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may ascend,

With joy I will declare abroad, 12 His mercy dothextend as far, the promise.ofthe Lord.

as heavens all are high : II. I'trust in God, and yet I say, His truth is high as any star, as I before began :

that shineth in the skie. The Lord he is my help and fray; . 13 Set forth and thew thy self, God; I do not care for man.

above the heavens bright : 12 I will perform with heart so free, Fxtoll thy praise on earth abroad, to God my vows alwayes ;

thy Majesty and might. And I, O Lord, all times to thee,

Will offer

thanks & praise, (fend. Ye rulers which are put in frunt 13 My soul from death thou dołt de

right, and keep'st my feet upright: Be all your judgements true and juft, That I before thee

not knowing need or might. with such as live in light. z Nay in your hearts ye mark & mure

in mischief to consent : PSAL. LVII. I. H. And where ye should true justice use, TA Ake pity for thy promise fake, your hands to bribes are bent. have mercy, Lord, on me:

3 The wicked sort from their birth For why my foul doth her betake. have erred on this wise:

(day, unto the help ofthee. any

And from their mothers womb alway, 2 Within the shadow ofthy wings,

have used craft and lies.
I set
selffull falr:

4. In them the poisonand the breed Till mischief,malice, and like things

of Serpents do appear; be gone and overpaft.

Yca, like the Adder that is deaf, 3. I call upon the God most high

and fast doch stop her ear. to whom I suick and stand: s Because she will not hear the voyce I mean the God that will stand by, ofone that charmeth well :

the cause I have in hand. No though he were ý chief of choice, 4 From heaven he hath sent his aid,

and did therein excell. (once; to fave me from their spight:

60 God break thou their teeth at That to devour me have affaid,


their mouths tharoughour. his mercy, truth and might. The ruskesy in their great jaw-bones, s I lead my life with Lions fell,

like Lyons.whelps hang out. all set on wrath andire: 2. Let them consume away and wastor And with such wicked men I dwell.. as waters run forth right :

that fret like flames of fire. The shafts that they do shoot in hast, 6 Their teeth are fpears&arrows long,

let them be broke in fight. as sharp as I have seen; (tongue, 8 As snails do wasr within the wall, They wound and cut with their quick

and unto sime do turn : like swords and weapons keen.. As one before his time that fell, 7. Set up and fliew thy self, o God, and never saw the Sun.

above the heavens bright: 9 Before ý thorns that now are young, Exalt thy praise on earth abroad,

to bulhes big shall grow; thy Majesty and might. The storms of anger waxing serong, They lay their net and do prepare,

Thall take them'ere they know. a privy cave and pit


10 The just shal joy,it doth them good, Wherein they think my soul to fnare, that God doch vengeance take:

but they are fallen in it. And they shalwash their feet in blood. , My heart is set to prajse the Lord, of éliem that him forsake, (tell in him to joy alwayes :

11 Then shall the world thew forth and My heart, I say, doth well accord that good men have reward;

to fing his laud and praise.. And that a God on earth doch dwell, 10 Awake my joy, Awake I say,

that justice doth regard. My Lure, my Harp and string:

PSAL. LIX.I.H. For I my self, before the day, will rise, rejoyce, and sing.

Send ans, & fave me from my foes,

O Lord, I pray to thee : as Among the people I will tell

Defend and keep me from all those, the goodnesse of my God:

that rise and strive with me. And thew hus praise that doth excell 20Lord preserve me from those men, in heathen lands abroad..

wio le doings are not good;


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And let me sure, and safe from them, 15 But I will shew thy strength abroad, that thirst still after blood.

eny goodnefle I will praise : 3 For lo, they wait my soul to take, For thou art my defence and God, they rage against me still;

at need in all assayes. Vea, forno fault that I did make, 17 Thou art my strength, thou hast I never did them ill.

me staid, 4 They run, and do themselves pre O Lord, I sing to thee; when I no whitoffend: (pare, Thou art my fort,

my fence, and aid, Arise, and save me from their snare, a loving God to me. and see what they intead.


IX. I. H. so Lord of hosts of Israel,

O Lord;chou didstus clean forsake arife and strike all Lands:

and scatteredft us abroad; And pity none that doth rebel, Such great displeasure thou didfttake, and in their mischiefs ftands.

rerurn to us, o God. (fore, 6 At night they (tirand feek about, 2 Thy might did move the earth so as hounds they houl and grin:

that it in sunder brake; And all the city clean throughout, The hurt thereof, O Lord restore, from place to place they run.

for it doth bow and quake. 17 They speak of me with mouth alway, 3 With heavy chance thou plaguest

but in their lips are fwords : (say, the people that are thine: (thus, They greed my death, and then would And thou halt given unto us,

what ? none doth hear our words. a drink of deadly wine. % But Lord, thou hast their wayes ef- 4 But yer to such as fearthy Name,

and laught thereat apace: (pide, a banner thou didli shew; The heathen folk thou dost deride, That they may triumph in the same, and mock them to their face.

because thy word is true. 9 The strength thar doth our foes with s so that thy miglit may keep and fare stand,

thy folk that favour thee : O Lord, doth come from thee; That they thy help at hand may have, My God, he is my help at hand,

O Lord grant this to me. <place a fost and fence to me. (grace, 6 The Lord did speak from his own 10 The Lord to me doth shew his this was his joyfuli tale:

in great abundance still: I will divide Sichem by pace, That I may see my foes in care,

and meet out Succoth vale. such as my heart doth will. 17 Gilead is given to mine hand The second part,

Manaseh mine beside: 11 Destroy them not aronce, Lord, Ephraim the strength of all my land, lest it from mind do fall:

my Law doth Judah guide. But with thy strength drive rhem 2 8 In Moab I will walh my feet, broad,

over Edom throw any shoe: and fo consume them all. And then Palestine oughts to seck, 1. For their ill words and truthlesse for favourme unco. tongue,

9 But who will bring me at this tide, con found them in their pride: unto the city strong ? Their wicked oaths with lies and or who in Edom will me guide, let all the world deride. (wrong,

so that I go

wrong? 13 Consume them in thy wrath ( 10 Wilt thou, O God, which didnt Lord)

forsake, that nought ofthem remain: thy folk, their land and coasts ? That men may know throughout the bur-wars in hand thou would not warli,

take, that Jacobs God doth reign. nor.walk among ourhoafts. 14 At evening they return apace, bi Give aid, O Lord, and us relieve, as dogs they grin and cry;

from them that us disdain : Througirout the streets in every place, the help that hosts ofmen can give, they run about and spie.

it is but all in vain. (might, Is They seek about for meat, I say, 12 But through our God we thall have but let them not be fed :

to take great things in hand : Nor find a house wherein they may He will tread down and put to flight. be bold to put their head.

allsbofechar us witbland.


PSAL. IXI. 1. H. My fort, my strength, my stay, my Regard, O Lord, for I complain: God is my onely truft. (wealth,

and make my suit to thee: 8 O have your trust in him always Let not my words return in vain,

ye folk with one accord; but give an ear to me.

Powre out your hearts to him and say 2 From offthe coasts, & utmost part, our trust is in the Lord. ofallthe earth abroad :

9 The fons of men deceifull are, In grief and anguish of my heart,

on ballance but a flight; (pare, I cry to thee, O God?

With things moft vain do them com. 3 Upon the rock of thy great power, for they can keep no weight.

my wofull mind repose; 10 Trust not in wrong, robbery, or Thou art my hope,iny fort and tower, let vain delight be gone; (stealth,

my fence against my foes. Though goods well got how in with 4 Within thy tents I luft to dwell,

wealth, for ever to endure ,

fet not your hearts thereon.(tell, Under thy wings I know right well, 11: The Lord long fith one thing did I shall be fa fe and fure.

which here to mind I call; s The Lord doth my desire regard, He fpake it oft, I heard it well, and doch fulfill the same;

that God alone doth alt, (kind, With goodly gifts doth he reward, 12 And that thou Lord art gooiland

all those that fear his Name. thy mercy doth exceed; 6 The king shall him in health main so that all sorts with thee shall find, and so prolong bis dayes; (tain,

according to their deed. That he from age to age shall reign, PSAL. LXIII. I. H.

for evermore alwayes. 7 That he may have a dwelling-place,

O God, my God, I watch betime,

to come to thee in haft; before the Lord for aye ;

For why? my soul and body both, Olet thy mercy, truth and grace,

do thirst of thee to tast. defend him from decay.

And in this barren wilderneffe, $ Then shall I sing forever still,

where waters there are none; with praise unto thy Names My flesh is paroht for thought of thee, That all my vows'I may fulfill,

for thee I wish alone. and dayly pay the same. 2 That I might fee yer once again, PSAL. LXII. I. H.

thy glory, strength and might; My soul to God thall give good as I was wont it to behold,

within thy Temple briglit. For why?my health and hope to fpeed, 3 For why?tlıy mercies farfurmount, doth whole on him depend.

this life and wretched dayes; 2 For he alone is my defence, My lips therefore thall give to thee,

my rock my health, andaid; due, honour, laud, and praise. He is my stay that no pretence, 4 And whilft I live I will not fail,

Hallmake me much dismaid. to worship thee alway; 3 O wicked folk how long will ye, And in thy Name I shall lift up, use craft ? fure ye fall fall;

my hands when I do pray. For as a Totten hedge ye be,

$ My soul is fill d as with marrow, and like a tottering wall.

which is both fat and sweet; WhomGod doch love ye feck always, My mouth therefore shall sing such to put him to the worse;

ás are for tliee moft meer.(songs, Ye love to lie, with mouth ye praise, o When as in bed I think on thee,

and yet your heart doth curse. and eke all the night-tide, sYet still my soul doth whole depend, 7 For undercovert ofthywings, on God my chief desire;

thou art myjoyfullgiúde. From all ill feats me to defend, 8 My soul doth furely stick to thee, none but him I require.

thy right hand is my power ; O He is my rock, my fort and tower, 9 And those that seek my life to troy, my health is of his grace;

them death shall foon devour. He doth support me that no power 10 The sword fhall there devour each can move me out of place.

their carkasses shall feed.

(one 7. God is my glory and my health, The hungry foxes which do run, my souls defire and lusti

their prey to feek at need.

Psalme Ixiiij. Ixv. Ixvi.

37 The king & al men shall rejoyce, Thy house and Temple he shall use,

that do profess Gods Word. with pleasures that excell. or liers mouths shall thou be stopt, s Of thy great justice hear us Lord,

which have the truth disturb’d. our health of thee doth rise: PSAL LXIIII. I. H. The hope of all thee earth abroad, Lord, unto my voyce hive ear, and the rea-coasts likewise,

with plaint when I do pray ; With strength thou art beset about, and rid my life and foul from fear and coinpast with thy powerj

of foes that threat to flay : Thou mak'st the mountains strong * Defend me from that sort of men, to stand in every fɔwre (stout, that in deceit do lurk,

The swelling feas thou doft aftwage, and from the frowniug face of them, and make their storms full still:

that all ill fears do work. (seen Thou dost restrain the peoples rage. Who wher their tongue as we have and rule them at thy will.

men whet and sharp their swords: 8 The folk dwell full far on earth, hey shoot abroad their arrows keen fall dread thy signs to fee :

'Imean most bitter words. (shaft, Which mourn and even in grear With privy fights shoot they their mirth,

the righteous man to hit: do paffe with praise to thee. he just unwares to strike by craft, 9 When the earth is chapt and dry, they care or fear no whit.

and thirfteth more and more : A wicked work they have decreed Then with thy drops thou doft appiyo in counfel thus they cry:

and much increase her store. o use deceit let us not dread, 10 The floud of God doth overflow

what, who can it elpy: (muse, and so doth cause to spring: What way to hurt they talk, and The seed & coin which men do row

all things within their heart: for he doth guide the thing:(fill, hey all consult with fear to use, 11 With wet thou dost her furrows each doth invent his part.

whereby her clods do fall : But yet all this shall not prevail, Thou drops on her thou dost distill,

when they think leaft upon: and bless her fruit withal.(grace od with his dart shall sure assail, 12 Thou deck'st the earth of thy good and wound them every one. (all with fair

and pleasant crop: Their crafts and their ill tongues The fiouds distill their dew apace, Thall work themselves such blame,

great plenty they do drop. That they ký thou behold their fall,

13 Whereby the derart shall begin, fhall wonder at the same (well full great increase to bring: Then aų that see shall know right The little hills shall joy thereine

that God the thing hath wrought, much fruit in them shall spring. nd praise his mighty works and all 14 In places plain $ flock shall feed,

what he to pass hath brought. and cover all the earth : - Yer shall the juft in God rejoyce, The vales with corne shall so exceed, still trusting in his might :

that men shall sing for mirth. - shall theyjoy w mind and yoyce PSAL. LXVI. T. S.

wlapse hearts are pure and right. Y Emen on earth in Godrejer Hy praise alone, O Lord, doth Extoll his Name W heart and voyces

in sion thine own hill: (reign give glory to the same. Ereir vow to thee they do maintain, . How wonderfull, O Lord, say ye, aud their behests fulfill.

in all thy works thou art : For thou dost their prayers hear, Thy foes for fear shall seek to thee, and doftthereto agree :

full sore against their heart.(ouc Ehe people all both far and near, 3 All men that dwell ş earth through. with trust shall come to thee.

Mall praise the Name of Ood: Our wicked life so far exceeds The land thereof the world about, that we shall fall therein :

is shewed and fer abroad. et Lord forgive our great misdeeds 4 All folk come forth behold and fee and purge us from our sin.

what things ģ Lord hath wrought : The man is bleft whom thou doft Mark well the wonderous works that within thy courts to dwell: (chure for men to pass hath brought. (hc


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Hefaid the realike heaps on high, My prayer he doth well regard, therein a way they made :

and granted my desire. On feet to parle both fair and dry, 20 All praise to him ý hath not pat,

whereoftheir heart were glad. nor cast me out of mind : 6 His might doth rule the world al- Nor yet his mercy from me shut,

his eyes all things behold: (way, which I did ever find. And such as would him disobey, PSAL. LXVII. 1.H. by him shall be controld.

Have mercy on us Lord ; 7 Ye people give unto our God,

and grant to us thy grace: due laud and thanks alwayes To Mhew to us do thou accord, With joyfull voyce declare abroad, the brightness of thy face.

and sing unto his praise. 2 That all the earth may knows 8 Which doth endue our soul with the way to godly wealth;

and it preserve withall; And all the nations on a row, He stayes our feet, so that no strife may see thy saving health.

can make us slip or fall. 3 Let all the world, O God, The Lord doth prone our deeds give praise unto thy Name: with fire,

Olet the people all abroad, ifthat they will abide:

extoll and laud the same. As workmen do when they desire, 4 Throughout the world so wide," to have their metals tride.

let all rejoyce with mirth; 10 Although thou suffer us so long For thou with truth and right doft

in prison to be caft: (strong, the Nations of the earth. (guide And there with chains and fetters s Let all the world, o God, to lye in bondage fast.

give praise unto thy Name ; The second part.

o let the people all abroad, 11 Although (1 fay) thou suffer men, extoll and laud the same.

on us to ride and reign: 6 Then thail the earth increase, Though we through fire & water run, great store of fruit fhall fall;

of very grief and pain., (grace, and then our God the God of peace, :12 Yer sure thou dolt of thy good shall blefle us eke withall. dispose it to the best:

7 God shall us blese, I say, And bring us out into a place,

and them both far and near, to live in wealth and rest. The folk throughout the earth alway 13 Unto thy house resort will I,

of him shall stand in fear. to offer and to pray:

PSAL. LXVIII. T.S. And there I will my self apply,

L Et God arife, and then his foes, my vows to thee to pay. (spake

will turn themselves to fight; 34 The vows that with my mouth 1 His enemies then will run abroad, in all my grief and smart :

and scatter out of fight. The yows I say which I did make, 2 And as the fire doth melt the was, in dolour of my heart.

and wind btows smoak away; 1;Burnt-offerings I will give to thee, so in the presence of the Lord of oxen fat and rams:

the wicked fhall decay. Yea, this my facrifice hall be, 3 But righteous men before the Lord

of Bullocks, goats and lambs. Mall heartily rejoyce ; 26 Come forth and hearken here full They Ahall be glad and merry all, ali ye that fear the Lord: (foon,

and cheerfull in their voyce. What he for my poor soul hath done, 4 Sing praise, fing praise unto the to you, I will record..

who rideth on the skie; (Lord, 17 For oft I call to mind his grace, Extoll the Name of Jah our God, this mouth to him doth


and him do magnifie. And thou my tongue made speed as the same is he that is above,

to praise him by and by. (pace, within his holy place; 13 But if I feel my heart within, That father is of fatherlesse, in wicked works rejoyce :

and judge of widows cause. Orifhave delight to fin,

6 Houses he gives and issue both God will not hear my voyce,

unto the comfortlese , 19 But surely God my voyce hath And bringeth bondmen out ofthral.

and what I do require: (heard, and rebels to distresse.


7 Where

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