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And with my mouth fromage to age, .they walk full falt abroud: (day,

thy truch I will declare. 16 For in thy Name throughout the . For i have heard that mercy shall they joy and much rejoyce; (hayo

for evermore remaine ; And through thy righteousnes, they In that thou doit the heavens stay, a pleasant fame and noise. (aid,

chy truth appearech plaine. 17 For why ? their glory, strength and 3 To mine elect ; faith God, I made io thee alone doch lie: a covenant and behest :

Thy goodnesse eke that hath us stai'd, My servant David to perswade ,

shall lift our horn on high: (wel, I swore and did protest. 18 Our strength that doth defend us 4 Thy feed for ever I will stay, the Lord to us doch brings and stablith it full fast:

The Holy One of Israel,
And still uphold thy throne alway, he is our guide and King.

from age to age to laft. 19 Sometimes thy will unto thy Saints, sThc heavens fhew with joy and mirth in vision thou didft show;

thy wondrous works, O Lord: And thus then didft thou say to them, The Saints within thyChurch on earth, thy minde to make then know.

thy faith and truth record. 20 A man of might I have ercą, Who with the Lord is cquall then , your King and guide to be;

in all the clouds abroad : And for him up, whom I elect, Among the sons of all the gods,

among the folke to me. what one is like our God?

The third part. y God in asembly of the Saints, 2. My servant David I appoint , is greatly to be dread.

whom I have searched out; And over all that dwell above, And with my holy oyl anoint in terrour to be had.

him King of all the rout. 8 Lord God of hoalts in all the world, 22 For why ? my hand is ready still

1 what one is like to chce ?

with him for to remaine, On every side most mighty Lord, And with mine arme also I will thy truth is feen to be.

him (trengthen and sustaine. 9 The raging Sea by thine advice , 23 The enemics shall not him oppresle, thou ruleft at thy will ?

they shall not him devour : And when the waues thereof arise, Ne yet the sons of wickedneffe ,

thou mak'ft them calme and still. on him shall have no power. 1oAndEgypt,Lord, thou haft subdued, 24 His focs likewise I will destroy , and thou hast it deftroy'd,

before his face in sight, Yca, thou thy foes with mighty armc, And those that hate him I will dague, haft scattered all abroad.

and strike them with my right. The second part.

25 My truth and mercy cke wi hall, 11 The heavens are thine, and still have shall still upon him lic:

likewife che carth and land:(been, and in mine Name his horn cke fls. The world and all that are therein, be lifted up on high. thou foundelt with thy hand. 26 His kingdome I will set to be

(and Welt

upon the sea and land: 12 Both North and South, with East And ekc the running floods shall he

thy self didft make and frame , embrace with his right band. Both Tabor Mount , and ekc Hermon, 27 He Thail depend with all his heart rejoyce and praise thy Name. on me, and thus fhall say,

(power , My Father , and my God thou art , 13 Thine arme is Strong and full of my rock of health and Atay.

all might therein doch lie: (boure 28 As my first-borbe I will him take, The Atrength of thy right hand each of all on earth that springs ; thow liftest up on high.

His might and honour I will make, 14 In righteousnesse and equity,

above all earthly kings. thou haftehy feat and place; 29 My mercy

shall be with him ftill, Mercy and truth are still with thee, as I my self have told :

and go before thy face. My faithfull covenant to fulfill, Is Thaofolk is bleft that knowos arighe, my mercy I will hold.

chy present power , O God, 30 And eke his feed I will sustains Foria the favour of thy light,

for ever krops and faro :

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doch bringi frael, Ecand King,

will unto thy Sam

didit how
A thou say totes
make then knok
ht I have crea,
and guide to ki
whom I elect,
Oike to me.
bird part

avid I'appoint
- searched out;

$t The

y cyl anoint f all the rout

hand is ready or to remaine, Ime allo lo hen and fultaise Thall not him off ot him devour: of wickednele Il have no poss vile I will delen face in light,

So that his leat shall 7till remaine,

43 His glory thou doft allo waste, while heaven doth endure.

his throne, his joy, and mirch » The fourtb part.

By theeis overthrowen and caft 31 Ifthat his fonnes forsake my law, full low upon the earth.

and so begin to fwerve ; 46 Thou hast cur off & made full shore And of my judgement have none aw, his youth and lusty dayes :

or will not them observe. And rais'dof him an ill report, 32 Or ifthey do not use a right, with shame and great difpraise.

my statutes to them made: 47 How long away from me, O Lord, And set all my commandments light forever wilt thou turn ?

and will not keep my trade. And shall thine anger still alway, 33 Then with a rod will í begin

as fire consume and burn ? their doings to amend; 48 O call to minde, remember then, And so with fcourging for their finnet my time consumerh fast; if that they do offend.

Why haft thou made the sons of men, 34 My mercy yet and my goodnelse as things in vaine to waste?

I will not takė him fro; 49 What man is he that liveth here, Nor handle him with craftineffe , and death shall never see? and to my truth forgo.

Or from the hand of heli his roule, 39 Forsure my covenant I will hold ihall he deliver free?

(nefres with all that I have spoke; SoWhere is(O LORD)thine old good. No word,the which my lips have told so oft declar'd before ? Mall alter or be broke.

Which by thy truth and uprigheneffe, 36 Once sware I by my holineffe, to David thou hast sworn ? and that performe will I ;

great rebukes to mind I call, With David I will keepe promise, that on thy servants lie: to him I will not lie.

The railings of the people all, 37 His feed forevermore shall reigne born in my breft have I.

and eke his throne of might; S2 Wherewith, Lord, thine enemios As doth the Sun it shall remaine, blafphemed have thy Name; for ever in my fight.

The steps of thine anointed One, 38 And as the Moone within the skie, they cease not to befame. for ever standech falt;

53 All praise to the, O Lord of hoasts, A faithfull witneffe from on high, both now and eke fore aye;

so shall his kingdome latt. Through skie, and earth, and all the 39 Burnow, O Lord, thou doft reject, Amen, Amen, I say. (coasts,

and now thou changest cheare: PSAL. XC. 1. H, Xca, thou art wroth with, chine ele:t. T How Lord haft been our fure dethine deare

our place ofease and rest:(fence, 40 The covenant thy servant mades In all times past, yea so long since ,

Lord, thou haft quite andoné: as cannot be expreft. (hill, And down upon the ground also 2 Ere there was made mountain or haft cast his royail Crowne.

the earth and world abroad; The fifth part.

From aġe to age, and alwayes still, 41 Thou plukft his hediges up w mighto for ever thou art God. (and pain,

his wals thou doit confound: 3 Thou grindest man through grief Thou beatest eke his bulwarks down, to duft, or clay, and then,

and break'st them to the ground. And then thou sayft again, Retum 42 That he is fore destroy'd and com again , ye sonnes of men.

of commers by throughout : 4 The lasting of a thousand years > And so is made a mock and fcom what is it in tlıy fight?

to all that dwell about. As yesterday it doth appeare, 43 Thon their right hand haft Lifted oras a watch by night.

that him so fore annoy: (up, s so soon as thou dost scatter them, And all his foes that him devoure, then is their life and trade,

lo, thou hast made to joy. (away, All as a sleep, and like the grasse, 44 His swords edge thou didit take whose Beauty foon doth fade.

that thould his foes withstand, 6 Which in the morning shines full To him in waffe no victory

but farleth by and by : (briglits thou givest, dor upper-land. Andis cut down ere it be night ;



ate him { will per dem with my er

mercyeket on him lie; De bishomeksi poo high e I will fer cock a and land:

ning floods My

Ich his right was

and with al biste

chus fall la my God thona healeh and has Jorre I will ban rth that Springs onour I will arthly kings all be mich bin tl

have rold: enant to fulfil

will bold. eed /will falas

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all withered dead and drie.(sume, 3 He ihall defend thee from the soare, 7 For through thine anger we con- the which the hunter laid:

our might is much decaid : And from the deadly plague and care, And of thy fervent wrath and fume, whereof thou art afraid.

we are full sore afraid. (wrought, 4 And with his wings fhall cover thee, 8 The wicked works that we have and keep thee safely there :

thou serst before thine eye; His faith and riurh thy fear shall be, Our privy faults, yea eke our thoughts as sure as shield and spear. thy countenance doch spie. s so that thou shalt not need, I say,

(waste, to fearor be affright, For through thy wrath our dayes do Of all the shafts that fie by day,

thereof dotlinought remain: nor terrours ofrhe night. Our years consume as words or blasts, 6 Nor of the plague which privily

and are not caldagain. (ten, doth walk in dark so falt: 10 Our time is three core years and Nor yet of that which doth destroy, that we do live on moll;

and at noon-dayes doth waft. Ifone lives fourscore, surely then 17 Yea, at thy side as thou doft stand, we count him wondrous old.

a thousand dead shall be; The second part.

Ten thousand eke at thy right hand, 11 Yer of this time the strength and and yet shalt thou be free.

the which we count upon, (chief 8 But thou shalt set it for thy part, Is nothing else but painfull grief, thine eyes hall well regard :

& we as blasts are gone. (is there. That even like to their deserts, 12Who once doth know what strength the wicked liave reward.

what might thine anger hath? 9 Foi why? O Lord, Ionely lust, Or in his hieart who doth thee feare,

to stay mine hope on thee: according to thy wrath? Andin the Highest I put iny trusts. 13 Instruct us Lord, to know and try, my sure defence is he.

how long our dayes remain; 10 Thou shalt not need noneill to fear, That then we may our hearts apply, with thee it shall be well : (near

true wisdom to attain. (thou, Nor yet the plague Challoncecome 14 Return, O Lord, how long wilt the house where thou doft dwell.

forth on in wrath proceed: 11 For why's unto his Angels all, shew favour to thy servants now,

with charge commanded he: and help them at their need. That still in all thy wayes they shall 15 Refresh us with thy mercy soon,

preserve and prosper thee and then our joy shall be:

12. And in their hands shall bear thee All times so long as life doth last, full waiting thee upon;.

(ups in heart rejoyce Phall we.

So that thy foot shall never chance 16 As thou hast plagued us before,

to spurn at any stone. now also make us glad:

13 Upon the Lion thou shalt go, And for the years wherein full sore the Adderfell and long: affictions we have had.

And tread upon the Lions young 17 O let thy work and power appear, with Dragons stout and strong. and on thy servants light:

14 For he that trusteth nnto me, And shew.ynto thy children dear,

I will acquit him quite, thy glory and thy might.

And him defend, because that he 18 Lord, let thy grace & glory stand, doth know my Name aright. on us thy servants thus

Is When he for

help on me doth cry, Confirm the works we take in hand,

an answer I will give: Lord prosper them to us.

And from his grieftake him will I, PSAL. XCI. I. H.

in glory for to live. (wealth, He that within the secret place 16 With length of years, and dayes of

of God mof high doth dwell, I will fulfill his time: In shadow of the mightiest grace, The goodnesse of my saving health. at rest shall keep him well. (hold,

I will declare to him. 2 Thou art my hope and my strong I to the Lord will say:

PSAL. XCII. I. H. My God he is, in him will I

IT is a thing both good and meets. my whole affiance stay.

to praise the highest Lord:




And to thy Name, O thou most High, PSAL. XCITT. T.H. to fing with one accordl.

T He Lord as King aloft doth reign, 2 To Thew the kindnefse of the Lord, with glory goodly digbt :

betime ere day be light :- And he to thew his strength and main, And eke declare his truch abroad, hath girt himself with might.

when it doth draw to night. 2 The Lord likewise the earth hath 3 Upon ten stringed instrument, and shaped it fo fure : (made

on Lute and Harp fo sweet : No might can make it move or fade, With all the mirth you can invent, at stay it doth endure.

of Inftruments moft meet. 3 Ere that the world was made or 4 For thog haft made me to rejoyce, thy seat was ser before: (wrought

in things fo wrought by thee : Beyond all time that can be thoughts And I have joy in heart and voyce ,

thou haft been evermore. thy handy works to see. 4. The flouds, O Lord, the flouds ariseo SO Lord,how gracious and how great they roar and make a noise,

are all thy works so stout The fouds, I say, did enterprise so deeply are thy counsels set,

and lifted up their voyce: that none can try them out. s Yea, though the storms arise in fights 6 The man unwise hath not the wits though seas do rage and swell :

this geare to paise to bring :: The Lord is strong and more of might, And all such fools are nothing fit, for he on high doth dwell:

to understand this thing. And look what promise he doth make 7 When so the wicked at their will, his houshold to defend;

as grasse do spring fnll faft: For just and true they shall it take, They, when they dourish in their ill. all times without an end. for ever shall be waft.


(high; O Lord,chou doft revenge all wrong 8 But thou art mighty, Lord, most that longs

yea, thou dost reign therefore : Sith vengeance doch to thee belongs In every time eternally,

declare that all may fee. both now and evermore. 12 Set forth thy felf, for thou of rights 9. For why? O Lord, behold and see, the earth dost judge and guide:

behold thy foes, I say: Reward the proud and men of mights How all that work iniquity,

according to their pride. (fway. shall perish and decay. i3 How long Thall wicked men bear 10 But thou like as an Unicore,

with lifting up their voyce? fhaltlift mine horne on high; How long shall wicked men, I say, With fresh and new prepared oyle,

thus triumph and rejoyce ? thine oynted King am I. 4 How long halt they with brags burit 11 And of my foes before mine eyes, and proudly prate their fills (ou,

shall see the fall and shame, shall they rejoyce that be so stout, Of all that up against me rife,

whose works are ever ill 3 mine ear shall hear the same. s Thy flock, O Lord, thine heritage, 12 The jutt shall, Aourish up on high, they spoil and vex full sore :

as Date-trees hud and blow : Ahainst thy people they do rage, And as the Cedars multiply,

still dayly more and more. in' Libanos that grow.

6 The widows which are comfortless, 13 For they are planted in the place, and strangers they destroy:

and dwelling of our God: They slay the children fatherless, Witin his courts they spring apace, and Aoue doth put them by. and Aourish all abroacia 17 And when they take this thing in hand

(bring this talk they have of thee : 14 And in their age much fruit thai Dan Jacobs Godthis understand? both fat and well beseen :

tush, no, he cannot see. And pleasantly both bud and spring. 8 O folk unwise and peoplerude,

with boughs and branches green. some knowledge now discern : Is To fhew that God is good and just, Ye fools among the multitude, and upright in his will:

at length begin to learn. He is my rock, my hope and trust. The Lord which made the ear of man, in him there is none ill.

he needs of right musthear:


He made the eyes, all things must then PSAL. XCV. I. H.

before his fight appear. 10 The Lord doth all the world cor

O Come,

let us lift upour voyce,

and fing unto the Lord; and make them understand:(rect, In him our rock of health rejoyce, Shall he not then your deeds detect? with one accord. low can ye scape his hand ? 2 Yea, let us come before his face, Tbe second part:

to give him thanks and praise; 11 The Lord doth know the thoughts In singing Psalmes unto his grace,

(ofman; let us be glad alwayes. his heart he sees full plain :

3 For why? the Lord he is no doubt, The Lord I say, mans thoughts doth a great and mighty God;

and findeth them but vain. (scan, A King above all gods throughout, 12 But Lord, that man is happy sure, in all the world abroad.

whom thou dost keep in aw; 4 The secrets of the earth so deep, And through correction doft procures and corners of the land;

to teach him in thy law. The tops of hills that are so steep, 13 Whereby he shall in quiet resto

he hath them in his hand. in time oftrouble fit :

5 Tde sea and waters all are his, When wicked nien shall be supprests forbe the same hath wrought; and fall into the pit.

The earth an.lallthat therein is, 14 But sure the Lord will not refuse, his hand hath made of nought. his people for to take :

6 Come let us bow & praise the Lord, His heritage whom he did chuse,

before him let us fall; he will no time forsake.

And kneel to him with one accords 15 Untill that judgement he decreed, the which hath made us all. to justice to convert:

7 For why ? he is the Lordour God, That all may follow her with speeds for us he doth provide :

that are of upright heart. We are his flock, he doth us feed, 36 But who upon my part shall stand, his sheep, and he our guide.

against the curseil train ? 8 To day, if ye his voyce will hoar, Or who Thall rid me from their hand. then harilen not your heart :

that wicked works maintain ? As ye with grudging many a year; 27 Except § Lord had been mine aid,

provokt mein desart. mine enemies to repell; 2 Whereas your fathers tempted me, My foul and Life had now geen laid, my'power for to prove; (see almost as low as hell.

My wondrous works when they did 18 When I did say my foot did slide, yet still they would me move. I now am like to fall :

10 Twice twenty years they did me Thy goodnesle, Lord, did fo provide, and I to them did say: (grieve, to stay me up withall.

They erre in heart, and not beleeve, 19 When with my self I mused much, they have not known my way.

and could no comfort find: 11 Wherefore I sware,ỹwhen my wrath Then Lord,thy goodness did me touch was kindled in my breaft:

and that did ease my mind. Thar they should never tread the path, 20 Wilt thou inhaunt thy self, & draw to enter in my rest. with wicked men to fit :

PSAL. XCVI. I.H. Whichwith pretence in stead of law, SIng ye with praise unto the Lord much mischief do commit

with joy ; 21 For they consult against the life, Sing unto him with one accord,

of righteous men and good; all people on the earth. And in their counsels they are rise, 2 Yea, sing unto the Lord, I say, to shed the guiltlerle blood

praise ye his holy Name: 22 But yet the Lord he is to me, Declare and thew from day to day a strong defence or lock;

salvation by the same. He is my God, to him I fee, 3. Among the people eke declare, he is my strength and rock.

his honour round about : 23 And he shal cause their mischiefs all To thew his wonders do not fpare themselves for to annoy;

in all the world throughout. And in their malice they shall fall, 4 For why? the Lord is much of might, our God shall them destroy.

and worthy praise alway:


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