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An Act for the Uniformity of Common Prayer, and Service in the Church, and Adminiftration of the Sacra



Here at the death of our late So

and Commons in this prefent Parliamen

Wereign Lord King Edward the affembled, and by Authority of the fame, Sixth, there remained one uniform order That all, and fingular Minifters in any of Common Service, and Prayer, and of Cathedral, or Parish-Church, or other the Administration of Sacraments, Rites place, within this Realm of England, and Ceremonies in the Church of England, Wales, and the Marches of thefame, or which was fet forth in one Book,intituled, other the Queens Dominions, fall from The Book of Common Prayer, and and after the Feast of the Nativity of Adminiftration of Sacraments, and o- Saint John Baptift next coming,be boundther Rites and Ceremonies in the den to fay and use the Mattens, EvenChurch of England, Authorized by Act Song, Celebration of the Lords Supper, and of Parliament holden in the Fifth and Administration of each of the SacraSixth years of our faid late Sovereign menis, and all their Common and open Lord King Edward the Sixth,intituled, Prayer, in fuch order and form as is An Act for the Uniformity of Com-mentioned in the faid Book, fo Authori mon Prayer,and Adminiftration of the fed by Parliament in the faid fifth and Sacraments; The which was repealed, and fixth years of the Reign of King Edward taken away by Act of Parliament, in the the Sixth; with one alteration, or additi First year of the Reign of our late Sove-on of certain Leffons to be used on every reign Lady Queen Mary,to the great de- Sunday in the year, and the form of the cay of the due bonour of God, and dif- Litany altered, and corrected, and two comfort to the profeffours of the truth of Sentences only added in the delivery or the Sacrament to the Communicants, and Christs Religion: Be it therefore enacted by the Authori-none other, or otherwife:and, That if any ty of this prefent Parliament, That the manner of Parfum, Vicar, or other what fo Said ftatute of Repeal, and every thing ever Minifter, that ought or should fing, therein contained, onely concerning the or fay Common Prayer mentioned in the Said Book, and the Service, Adminiftra- Said Book, or minifter the Sacraments, tion of Sacraments, Rites and Ceremo- from, and after the Feast of the Nativinies contained or appointed in, or by the ty of Saint John Baptift next coming, faid Book, fhall be void and of none effect, refuse to use the faid Common Prayers, of from and after the Feat of the Nativity to minifter the Sacraments in fuch Caibeor Parish Church, or other places, as of S. John Baptift next coming: and dral, that the faid Book, with the order of fer- he should use to minifter the fame, in vise, and of the Administration of Sa- Such order and form, as they be mentiocraments, Rites, and Ceremmies with ned, and fet forth in the faid Bosk, or the alteration and additions therein aufhall wilfully, or obftinately standing in dea and appointed by this Statute, Shall the fame, ufe any other Rite, Ceremony, fland, and be, from, and after the fail Order, Form, or Manner of Celebrating Feat of the Nativity of Saint John Bap- of the Lords Supper openly, or privily, ift, in full force and effect, according to or Mattens, Evenfong, Adminiftration et nour and effect of this Statute; Any of the Sacraments, or other open Prayers, ng in the forefaid Statute of Repeal to then is mentioned, and fet forth in the he contrary notwithstanding. Said Book; (Open Prayer in, and throughout this Act, is meant that Prayer, which is for other to come un

And further be it enalted by the Queens
Highness, with the affent of the Lords



and thall in form aforefaid be thereof lawfully convicted; That then the fame perfon hall for his fecond offence fuffer imprisonment during his life.

to,or hear,either in common Churches having any Spiritual Promotion, after or private Chappels, or Oratories, his first conviction, shall eftfoons offend commonly called the Service of the in any thing concerning the premiffes, Church) or fhall preach, declare, or speak any thing in the derogation, or deprav ing of the faid Book, or any thing therein contained, or of any part thereof,and fhall be thereof lawfully convicted, according to And it is Ordained, and Enacted by the Laws of this Realm, by verdict of the Authority aforesaid, That if any per welve men, or by his own confesfion, or fon or per fons what foever, after the faid by the notorious evidence of the fact; he Feast of the Nativity of Saint John all lofe, and forfeit to the Queens High- Baptift next coming, fhall in any Ennefs, Her Heirs, and Succeffors, for his terludes, Plays, Songs, Rimes, or by first offence, the profit of all his Spiritual other open words declare, or Speak any Benefices or Promotions, coming, or arif- thing in the derogation, depraving, or deang in one whole year next after this con- Spifing of the fame Book, or of anything viction: And also that the perfon fo con- therein contained, or any part thereof, or victed fhall for the fame offence fuffer shall by open fact,deed, or by open threatimprisonment by the space of fix months nings compel, or cause, or otherwife without Bail or Mainprife: And if procure, or maintain any Parfon, Vicar, any fuch perfon, once convict of any of or other Minifter in any Cathedral, or fence concerning the premiffes, hall after Parish-Church, or in Chappel, or in any bis first conviction, eftfoons offend, and other place, to fing, or fay any Common, be thereof in form aforefaid lawfully con- or open Prayer, or to minister any Sawift, That then the fame perfon fhall for crament otherwife, or in any other manis fecond offence fuffer imprisonment by ner, and form, then is mentioned in the space of one whole year, and also the faid Book; or by any of the faid hall therefore be deprived ipfo facto of means shall unlawfully interrupt, or let all his Spiritual Promotions; and, That any Parfon, Vicar, or other Minifter in tfball be lawful to all Patrons, or Do- any Cathedral, or Parish-Church or Chapnours of all and fingular the fame Spiri- pel or any other place, to fing, or fay Comual Promotions, or of any of them, to mon and open Prayer, or to minister the prefent, or collate to the fame, as though Sacraments, or any of them,in fuch manbe perfon and perfons fo offending were ner and form, as is mentioned in the dead: And, That, if any fuch perfon or faid Book; That then every fuch perfon, perfons after be fhall be twice convicted in being thereof lawfully convicted in form form aforesaid, fhall offend against any abovefaid, fhall forfeit to the Queen our of the premiffes the third time, and fhall Sovereign Lady, Her Heirs, and Succefbe thereof, in form aforesaid, lawfully fors, for the first offence an hundred convicted, That then the perfon fo offend- marks: And if any perfon, or perfons, ng, and convicted the third time, fhall be being once convict of any such offence, deprived ipfo facto of all his Spiritual effoons offend again any of the last rePromotions, and also shall fuffer impri- cited offences,and shall in form aforesaid onment during his life: And if the be thereof lawfully convict; That then perfon that shall offend, and be convict the fame offending and convict, n form aforefaid, concerning any of the hall for the fecond offence forfeit to the premiffes, fhall not be Beneficed,nor have Queen our Sovereign Lady, Her Heirs, any Spiritual Promotion; that then the and Succefors, four hundred marks fame perfon, fo offending, and convict, And if any person, after he in form ahall for the first offence, fuffer impri- forefaid, fhall have been twice convict of Fonment during one whole year next af- any offence concerning any of the last reFor his faid conviction, without Bail or cited offences,fball offend the third time, and be thereof in form abovesaid law

prife; And if any such perfon not


offence Jhall be done, to the use of the poor of the fame Parish, of the goods, lands,and tenements of such offender, by way of diftrefs.

fully convict; That then every perfon fo offending and convict, foall for his third offence forfeit to our Sovereign Lady the Queen all his Goods and Chattles, and fall fuffer imprisonment during his And for due execution hereof, the life: And if any perfon or perfons, that Queens most excellent Majefty,the Lords for his first offence concerning the premif temporal, and all the Commons in this fes, fhall be convict in form aforesaid, do prefent Parliament assembled,do in Gods not pay the fum to be paid by vertue of name earnestly require, and charge all his conviction, in such manner and the Archbishops, Bishops, and other Orform,as the fame ought to be paid, with dinaries, that they shall endeavour themin fix weeks next after his conviction, felves to the uttermost of their knowThat then every person fo convict, and fo ledges, that the due and true execution O paying the fame, fhall for the fame bereof may be had throughout their Diofirft offence in ftead of the faid fum, fuf- ceffes and Charges, as they will answer fer imprisonment by the space of fix before God for fuch evils and plagues, mmeths without Bail or Mainprife: And wherewith Almighty God may juftiy puif any perfon or perfons, that for his fe- nifh his people for neglecting this good cond offence concerning the premiffes fhall and wholfom Law. And for their Aube convict in form aforesaid, do not pay thority in this behalf, Be it further enacthe said fum to be paid by vertue of his ted by the authority aforefaid, That al conviction, and this eftatute, in such and fingular the fame Archbishops, Bimanner and form, as the fame ought to shops, and all other their Officers, exerbe paid, within fix weeks next after his ifing Ecclefiaftical jurisdiction, as well faid fecond conviction; That then every in places exempt as not exempt, within perfon fo convicted, and not fo paying the their Dioceffes, fhall have full power and fame, fball for the fame fecond offence, Authority by this Alt to reform, corin the ftead of the saiá sum, suffer im-rect and punish by cenfures of the Church, prifonment during twelve moneths without Bail or Mainprife: and, That from and after the faid Feast of the Nativity of Saint John Baptift next coming, all, and every perfon & perfons,inhabiting within this Realm, or any other the Queens Majefties Dominions, shall diligently and faithfully,having no lawful or reasonable excufe to be abfent, endeavour themselves 10 refort to their Parish-Church, or Chappel accustomed, or upon reasonable let hereof, to fome ufual place, where Common prayer, and fuch Service of God hall be used in fuch time of let, upon every Sunday,and other days ordained and ufed to be kept as Holy days, and then and there to abide orderly and foberly,during the time of the Common-prayer,Prechings, or other Service of God thereto be used and miniftred, upon pain of punishment by the cenfures of the Church; and also upon pain, that every perfon fo offending hall forfeit for every fuch of fence Twelve pence to be levied by the burch-wardens of the Parish where fuch

all, and fingular perfons, which fl all offend within any of their Furifdictions, or dioceffes,after the said Feast of the Nativity of Saint John baptift next coming. against this All and Statute: Any other Law, Statute, Priviledge, Liber ty or Provifion heretofore made, bad, or Suffered to the contrary notwithstanding.

And it is Ordained and Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That all and every fuftice of Oyer and Determiner,or Fuftices of Assize shall have full power and Authority in every of their open and generai Se fions to enquire, hear and determine all and all manner of offences, that shall be committed, or done contrary to any Article contained in this prefent Act, within the limits of the Commiffion to them directed, and to make procefs for the execution of the fame, as they may do against any perfon being indicted before them of trefpafs,or lawfully convic ted thereof.

Provided always, and be it Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That all and e

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bove said, and every of them yearly, with in fifteen days after the Feasts of Balter, and Saint Michael the Arch-angel, in

very Archbishop and Bilbop fall and may at all time and times at his liberty and pleasure, joyn and affociate himself by vertue of this Act to the faid Fuftices of Oy-like manner and form, as fultices of Af

er and Determiner, or to the faid Fustices of Afsize at every of the faid open and general Sessions, to be holden in any place within his Diocefs, for and to the enquiry, hearing, and determining of the offences aforefaid.

Provided alfo, and be it enacted by the Authority aforefaid, That the Books concerning the faid Services fhall at the costs and charges of the Parishioners of every Parish and Cathedral Church,be attained, and gotten before the faid Feast of the Nativity of Saint Joha Baptilt next following; and that all fuch Parishes and Cathedral Churches, or other places, where the Jaid Books fhall be attained and gotten before the fud Feast of the Nativity of Saint John Baptift, hall within three weeks next after the faid Books so attained and gotten, afe the faid Service, and put the Fame in ure according to this Act.

And be it further Enacted by the Authority aforefaid,That no perfon or perfons Shall be at any time hereafter impeached, or otherwife molefted of or for any the offences above mentioned, bereafter to be comsmitted, or done contrary to this Alt, unlefs he or they fo offending be thereof indicted at the next general Sefsions to be bolden before any fucb fuftices of Oyer and Determiner, or fuftices of Afsize, next after any offence committed or done, conrary to the tenour of this Act.

Provided always, and be it Ordained and Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That all and fingular Lords of the Parliament, for the third offence above mentioned, fall be tried by their Peers.

Provided alfo, and be it Ordained and Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That the Mayor of London, and all other Mayors, Bayliffs, and other Head officers of all and fingular Cities, Boroughs, ad Towns-corporate within this Realm, Wales and the Marches of the fam, to the which fuftices of Afsize do not commonly repair, fball bave full power and Authority by vertue of this A, to enpre, bear, and determine the offences a

fize, and Oyer and determiner do.


Provided always, and be it Ordained and Enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That all and fingular Archbishops, and Bishops, and every of their Chancellours, Commiffaries, Archdeacons, and other Ordinaries, having any peculiar Ecclefiaftical Furifdiction, fhall have full power and Authority by vertue of this Act, as well to enquire in their Vifitations, Synods,and elsewhere within their Furifdiction, at any other time and place, to take accufations, and informations, of all, and every the things above mentioned, done committed, or perpetrated within the limits of their jurifdictions and Authori ty, as to punish the fame by admonition, excommunication, fequeftration, or deprivation, and other cenfures, and process, in like form, as heretofore hath been used in like cafes by the Queens Ecclefiaftical Laws.

Provided always, and be it Enacted, That whatsoever perfon offending in the premiffes fhall for the offence firft receive punishment of the Ordinary, having a teftimonial thereof under the aid ordinaries feal,fhall not for the fame offence eftfoons be convicted before the Fustices and likewife receiving for the faid offence punishment first by the Fuftices, he fall not for the fame offence effoons receive punishment of the Ordinary: Any thing contained in this Alt to the contrary notwithstanding.

Provided always, and be it Enacted, That fuch Ornaments of the Church and of the Minifters thereof, fhall be retained,and be in use, as were in this Church of England by the Authority of Parlia ment in the fecond year of the Reign King Edward the Sixth, until other order Shall be therein taken by the Authority of the Queens Majesty, with the advice of Her Commifsimers, appointed and Authorized under the great Seal of England for caufes Ecclefiaftical, or of the Metropolitan of this Realm. And also, That ifthere shall happen any contempt,

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