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e, for I 'ruft in feile indeed: d, and of my goces ou balt no need, ds unto the Saints, world do dwell, le faithfull socke, at excell. (bear leap

forrowe ons as they were mad, doll gods oo bad.

ody sacrifice, 3 of that fort, nce yet thereof,

Lord the portion's eritance,

y lots,

chat doft maintain


obacco erein my lor didal id excell, Tigo‘d to me

me wondrous rel ord that caused me ad che right, 5 ny secret thougé / e every night

still in my light, en over all; Son my righe fact

sto plness,

And let thine eyes behold and hearc , 17 But Thall with pure confcience, obis coine : this my simplicity.

behold thy gracious face : 10 Docent, 3 Thou halt well tryed meio the night, So when I wake i thall be full reise parloise. and yet could nothing finde, of thineimage and grace. Il ebings as ye las That I have spoken with my tongue,

PSA L. XVIII. T. S. to be done :

that was not in my mind. in this world, 4 As for the workc of wicked men,

OGOD, my Strength and fortitude,

of force i mul love thee: orld to come.

and paths perverse and ill: Thou art my castle and defence ,
XVI. T. S.

For love of thy most holy Name , in my necellitie.
I have refrained ftill.

2 My God, my rock in whom I truft, s Then in thy paths that be most pure , the worker of my wealth :

ftay me Lord and preserve : My refuge, buckler, and my fhield, That all the way wherein I walke,

the horne of all my health. my steps may never swerve. 3 When I fing laud unto the Lord, 6 For I doc call to thee, Lord, moft worthy to be served :

furely thou wilt me aid: Then from my foes I am right sure , Then hear my prayer and weigh right chat I Thall be perferved.

the words that I have said." (well, 4 The pangs of deach did compasse me, 70 thou the Saviour of all them, and bound me every where :

that put their trust in thee : The flowing waves of wickedneffe , Declare thy Atrength on them that

did put me in great feare. againstthy Majestie, ({purne , s The Nic and subtile shares of hell, 8 O keepe me as thou wouldest keepe, were round aboud me set :

the apple of thine eye : 3 And for my death there was prepar'd, Il make report And ander covert of thy wings,

a deadly trapping aet. defend me fecretly.

6 I thus beset with paine and griefes The second pars,

did pray to God for grace ;

And he forthwith did heare my plaint, 9 From wicked nen that trouble me, out of his holy place. and daily me annoy:

7 Such is his power, chat in his wrath, And from my foes that go about ,

he made the earth to quake : my soul for to destroy.

Yea, the foundation of the mount, 10 Which wallow in their wordiy of Bashan for to shake.

fo full and eke so fat : (wealth 8 And from his noftrils came a smoak, That in their pride they doe not (pare, when kindled was his ire :

to speake they care not what. And from his mouth came kindled 11 They lie in wait where I should of hot consuming fire. (coales

with craft me to confound: (palle, 9 The Lord defcended from above, And musing mischief in their mindes, and bowed the heavens hie :

to cast me to the ground. And underneath his feet he calt, ihall not fall. 12 Much like a Lyon grecdily,

the darknesse of the skie. that wonld his prey embrace , 10 On Cherul) and on Cherubins , Or lurking like a Lyons whelp,

full royally he rode: within some secret place, And on the wings of all the winds thing confider, p 13 Up Lord in haste prevent my foes

came flying all abroad.
and cast him at thy fect:

The second part.
Save thou my foule from the ill man , 11 And like a den most darke he made

and with the sword him smite. his hid and secret place :
14 Deliver me Lord by thy power, With waters black and airy clouds ,
out of these tyrants hands:

onvironed he was. Which now so long time reigned have , 12 But when the presence of his face.

and kept us in their bands.(whom in brightnelle shall appeare: 15 I mcane from worldly men to Then clouds consume, & in their stead, all worldly goods are rife :

come haile and coales of fire.

13 The fiery darts and thunder-bolts, are to my julf Care That have no hope nor part of joy, but in this present life.

disperse them here and there : 16 Thou of thy store their bellies fil’nt and with his often lightenings ,

with pleasures to their mind, he puts them in great feare. Their chilåren have enough, and leave 14 Lord at thy wrath and threatenings, to theirs the reft behind,

and at thy chiding cheare :


my heart and sent pyce together, By rest in hopes

cot leave my los you loveft me, e thy holy One, for to fee. each the way to life are and store, e in thy face, orevermore. Z. XVII.


en I complaine: ayer that I pur fork at do not faine.

Agement of my cash rajes from ches:


The third part.

The springs and the foundations 29 Unspotted are the wayes of God,
of all the world appeare.

his word is purely tride :
15 And from above the Lord sent down, He is a sure defence to such ,
to fetch me from my foes :

as in his faith abide.
And plucke me out of waters great, 30 For who is God except the Lord?
that would me overslow.

for other there is none : 16 And me delivered from my foes, Orelse who is omnipotent,

that would have made me thrall, saving our God alone ? Yea from such foes as were too strong

The fourth part. for me to deale withall.

31 The God ý girdeth me with strength 17 They did prevent me to oppresse , is he that I do moanc :

in timeofmy great griefe : That all the wayes wherein I walke, But yet the Lord was my defence , did evermore keep cleane. my fuccour and reliefe.

32 That made my feet like to the Harts, 18 He brought me forth in open place,

in swiftnefse of my pace : whereas I might be free: And for my surety brouglit me forth And kept me safe, because he had into an open place : à favour unto me.

33 He didin order put my hands 19 And as I was an innocent,

to battle and to fight: So did he me regard :

To brcake in sunder barres of brasse, And to the cleannesle of my hands

he minc armes the might.. he gave me my reward.

34 Thou teacheft me thy saving health, 20 For that I'walked in his wayes , thy right hand is my tower,

and in his paths have trod; Thy love and familiarity, And have not finned wickedly

doetb.&illincrease my power.. against the Lord my God. 35 And under mc thou makest plaina

the way where I should walke:

So that my feet fall never flip, 21 But evermore I have respect

nor stumble at a balke. to his law and decree :

36 And fiercely I pursue and take His statutes and commandements

my foes that me annoyed : I cast not out from me.

And from the field doe not returne, 22 But pure and cleane and uncorrupts till they be all destroyed. appear'd before his face:

37 So I fupprefle and wound my foes, And did refraine from wickednesle, that they can rise no more, and finne in any case.

For at my feet they fall downe flat , 23 The Lord therefore will me reward, I strike them al so sore : (Atrength as I have done aright:

38 For thou didst gird me with chy And to the cleannesse of my hands, to warre in such a wise: appearing in his fight.

That they be all scattered abroad, 24 For Lord with him that holy is,

that up against me rise. Wilt thou be holy too:

39 Lord thou hast put into my hands, And with the good and vertuous man , my mortall enemies yoke: right vertuously wilt do.

And all my foes thou doft divide, 25 And to the loving and elect,

in funder with thy stroke. (exr thy love thou wilt reserve:

40 They cal’d for helpe, but none gave And thou wilt use the wicked men, nor holpe them with reliefe: as wicked men deferve.

Unto the Lord they cald for help, 26 For thou doft save the simple folke,

yet heard he not their griefe. in trouble when they lie :

The fifth part. And doft bring downe the countenance 41 And still like dust before the winde, ofthem that looke full hie.

I drive them under feet : 27 The Lord will light my candle so , And sweepe them out like filthy clay,

that it shall shine full bright : that stickech in the street. (folke The Lord my God will make allo,

42 Thou keep's me from feditious my darknesse to be light

that still in strife are led. 28 For by thy helpe an hoaft of men, And thou dost of the heathen folke, discomfit Lord I shall :

appoint me to be head. By thee I scale and overleap..

43 A people strange to me unknowne, the strength of any wall.

and yet they shall me serye:

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And at the firit obey my word, 9 The fear of God is excelleat,

whereas minc own will swerve. and doth endure for ever : 44 I shall be irksome to mine owne, The judgements of the Lord are true, they will not lee my light :

and righteous al cogether. But wander wide out of the way. 10 And more to be embrac'd alwayes, and hide chem out of sight.

then fined gold I say : 48 But blessed be the living Lord, The hony and the hony-combe, most worthy of all prayse:

are not so sweet as chey. That is my rock and saving health, 11 By them thy servant is forewarn'de praised bc he alwayes.

to have God in regard : 46 For God it is that gave me power, and in performance of the same, revenged for to bee :

there shall be great reward, (know And with his holy word subdu'd 12 But Lord, what earthly man doch the people unto me.

che crrours of his life: 47 And from my focs delivered me, Then cleanse me from my secret finncs, and set me above those :

which are in me molt rife. (fins That cruell and ungodly were, 13 And keep me that presumptuous and up against me rose.

prevail not over me: 48 And for this cause, Lord, myGod, and to shall I be innocent, to thee give thanks I shall :

and great offences fice. And sing our praise unto thy Name, 14Accept my mouth and ekc my heart, among the Gentiles all:

my words and thoughts each one i 49 That gavest great prosperity For my Redeemer and my strengths unto the king I say:

O Lord thou art alone. To David thine anointed King,

PSA L. XX. T.S. and to his feed for aye. I N trouble and adversitie, PSA L. XIX. T. s.

the Lord God heare thee still; T He heavens and the firmament The majesty of Jacobs God do wondrously declare,

defend thee from all ill : The glory of God omnipotent, 2 And send thee from his holy place his works and what they are,

his help at every need : 2 The wondrous works of Godappeare And so in Sion [tablith thee , by every dayes succelle :

and make the strong indeed. The nights likewise with their race 3 Remembring well the sacrifice , the self same thing expresse.

that now to him is done : 3 There is no language , tongue or And so receive rightthankfully, speech,

thy burnt-offerings each one. where their sound is not heard: 4. According to thy hearts desire, la al the earth and coasts thereof,

the Lordgrant unto thee : their knowledge is confer’d. And all thy counsell and device, 4 In them the Lord made for the Son full well performc may hec.

a place of great renown: s We Thall rejoyce when thou us fav'it, Who like a bridegrome ready trim'd, and our banners display:

doth from his chamber come. Unto the Lord which thy requests, $ And as a valiant champion ,

fulfilled hach alway. who for to get a prize,

6 The Lord will his anointed fave, With joy durh haft to take in hand

I know well by his grace : fome noble enterprise.

And send him help by his right hand, 6 and all the skie from end to end, out of his holy place. he compasseth about :

7 In chariots some put confidence , Nothing can hide it from his heat,

and some in horses truft : but he will find it out.

But we remember God our Lord 7 How perfect is the law of God, that keepeth promise juft.

how is his convenant sure, 8 They fall down fat, but we do rise, Converting souls , and making wisa and stand up stedfastly:

the simple and obscurc. Now save and help us Lord andKing Just are the Lords Commandmenu, on thec when we do cry.

and glad both heart and mind : PSA L. XXI. T.S. His precepts pure and do give light,


Lord, how joyfull is the King , to cycs that bc full blind."

in thy strength and thy power:



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How vehemently doth he rejoyce, 3. Even thou that in thy Sanctuary, in tliee his Saviour.

and holy place dost dwell: 2 For thoni haft given unto him, Thou art the comfort and the joy, his godly hearts desire:

and glory of Israel. To him thou hast nothing dony'd, 4 And he in whom our fathers old,

of that do did require. (gifts, had all their hope for ever's 3 Thou didft prevent him with thy And when they put their craft in thee, and blessings manifold :

thou didft them aye deliver : And thou haft set upon his head $ They were delivered even when a crown of perfect gold.

they called on thy Name: 4. And when he asked life of thee, And for the faith they had in thee,

thereof thou mad'ft him sure : they were not put to shame To have long life, yea such a life, 6 But I am now become a worme as ever shall endure.

more likcthen any man : s Great is his glory by thy help, An out-cast whom the people scorno, thy benefits and aids

with all the spight they can. Great worship and great honour botk, 7 All men derpife as they behold thou haft upon him laid.

me, walking on the way : 6 Thon wilt give him felicitje, They grin, they mow , they nod their that never shall decay :

and on this wise they say: (heads, And with thy cherefull countenance, 8 This man did glory in the Lord, wilt comfort him alway.

his favour and his love ; 7 For why?the King doth strongly truf Let him redeem and help him now, in God for to prevaile:

his power if he will prove. Therefore his goodnesse and his grace, 9 But Lord,out of my mothers womb, will not that he shall quaile

I came by thy request : 8 Bat let thine enemies feele thy force, Thou didst preserve one still in hope,

and those that thee withstand: while I did fuck her breaft. Find out thy foes, and let them feelc, 10 I was committed from my birth,

the power of thy right hand. with thee to have abode : 9 And like an oven burne them, Lord, Since I was in my mothers womb, in fiery flame and fume :

thou haft been ever my God. Thine anger shall destroy them all,

The second part. and fire shall them confume. 11 ThenLord depart not now from me, 10 And thou shalt root out of the in this my prefent griefe :

Since I have none to be my help, theirfruit that should increase: my fuccour and reliefe. And from the number of thy folk, 12 So many buls do compaffe me, their seed shall end and cease.

that be full ftrong of head : 11 For why ? much mischief did they Yea , buls so fat, as though they had

against thy holy Name: (muse in Bafan field been fed. Yet did they faile , and had no power, 13 They gape upon me greedily, for to performe the same.

as though they would me flay : 12 But as a marke thou shalt them foe, Much like a Lyon roaring out, in a moft open place:

and ramping for his prey. And charge thy bow-ftrings readily, 14 But I drop down like water shied, against thine enemies face,

my joyntsin sunder break: 13 Be thou exalted Lord therefore, My heart do in my body melt, in thy strength every houre :

like wax against the heat. So Niall we sing right folemnly; 15 And like a potfhcard drieth my praising thy might and pover.

strength PSAL. XXII. T:S.

my tongue it cleaveth faft, O God my God, wherefore doft thou Unto my jawes, and I am brought forsake me utterly?

to duft of death at laft. And helpest not when I doe make 16 And many dogs do compaffe me,

my great complaint and cry? and wicked counfell eko: 2 To thee my God even all day long , Confpire against me cursedly, I do both cry and call :

they pierce my hands and feet. I cease not all the night, and yet,

17 I was tormented, so that I thou hearest not at all.

might all my bones hayo told:



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3 Yct ftill upon me they doe looke,

PSAL. XXIII. and still they me behold.

THE LORD is onely my support, 18 my garments they divided cke

and he that doth me feed, in parts among them all :

Jlow can I then lacke any thing, And for my coat they did caft lots, where of I stand in need?

to whom it might befall. 2 He doth me fold in coats most fale, 19 Therefore I pray thee be not farre, the tender grasse fast by,

from me at my great need : And after drives me to the Streames, But rather fich thou art my strength, which ruin most pleasantly,

to help me Lord make speed! (fonl 3 And when I feele my felfe neare loft, ko And from the sword Lord save my then doth he me home cake,

by thy might and thy power, Conducting me in his right paths, And keep my foule thy darling deare, eyen for his owne names fake.

from dogs that would devoure : 4 And though I were even at deaths 21 And from the Lyons mouth, that yet would I feare none ill; (door,

me all in sunder shiver ; : (would For with rod an. i Mepherds crook, And from the hornes of Unicornes

I am comforted till.
Lord safely me deliver.

s Thou hast my table richly deckt , 22 Then shall I to my brethen all, in despight of my foe;

thy majesty record, (Name Thou hast my head w balme refresht, And in the Church shall praise the

my cup doth overflow. of thee the living Lord. 6 And finally while breath doth laft, The third part.

thy grace shall me defend; 23 Al ye that feare him praise the And in the house of God will I,

thou Jacob honour him : (Lord, my life for ever spend. And all the feed of Israel, fall down and worship him.

Another of the same by I. H. 24 For he despiseth not the poore,

My hepheard is the living LORD, he turneth not away:

nothing therefore I need, His countenance when they do call,

In partures faire with waters calme,

he sets me for to feed. but granteth to their cry. (Lord, 25 Among the folke that feare the 2 He did

convert and glad my foule, I will therefore proclaime;

and brought my mind in frame: Thy praise and keep my promise made,

To walke in paths of righteousnesle, for setting forth thy Name;

for his most holy Name. 26 The poore

Thall cat and be suffic'd, 3 Yea thnugli I walkein vale of death, and those that doe their deyer :

yet will I feare noneill; To know the Lord, shall praise bis Thy rod, thy staffe doth comfort me,

and thou art with me ftiü. Name , their hearts shall live for ever.

4. And in the presence of my foes, 27All coafls of th’earth Mall praise the Thou shalt (O Lord)fullfill my cup,

my table thou shale (pread: and turne ro him for

grace; (Lord) The heathen folke shall worship hiin,

and eke annoint my head.. before his blessed face.

s Through all my life thy favouris, 13 The kingdome of the heathen folk, That in thy house for evermore,

fo frankly newed to me ; the LORD shall have therefore; And he shall be their Governour,

my dwelling place shall be. and king for evermore.

PSA L. XXIIII. T. S. 29 The richo menofhis goodly gifts, T He earth is all the Lords with all

shall feed and tast had in his presence worship him, Yea, hisis all the worlat, and all

and brwe their knees full low. that thereiu doth endure. Bo And a'l that shallgoe downe to dust, 2 For he hath faftly foundedit,

of life by him Thall tart, (LORD, above the sea to land, My feed shall serve and praise the And laid alow the liquid foods, while any world shall last.

to flow beneath the lands. XI My seed tháll y'ainely shew to them 3 For who is he (O LORD) that chall

that shall be burne hereafter, ascend into thy hill, His justice and his righteousnese, Or passe into the holy place, and all his workes of wounder, there to continue ftill?



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