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The second part.

When thou didst march before thy

The third part. the Egyptians froin among:folk, 20He is the God from whence alone, and brought them through the wil. salvation cometh plain; derneffe,

He is the God by whom we scape, which was both wide and long. all dangers, death and pain. The earth did quake , the raine 21 Thus God will wound his enəmies

powr'l down. (der; and break the hairy scalp, (head head were great claps of thun Of those that in their wickednels, The mount Sion Thook in such fort, continually do walk.

as. it would cleave in sunder. 22 From Bashan I will bring, said he, Thine heritage with drops of rain, my people and my sheep: abundantly was washt;

And all mine own as I have done, and if so be it barren waxt,

from dangers of $ deep: (blood, by thee ir was refresht. (main. 23 And make them dip their feet ini o Thy chosen flock doth there re- of them that hate my Name:

thou hast prepar'd that place ; And dogs shall have their tongies and for the poor thou dost provide , û licking of the fame.)emburn'de of thine especial grace.

24 All men may see how thou, O God;

thine enemies doft deface: I God will give women causes just, And how thou goest as God & King, to magnify his Name;

into thy holy place. Vhen as his people triumphs make,' 25 The fingers go before with joy,

and purchale bruit and fame. the ministrels follow after : 2 For puisant Kings with all their And in the midst the damsels play, power

with Timbrel and with Taber, thall fee and take the foil : 26 Now in thy congregations, and women which remain at home, o Israel praise the Lord:

shall help to part ý spoil. (spots, And Jacobs whole posterity 3 And though ye were as black as give thanks with one accord.

your hew shall passe the love ; 27 Their chief was little Benjamin, Vhose wings and feathers seeme to bur Judah made their host;

silver & gold above. (triumph nave With Zehulun and Naphtalim, 4 When in this land God thall which dwelt about their coast.

ov'r Kings both high and low ; 28 As God hath given power to thee; Chen shall it be like Salmon hill,

so Lord make firm and sure, (lis, as white as any snow.

The thing that thou hast wrought in s Though Balhan be a fruitfull hill, for ever to endure.

and in height others passe ; 29 And in thy Temple gifts will wej Fet Sion Gods most holy hill,

give unto thee, O Lord: doth far excell in grace. (high. For chine unto Jerusalem, 6 Why brag ye then, ye hills most fure promise made by word. and leap for pride together ?

The fcurth part:

(clued; This hill of Sion God doth love, 30 Yea, and strange Kings to us sub

and there will dwell for ever, shall do like in thole dayes: Gods army is two millions, I mean to thee they shall present,

of warriours good and strong; they gifts of laud and praise. Che Lord also in Sinai,

He shal destroy the spear-mens rank, is present them among. (high, those calves and bulls of might: 3 Thou didst, O Lord, ascend on And cause them tribute pay & daunt, and caprive ledit them all ;

all such as love to fight. Thich in times past thy chosen lock, 31Then th all ý lords of Egyprs come, in hondage kept and thrall.

and presents with them bring: hou mad'st them tribute for to pay, Themoors most hlakshal stretch their and such as did repine;

unto their Lord and King.(hands hou didft fubdue s they may dwell, 32 Therefore ye kingdomnes of the in thy Temple divine

give praise unto the Lord.(earth, Now praised be the Lord for this Sing Pralmes to God with one conhe powres on us such grace ;

thereto let all accord. rom day to day he is the God,

33 Who though he ride and ever hath of our health and folace.

above the heavens bright :




Yet by the fearfull thunder claps, 13 Both high and low, and all the men may well know his might :

throng, 34 Therefore the strength of Israel, that fit within the gate :

afcribe to God on high, (tend, They have me ever in their tongue, Whofe might and power doth far ex- of me they talk and prate: (light above the cloudy skie.

14 The drunkards which in wine de SI O God thy holinesse and power,

it is their chief pastime : is dread for evermore,

To seek vs way to work nie spight, The God of Israel gives us strength, of me they fing and rime.

prajsed be God therefore. IŚ But thee ý while (O Lord) I pray, PSAL. IXIX, I. H.

that when it pleaseth thee; Save me, o God, &that with {peed For thy great truth thou wilt alway, the waters :

send down thine aid to me: So nigh my soul they do proceed, 16 Plựck thou my feet out of mire, that I am sore agaft.

from drowing do me keep : 2 Istick full deep in mire and clay, From such as owe me wrath and ire, whereas I feel no ground,

and from the waters deep. I fall into such floods I say,

17Left û g waves I fhould be drown'da that I am like be drownd.

and depth my soul devour: 3 With crying oft 1 Faint and quail, And that the pit should me confound

my throar is hoarse and dry; and shut me in her power.! With looking up my fight doth fail, 18 O Lord of hosts to me give ear, for help of God on high.

as thou art good and kind: My foes that guiltless do oppress, And as thy mercy is most dear, my soul with hate are led;

Lord have me in thy mind, In number sure they are no leffe, 19 And do not from thy servant hide,

then hairs are on my head.(fore, nor turn thy face away; $ Though for no cause they vex me I am oppreft on every side, they prosper and are glad;

with hafte give ear, I say. They do compell me to restore, 20 O Lord, unto my soul drav nie, the things I never had.

the same with aid repose : What I have done for want of wit, Because of their great tyranny,

thou Lord all times canst tell, acquit me from my foes. And all the faults that I commit,

The third part. to thee are known full well, 21 That I abide rebuke and shame, 7 O Lord of hosts desend and Itay, thou know it, and thou canft tell;

all those that trust in chee; For those that seek and work y fame, Let no man doubt or shrink away, thou seest them all full well.

for ought that chanceth me. 22When they with krags do break my 8 It is for thee and for thy sake,

I seek for help anon: (heart that I do bear the blame : But find no friend to ease my smart, In spight of thee they would me make to comfort me, not one.

to hide my face for Mame. 23 But in my meat they gave me gall 9 My mothers Tons, my brethren all to cruel for to think, forsake me on a rov:

And gave me in my thirst withal And as a stranger they me call,

Itrong vineger to drink. my face they will not know.

24 Lord, turn their table to a snare, 10 Unto thy house such zeal I bear to take themselves therein;

that it doth pain me much : And when they think full well to fare Their checks & taunts at thee to hear

then trap them in the gin. my very heart doth grutch. 29 And let their eyes be dark &blind, The second part:

that they may nothing see; 11 Though I do fast my flesh to chast Bow down their back, and do them yea if I weep and moan :

in thraldom for to be. (binde Yet in my teeth this geere is cast, 26 Pour our thy wrath as hot as firea they pass not thereupon.

that it on them may fall : 12 If I for grief and pain of heart, Let thy difpleasure in thine ire, in sackcloth use to walk :

take hold upon them all. Then they anon will it perverts 27As desait dry their house disgrace, thereof they jest and talk.

their off-Spring eke expell;


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That none thereof poffefs the place, 4 But let them joyfull be

not ju their tents do dwell.(tame, in thee with joy and wealth, 28 If thou dost strike the man to Which onely trust and seek to thee; On him they lie full sore ;

and to thy saving health. and if that thou do would the same, s. That they may say alwayes, they seek to hurt him more.

in mürth and one accord; 29 Then let him heap up mischiefftill All glory, honour, laud and praise (fith they are all peruert ;)

be given to thee, O Lord. That of thy favour and good will,

6 But I am weak and poor, they never have no part. (book Come (Lord) thine aid I lack, 30 And dash them clean out of thy Thou art my stay and help therefore, oflife of hope, oftruft ;

make speed and be not slack. That for their names they never look PSAL. LXXI. I. H. in number of the just.

MY Lord my God in all distress, The fourth part.

my hope is whole in thee: 31 Though I (o Lord) w wo & grief, Then let no mame my soul oppress, have been full sore opprest;

nor once take hold on me. Thy help shall give me such relief, 2 As thou art just, defend my Lord,

that all shall be redrest. (praise, and rid me out of dread. 32 That I may give thy Name the Give ear and do my suit accord, and shew with a song;

and send me help at need. I will extoll the fame alwayes, 3 Be thou my rock, in whom I may with hearty thanks among;

for aid all time resort, 33 Which is more pleasant unto thee, Thy promise is to help alway,

(such mind thy grace hath born;) thou art my fence and fort. (mers, Then either ox or calf can be, 4 Save me my God , from wicked

that hath both hoof and horn. & from their strength & power, 34 When fimple folk doth this be- From folk anjust,and eke from them,

it shall rejoyce them sure ; (hold, that cruelly devour. All ye that seek the Lord, behold 5 That art thy stay wherein I trust,

your life for aye fhail dure. (hear Thou Lord of hosts art he ; 35 For why ? the Lord of hosts doth Yea, from my youth I had a luft,

the poor, when they complain ; still to depend on thee ;? (birth, His prisoners are to him full dear, 6 Thou hast me kept even from my he oth them not disdain.

and I through thee was bom, 136 Wherefore the skie & earth below, Wherefore I wil praise thee w mirth,

the Sea with stood and stream;. both evening and at morn. His praise they fhall declare & Mhew 7 As to a monster feldom seengi with all that live in them.

much folk about me throng, 89 For sure our God will Zion save, But thou art now, and still haft beers

and Judaes cities built ; (have, my sence and aid so strong. 38 Much folk poflessions there shall 8 Wherefore my mouth no time sham her streets shall all beill'd;

thy glory and thy praise, (lack His servants seed fhal keep the same, and eke my tongue shall noe bellack all

ages out of mind : (Name, to honour tħee alwayes. 39 And there all they that love his 9 Refufe me not (o Lord) i fay, a dwelling-place Máll find.

when age my lims doth take ; PSAL. LXX. T. S. And when my strength doft wart aO God, to me take heed,

do not my soul forsake. (way ofhelp I thee require : 10 Among themselves my foes ert b. Lord of hosts with hafte make quire,

help, help, I thee desire ; (speed, to take me through deceit; With flame confound them all, And they against me do conspire, that seek my soul to spill,

that for my soul laid wait. Rebuke them back blame .o fall,

The second part: that think and wish me ill. 11 Lay hand and take him now they Confound them that apply,

said, and seek to work me Thame,

for God from him is gonte, and at my harm do laugh and cry, Dispatch him quite for to his aid, fo, fo, there goeth the game. (I wish) there cometh none.

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12 Do not absent thy self away, And with hisson that princely thing,

O Lord, when need shall be, Lord let thy justice dwell, But that in time of griefthou mayfts 2 That he may govern uptightly,

in hafte give help to me.(throws and rule thy folk aright: 13 With Thame confound and over and so defend with epuity,

all those that seeke my life. the poo: e that have to might. Opprcffe them with rebuke also,

3 And let the mountaines that are ! that faine would worke me strife unto rhy folke give peace: (high 14 But I will patiently abide, And eke ler little hils apply,

thy help at all assayes) (tide, in justice to increase. (poore, Still more and more, each time and 4 That he may help the weak and ! I will set forth thy praise.

with aid and make them strong, 15My mouth thy justice hall record, And eke destroy for evermore, that daily help doth send;

all those that do them wrong. Por of thy benefits, O Loril,

$ And them from age to age shal they I know no count nor end.

regard and feare thy might : 16 Yet will I goe and seeke forth one so long as Sun doth shine by day, with thy good help, O God,

or else the Moone by nigt. The saving health of thee alone, 6 Lord make the King unto the just,

to thew an fet abroad (care, like rain to fields new mowne: 17 For of my youth thou took'st the And like to drops that lay the dust, and doft instruct me still;

and fresh the land new sown. Therefore thy wonders to declare, 7 The just shal Aourish in his time, ! I have great mind and will.

and all shall be at peace : 38Andas in youth from wanton rage, Untill the Moon shal leave to prime,

thou didft me keep and stay, wasre, change, and to increase. Forfake me not unto mine age,

8 He shal be Lord of Sea and land, and till my head be gray

from shore to shore thronghout: The third part.

And from the floods within the land, 19 That I thy Atrength and might may through all the earth about.

to them that now be here, (shew 9 The people that in desarts dwell, And that our feed thy power may shall kneel tho him full thick: hereafter many a year.

(know And all his enemies that rebell; 20 O Lord, thy justice doth exceedt, the earth and dust shall lick.

thy doings all may fee; 10 The Lords of all the Lles thereby, Tby works are wonderfull indeed, great gifts to him shall bring :

oh, who is like to thee? (sore, The Kings of Sheba and Arabie, 21 Thou mad'ft me feel affiction give many a costly thing. and yet thou didft me save)

The second

part. Yea, thou didft help and me restore, 11 All Kings shall feek with one aca and took'ft me from the grave.

cord 22 And thou mine honour doft in- in his good grace to stand:

my dignity maintaine; (crease, and all the people of the world ¥ea, thoudoft make all grief to cease, shall serve him at his hand.

aud com fort'st me again. (se, 12 For the needy fort doth save, 23 Therefore thy faitfulneise to prai- that unto him do call:

I will with violl fing; (wayes, and eke the simple folk that have My harp shall found thy praise al- no help of men at all.

Israels holy King. (voyce 13 He taketh pitty on the poore, 24 My mouth fall joy with pleasant that are with need opprest:

when I shall sing to thee; He doth preserve them evermore, Andeke my sou shall much rejoyce, and bring their soules to rest.

for thou hast made me free. 14. He shal redeeme their life from as My tongue thy uprightnes shall dread,

(might, and speake it daily stil; (found, from fraud, from wrong, from For grief and Thame do them con. And eke the blood that they fall that sought to work me ill.(found,

blead, PSAL. LXXII. I. H.

is precious in his fight. L. Ord, give thy judgements to the Is But he shall live and they fhall

there ia inftru& him well;(kings to him of Sabaes gold: (bring

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He shall be honoured as a King, 10 The people of Godoft times turn and dayly be extold. (land

back, 16 The mighty mountaines of his to see their profperous state;

of corn Thal beare fuch throng And almost drink the self-fame cups That it like Cedar-trees shal srand, and follow the same rate. in Lebanus full long. (fpeeds

The second part. 17. Their cities eke full well fhall 11 How can it be that God, say they,

the fruits thereof shall passe : should know or understand, In plenty it shall far exceed, These worldly things, since wicked

and spring as green as graife. be lords of Sea and land? (men, 18For ever they shall praise hisName 12 For we may see how wicked men

while that the Sun is light:(sames in riches íhal increase; And think them happy throngh the Rewarded well with worldly goods,

all folk suall bleffe his might. and live in rest and peace. 19 Praise ye the Lord of hosts, and 13 Then why do I from wickednere

to Israels God each oue, (sing my fantasie refraine ? For he doth every wondrons thing, and wash my hands with innocents, yea, he him self alone.

and purge my heart in vaine ? 20 And bleffed be his holy Name, 14 And suffer scourges every day, all times eternally :

as subject to all blame ?
That all the earth may praise the And every morning from my youth,

Amen, Amen, say I (fame, sustaine rebuke and fame?


Is And I had almost said as they, However it be, yet God is good misliking mine eftate,

But that I should thy children judge, And to all fuch as safely keep :

as folke unfortunate. their conscience pure and well. 16 Then I be thought me how I might 2 Yet like a foole I almost slipt , this mattet understand:

my feer began to side, But yet the labour was too great Andere I wift even at a pinch,

for me to take in hand.
my freps away gan glide. 17 Untill the time I went into
3 For when I saw such foolish men, thine holy place, and then

I grudg'd and did dildaine, I understood right perfectly
That wicked men all things ihould

the end of all these men without curmoile or paine.(have 18And namely, how thou setteft them 4 They neither suffer pangs nor grief, upon a slipperie place;

as if death should them smite; Anst at thy pleasure and thy will Their bodies are both stout and thou doeft them all déface.

and ever in good plight.(ftrong, 19 Then all men mufe at that ftrange s And free from all adversity;

to see how suddenly. (figlit. when other men be shent; They are destroyd, dispatcht, conAnd with the rest they take no part ‘and dead so horribly.

(sum'd of plague or punishment.(brace, 20 Much like a dreame when ode aa Therefore presumption doth em

wakes, their necks as doth a chaine : so shall their wealth decay : And are even wrapt as with a robe, Their famous names in all mens with rapine and disdaine.

fhall ebbe and passe away. (fight, 7 They are so fed that even for fat

The third part.

(then, their eyes oft times out frart: 21 Yet thus my heart vas grieved And as for worldly goods , they have my minde was much oppreft:

more then can with their heart. 22 So fond was I and ignorant, 8 Their life is moft licentious.

and in this point a beast. (hand, boasting much of the wrong: 23 Yet neverthelesse by my right, Which they have done to fimple thou holdft me alwayes faft:

and everpride among. (men, 24 And with thy counfell doft me The heavens and the living Ford to glory at the last. (guide

thy spare not to blafpheme; 25 What thing is there that I can And prate they doe of worldly but thee in heaven above? (with, things,

And in the earth there is nothing no vight they do efreem.

like thee that I can love.

26 My

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