath also required, Amid thy mortall focs, be thou

His promise not to faile , the rules in their fighc. But alwayes to prevail ; 3 And in the day on which thy reigne, His holy Name be feared.

and power they shall see; 10 Whoro with heart full faine, Then hereby free-will-offerings shall True wisdome would attaine, the people offer thec.

The Lord fear and obey : Yca , with an holy worshipping , Such as his lawes doe keepe,

then shall they offer all; Shall knowledge have full deepe, Thy births dew is the dew that doth

His praise Mall last for aye. from wombe of morning fall. PSAL. CXII. W. K. 4The Lord hath fworne, and never will. T He man is bleft y God doth feare, repent what he doth say ;

And , By th' order of Melchisedech , 2 His feed on larch God will upreare;

thou art a Priest for aye. And blesse such as from him proceed. s The Lord thyGod, on thy right hand, 3 His house with good he will fulfill that standeth for thy stay ;

His righteousnesse endure shalstiltShall wound for thee the stately kings, 4 Unto therighteous doth arise : upon his wrachfall day.

In trouble , joy, in darknesle light: 6 The heathen he shall judge, and fill Compassion is in his eyes, the place with bodies dead;

And mercy alwayes in his fight. And over divers countries shall

s Yea , pitey moovech such to lend , in Lunder smite che head. Ite doth by judgement things expend. 7 And he shall drink out of the brook, 6 And surely such shall never faile, that runneth in the way; For in remembrance had is he :

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