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* The heavens Thall

20 Thou fittelt muling declare his righteousnesse;

thy brother how to blame; For Godis Judge,

And how to put of all things more and lesse.

thy mothers sonne to shame: - Heare my people,

21 These things thou didft, for I will now reveale;

and whileft I held my tongue, Lift, Ifrael,

Thou didst me judge,
I will thce nought conccale ;

because I staid

so long ; Thy God, thy God

Like to thy self, am I, and will not blame thee, yet though I keep long silence : B For giving not,

Once shalt thou fcel, all manner offerings to me." of thy wrongs just I have no need

22 Consider this to take of thee at all,

ye that forget the Lord, Goats of thy fold ,

And feare not when or calf out of thy ftall;

he threatncth with his words: 10 For all the beasts

Left without help, are mine within the woods :

I spoil you as a prey. On thousand hills,

23 Bue he that thanks catteltare mine owne goods. offereth praiseth me aye, 1. I know for mine,

Saith the Lord God, all birds that are on mountains ; and he that walkech this trace; All beasts are mine,

I will him teach , which haunt the fields & fountains. Gods saving health to embrace. 12 Hungry if I were, I would not thee it tell;

Another of the fame by I. H. For all is mine,

T He God of gads, the Lord, that in the world doch dwell ;

hath cali'd the earth by name, 13. Eate I the flesh

From whence the San doch rise , unto of great Buls or Bullocks ?

the setting of the same. On drinke the blood

2 From Sion his faire place, of Goats“, or of the flocks ?

his glory bright and cleare: 14 Offer to God

Thic perfet beauty of his grace, praise , and hearty thanksgiving ,

from thence it did appeare. And pay thy vowes,

3 Our God shall come in haft, unto God ever living.

to speak he shall not doube: Is Call upon me,

Before him shall the fire walt, when troubled thou shalt be, and tempest ronnd about. Then will I helpe,

4 The heavens from on high, and thou shalt honour me.

the carth below likewise : 16 To the wicked,

He will call forth to judge and try thus saith the Eternall God 3

his folke he doth devise. Why doft thou preach

5 Bring forth my Saines, faith he, my lawes and hests abroad?

my faithfull Hocke so deare; 7 Seeing thou haft

Which are in band and league with me them with thy mouth abused, my Law to love and feare. Ind hated to be

6 And when these things are tride, by discipline reformed.

the heavens Thall record ; My words I say,

That God is just, and all must bide, thou doft reject and hate :

the judgement of the Lord. 8 If that thou see

7 Mypeople, Ogive heed, a thief as with thy mate,

Israel to thee I cry : Chou runft with him ,

I am thy God, thy help at need, and so your prey do secke :

thou canst it not deny., indart all one,

8 I do not say to thee, with bands and ruffians eke.

thy sacrifice is slack o Thou givest thy self

Thou offerest daily unto me, to backbite and to lander 3

much more then I do lack. ad how thy tongue

9 Think'rt thou that I do need, deceives , it is a wonder

thy young cattelror old?

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oreffe fo much deliglit to feed, 24 Bnt fure I will not let, on Goats out of thy fold?

to strike when I hegia; 10 Nay, all the beasts are mine, Thy faults in order I will set, in woods that eat their fils :

and open all thy sin. Andthousands more of neat and kine 25 Mark this I you require, that run wild on the hils.

that have not God in mind: The second part.

Left when I plague you in mine ire, 11 The birds that build on high,

your help be far to find. in hills and out of light:

-26 He that doch give to me And beasts that in the fields do lie, the sacrifice of praise;

are subject to my might. Doth please me well, and he hall see 12 Then though I lungred fore, to walk within my wayes. what need I ought ofthine,

PSAL. II. W.w. sith that the earth with his great store O Lord consider my distress, (take, and all therein is mine.

and now with speed some pity 13 To bulls Aesh have I mind, My fins deface, my faults redress, to eat it doft thou think?

good Lord, for thy great mercies Or such a sweetnesse do I find,

(fake. the blood of goats to drink ? 2 Wash me, O Lordsand make me clean 14 Give to the Lord his praise, from this unjust and sinfull act:

with chanks to him apply; And purify yer once again, And see thou pay thy vows alwayes, my hainous crime and bloody fact.

unto the God most high. 3 Remorse and forrow do conftraine 75 Then fock and call to me, (blame me to acknowledge mine exceffe ;

when ought would work the My fins alas do still remain, And I will sure deliver thee,

before my face without release. that thou mayst praise my Name 4 For thee alone I have offended, 16 But to the wicked train,

committing evil in thy fight; which talk of God each day : And iftherefore I were condemned, And yet their works are foul and pains yet were thy judgment just & righe.

to them the Lord will say; s It is so manifest alas, 117 With what a face dar'ft thou, that first I was conceiv'din sia :

my Wordonce speak or name? Yea, of my mother so bora was, Why doth thy talk my law allow, and yet vile wretch remain therein.

thy deeds deny the fame? 6 Allo behold, Lord, thou dost love, 38 Whereas for to amend

the inward truth of a pure heart: thy life thou art so slack; Therefore thy wisedom from above, My words y which thou doft pretend, thou hast reveal'd me to convert. is cast behind thy back. 7 Ifthou with hysop purge this blocs The tbird part.

I shall be cleanerthen the glass; 19 When thon a thief doit see, Andifthou wash away my spot,

by theft to live in wealth: the Inow in witnesse all I pass; With him thou runn'st and doft agree, 8 Therefore, O Lord, such joy me sendo

likewise to live by stealth. that inwardly I may find grace, 20 When thou dostthém behold, And that my strengthmay now amende

that wives and maids refile : which thou hatt swag'a for mytrefThou lik’ft it well and waxeft boldo

(palle. to use that life most vile. 9 Turn back thy face and frowing ire, 21 Thy lips thou dost apply,

for I have felt enouglıthy hand; to flander and defame:

And purge my sins I thee desire, Tly tongue is taught to craft andlie, which do in number pafle the sand.

and still doft use the same; 10Make new my heart within my breit 22 Thou studieft to revile

and frame it to they holy will; thy friends to thee fo neer; Thy constant Spirit in me let rest, With fander thou wouldst needs defile à máy these raging enemies

kill. tlıy mothers fon most dear.

The second part. 23 Hereat while I do wiak

11 Calt me not Lord out from thy faces as though I didnot see;

but speedily my torments end; Thou goefton fill and fo dost chínk, Take not from me thy spirit of grace, that I am like to thee.

which may from langer my defend.

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12 Restore me to those joves again, Yea, wash thou me, and so I shall,

which I was wont in thee to find : be whiter then the snow. And

let me the free Spirit retain, 8 Of joy and gladnefle make chou me,

which unto thee may stirmy mind. to hear the pleasant voyce : 13 Thus when I fhallthy mercy know. That fo the bruised bones which thou I shall instruct others therein;

haft broken, may rejoyce. And men are likewise brouglit low, 9 From the beholding of my fins, by mine example shall Ay fin.

Lord, turn away thy face:
14 O God, that of my health art Lord, Andall my deeds of wickedneffe,

forgive me tliis my bloody vice: do utterly deface.
My heart and tongue shall then accord 10 O God create in me a heart,

to sing thy mercies & justice. (untey, unsported in thy fight :
Is Touch thou my lips, my tongue Andeke within thy bowels, Lord,

O Lord, which art the onely key: renew a stable spirit,
And then my mouth shall testify, (way: 11 Ne cast me from thy sight,nortake

thy wondrous works and praise al thy Holy Spirit away:
16 And as foroutward sacrifice, The comfort of thy faving health

I would have offered many one: give me again, I pray.
But thou esteen't them or no price, 12 With thy free spirit establishmen

&cherein pleasure tak'st thou none. and I will teach therefore
17 The heavy heart the mind oppref, Sinners thy way, and wicked shall

O Lord, thou never doelt reject, be turned to thy lore.
And to speak truth it is the best,

Tbe fecond part.
and of all sacrifice th'effect. 13 O God, that art Godofmy health.
18 Lord unto Sion turn thy face,

from blood deliver me: powre out thy mercies on thy hill; Thur praises of thy righteousneffe, Andon Jerusalem send thy grace,

my tongue may sing to thee, build up the walls and love it ftill. 14 My lips that yet fast closed ben 19 Thou lhalt except then our offer- do thon, OLord, unloote:

(ings Thy praises ofthy Majesty, of peace and righteousnelle , I lay, my mouth thall disclose, Yea, calves and many other things, Is I would liave offered sacrifice, upon thy altar will we lay.

if that had pleased thee:
Anot ber of the fame by 1. H. But qleased with bumt-offerings,

I know thou will not be.
H Ave mercy Lord on me, after

thy great abounding grace, 16 A cronbled fpirit is facrifice,
After thy mercies multitude,

ftelightfull in Gods eyes ; doe thou my sins de face. (fence a broken and an humble heart, 2 Yea, washine more from mine of- God thou wilt not despise.

and cleanse me from mine fin : 17 In thy good will deal gently, Loxto For I doe know my faults, and still to Sion, and withall, my finis in mine eyne.

Grant that of thy Jerusalem, 3 Against thee, thee alone I have

uprear'd may be the wall offended in this cause:

18 Burnt-offerings gifts and facrifices And evil have I done before

of justice in that day,
the presence of thy face, (done, Thou shalt accept , & calves they shall
That in the things that thou hast upon thine Altar lay:
upright thou mayest be tried;

Andeke in judging that the dome,

WHy dolt thoutyramt hoast abroad may palle upon thy fide.

thy wicked works to praise? s Behold in wickednese my kiudly Doeft thou not know there is a God and shape I did receive :

whose mercies laft alwayes? And lo my finfull mothereke, 2 Why doth thy mind yet full devises in fin did me conceiye.

such wicker wiles to warp? 6 But lo the truth in inward parts, Thy tongue untrue in forging liesi is pleasant unto thee,

is like a razor sharp. And secrets of thy wifdomechou 3 On mischief why ferft thou thy mind revealed baft to me.

and wilt not walk upright? Withhyfop, Lords besprinkle me bou hast more luft falfe tales to find Iball be deansed fo.

then bring ele rruth eplight:


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4. Thou Thou doit delight in fraud & guile, Then Jacob shall therein iejoyce,

in mischief, blood, and wrong: and Israel shall be glad. Ily lips have learn d § Aattering stile PSAL. LIIII. I. H. o false deceitful tongue. (Found GOD save

me forthy holy Name, 3- Therefore shall God for ever con

and for thy goodnese sake ; : and pluck thee from thy place : Unto the strength, Lordtofthe same, Thy seed root out from off's ground, I doe my caufe betake.

and so shall thee deface. 2 Regard, O Lord, and give an ear; 6 The just when they beheld thy fall, to me when I do

pray; with fear shall praise the Lord: Bow down thy felf to me, and hear And in reproach of thee withall,

the words that I do fay. cry out with one accord.

3 For strangers up against me rise, 7 Behold the man that would not take and ryants vex me still;

the Lord for his defence; Wich have not God before their eyes. But of his goods a god did

make, they seek my soul to fpill. and trust his corrupt sense. 4. But lo my God, doth give me aid, 8 But I as Olive fresh and green,

the Lord is straight at hand; Inallspring and spread abroad. With them by whom my soul is ftaid, For why my truft all times harlı been the Lord doch ever stand. upon the living God.

s With plagues repay again all those, For this therefore will I give praise, for me that lie in wait ;

to thee with heart and voyee : And in thy truth destroy my foes, I will set forth thy Name alwayes, with their own fnare and baite.

wherein thy Saints rejoyce. 6 An offering of free heart and will, PSAL. LIII. T. S.

then I to thee fhall make; T He foolish mag in that whichidhe. And praise thy Name, for

therein still, within his said; That there is any God at all,

7 O Lord, at length do fet me free, hath utterly denai’d.

from them that craft conspire; 2 They are corrupt, and they also, And now mine eye, with joy doch see, a haynous work have wrought : on them

my hearts defire. Among them all there is not one,

PSAL. LV. I. H. of good that worketh ought. a The Lord look'd down on fons of O God

give ear and do apply,

to hear me when I pray; from heaven all abroad; (men, and when to thee I call and cry, To see if any were that would

hide not thy self away. Be wise and seek for God; 2 Take heed to me, grant may request, They are all gone out of the way, and answer me again ;

they are corrupted all: With plaints I pray fåll före oppreft, There is not one doth any good,

great grief doth me constrain. there is not one at all,

B Because my foes with threats & cries s Do not all wicked workers knot,

oppresse me through despight, that they do feed upon, And so the wicked sort likewise, My people as they feed on bready

to vex me have delight. the Lord they call not on. 6-Even there they were afraid, and A For they in counsel do conspire,

to charge me with somejil;

(stood, so in their hasty wrath and ire, with trembling all dismaid;

they do persue me ftill. (bread, whereas there was no cause at all,

s My heart doth faint for want of why they should be afraid.

ir pantech in my breaft; y For God his bones ý thee besieged, The terrors and the dread of death, hath scattered all abroad:

do work me much unrest. Thou hast consumed them, for they 6 Such dreadfull fear on me doth falle rejected are of God.

that I therewith do quake; 8 O Lord, give thouthy people health, such ltorror wlielmeth me withiall, and thou, O Lord, ful All,

that I no shift can make. Tlre promise made to Israel, 7 But I did say, Who will give me; from out of Zion hill.

the sweet and pleasant wings; When God

his people shall restore Offome fair dove that I may flee, that earf were captiyeled: and rest

me from
these things ?

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LO, then I would go far away, Of friendship to neglect the band, to flee I would not cease;

they paffe or careno wliit. (heart And I would hide my self, and stay 23 While they have war within their in some great wilderneffe.

as butter are their words: 9 I would be gone in all the balte Although their words were smooth as and not abide behind;

oyl That I were quit and overpast,

they cút as sharp as swords. these blasts and boisterous winds. 24 Cast thou the care upon the{Lord 10 Divide them, Lord and from them and he shall nourish thee: pull,

For in no wife will he accord, their devilish double tongue, the just in thrall to see For I have spide their city full, 25 ButGod fhall cast them deep in pit, of rapine, strife, and

wrong. that thirft for blood alwayes :
11 Which things both night and day He will no guilefull man perinit,

do close her as a wall, (throughout, to live out half his dayes.
In midst of her is mischief ftout, 20 Though such be quite destroyed
and sorrow eke withall.

and gone,
12 Her inward parts are wicked plain in thee, O Lord, I truft:

her deeds are much to vile: I shall depend thy grace upon,
Andin her streets there doth remain witliall my heart and lul.
all crafty, fraud and guile.

The facond part,


mercy, Lord on me, I pray,
13 If that my foes did seek my shame, for men would me devour :
I might it well abide :

He fighreth with me day by day:
From open enemies check and blame, and troubleth me each hour.

fome where I could me hide. 2 Mine enemies daily enterprise,
14 But thou that wast my fellow dear: to swallow me outright :

which friendthip didît pretend. To fight against me many rise, And didst my secret counsel hear, Othou moft High of mighr. (fraid as my familiar friend :

3 When they would make me most aa as With whom I had deliglut to talk, with boafts and brags of pride ; in secret and abroad,

I trust in thee alone for aid,
And we together oft dirt walk,

by thee I will abide.
within the house of God. 6 Gods promise I do mind and praise,
16 Let death in haste upon them fall, O Lord, I frick to thees

and send them quick to hell, do not care at allatfais, For mischief reigneth in their hall, what fefh can do to me.

and parlour where they dwell. s What things I either did or fpake, 17 But I unto my God will cry,

they wrelt them at their will: to him for help I fee;

And all the counsel that they cake, The Lord will hear me by and by, is how to work me ill.

and he will fuccour me. 6 They all consent themselves to hide, 18 At moming, noon, and even-tide, close watch for me to lay : (tide, , unto the Lord I pray:

They spie my paths and snares liaye When I so instantly have tried,

to take my life away. he doth not say menay.

Shall they thus scape on mischief 19 To peace he fall restore me yet,

set ? though war be now at hand,

thou God on them wilt frown: Although the number be full great, For in thy wrath thou dost not let,

that would against me stand. to throw whole kingdoms down. 20 The Lord that first and last doth 8 Thou feeft how oft they make me

both now and evermore, (reign, and on my tears doft look: (Aee; Will hear when I to him complain, Reserve them in a glaffe by thee, and punish them full fore.

and write them in thy book. 21 For sure there is no hope that they, bo Wheu I do call upon thy Name, to turn will once accord:

my foes away do start : For why ? they will not God obey, I well perceive it by the same,

nor yet do fear the Lord. (hands, that God doth take my part. 22 Upon their friends they laid their 110 I glory in the Word of God, which were in coyenant knit:

to praise it I accord :

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