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Whole hands are harmlefle , and Therefore the Lord will finners teacke whose heart

and such as go afide. no spot there doth defile, 9 The humble he will teach, His soule not set on vanitie,

his precepts for to keepe : who hath not sworne on guile. He will direct in all his wayes, 5 Hiin that is such a one, the Lord the lowly and the meeke.

shall place in blissefull plight: 10 Forall the wayes of God, And God his God and Saviour,

are truth and mercy both: Thall yeeld in hein his righe. To them that keep his testament, 6 This is the brood of travellers, the witnesse of bis troth.

in seeking of his grace: As Jacob did the Israelite,

The second part. in that time of his race. (open 11 Now for thy holy Name, ng Ye princes open your gates, stand O Loril I thee intreat: the everlasting gate :

To grant me pardon for my fianc, For there shall enter in thereby,

foric is wondrous great. the King ofglorious state. 12 Who so doth feare the Lord, & Who is the King of glorious state? the Lord will him direct:

the strong and mighey Lord: Tolead his life in fuch a way, The mighty Lordin battell stout,

as he doth best accept. and criall of the sword. (open 13 His foul Mall evermoie, 9 Ye Princes open your gates, Band in goodnesse dwell and stand: the everlasting gate :

His seed and his posterity For there shall enter in thereby

inherite shall theland. the King of glorious Itate. 14 All those that fear the Lord, 10 Who is the King of glorious state? know his secret intent: the Lord of huftsis it:

And unto them he doth declare, The Kingdome and the royalty,

his will and teftament.
of glorious state is his.

Is Mine eyes and eke my heart,

to him I will advance : slift my heart to thee,

That pluckt my feet out of the fnare, my Godand guide most just: of finne and ignorance. Now fuffer me to take no shame,

16 With mercy me beliold, for in theedo I trust.

to thee I make my moanc: 2 Let not my foes rejoyce,

For I am poore and defolate, nor make a scorne of me:

and comfortelese alone. And let them not be overthrowne, 17 The troubles of my heart, that puc their truit in thee.

are mulciply'd in eed: 3 But Thaine Niall then berall, Bring me out of this misery,

which harme ine wrongfully: necesity and need. Therefore thy paths & thy right wayes 18 Behold iny poverty , unto me, Lord descrie.

mine anguish and my paine : 4 Direct me in thy trueth,

Remit my sinne and mine offence, and teach me, I thee pray:

and make me cleane agaibe, Thou art my God and Saviour, 19 O Lord behold my foes, on thee I wait alway.

hou they doe still increase, s Thy mercies manifold,

Pursuing me with deadly hate,
I pray thee Loril remember:

that faine would live in peace, Aad ekechy pitty plentifull, 20 Preserve and keepe my foule,

for they have been for ever, andeke deliver me: 6 Remember not the faults, Andlet me not ke overthrowne, and frailty of my youth,

because I trust in thee. Remember not how ignorant, 21 Iet my fimpie purenese, I have beene of thy truth.

me from mine enemies shead: 9 Not after my deserts,

Because I look as one of thine, let me thy mercy find:

that thou Mould'st me defend But of chine own benignity, 22 Deliver Lord thy folke, Lord have ineinthy mind:

and send them some relief: His mercy is full sweet,

I treane thy chosen Ifrael, bis truch a perfect guide:

from all their paine and grief.


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PSAL. XXVI. 1. H. 3 Though they incampe against melie Lord be myJudge and thou shalt


my heart is not afraid: my paths be right and plaine : In battel pight ifthy will try, I trust in God, and hope that he

I trust in God for aid. will strength me to sustaine. 4 One thing of God I doe require, 2 Prove me my God, I thee desire,

that he will not deny: my wayes to search and try : For which I pray, and will defire, Asmen do prove their gold fire,

till he to me apply. my raines and heart espie.

$ That I within his holy place, 3 Thy goudnefle laid before my face, my life throughout may well, i durft behold my wayes:

To see the balty of his face, For of thy truth I tread the trace,

and view his temvle well, and will doe all my dayes.

6 In time of dread he shall me hide, 4 I do not lust to haunt or use

within his place most pure, with men whoreseeds are vaine :

And keep me secret by his side, To come in house I doe refuse,

as on a rock most sure. with the deceitfull traine. 7 At length I know Ý Lords good grace 2. s I much abhorre the wicked sort, shall make me strong and stout, their deeds I doe despise:

My foes to foile and cleane (leface, I doe not once to them resort,

that compaffe me about. that wicked works devise.

8 Therefore within his house will I 6 My hands I wash and do procedit,

give sacrifice of praise : in wayes to walkenpright:

With Psalmes and Songs I will apply Then to thine altar I made speed,

to laud the Lord alwayes. to offer there in sight. (praisel

The second part. 57 That I may speak and preach thy, Lord hearethe voice of my request, that doth belong to thee:

for wbich to thee I call : And so declare how wondrous wayes,

Have mercy Lord on me opprest, thou hast been good to mee.

and send me help withail. (thee, 8 O God thy house i love most deare, 10 My heart doth knowledge unto to me it doth excell:

I fue to have thy grace : I have delight and would draw neere, Then seeke my face, failt thou to me, whereas thy grace doth dwell.

Lord I will seeke thy face, 9 0 but not up iny foule with them, 11 In wrath rurn not thy face away, in finne that take their fill:

nor suffer me to slide: Nor yet my life among those men, Thou art my help fill to this day, ébat seek much blood to spill.

be fill my God and guide: (sook, 30 Whose hands are heape with cacaft

, 12 My parents both their fonnc foco and guile

and cast me of at large, their lives thereof are full,

And then the Lord himselfe yet took And their right hand with wrench and

of me the care and charge. for bribes, dopîuck & pull. (wile 13 Teach me, O Lord, the way to theco 11 But I in righteousnelle intend,

and l'ead me on forth right: my time and daves to serve: For feart of such as watch fur me, Have mercy Lord, and me defend, to trap me if they might.

so that I doe not werve: 14 Doe not betake me to the will 12 My foot is stayed for all assayes,

of them that be my foes, it ftapdeth well and right:

For they surmise against me still, Wherefore to God will I give praise,

false witnesse to depose. in all the peopies sight.

Is My heart would faint but that in me

this hope is fixed fast ; PSAL. XXVII I H.

The Lord Gods good grace shall I see, THe Lord is both my health & lig: in life that ay she'llast:

Ma i man make me dismaid? 16 Trust stillin God whose whole thon Sith God doth give me strength and his will abide thou must : (art

why should I be afraid (migho And he shall ease and strength thy hears - 12 While that my foes with all their if thou in him do truft.

begin w me to brawle, (strengths P S A L. XXVIII. T. S. And think to eat me up at length, chemself have caught the falt.

T Howart: 0 Lord, my strength and the firccour which I crave: (stay

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Negicat me not ICAT be like 7 His voyce divides the flames of fire, to them that go to grave.

and shake the wilderneffe: 2 The voice of thy suppliant heare, 8. It makes the defart quake for feare , that unto thee doth cry:

that called is Cades. When I lift up my hands unto 9 It makes the hinds for feare to calve the holy Arke most high.

and makes the coverts plaine: 3 Repute me not among the fort, Then in his temple every man of wicked and pervert ;

his glory doth proclaime. That fpcak right fairinto their friends 10 The Lord was set above the floods but think full ill in heart.

riling the raging fea : 4 According to their handy works , So fhall he reigne as Lord and King, as they deserve in deed; .

forever and for aye. (wer, And after their inventions,

JI The Lord will give his people polet them receive their meed,

in vertue to increase ; 5 For they regard nothing Gods word, The Lord will blefse his chosen flock, his law, ne, yet his lore :

with everlasting Peace. Therfore will he them and their feed destroy for evermore.

PSA L. XXX. I. H. 6 To render thanks uinto the Lord,


Il lau.I and praise with heart and how great a cause havel;

O Lord I give to thee: (voyce My voyce, my prayer, and complaint, Which didit not make my foes rethat hearil so willingly.

but haft exalted me. (joyce. 7 He is my shield and fortitude, 2 O Lord my God to thee I cryed, my buckler in distresse :

in all my pain and griefe, My hope, my help, my hearts reliefe, Thou gavert an eare and didît provide my song Mall him confesse.

to ease me with reliese. 8 He is our strength and our defence, 3 Of thy gooil will thou hast calld our cnemies to refift;

my soule from hell to save: (back The health and the falvation Thou didît revive when strength did ofhis elect by Christ.

end keptit me from ý grave (lack Thy people and thy heritage 4 Sing praise ye Saints that prove and

Lord blesse, guide, and preserve ; the goodnesse of the Lord: (see Jacrease them Lord, and rule their In memory of his majestie hearts

rejoyce with one accord. that they may never swerve. s For why? his auger but a space

PSAL. XXIX. T. S. dothlaft and sack againe: Give to the Lord ye Potentates ,

Butin his favour and his

grace ye rulers of the world :

alwayes doth life remaine. (fore Give ye all praise,honour and strength, Though gripes of grief and paines full unto the living Lord.

thalllodge with me all night; a Give glory to his holy Name, The Lord to joy shall us restore and honour him alone,

before the day be light. Worship him in his Majesty, 6 When I enjoyd the world at will, within his holy throne.

thus would I boast and say; 3 His voyce dotb rule the waters all, Tush, I am sure to feele none ill,

even as him felfe doeth please, this wealth shall not decay. Hcdoeth prepare the thuader-claps, 7 For thou, O Lord, ofthy good grace, and governs all the feas.

hath sent me strength andaid, 4 The voyce of God is of great force But when thou turnst away thy face, and wonderous excellent,

my mind was fore dismaid. It is most mighty in effect, 8 Wherefore againe yet did I cry and most magnificent.

to teee, O Lord of might. s The voice of God doth rend & break My God with plaintes I did apply, the cedar-trees so long;

ond prayed both day and night. The Cedar-trees of Lebanon

What gaine is in my blood, saidi, which are most high and strong. if death destroy my dayes? And makes them leap like to a calfe Doeth death declare thy Majestie, or else an Unicorne ;

or yet thy truth doth praise? Notonely trees, but mountains great, to Wherefore my God some pity take,

whereon th trees are borne. O Lord I thee desire;

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Doe not this timple roule forsake, 13"I heard the brags o fall the rout, of helpe I thee require.

their threats my mind did fray, Then didft thou turn my grief and How they conspir'd, and went aboue

into a chearefull voyce, (wo to take my life away. The mourning weed thou took it me 14 But LORD' I trust in thee for aid,

and mad'it me to rejoyce. (fro, not to be overtrod : = 12 Wherefore my souleuncessantly, For I confeffe, and still have said, shall fing unto thy praise.

thou art my LORD and GOD. My Lord, my God, to thee will I, 15 The length of all my life and age,

give laud and thanks alwayas. O LORD is in t by hand : PSA L. XXXI. I. H. Defend me from the wrath and rage, O Lord, I put my trust in thee, of them that me withstand.

let nothing work me shame : 16 To me thy fervant, LORD,expreffe, As thou art just deliver me,

and shew thy joyfull face : and set me quite from biame. And save me LORD for thy goodnesle 2 Hear me, O God, and that anon, thy mercy and thy grace. to helpe me make good speed:

The third part. 1 Bethou my rock and house of stone, 17 LORD let me not be put to blame,

my fence in time of need. (tride, for that on thee I call, 3 For why? as stones thy strength is But let the wicked bear their shame, thon art my fort and tower,

and into their grave fall. For thy names fake be thou my guide, 18 O Lord make Jumb their lips out and lead me in thy power.

which are adict to lies: (right, 14 Pluck thou my feet out of ý fnare, And cruelly with pride and spight, which they for me have laid :

against the just devise Thou art my strength and all my care, 19 O how great good halt thou in stores is for thy might and aide.

laid up full safe for them : s Into thy liands LORD I commit That feare and trust in thee therefore my fpirit which is they due :

before the sons of men. (guide, For why? thou haft reddeemed it, 20 Thy presence shall them fence and

O LORD my GOD most true. frnm all proud brags and wrongs: M 6 I hate such folk us will not part Within thy place thou Malt tbem hideg from things to be adhord:

from all the strifes of tongues. When they on trifes set their heart, 21 Thanks to the Lord y hath declar'di my truit is in the LORD.

on me his grace so farre, 17 For I will in thy mercy joy, Me to defend with watch and ward,

I see it doth excell: (noy, as in a towne of warre. Thou seeft when olight would me an. 22 Thus did I say both day and nights.

and knowest my soul full well: when I was fore opprest: 8 Thou hast not left me in their hand, Lo I was cleanc cast out of sight, that would ne over-charge.

yet hcaudst thou my request. But thou haft set me out of band, 23 Ye Saints love ye the Lord, I say, to walke abroad at large.

the faithfull hé doth guide: The second part:

And to the proud he doth repay', 9Great grief,O LORD doth me affaile, according to their pride.

some pity on me take : 24 Be strong and God will stay your. Mine eyes wax dim,my fighe doth faile be bold and have a luft: (heart;.

my womb for woe doth ake: For sure the Lord will take your party. 10 My life is worne with grief & paine fith ye in him do trust.

my years in woe are paft: (daine PSAL. XXXII T. S. My strength is gone, and through dif- THe man is bleft whose wickedneffe, my bones corrupt and waste.

the Lord hath cleane remitted; 11 Among my foes I am a scorne, And he whose sin and wretchednelle

my friends are all dismayed : is hid and also covereit. My neiglibours & my kinsmen borne, 2 And bleft is he to whom the Lord, to fee mee are afraid.

imputeth not his lin; 12 As men once dead are out of mind, which in his hearr hach bid no guiles. foam I now forgot :

nor fraud is found therein. las fmall effect in me they find, 3 For-whilst that I kept back my fin as in a broken poti

in silence and constraint,

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My bones did weare and wait away 8 All men on earth both Icait and mott,

with dadly monne and plaint. feare GOD and keepe his law : 4 For night and day thy hand on me, Ye that inhabit in each coast, fo grivous was and smart;

dread him and stand in awe. That all my blood and humors moist 9 What he commanded wrought it was to drineffe did convert.

at once with pre fene speed : s I did therefore confesse my faults, What he doth will, is brought to paire and all my sins discover :

with full effect indeed. Then thou ,O LORD didst me forgive 10 The counsels of the nations rude and all my fins passe over.

the LORD hath brought to 6 The humble man shall pray


nought, and seeke me in due time: He doeth defeat the multitude, So that the floods of waters great

of their devise and thought. shall have no power no him. 11 But his decrees continue still, 7 When trouble and adverficy,

they never slacke nor swage : doe compasse me about: The motions of his minde and will, Thou art my refuge and my joy,

takerlace in every age. and thou dost rid me out.

The stcond part.

(LORD 8 Come hither and I will the teach, 12 And bleft are they, to whom the how thou shalt walke aright:

as God and guide is knowne: I will thee guide as I my self

Whom he doeth chuse of meere accord have learnd by proofe and Atght. to take them as his own. (fighr 9 Be not so rude and ignorant, 13 The LORD from heaven cat his as is the horse and mule:

on men mortall by birch : Whose mouth without a rein or bit, 14 Confidering from the seat of might from harm thou canst not rule.

the dwellers on the earth. 10 The wicked men thall manifold Is The LOKD I say, whose hand hath sorrowes and griefs sustaine :

wiought But unto him that trustein God,

mans heart, and doth it frame : his goodnesse Mall remaine. For he alone doth know the thought, 11 Be merry therefore in the LORD, and working of the same.

ye just lift up jour voyce: 16 A king that ruleth in his hoast, And ye of pure and perfect heart,

shall not prevail at length: Be glad and cke rejoyce. The man that of his might doeth boast,

shall fall for all his

strength. (faill


17 The troupes of horsemen eke fhall Y Erighteous in the LORD rejoyces thier sturdy steeds shall sterve:

it is a seemly fight, The strength of horse shall not prevailey That upright men with thankful voyce the rider to preserve.

Mould praise the LORD of might. 18 But loe the eyes of God attend, 2 Praise ye the LORDwith harp & song end watch to aid the just:

in Psalmes and pleasant things, With such as fear him to offend, With lute and instruments anong and on his goodnesse trust.

that soundeth with ten strings. 19 That he of death and great distreffe, 3 Sing to the LORD a song inoit new, may set their soules from dread:

with courage give him praise. And ifthat dearth their land opprese, For why? his worilis ever true , in hunger them to seed. (depend

his works and all his wayes. 20 Wherefore our foule doeth whole 5 To judgement, equity, and right on God our strength and stay:

he hath a great good will: He is onr shield us to defend, And with his gifts he doeth delight and drive all darts away.

the earth throngkout to fill. 21 Our soule inGod hath jou and games, 6 For by the word of God alone,

rejoyciog in his mighe: the heavens all were wrought : For why ? in his most holy Name, Thier hoafts and powers every one, we hope and wuch delight.

his breath to passe hath brought. 22 Therefore let thy goodnese, 7 The waters great gathered hach he

LORE, on heaps within the shore,

still present with us be: And hid them in the depth to be, As we also with one accord, as in a house of ilosc.

do onely truft in thee.


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