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PSAL. XXXI. T. S. And cuts away the memory, I Will give laud and honour both, that should of them remaine.

unto the LORD alwayes : 17 But when the just do call and cry, And eke my mouth for evermore,

the LORD doth hear them fo; shall speak unto his praise. That out of paine and misery, 2 I doe deliglie to laud the LORD forthwith he lets them go.

in foule and eke in voyce: 18 The Lord is kind and strait at hande That humble men and mortified, to such as are contrite,

may heare and so rejoyce. He faves also che sorrowfull, 3. Therefore see that ye magnifie the poore and meek in spirit.

with me the living LORD: 19 Full many be the miseries, And let us now exalt his Name,

that righteous men doe suffer, together with one accord. But ont of all adversities, 4 For I my self besought the Lord, the Lord will him deliver. (keep

he answered me againe : 20 The LORD doch so preferye and And me delivered incontinent

their very bones alway: from all my grief and paine. That not so much as one of them s Who so they be that him behold, doth perish or decay.

shall see his light most cleare: 21 The finne shall say the wickedman, Their countenance shall not be dasht which he himfelfe hath wronglit;

they need it not to feare. And such as hate the righteous man, 6 This filly wretch for some reliefe, Mall soon be brought to nought.

unto the Lord did cali; 22 But they that feare che living Lord, Who did him heare without delay

the Lord doth save them sound; and rid him out of thrall. And who that put their trust in him, 7 The Angel of the Lord doth pitch, nothing shall them confound.

his tents in every place; To save all such as feare the Lord,

PS A L. XXXV. I. H. that nothing them deface.

Lord plead my cause against my foes, 8 Tast and confider welltherefore confound thier force and might;

that God is good and just; Figlit on my part against all those, happy man that makech him

that seek with me to fight. his onely stay and trust. 2 Lay hand upon the speare and shield 9 Feare ye the Lord ye holyones, thy self in armor dresse;

above all earthly things; Stand up for me and fight the field, For they that fear the living LORD, to helpe me from diftreffe.

are sure to lacke poching. 3 Girdon ihy sword and stop the way, 10 The Lyons shall be hunger bit, mine enemies to withstand;

and pained with famine much; That thou unto my foule maist say, But as for them that feare the Lord, lo I thy help at hand. (blame, po lack shall be to such. 4 Confound them with rebuke and The second part.

that seeke my soule to spil; 11 Come neer therefore my children Let them turne baek and Aie with

and to my words give eare:(rlear, that thinke to worke meill. (shamer I shall you teach the perfect way, 5 Let them disperse and fie abroad, how ye the Lord should fear.

as wind doch drive the dust, 12 Who isý man that would live long, and that the Angel of our God,

and lead a blessed life? (lips, their might away may thrust. 13 See thon refraine thy tongue and 6 Let all their wayes bevoid of lights from all deceit and strife.

and Nippery like to fall; 14 Turn back thy face from doing ill, and send thine angel with thy mights and do che godly deed;

to perseciite them all. inqaire for peace and quietneffe, 7 For why?without my fault they have and follow it with speed.

in secret fet their grin; 15 For why? the eyes of God above And for no cause have digged a cave, upon the just are bent ;

to take my soule therein. (care, His eares likewife doe hear che plaine 8.When they thinke least and have no

of the poore innocent. (brouws O Lord destroy them all; 26 But he doth frown and bend his Let them he trapt in their owne snare, opon the wicked traine;

and in their mischie fall.


9 And

And let my soul with heart and voyce, 23Buc Lord thou seeft what wayes they in God have joy and wealth;

take, That in the Lord I may rejoyce,

cease not this geare to mend, and in his saving health. (say, Be not farre off uor me forsake, 10 And then my bones shall speake and as men that faile their friend.

my parts shall all agree , 24 Awake, arise , and stirre abroad, OLord, thouglı they do leeme full gay, defend ine in my right, what wanis like to thee ?

Revenge my cause, my Lord, my God, The fecond part.

and aid me with thy might. 11 Thou dost defendỹ weak from themes According to thy righteousnesse ,

that are both stout and strong: my Lord God let me free; And rid the poor from picked men, and let them not their pride expresse,

that spoile and do them wrong. nor triunph over me. 12 My cruiell foes against me rise; 26Let not their hearts rejoyce and cry, to witnesse things untrue,

there, there, this geare goes trim; And to accuse me, they devise, Nor give them cause to say on high,

of things I never knew. (will, we liave our will on him. (Thame, 13 Where I to them dolowe good 27 Confound them wich rebuke alid

they quit me with di solaine : that joy when I do mourne : That they should pay my good with il, and pay them home û spite & blame, my

soule doth fore complaine. that brag at me with scorne. 14 When they were fick I mourn'd 28 Let them be glad aud e ke rejoyce, therefore,

which love mine upright way; and clad my self in sack; andthey all times with heart & voyce, With fasting I did faint full sore, shall praise the Lord, and say: to pray I was not sack.

k9 Great is the Lord and doch excell, 19 As they had bin my brethren dear, for why he doth delight: I did my self behave,

To see his servants prosper well, As one that maketh wofull chear,

that is his pleasant sight. about his mothers grave. 30 Wherefore my tongue I will apply; 16 But they at my diseafe did joy, thy righteou!nesle to praise ; and gather on a roult;

Unto the Lord sny God willi, Sea , abject llaves at me did toy

sing laud and thanks alwayes. with mocks and checks full stout. PSA L. XXXVI. 1. H. 17 The belly-gods and flattering traine,


CHE wicked with his works unjust, that all good things deride:

doch thus perswarle his heart; At me do grin with great disdaine, That of the Lord he hath no truft, and pluck their mouths afide.

his feare is set apart. 18. Lord when wili thou amend this 2 Yet doth hejoy in his estate geare,

to walke as he began; whoy doit thou stay and pause? so long till he deserve the hate, O ridiny soul my onely deare,

of Godand eke of man. out of these lions clawes. 3 His works are wicked, vile,& naughty 99 And then I will give thanks to thee, his tongue no truch doch tell;

before thy Church alwayes, Yet at no hand will he he taught, and where molt of the people be,

which way he may do well. there will I shew thy praise. 4 When he should sleep, then doth be 20 Let not my foes prevaile on me, liis mischiefs to fulfill : (mule

which hate me for no fault, No wicked wayes doth he refuse, Nor yet to winkeor turne their eye, nor nothing that is ill. that causese me assault. s But Lord thy goodnesle doth ascend The third part.

above the heavens high : &I Of peace no word they think or say, so doth thy truth it felfextend their take is all untrue;

unto the cloudy skie. (steep, They still consult and would betray, 6 Much more then hills so high and all chose that peace enfue.

thy justice is exprest: (deep; t2 With open mouth they run at me , Thy judgements like to seas mot

they gape, they laugh, they feere, thou savest both man and beast. Well, well, say they, our eyedoch see 7 Thy mercy is above all things, the thing that we delire.

0. God, it doth excell:


In trust whereof, as in thy wings,

10 Watch but a while, and thou shah the sonnes of men thall dwell. no more the wicked craine: (see, 8 Within thy house they shall be fed, No not so much as house or place with plenty at their will:

where once he did remaine. of al delights they shall be sped, and take thereof their fill.

The second part. 9 For why ? the Wel of life so pure, 11 But mercifull and humble men doch overflow from thee:

enjoy shall sea and land: And in thy light we are full sure, In rest and peace they shall rejoyce, the lasting light to see.

for nought shall shem wichstand. 10 From such as ahee desire to know, 12 The lewd men and malicious, let notahy grace depart:

against the just conspire: Thyrighteousnesse declare and thew They gnash their teeth at him as men, to men of upright heart.

which doch his bane desire. (think 11 Let not the proud on me prevaile 13 But while that lewd men thus do

Lord, of thy good grace: the Lord laughes them to scorn: Norlet the wicked me affaile, For why?he seeth their terme approach to throw me out of place.

when they shall figh and mourne. 12 But they in their devise fhall fall, 14 The wicked have their fword out that wicked works maintaine :

drawn They shall be overthrown withall, their bows eke have they bent; ani never rise againe.

To overthrow and kill the poore,

as they the right way went. PSA L. XXXVII. W.W. 15But the same sworu fhall pierce their GRudge not to see the wicked men, wich was to kill the jult: (heart, to

Likewise the bow shall breake to shia Nor yetenvy such as to ill,

wherein they put their trust.(versa have bent and let their will. (herbs 16Doubtlefse the just manspoor estate 2 For as green grasse and fourishing is better a great deale more:

are cutand wither away : Then all the lewd and wickest mens So shall their great prosperity

rich pomp and heaped store. foon palie, fad and decay. 17 For be their power never so strong, 3 Trust thou therefore in God alone, God will it overthrow:

to do well give thy mind: Where contrary he doth preserve So Thalt thou have the land as thine, t e humble man and low.

and therefore foot shalt find. 18 He sees by lvis great providence, 4 In God set all thy hearts delight, the good mens trade and way :

and look what thou wouldlt have, and will givechem inheritance, Or eise canst with in all the world, which never shall decay.

thou needst it not to crave. 19 They shall not be discouraged, s Caft both thy felfe and thine affaires, when some are hard bestead:

on God with.perfect trust; When other shall be hunger bit, And thou shalt see with patience,

they shall be clad and fed. the effect both sure and just. 20 For whosoever wicked is, 6 They perfect life and godly name, and enemy to the Lord: (grease,

he will cleare as the light: Shall quaile , yea melt, even as lambes So that the fun even at nonne dayes, or smoak that flyes abroad. shall not shine halfe so bright.

The third part. 17 Be still therefore and stedfaltly 21 Behold the wicked borrows much ; on God tee chou wait then :

and never payes againe; Not shiinking for the prosperous state Whereas the juist by liberall gifts, of lewd and wicked men.

makes many glad and faine.(have & Shake of despire, envie , and hate, 22 For they whomGod doth blesse, fall at least in any wise :

the land for heritage : Their wicked steps avoid and flie, And they whom he doth curre likewise and follow not their guise.

Thall perish in his rage. (guide For every wicked man will God 23 The Lord the just mans cause doth destroy both more and lelle;

and gives him good succelle : But such as trust in God are sure, To every thing he takes in hand the land for to pofseffe.

he senstech good addreise.

24 Though 24 Though that he fall yet is he fure, God willcnto# their budding race, not utterly to quaile:

and rich posterity: Becausethe Lord stretches ont his hand 39 But the salvation of the just, at need and doth not faile.

doth come from God above : 25 I have been young and now am old, Who in their trouble sends them aid, yer did I never see,

of his meer grace and love. The juft man left, nor yet his seed, 40 God doth them help, save and delito beg for inisery.

from lewdmen and unjust: (ver, 26 But gives alwayes moft liberally, and still will save them whilst that they anilends where as is need:

in him doe put their trust. Mis children and posterity,

PSAL. XXXVIII. I. H. receive of Govlsheir meed.

p Ut me not to rebuke, LORD, 27 Flie vice therefore and wickednerie in thy provoked ire: and vertue do embrace,

Nor in thy heavie wrath, O Lord', So God shall grant thee long to have correct me I desire.

one earth a dwelling place. 2 Thine arrowes doe sticke fast in mes 28 For God so loveth equity,

thy hand doth preffe ine sore : and shereth to his such grace: And in my flesh no health at all, That he preserves them evermore, appareth any more.

but troyes the wicked race. 3 And all this is by reason of 29 Whereas the good and godly men, the wrath that I am in; inherit Mall the land,

Norany reftis in my bones, Having as lords all things therein, by reason of my sin.

in their own power and hand. 4 Forlo my wicked doings Lord, 30 The just mansmouth doth ever speak above my head are gone, ofmatters wise and hie:

A greater load them I can beare, Hia congue doth talk to edifie,

they lay me fore upon. with truth and equity.

5. My wounds stinke,and are festred for 31 Forin his heart the law of God as loathsome is to see: (lishnesi

his Lord doth stiil abide : Which all through minè owne fooSo that where ever he

hetidech unto me. his foote can never flide: 6 and 7 in carefull wife ant brought, 32 The wicked like a ravening wolfe in trouble and distreile:

the just man doth belet: That I go wailing all the day, By all meanes seeking him to kill, in dolefull heavinesse. if he fall in his net.

7 My loines are filled withsore di feases! The fourth part.

my flesh hath no whole part: 33 Though he foulil fall into bis 8 I feeble am and broken sore bands,

I roare for zriere of heart. yet God would stuccour send;(give, 9 Thou knowest Lord my desire, and Though inen against him fentence

groanes God would him yet defend; (way, are open in thy fight : 34 Waite thou on God and keep his 10 My heart doth faine, my strength he shall preserve thee then ;

doth faile, The eartlito rule, and thou shalt fee,

mine eyes have lost their fight. destroy'd these wicked men.

11 My lovers and my wonted friends, 35The wicked I have seen moft strong, stand looking on my wo:

and placed in high degree: Andeke my kinsmen faire away, Florishing in all wealth and store ,

are me departed fro. (snares, as doeth the Lawreilcree. 12 They that did seek my life and 36 But fuldenly he past away,

and they that fought the way and loe he was quite gone : To do me hurt, (pake lies and thought Then I him sought but could not find, on mischiefe all the day. that place where dwelt sich one.

The second part. 37 Marke and behold the perfect man, 13 But as a dease man I became,

how God doth him increase : that cannot heare at all : For the ju't man shall have at length 14 Andas one dumb that opens nos

great joy with rest and peace. his month to speake with all. 38 As fortranfgreffors, wo to them, is For all my confidence , O Lord, destroyed they ihall all be,

is wholly set on thee.

O Lord

goe and walk,

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Offerity tion of the ini, from God abore: ohle sends ehemu za grace andlore m help, save zdita nen ani mint: R ether whilfight they pue their eat. CXVIII. I.E rebuke, O LORD vokedire: je wrath, O Lord I desire. ; doe ticke fala ch prelse me for : 10 health arall,

more by reason of 1 1 2n in; my bones, my lin. ied doings Lorde

ad are gones

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im I can beart, Preupon. kesand are feltme is to see: ih mine owne | me. I wife am bronki 1 distretie: all the days -avinefie.

Olerd, the Lord that art my God,

The second part. thou wilt give eare to me. 9From all the finnes that I have done 16 This did I crave,that they my foes, LorsI quit me out of hand; triumph not over me:

And make me not a scorn to fools, For when my foes (lid flip, then they that nothing understand. do joy my fullco see.

10 I was as dumb an I to complaines 17 And truely I pnore wretch am set no trouble might me move;

in place a wofull wight: Because I knew it was thy work, Andeke my grievous heavinesle, my parience for to prove. is ever in my fight.

11 Lord take from ine thy fcourch and 18 For while that I my wickednesle,

plague, in humble wise confesse;

I can them not withstand; And while I for my fin full deeds , I faint and pine away for feare, my sorrowes do expresse.

of thy most beavy liand. 19 My foes do still remaine alive, 12 When thou for sin doft man rebukes and mighty are also:

he waxerl wo and wan; And they chat hate me wrongfully, As doth a cloath that moths have fret, in number hugely grow.

so vain a thing is man. (lieed, 20 They stand against me that iny good 13 Lord hear my fuit, and gvie good with evill do repay:

regard my tears that fall; Because that good and honest things, I lojurne like a stranger here: I do ensue alway.

as did my fathers all. 25 Forsake me not, O Lord my God, 14. O spare a little, give me space, be thou not farre away:

my strength sorto restore: Haste me to help my Lord my God, Before I go away from hence, mysafety and my stay.

and shall be seen no more. PSA L. XXXIX. T. S.

PS A L. XL. 1. H. Said, I will look to my wayes, I Waited long and fought the Lord, for fear I should go wrong;

and patiently did beare: I will take hee:1 alltiines that I, At length to me he did accord, offend not in my tongue.

my voyce and cry to heare. 2 As with a bit I will keep fast, 2 Hapluck’t me from the lake fo dechy

my mouth with force and might; out of the mire and clay: Not once to whisper all the while, And on a rock he set my feet,

the wickedare in sight. (word, and he did guide my way. 3 I help my tongue and speake no 3 To me he taught a Psalme of praise buc kept me close and still;

which I must ihew abroad; Yea, from good talk I did refraine, And sing new fongs of thanks alwayes buc sore against my will.

uuto the Lord our God. (see, 4My heart waxe hot within my breaft

, 4 When all the folk these things hall with musing, thought and doubt; as people much afraid: Which did increase and stirre the fire, Then they unto the Lord will dlce, aclast these words burstout;

andtrust upon his aid. s Lord number out my life and dayes, s oblest is he whose hope and heart, which yet I have not past;

doth in the Lord remaine: So that I onay be certified,

That with ý proud doth take no parsa how long my life shall last.

nor such as lie and faine. 6 Lord thou had pointed out my life, Forlord myGo.lthy wondrous deedia in length much like a span ;

in greatnesse far do palle: Mine age is nothing into thee, Thy favour towards us exceeds so vain is every man..

all things that ever was. 17 Man walketh like a made, and doch, When I intend and do devise in vaine himself annoy;

thy works abroad to Thew : In getting goods and cannot tell, To such a reckoning they do rise,

who all the same enjoy.(frame, thereof no end I know.
S Now LORD fith things this wise do 8 Burnt-offerings thou delight'ít poc
what help do I desire;

I know thy whole desire:
Oftruth any help doth hang oathee, With sacrifice to purge his sinne
I Bothing else require.

thou dost no mao require.

led wichfored 10 whole par: Broken sore ele of heart pril my defre,

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- fight :
int, my
loft their feet

y wonten te on my wo:

faire ava: } fro.

feek my

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clie day.

I became,

that opens

ake with all nce, O Lord

9 Meg



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