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Thou dota beltow upon thy folke, 7 Therefore will I come to thine house, thy bleting and thy love.

trusting upon thy grace ; PS. L. IIII.

And reverently will worship thee, o

God that aru my righteousnesse, toward chine holy place.

Lord heare' me when I call; 8 Lord lead me in thy righteousnesse, Thou haft set me at liberty ,

For to confound my foes : when I was bound and thrall. And eke the way that I shall walk, Have mercy Lord therefore on me, before my face disclose.

and grant me my request; For in their mouth chere is no truach, or unto thee unceffantly

their heart is foule and yaine ; to cry I will not reft.

Their throat an open fepulchrc, 3 O'mortall men , how long will ye, their tongues do glose and faine.

the glory of God despise s 10 Destroy their false conspiracies, Why wander ye in vanity ,

that they may come to nonght, and follow after lies ?

Subvert them in their heaps of sipne, Know yethat good and godly men, which

have rebellion wrought. the Lord doch take and chule ; 11 But those that put their truft in thee, And when to him I make my plaint, let them be glad alwayes , he doth me not refuse.

dod render thanks for thy defence, s Singc not, bụt stand in aw therefore, and give thy name the praise.

examine well your hearts; 12 For thou with favour wilt increase, Add in yonr chambers quietly,

the juft and righteous fill; see you your felves converts And with thy grace as with a fhield, 6 Offer to God the sacrifice,

defend him from all ill. of righteousnessc I say ; And looke that in the living Lord,

PSA L. VI. you put your trust alway.

nok, 7 The greater for crave worldly goods, though I deserve chiac ire; and riches do embrace ;

Ne yet corre& me in thy rage , But Lord grant us thy countenance,

O Lord I thee desirs. thy favour and thy grace.

2 For I am weak therefore, O Lord, For thou thereby shalt make my heart of mercy me forbeare ;

more joyfull and more glad; And heal me Lord, forwhy thou knovel Then they that of their cornc and wine my bones do quake for feare.

full great increase have had. My soul is troubled very forc, 9 lo peace therefore lie down will T, and vexed vehemently.

taking my rest and sleep; But Lord how long wilt chou delay, For thou onely wilt me , O Lord, to cure my misery? alone in safety keep.

4 Lord turnc theo to thy wonted grace, PSA L. 'V.

my fully foule up take ; I Ncline thine cares unto my words, O fave me not for my defores ,

O Lord my plaints confider ; but for thy mercics sake. And hcare my voyce , my King, my s For whyłno man among the dead, to thee I make my prayer. (God

remembreth thee one whit ; 3 Heare me betime , Lord, tarry not, Or, who shall worship thee, O Lord, for I will have respect i

in the infernall pit ? My prayer early in the morne , 6 So grievous is my plaint and moan, to thee for to direct.

that I wax wondrous faint : And I will truk through patience, All the night long I wash my bed, in thee my God alone ;

with teares of my complaint. Thou art not pleas'd with

wickednesse, 7 My fight is dim and waxeth old, and ill with thec dwels none. with anguish of my heart ; $ And in thy fight shall never stand, For feare of those that be my foes,

these furious fooles, O Lord ; and would my foule subvert. aine workers of iniquity,

9 But now away from me all ye, thou haft alwayes abhorr'd.

that worke iniquity. The lyars and the flatterers, For why?the Lord hath heard the voyco

thou shalt destroy them than; of my complaint and cry. And God will hate the blood-thirsty, He heard not 'onely the request, apd the deceitfull mao.

and prayer of my heart i


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Bat it received at my hands ,

15 But loc though he in travell be, and cooke it in good part.

of his divelith forecast : 10 And now my foes that vexed me , And of his mischief once conceiv'd the Lord will soon defame;

yet brings forth nonght at laft. And suddenly confound them all, 16 He digs a ditch and delves it deep, to their rebuke and shame.

in hope to hurt his brother ; PSA L. VII. T.s. But he shall fall into the pit, O my , that he dig'd up for other.

and confidence in thee; 17. This wrong returneth to chc hurt, Save me from them that me pursue , of him in whom it bred; and eke deliver me,

And of his mischief that he wrought, 2 Left like a lion he me teare,

mall fall upon his head. and rend in pieces small; 18 I will give thanks to God therefore, While there is noneto succour me, that judgeth righteously :

and rid me out of thrall. And with my songs will praise the 30 Lord my God if I have done , of him that is most hie. (Name, the thing that is not right ;

PSA L. VIII. Or else if I be found in fault, or guilty in thy sight.

O LORD our God how wonderfull,

are thy works every where ! 4 Or to my friend rewarded ill, Whose fame surmounts in dignitic, or left him in distresse;

above the heavens cleare : Which me pursu'd most cruelly, 2 Even by the mouths of fucking babes, and hated me causlese.

thou wilt confound thy foes : $ Then let ṁy foes pursue my soule, For in those babes thy might is seen, and cke my life downe thrult ;

thy graces they disclose Unto the earth and also lay , 3 And when I see the heavens high, mine honour in the dust.

the works of thine own hand: 6 Start up, O Lord, now in thy wrath, The Son, the Moon, and all the Stars, and put my focs to paine ;

in order as they stand :

(then, Performe the kingdome promised , 4. What thing is man (Lord) thinki to me which wrong sustaine.

that thou dost him remember Then shall great nations come to thee, Or what is mans posterityon

and know thee by this thing; that thou dost him confider? If thou declare for love to them,

s. For thou hast made him little leste, thy self as Lord and King.

then Angels in degree : 8 And as thou art of all men judge.,

And thou hast crowned him alsó
O Lord, now judge thou me:

with glory and dignity : According to my righteousnelie,

6 Thou hast preferd him to be lord and mine integrity.

of all thy works of wonders. The second part:

And at his feet haft set all things, 9 Lord, cease the bace of wicked men,

that he Mould keepe them under. and be the just mans guide :

7 As sheep,and neat,and all beasts eile, 20 By whom the secrets of all hearts

which in the fields do feed : are searched and destride,

Fowles of the aire, fish in the sea, 11 I take my help to come from God,

with all that therein breed. in all my paine and smart :

8 Therefore muft I say once agains: , That doth preserve all those that be

O God that art our Lord of pure and perfect heart. 12 The just man and the wicked both, How famous and how wonderfull,

are thy works through the world? God judgeth by his power: So that he feeles his mighty hand, PSA L. IX.


Lord, for even as he should smite : Will I fing laud and praise : He whets his sword, his bow he bends, And speak of all his wondrous works, ayming where he may hit.

and them declare alwayes. 14 And doth prepare his mortall dart, z I will be glad and eke rejoyce, . his arrows kecao and sharp;

in thee my God most hie : For them that do me persecute', And make my songs extoll thy Name, whilcs hc doth mischief warp.

above the starric skic.
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13 Except he change his minde

, I'die, WIth heart and mouth unto the

For that my foes are driven back, 17 The wicked and deceitfull mea, and turned unto flight:

go down to bell for ever , They fall down fat and are destroy'd, and all the people of the world.

by thy great power and might. that will not God remember. 4 Thou haft revenged all my wrong,

18 But fure the Lord wil not forget , my grief and all my grudge: the

poore mans grief and paine: Thou dost with justice heare my cause, The patient people never looke,

most like a righteous judge. for help of God in vain. $ Thou doft rebuke the beathen folk, 19 O Lord arife , left men prevaile, and wicked fo confound,

that be of wordly might; That afterward the memory.

And let the heathen folk receive , of them cannor be found. (patch, their justice in thy fight. (dread, 6 My foes thou haft made good dir- 20 Lord Arike such terror , fear , and and all their towns destroyd:

into the hearts of them, Thou haft their fanie,with them defac'd That they may know assuredly,

through all the world so wide. they be but mortall men. 7 Know thou that he which is above, PSA L. X. T.S. forevermore shall reigne : WHat is the cause that

thou,o Lord, And in the seat of cquity,

art now so farre from thine , true judgement will maintaine. And keepest close thy countenance, 8 With justice he will keep and guidc, from ns this croublous time?

the world and every wight: 2. The poore do perish by the proud, And so will yeeld with equitie,

and wicked inens defire: to every man his right.

Let them be taken in the craft, 9 He is protector of the poore ,

that they themselves conspire. what time they be opprest: 3 For in the luft of his own heart, He is in all adversity,

th'ungodly doth delight: thetr refuge and their reft. So doth the wicked praise himself, so All they that know thy holy Name, and doch the Lord despighe:

therefore shall trust in thce : 4 He is so proud that rightand wrong For thou forsakelt not their fuit,

he setteth all apart: in their accessity.

Nay, nay there is no God , faith he,

for thus he thinks in heart. The second part.

3 Because his wayes doe prosper still, 11 Sing Psalms therefore unto the he doth thy lawes neglect:

that dwels in Sion bill, (Lord, And with a blatt doth puffe against Publish among all nations,

fuch as would him corred. his noble acts and will.

6 Tush, cush, faith he, I have no dread, 32 For he is mindfull of the blood, left my eltate slould change: of those that be oppreft:

And why ? for all adversity, Forgetting not tbaffli&ed heart,

to him is very strange. that seekes to him for reft. 7 His mouth is full of cursedneffe, 13 Have mercy Lord on me poore of fraud, deceit and guile : wretch ,

Under his congue doch mischief fit, whole enemies still remaine : and travell all the while. Which from the gates of deach are 8 He lieth hid in wayes and holes,

to raise me up again. (wong to slay the innocent: 14 In Sion that I might set Forth Against the poore that passe him by,

thy praise with heart and voyce : his cruell eyes are bent. And that in thy salvation , Lord', , And like a Lyon privily, my foule might ftill rejoyce,

lics lurking in his den ; The heathen stick faft in the pit , If he may snare them in his net,

that they themselves prepar'd : to spoile poore simple mens And in the nee that they did set , 10 And for the noncc full craftily,

their owne feet falt are snar'd. he croucheth downe, I say? (mado 16 God shows his jugdements which 11 So are great heaps of poore mea were good,

by his trong power, his.prey. I for every man to marke ; When as ye see the wicked inen, 32 Tush God forgetteth this , faith her

liç traptio their own warkc. therefore I may be bold :

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Tbe second part.

Psalmo sj. xij. xiij. His countchancc is calt aide, Fire and þrimltone , and whirlwinds he doth it not behold.

appointed for their paine. (thick, 13 Arise, O Lord, O God to whom , 7 Ye fee then how a righteous God,

the poore mans hope doch reft: doth righteousnelle embrace; Lift op thy band, forget not Lord, And to the just and upright men , che poore that be opprett.

Mewes forth his

pleasant face. 14. What blafphemy is this to thee, Lord doft thou not abhor it ?

PSAL. XII. T.S. To hear the wicked in their heart HelpLord, for good and godly men fay, Tush, thou car'it not for it ?

do perifh and decay ; (noan, is But thou seeft all their wickedneste, And faith, and truth from worldly and well doft understand ; (leffe,

is parted clean away. 16 That friendlesse and poore father- 2 Who to doth with his neighbour talk,

his talk is all but vaine ; are left into thy hand. 17 Ofwicked and malicious men,

For every man he thinketh how, then break the power for ever ;

to flatter , lie and faine. That they with their iniquity,

3 But flattering and deceitfull lips, may perilh altogether. (more ,

and tongues chat be so fout, 18 The Lord shall reigne for ever

To speak proud words and make great

brags, as King and God alone ;

the Lord foon cuts them out. And he shall chase the heathen folk, out of the land each onc.

4 For they say still we will prevaile , 19 Thou hear'lt, O Lord, the poore Our tougues are ours, we ought to

our tongues shall us extoll;
mans plaint
their prayers and requests ;

whatLerd can us controlla (speak, Their hearts thou wilt confirm untill, 5 But for the great complaint and cry thine caresco heare be prest;

of poore, and men oppreft ; 20 To judge the poore and fatherlesse , Arise will I now faith the Lord,

and them restore to re&. and help them to their right;

6 Gods word is like to silver pure , That they may be no more opprest,

that from the earth is cride;
by men of worldly might.

And hath no lesfe then seven times
PSA L. XI. I. S.

in fire been purified.

7 Now fith thy promise is to help, I Trust in God, how dare ye then, my ?

Lord keep thy promise then ;

And ifaveus now and evermore, Fiy hence as fast as any foule, and hide you in your hill ?

from this ill kind of men. 2 Behold the wicked bend their howes, 8 For now this wicked world is full and make their arrowes preft ;

of mischiefs manifold; To thoot in secret and to hurt, When vanity with mortall men , the found and harmelesse breast.

so highly is extold. 3 of worldly hope all staies were PSA L. XIII. T.S.

How long wilt thou forget me Lord and clearly brought to nought ; Alas, the just and righteous man, How long wilt thou thy visage hide, what evill hath he wrought ?

as thongh thou wert offendedo 4 But he that in his templeis, 2 In heart and mind how long Mall I, moft holy and most hie;

with care tormented be? And in the heavens hath his feat How long cke shall my deadly foes, of royall majesty

thus triumph over me ? The poore and simple mans estate', 3 Bchold me now my Lord my Gods considereth in his minde';

and heare mefore opprest; And searched out full narrowly, Lighten mine eyes left that I sleepe, the manners of mankind;

as one by death possest; And with a cheerfill countenance, 4 Left cliat mine enemies fayto me, the righteous man will use ,

Behold, I doc prevail. But in his heart he doth abhorre, Lest they also that bate my soule, all such as mischiefe muse.

rejoyce to see me quaile., And on the finners cafteth faares, s But from thy mercy and goodneffe as thick as any rainci

my hope thall never fart:

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In thy relief and saving health, 6 That puttech not to ulury, right glad shall be iny heart.

his mony and his coine : 16 I will give thanks unto the Lord, Ne for to hurt the innocent, and praises to him sing :

doth bribe or else purloine. Because he hath heard my request, 7 Who so doth all things as ye see, and granted my withing.

that here is to be hone : PSAL XIIII. T. S. Shall never perish in this world, T

Here is no God, as foolish men nor in the world to come.
affirme in their mad mood :

PSA L. XVI. T.S. Their drifts are all corrupt and vaine, L Ord kcepe me, for I ruft in thee, not one of them doth good.

and do : 2 The Lord beheld from heaven hic, Thou art my God, and of my goods, the whole race of mankinde:

O Lord, thou hast no need , And saw not one that sought indeed, 2 I give my goods unto the Saints, the living God to find.

that in the world do dwell, 3. They went all wide & were corrupt, And namely to the faithfull pocke , and truely there was none,

in vertue that excell. (heads, That in the world did any good, 3. They shall heap sorrowe on their I say there was not one.

which run as they were mad, 4 Is all their judgement so farre loft, To offer to the idoll gods. that all work mischief still,

alas ! it is too bad. Eating my people even as bread, 4. As for the bloody sacrifice, not one to seek Gods will ?

and offering of that sort, s When they thus rage, then suddenly, I wil not touch, not yet thereof,

great feare on them shall fall, my lips shall make report. For God doch love the righteous men, s For why? the Lord the portion is and will maintain them all.

of mine inheritance, 6 Ye mock the doings of the poore, And thou are he that dost maintaine, to their reproach and shame

my rent, my lots, my ohance. Because they put their trust in God; 6 The place wherein my lot did fall, and call upon his Name :

in beauty did excell, 7 But who shall give thy people health, Mine heritage affign*d to me and when wilt thou fulfill,

doth please me wondrous well. Thy promise made to Israel, 17 I thank the Lord that caused me from out of Sion hill.

to understand the right , 8 Even when wilt thou restore againe ; For by his means my secret thoughes, such as were captive led,

do teach me every night. Then Jacob shall therein rejoyce,

8 I set the Lord still in my fight ,,
and Israel shall be glad.

and trust him over all ;
PSA L. XV. T. S. For he doth stand on my right hand,
Lord within thy Tabernacle,

therefore I shall not fall. (also, who shall inhabite still, 19 Wherefore my heart and tongue Or whom wilt thou receive to dweli, do both rejoyce together, in thy molt holy hill?

My Ach and body rest in hope, 2 The man whose life is uncorrupt, when I this thing consider. (grare

whose works are just and fraight, 10 Thou wilt not leave my soul in Whose heart doth thinkeģ very truth, för Lord, thou loveft me,

whose tongue speake no deceit. Nor yet wilt give thy holy One, a Norto his neighbour doth nóne ill, corruption for to fee.

in body, goods or name, 11 But wilt me teach the way to life, Nor willingly doth move false tales, for all treasure and store, which might empaire the same. of perfe

& joy are in thy face , 4 That in his heart regardeth not, and power for evermore. malicious wicked mea,

PSA L. XVII. Dut those that love and feare the Lord, O Lord give care to my juft cause, them

I : SHis oath and al his promises, And heare the prayer that I put forth, that kecpeth faithfully :

with lips that do not faine. Although he make his convenant so, 2 And let the judgement of my causes sbas bac doth loose thereby.. procecd always from thée :


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