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An Aâ for the Uniformity of Common Prayer, and

Service in the Church, and Administration of the Sacra. ments.

PRIMO ELIZ. Here at the death of our late So- and Commons in this present Parliamın Sixth, there remained une uniform order that all, and singular Ministers in any of common Service, and Prayer, and of Cathedral, or Parish-church, or other the Administration of Sacraments, Rites place, within this Realm of England, and Ceremonies in the Church of England, Wales, and the Marches of the same, or which was set forth in one Book ,intituled, other the Queens Dominions, shall from

The Book of Common Prayer , and and after the Feast of the Nativity of Administration of Sacraments, and o- Saint John Baprilt next coming,be bound.

ther Rites and Ceremonies in the den to say and use the Mattens, EvenChurch of England, Authorized by A& Song, Celebration of the Lords Supper and

of Parliament hulden in the Fifih and Administration of each of the SacreSixth years of our faid late Sovereign ments, and all their common and open Lord King Edward the Sixth,intituled, Prayer, in such vider ind form as is

An Act for the Unitormity of Com- mentioned in ihe said Book, fo Authorimon Prayer and Administration of the red by Parliament in the said fifin and Sacraments; The which

was repealed and fozris years of the Reign of King Edward taken away by set of Parliament, in the the Sixihi; with one alteration, or additi. First year of the Reign of our late Soveron of ceridin Lefons to be used on every reign Lady Queen Mary,10 the great de: Sundny in the yzar, and the foron of the

cay of the due bonnur of God, and dis Liiany altered, and corrected, and two comfort to the profeffours of the truth of sentences only added in the delivery or Christs Religion :

the Sacrament to the Communicants, and Be it therefore enacted by the Authori- none other, or otherwise:and, That if any ty nf this present Parliament, That the manner of Parsm, Vicar, or other whason Said statute of Repea!, and every thing lever Minister, that ought or ļborild fing, therein contained, unely concerning the ray common Prayer mentioned in the Said Book, and the Service, Administra- laid Book, or minister the Sacraments, tion of Sacraments, Riles and Ceremo- from, and after the Feast of the Nativinies contained or appointed in, or by the Saint John Baprift next coming, Said Book, Mall be void and of none effect

, Trefuse to use ibe said common Prayers, of from and after the Feat of the Naiivity to minister the Sacraments in such Calbes of S. John Baptilt next coming: and dial, or Parish Church, or other places, as thai

the said Bosk, with the order of fer-lhe should use to minifter the same, in vice, and of the Administration of se. Such order and form, as they be menina cranenis, Rites

, and Ceremmies , with Ined; and set forth in the said Bock, or the alteration and addirims therein al. hall wilfully,

or ubftinately standing in dea and ampointed by this Statute, Shall the fame, use any other Rite, Ceremony,

stand, and be, from, and after the said order, Form, or Manner of celebraving Fent of the Nuivity of Saint John Bap- of the Lords Supper openly, or privily, ist, in full force and effect, according to for Mattens, Evenfong, Administrarion

et nour and effect of this Statute; Any of the Sacraments, in other open Pragers, aning in the foresaid Statute of Repeal to then is mentioned, and set forth in the She contrary notwithstanding.

Said Book ; (Open Prayer in, and Arid further be it enasted by the Queens throughout this Act, is meant that Highness, will the effent of the Lords Prayer, which is for other to come un


to,or hear,either in common Churches having any Spiriizal Promotion, after pr private Chappels, or Oratories, his first conviétion, built eftfoons stend commonly called the Service of the in any thing concerning the premises, Church) or shall preach, declare, or speake and shall in form aforesaid be thereof lawany thing in the derogation, or depravo fully convicted; That then the same ing of the said Book, or any thing therein person shall for his second offence suffer contained, or of any part thereof and fall imprisonment during his life. be thereof lawfully convicted according to And it is Ordained, and Enačted by ibe Laws of this Realm, by verdi&t of the Authority aforesaid, That if any perswelve men, or by his own confession, or son or per fons whatsoever, after the find by the notorious evidence of the fast; be Feast of the Nativity of Srint John pall lose, and for feit to the Queens High- Baprift next coming, shall in any Enpress, Her Heirs, and successors, for his terludes, Plays, Songs, Rimes, or by first offence, the profit of all bis Spiritual other open worás declare, or Speak any

Benefices or Promotions, coming, or aris- thing in the derogation, depraving, or deung in one whole year next after this con- Spising of the fame Book, oi of anything pištion : And also that the person focon- therein contained, or any part thereof, or victed shall for the Same offence suffer Mall by open fact,deed, or by open threatimprisonmeni by the space of fix months nings compel, or cause, or otherwise without Bail or Mainprise. And if procure, or maintain any Parson, Vicar, any such person, once convict of any of or other Minister in any Cathedral, or fence concerning the premisses, Ball after Parish-Church, or in Chappel, or in any his first conviction, eft foons offend, and otber place, to sing, or say any common, be ibereof in form aforesaid lawfully con- or open Prayer, or to minijter any sitpięt; That then the sume person Mall for crament otherwise, or in any other manhis second offence fieffer imprisonment by ner, and form, then is mentioned in the space of one whole year, and also the said Book; or by any of the said fhali therefore be deprived ipfo tacto of means shall unlawfully interrupt, or let hell his Spiritual Promotions; and, That any Parfon, Vicar, or other Minister in it shall be lawfull to all Patrons, or Do- any Cathedral, or Parish-Church or Chaphours of all and singular the same Spiri- pel or any other place, to sing, or say comtual Promotions, or of any of them, to won and open Prayer, or to minister the present, or collate to the same, as though Sacraments, or any of them in such man

be person and persons fo offending were ner and form, as is mentioned in the Head : And, That, if any such person or Said Book ; That then every such person, persons after he fall be twice convifted in being thereof lawfully convicted in form form aforesaid, thall offend against any abovefaid, Mau forfeit to the Queen our of the premislés ibe third time, and shall Sovereign Lady, Her Heirs, and succes be thereof, in form aforesaid, lawfully sors, for the first offence an hundred convi&ted; That then the person so offend- marks : Andif

any person, or persons, ing, and corujited the third time, fhall be being once convict of any such offence, deprived ipfo facto of all his Spiritual eftfoons offend again any of the last rePromotions, and also Thall suffer impri- cited offences and shall in form aforesaid fonment dåring his life : And if the be thereof lawfully convičt ; That then person that shall offend, and be convict the same person. so effending and convikt, in form aforesaid, concerning any of the fall for the seconå offence forfeit to the premises, shall noi be Beneficed nor have Queen our Sovereign Laáy, Her Heirs, any Spiritual Promotion ; that then the and Succeffors, four hundred marks: fame perfon, fo offending, and convist, And if any person, after he in form aJhall for the first offence, suffer impri- foresaid, shall have been twice conviet of fonment during one whole year next af- any offence concerning any of the last refor his said conviction, without Bail or cited offences,

soall offend the third time, ne prise ; And if any such person not and be thereof in forma abovefard lado

fally and al for upon pain, that every person so before them of trespass,or laufuliy convic, foffending jhal' for feit for every Such of red thereof.


fully convict; That then every person som offence Jhall be done, to the use of offending and convict, Avall for his third poor of the Same Parish, of the good offence forfeit to our Sovereign Lady Lands and tenements of such offender, 1 the Queen all his Goods and Chattles, way of distress. and shall suffer imprisonment during his And for due execution hereof, t) life: And if any person or persons, that Queens most excellent Majesty,the Lor for his first offence concerning the premis temporal, and all the communs ix th Yes, shall be convict in form aforesaid, do present Parliament assembled ,do in Gou not pay the fum to be paid by vertue of name extrnestly require, and charge a bis conviction, in such manner and the Archbishops, Bishops, and other O, form,as the same ought to be paid, with, dinaries, that tbey shall endeavour then in six weeks next after bis conviction, selves to the utter mot of their know D'batihen every person so conviłt, and so ledges, that the due and true executio p10L paying the same, shall for the same bereof may be had throughout their Dio first offence in stead of the said fum, suf- cesses and charges, as they will answe fer imprisonment by the space of fix before God for such evils and plagues mmeihs without Bail or Mainprise: And wherewiib Almighty God may juftiy pa if any person or perfons, thar for his se- nish, his people for neglecting this gu'n cond offence concerning the premisses shall and wholsom Lar. And for their Au be convict in form aforesaid, do not pay thority in this bebalf , Be it further enac the said sum to be paid by vertue of his red by the authority aforesaid, That als conviction, and ibis eftarute, in such and fingular the same Archbishops, Bi manner and form, as the Same ought to shops, and all other their officers, exer be paid, within six weeks next after bis cising Ecclesiastical jurisdičtion, as wel Yaid second conviction ; Tbar then every in places exempt as not exempt, within person so convicted, and not fo paying tive their Diocesses, shall have full power ana Same, shall for the same second offence, Authority by this Act to reform, cor in the stead of tbe saiá sum, suffer im. reet and punish by censures of the Church prisonment during twelve moneibs with all, and singular persons, a hixh!! all of pui Bail or Mainprise : and, That from fend wiibin any of their furisdictions, an and after the saiá Feast of the Nativity of diocesses after the said Feast of the NatiSaint Jobo Baprilt next coming, all ,and viry of Saint Joha baptift next coming. every person persons inhabiting within against this it and Staiute : Any shis Realm, or any other the Queens Ma- viber Law, Statute, Priviledge, Libera jesties Dominions, Jhau diligently and ty or Provision heretofore made, bad, or faithfully,having no lawfulor reasonable Suffered to ive contrary notwithjtanding. excuse to be abfent, endeavour themselves And it is Ordained and Enacted by 10 refort to their Parish-Church, or Chap- the Authority aforesaid, That all and ca pel accustomed, or upon reasonable let very Justice of Oyer and Determiner,or abereof, 10 fome usual place, where com- Justices of Aslize fi all kæve full pommon-prayer, and such service of God er and Authority in every of their open hall be used in such time of let, upon e- and generai Sessions 10 enquire, betr very Sunday ,and other days ordaineá and and determine ad and all manner of ofenused to be kept as Holy days, and then ces, that shall be cornmitted, or done conand there to abide orderly and futerly,du- trary to any Article contained in tbis ring the time of the Common-prayer, Pre- present Act, within the limits of the comhe hings, or oiher Service of Godihiciero miffion to them directed, and 10 mike prope ufed and ministred, upon pain of pu- cess for the execution of the firme, as they nishment iry fre censures of the Church; may do against any person being indiëtesh

fence Twelve pence to be levied by the Provided always, and be it Enačted lyy ,burch-wardens of the Parish where such the Authority aforesaid, That all und e



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very Archbishop and Bilhupfball and may bovefaid, and every of the m yearly, with at all time and times' at his liberty and in fifteen days after the Feasts of Batter, pleasure, joyn and associite himself by vero and Saint Michael the Arch-angel, in tue of this Act to the suid Fujtices of Oy- like manner and form, as Fustices of Af! er and Determiner, or to the said futi- size, and Oyer and determiner may do. ces of Afsize at every of tbe said open and Provided always, and be it Ordained general Sessions, to be holden in any place and Enacted by the Auihority aforesaid, within bis Diocess, for and to the enquiry, That all and singular Archbishops, and bering, and determining of ibe offences Bishops, and every of their Chancellours, ajvrejard.

Commissaries, Archdeacons, and other Provided also, and be it enacted by the Ordinaries, having any peculiar EccleAuthority aforesaid, that the Books con- faftical furisdiction, shall have full porocerning the said Services shall at the costs er and Authority by vertue of this Ae, and charges of the Parishioners of every as well to enquire in their Visitations, SyParish and Cathedral Church, be attained, nods,and elsewhere within their Jurisdicand gotten before the said Feast of the Na- tion, at any other time and place, to take sivity of Saint Joha Baprilt next follow- accufations, and informations, of all, and ing; and that all such Parijhes and Cathe- every the things above mentioned, done drul Churches, or other places, where the committed, or perpetrated within the liSaid Broķs shall be attained and gotten be- mits of their jurisdictions and Authorifure :he frid Feast of the Nativity of Saint ty, as to punish the same by admonition, John Baptist, Shall within three weeks excommunication, sequestration, or deprinext after the said Books fo attained and varion, and other cenfures, and process, guiten, use the said Service, and put the in like form, as beretofore bath been used Wine in ure according to this Aët. in like cases by the Queens Ecclefiaftical

and be it further Enacted by the Au- Laws. thority aforesaid, That no person or persons Provided always, and be it Enacted, shall be at any time hereafter impeached, or That whatsoever person offending in the urherwise molested of or for any the offen- premises shall for the offence forft receive ces above mentimed, bereafter to be com- punishment of the Ordinary, having a mitted, or done contrary to this Act, un testimonial thereof under the fizid örhefs he or they fo offending be thereof in- dinaries seal,shall not for the same offence dicted at the next general Sessions to be eftfoons be convifted before the Justices ; bulden before any sucb fuftices of Oyer and and likewise receiving for the said offence Determiner, or Justices of Assize, next punishment first by the Justices, he shall efter any offence committed or done, con- not for the same offence efifoons receive mrary to the tenozer of this A&t.

punishment of the Ordinary : Anything Provided always, and be it Ordained contained in this Axt to the contrary note and Enačted by the Authority aforesaid, withstanding. That all and singular Lords of the Parlia- Provided always, aid be it Enačted, mont, for the third offence above mention. That such Ornaments of the Church and ed, skall be tried by their Peers. of the Ministers thereof, shall be retaiit

Provided also, and be it Ordained and ed,and be iu use, as were in this Church Ensited by the Authority aforesaid, That of England by the Authority of Parliathe Miyor of London, and all other ment in the second year of the Reign of Mayors, Bayliffs, and orber Had officers King Edward the Sixth, until other order of all and singular Cities, Boroughs , Mall be therein taken by the Authority had Tuwns-corporate within this Realm, of the Queens Mijesty,with the advice of Wales and the Morches of the fam., to Her Commissioners, appointed and are tbe which Justices of Afsize do not com- thorized under the great Seal of Eng. monly repair, Shill bave full power and land for caufos Ecclesiastical, or of ihe Authority by vertue of this AE, to eno Metropilitan of this Realm. And alfi, guire, bes, and determine the offences a- That ifthere shall happen any contempt,

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