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or irreverence to be used in the Ceremo- people desirous to live in Christian Come nies,or Rites of the Church, by the misu- versation, and most pofitable to the Eitare ling of the Orders appointed in this book; of this Realm, upon the which the Mere The Queens Majesty may by the like ad- cy, Favour and Blessing of Almighty vice of the said Commissioners, or Me- God is in no wise so readily and plenti. tropolitan, ordain and publish [rech fur. fully poured as by common Prayers, dae ther ceremonies, or Rites, as may be most using of the Sacramenis, & often Preachfor the advancement of Gods glory, the ing of the Gospel wi:h devotion of the edifying of his Church, and the due re- hearers: And yet this notwithstanding. verence of Chrisis holy Mysteries and Sao a great number of people in divers parts

of this Realm, following their own SenAnd be it further Enacted by the suality, and living without knowledge como Authority aforesaid,That all Lams, Sta. due fear of God, do wilfully and Schif rutes,and Ordinances, wherein ,or where- matically abstain, and refuse to come by any other Service, Administration of 10 their Parish-Churches, and other PubSacraments, or Cummon Prayer is limi- lick places where Common Prayer, Admited, established, or set forth to be used nistration of the Sacraments.and Preachwithin this Realm, or any other the ing of the Word of God is used, upon the ueens Dominions or countries, shall Sundays ind oter days ordain:d and apfrom henceforth be utterly wid and of pointed to be kept and observed as Holy none effect.

days : And whereas by the great and Scandalous neglect of Ministers in the

Said Order, oi Liturgy sa set forth and An Act for the Uniformity of Publick enjoyned as aforesaid, great mischiofs

Prayers,andAdminiltration of Sacra- and inconveniences, during the times ments, and other Rites and Cere- of the late unhappy Troubles, have arisen monies: And for establishing the and grown; and many people have been Form of Making, Ordaining, and led into Factions and Schisms, to the Consecrating Bishops, Priests and great decay ard' fiandal of the Reformed Deacons in the Church of England. Religion of the Church of England, and

to the bazard of many souls : For pre

vention whereof in time to come, for feta XIV. CAROL. II.

iling the peace of the Church, and for

allaying the present dift?mpers which the W Herens in the first year of the late indisposition of the time bath contracted,

Queen Elizabeth, there was one the Kings Majesty (according to bis DeVniform Order of Common Service and claration of the five and twentieth of OcPrayer and of the Administration of Sa- tober, One thousand fix hundred and craments, Rites and Ceremonies in the sixty) granted bis Commission under the Church of England, ( agreeable to the great Seal of England, to several Bishops Word of God, and usage of the Primitive and other Divines to review the Book of Church) compiled by the Reverend Bi- Common-Prayer, und to prepare such Ala Shops and Clergy, set fortb in-one Book, terations and Additions, as they iborgko Entituled, The Book of Common Pray- fit to offer ; And af erwards the con er, and Administration of Sacraments, vocations of both the Provinces of Canterand other Rites and Ceremonies in the bury and York, being by His Majesty Church of England, and enjoyned to be called and assembled (and now sitting) used by A&t of Parliament bolden in the His Majesty bath been pleased to AuSaid First

, year of the said late Queen, thorize and require the Presidents of the Entituled, An Act for the Unitormity said Convocations, and other the Bishops of Common Prayer and Service in the and Clergy of the same, to reviin the Church, and Administration of the Sa- said Book of Common-Prayer, and the craments, very comfortable 10 all good Book of the Form & Manner of the Maka

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ing and Confecyning of Bishops, Priests, Teiling of the peace of this Nation (which and Peacons ; And that after mature is defered of all good men), nur 10 ibe hokonsideration they should make such ad. nour of our Religion, and the propagabitions and Alterations in the said Books lion thereof, then an Vniversal agreerespectively as to them should seem meet ment in the Publicę worship of Almighand convenient; Aná jhould exhibit do ty God; and to the intent that every Pero Biesent the same to His Majesty in writ- ron within phis Realm, may certainly ng for lis furiher allow mice or confir- know the rule, to which he is to conform mation ; since which time, upon ful & in Publick worship, and administration mature deliberation, they the frid Prelie lof Sacraments and other Rites and Cerea Vents, Biskopsgand Clergy of both Provin- monies of the Church of England, and the trs, have accordingly reviewed the said manner home, and by whom Bishops, Books, aná bave made fume Alterations Priests, and Deacons are, and ought 10 bahich they think fit 10 be inserteá to the be Made, Ordained and Consécrated : ame; and some additional Prayers 10 Be it Enacted by the Kings Mot Ex

be füid Book of Common-Prayer, to be ue cellent Majesty, by the advice, and with Ved upon proper and emergent occastors; the consent of the Lords épiritual and and have exhibited and presented the Temporal, and of the Commons in this ame unto His Majesty in writing, in present parliament assembled, and by the pre Book, Entituled, the Book of Com- Authority of the fame, That all and fine mon-Prayer, & Administration of the gular Ministers, in any Cathedral, CulleSacraments and other Rites and Cere- gixte, or Parish Church or Chappel, or omonies of the Church, according to ther place of Publick Worship within this the ule of the Church of England; to- Realm of England, Dominion of Wales, gether with the Pfalter, or Plalms of and Town of Berwick upon Tweed,

fbaú Dæviá, Pointed as they are to be sung be bound to say and use the Morning or said in Churches; and the Form and Prayer, Evening Prayer, Celebration Manner of Making, Ordaining, and and Adminitration of both the SaeraConsecrating of Bishops, Prielts and ments, and all other the Publick, and Peacons: All which His Majesty hav- common-Prayer, in such order and form Ang duly considered, hati fully approved as is mentioned in the said book annexed and allowed the fame, and recommended and joyned to this present Ait, and En. to this present Parliament, that the said lituled, The Book of Common-PrayBook of Common-Prayer, and of the Furon er, and Administration of the Sacraof Ordination consecration of Bishops, ments, and other Rites and CeremoPriefs,and Deacons with the Alterations nies of the Church, according to the land Additions which have been so made use of the Church of England; toand presented to His Majesty by the said gether with the Pfalter oor Psalms Convocations, be the Bookwhich Mall be ap- of David, Pointed as they are to be pointed to be used by all ihat officiate in all sung or said in Churches ; and the Carbedral and collegiate Cburches and Form and Manner of Making , Orkriippels, and in a Chappels of Colled- daining, and Consecrating of Bishops, ges and Halls in both the Universities, Priests, and Deacons : and, That the and the Colledges of Eaton and Winche- Morning and Evening Pyryers therein ter, and in all Parish Churches and contained, fall upon every Lords day, thappels within the Kingdom of England, and upon all orbe: days and occasions and Dominion of Wales, and Town of Bero at the times therein appointed, be openly wick upon Tweed, and by all that Make, and solemnly read by all and every Minipor Consecrate Biskops, Priests or Deacons,fter or Curate in every Church, Chappel or In any of the said Places, under such oiher place of Publick Worship within this Sanctions and penalties as the Houses of Realm of England, and places aforelnid.

Parliament shall think fit : Now in re- And to the end that Vniformity in the gard that noibing conduceth more to the Publick Worship of God(which is fornuch



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desired) may be speedily effected, Be it son or persons, jo vjending or neglecting,
further Enačted by the Authority afore, were dead.
Said, Tkat every Parfon, Vicar, or other And be it furtber Exacted by the
Miniler whatsoever, who now bath,and Axtbority aforesaid, That every person
enjoyeth any Ecclesiastical Benefice, or who shall bereafter be presented or
Promotion, within this Realm of ergand, ted or put into any Ecclesiastical Benefice
er places aforesaid, jball in the Courch, or Promotion within this Realm of Eng-
Chappel, or place of Publicę Worship be- land, and places a forefaidh mail in the
longing 10 bis said Benefice or Promiin, Church, Chappel,or place of Publicę Wur-
upon some Lords day before the Feast of ship, belonging to bis Said Benefice or Pra-
Saint Bartholomew which shall be in motion, within two moneths next nfier
the year of our Lord God, one thousand that he sball be in the atual polession of
fix hundred fixty and two, upenly, pub- the said Ecelesiastical Benefice gor Promo-
lickly,and solemnly read the Morning and tion, upon some Lords day, openly, pubs
Evening Prayer appointed to be read by, lickly and solemnly read the Morning and
and according to the said Book of com- Evening Prayers, appointed to be read
mon Prayer, at the times, thereby ap by and according to the said Book of Com-
pointed, and after such reading thereof mon Prayer, at the time s thereby appoint-
Shall openly and publickly, before the ed, and after such reading thereof, shall

Congregation there assembled, declare his upenly and publickly before the Congregaz-
unfeigned alent and consent to the use of tion there assembled declare bis infiign-
all things in the said Book contained and ed asent and consent to the use of all
prescribed, in these words and no orber. things therein contained and prefirived,

according to the form before appointed : A. B. Do bere declare my unfeignes and, Thit all and every such person, whe tbing contained, and preferived in, and 10 be allowed and approved by the Ordiby the Bowk, Enrituled, The Book of nary of the place, negle&t or refuse to do Common Prayer, and Adminiftration the same within the time aforesaid, or, of the Sacraments, and otle: Rites and (in case of such Impediment) within ons

Ceremonies of the Church, according munein after such impediment removed,
to the ule of the Church of England, Jall ipfo factu be deprived of all his faid
together with the Psalter or Psalms of Ecclefiaftical Benefices and Promerions
David, Pointed as they are to be sung and , That from thenceforth, it shall
or faid in Churches; and the form and may be lawful to and for all Patrons, aná
manner of Making Ordaining, and Donors of all and fingular the said Ec9
Copfecrating of Bilhops, Priests, and clefiaftical Benefices and Promvirons, or

any of them (according to their respective And, that all and every such perfon, Rights and Titles) to present or collate 10 who sball (without some luwful impedi- the same, as though the person or persons ment, to be allowed and approved of by so offending, or neglefting, were dead. the Ordinary of the place ) neglect or And be it further Enacted by the refuse to do the same within the time no Authority aforesaid, Thar in all places, foresaid, (oc in case of such impedi- where the proper incumbent of any Parmeni) within one moneih after such im- sonage, or Vicarage, or Benefice with pediment removed fhall ipso facto be de Cure,doth reside on lis living, and keep prived of all bis Spiritual Promotions; a Curate, tbe Incumbent himself in per And that from thenceforth it shall be law. Son (not having some lawful Impediment, ful to, and for all Patrons and Donors of to be allowed by the Ordinary of the place all and fingular the saidSpiritual Promo- fall once (at ibe least) in every moneth lions, or of any of them, according to their openly and publickly read the common respective Rights and Titles, to present, Prayers and Service, in and by the said or collate to the same, as though the per- Book prescribed, and (if there be occas

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. fin) Admmiter each of the Sacra respective admis:101 urbe memben menis, and other Rites of the Church, or have poffefsion aforesaid, subscribe the in the Parish Church, or Chappel of, or Declaration or acknowledgement followbelonging to the same Parfonage, Vicro ing, Scilicet, rage, or Benefice, in such order, win- A. B. Do declare, That it is not inu.

Eout is appointed upon pain to forfeit ihe tage Arms againjt the King; and that (2.m of Five pounds to ibe uje of ide poor I do abhor thai Tracterous Position of tako of the Parish for every offence, upon ing Arms by His Authority against His sonviction by confefsion, or proof of iwo Perfon, or against those that are commis credible wiinelles upon Oath, before two fronated by Him; and trai 1 pill conform 32 Stices of the Peace of tie County, Cly, to the Liturgy of the Courcle of Englund, or Town-Corporate where the offence full as it is now by Law established. And i be committed, (which Oath tbe fuid fu- do declare that I do hold, there lies no. ftices are hereby im poured to administer) obligation upon me, or on any other person and in default of payment within ten from the Oath commonly called the sodays, to be levyed by ditress, and sale of lemn League and Covenant, to endezHe girods and chartels of the offender, by vour any change, cr alteration of governide warrant of the frid Fustices, by tbe ment, either in Church or state ; and Carch-wardens, or overjeers of the poor that the same was in it self an unlawful of the frid Parish, rendring the sur- oath, and imposed upon the Subjects of plusage to the party.

this Realm against the known Laws and And be it further Enacted by the Au- liberties of wis Kingdom. thirits aforesaid,That every Dean, Canon, Which Said Declaracion and Acknuppe ar.d Prebendary of eplery Cathedral or Col- ledgment shall be fubfcribed by every of legiate Church, and a Masters, and o- the said Maters and olber Heads, Feliber Heads, Fellows, Coraplains and Tu- lows, Chaplains, and Tutors of, or in any tors of, or in any Colledge, Hall, House Colledge, Hall, or Houfe of Learning, of Learning ,or Hospital and every Pub- and by every publick Professor and Renlick Professor, and Reader in either uf der in either of the Universities, before the Universuries, and in every Colledge the Vice-Chancellor of the refpe&tive Unie elfinohere, and every Parson, Vicar, Cu- versuries for the time being, or kis Depre rate Lecturer, and every other person in ty; and the faid Declaration or ACboiy Orders, and every Schooi-master knowledgment shall be fubfiribed before keeping any pablick, or private School, the respective Archbishop, Bishop,or Orand every person in tıxding or Teach- dinary of the Diocess, by every other peringay routh in any house or private Fa- son hereby injoyned to subscribe the sam, mily as a Tutor, or schogi-master, who upon pam that all and every of the puro zupon the First day of May, which sball fons afuresaid failing in fach subscriptio be in the year of our Lord God, One thou- on, shall lose ind forfeit such respective Sand fix hundred sixty two, or at any time Deanry, Canonry, Prebend, Mastership, thereafter shall be Incumbent, or bave Headship, Fellowship, Professors place, poffefsion of any Deanry, Cunonry, Pres Readers place, Parsonage, Vicarage, Ecbend, Mastership, Headship, Fellowship, clesiastical Dignity, or Promotion, Cuo Froféssors place, or Renders place, Par-raies Place, Lecture, and School, and sonage, Vicarage, or any other Ecclesia Mall be utterly disabled, and ipso facto tical Dignity or Promotion,or of any cu- deprived of the same; and that every rattes place, Lecture,or School, or shall in- such respective Deanry, Canonyy, PreAtruct or reach any Touth as Tutor, o bend, Mastership, Headjhip, FellowSchoolmaster, shall before the Feast-day ship, Profeffors place, Readers place,Parof Saint Bartholomew, wbich fall be in sonage, Vicarage, Écclefiaftical Dignity the year of our Lord,one thousand six hun- or Promotion , Curales place, Lecture, dred fixiy two,or at or before his, or their and School shall be void, as if such per



for fofiling were naturally dead.

ANd 1 do declare, that I do hold there And if any Schoolmaster or other lies no Obligation upon me,ur un any. perfon instructing or teaching Touth in other person from the Oath, commonly any private House or Family, as a Tu- called the Solemn League and Covetor or Schoulmaster, shall instruct or teach nant,10 endeavour any change, or alteraany Touth as a Tutor or Schoulmaster, tim of Government either in Church or before License obtained from hisrespec- State, And that the same was in it self tive Archbishop, Bishop, or Ordinary of an unlawful oath, and imposed upon the the Diocess, according to the Laws and Subje&ts of this Realm, against the known. Statutes of this Realm (for whirly he shall Laws and Liberties of this Kingdom ; Pay Twelve pence only) and before such So as none of the persons aforesaid Subscription and acknowledgment made all from thenceforth be at all obliged 10 as aforesaid; Then every such Shoolmaster Subsoribe or read that part of the said fand other, instručting and teaching as a- Declaration, or Acknowledgment. forefait, Mall for the first offence Suffer Provided always, And be it Enalted; three monihs imprisonment without Bail or That from and after the Feast of Saint Mainprize, and for every second and o- Bartic homew, which shall be in the year

ch ther such offence shall suffer three monibs of our Lord, one thousand fix hundred imprisonment without Bail or Main-Sixty and two, no person, who now is In

prize, and a!so forfeit to his Majesty the cumbent, and in possession of any ParSum of five pounds.

Sonayı, Vicarage, or Benefice, and nobo And

after fich subscription made, Po is not already in holyOrders by Epifcopal very such Parson, Vicar, Curate, and Ordination, or shall not before the faid Lecturer, jl. all procure a Certificate un- Feast-day of Saint Bartholomew be Oro der the band' and Seal of the respective dained Priest, or Descon, according to Archbishop, Bishop, or Ordinary of the the form of Epifcopal Ordination, shall Diocefs (who are hereby enjoyned and have, bold, or enjoyihe said Parfonage Vie required upon demand to make and deli- carage, Benefice with Cure, or other Eco ver the same) and shall publickly and o- clefiaftical Promotion within this Kingpenly read the sam?, together with the dom of England, or the Dominion of

Declaration, or acknowledgment afore- Wales, or Town of Berwick upon aid, upon fome Lords day within three Tweed; but shall be utterly disabled, and months then next following, in his Pa ipfo facto deprived of the same, and all rish-Church where be is to ufficiate, in the his Ecclefiaffical Promotions shall be void, presence of the Congregation there aflem- as if be were naturally dead. bled, in the time of Divine Service; up. And be it further Enacted by the on pain that every person failing there- Authority aforesaid, Thar no person

in, mall lose such Parsonnge, Vicarage, whatsoever Jhall tbenceforth be capable to or Benefice, Curates place, or Lecturers be admitted to any Parsonage, Vicarage', place, refpe&tively, and shall be utterly Benefice, or other Ecclesiastical Promuiidisabled and 'ipso facto deprived of the on or Dignity whatsoever, por shall preo Same; And that the said Parsonage, Vi- fume to consécrate and administer the carage, or Benefice, Curates place,ur L'e- holy Sacrament of the Lords Suppor; Eturers place shall be void; as if he were before such time as be shall be Ordiinnaturally dead.

ed Priest'according to the form,and manProvided always , That from and af- ner in, and by tbe said 'Bosk prescribed, ter ibe Twenty fifth day of March,which unless he bave formerly been made Priest Shall be in the year of our Lord God, one by Episcopal Ordination, upon pain to thousand six hundred eighty two, there forfcit for every offence the sum of One Mall be omitted in tbe Sirid Declaration; hundred pounds; (one moiety thereof 10 or Acknowledgment fo to be subscribed the Kings Majesty,ti evther moiety thered and read, these words following, Sci- of to be equally divided between the Poon licet.

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of the Parish where the offence shall be



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